Inside Tokyo's Most EXPENSIVE Penthouse Apartment

  • Published on Dec 12, 2020
  • We go inside a luxury Tokyo apartment on the rooftop of a Shibuya tower, to see how far $25,000 a month's rent can go.
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Comments • 3 076

  • Abroad in Japan
    Abroad in Japan  Year ago +2393

    NOTIFICATION SQUAD: Free wifi in a $25,000 apartment?! What a bargain!! I must say having gone around some of these absurd apartments with eye watering price tags, while they're intriguing to tour, I seldom walk away feeling envious. Having lived in three small apartments across Japan in the last 8 years I'm weirdly content living in a small space. That being said, a huge thanks again to the mischievous Alex for taking us on a whirlwind tour of a luxury Tokyo apartment!

    • Melki Hassa
      Melki Hassa 9 months ago

      You could be the next Robert Downey Junior, Chris, I'm rooting for you. Even when you don't really look like Robert Downey Jr

    • acepilot1
      acepilot1 11 months ago

      But how fast is it?

    • Rob Hand
      Rob Hand Year ago

      I spent a month in Japan. Love your videos! I would love to show you around Dublin.

    • 佐藤たか
      佐藤たか Year ago

      In response to Mr.Mori's remarks on human rights riolations at the Japanese Olympic Games, I wanted to convey the fact that there are injustices and human rights riolations against one examinee by a more serious authority in Japan,and that there is a judicial crisis.😊
       Three years ago in Japan, a staff member who was the organizer of the bar examination ,Ministry of Justice staff arbitrarily exposed the scores of the examinees' primary exams and the contents of almost all the subjects of the secondary exam treatises to the net , and relentlessly instigated the victim for bad taste. It was an incident in which he continued to perform manipulations to reduce the victim's impression and dropped it with personality attacks such as discomfort and death.
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      It's like a prosecutor keeps trapping an innocent person by self-protection, and there was a serious and serious human rights violation.
      You may not be able to see it from overseas, but please see the comment section of the 1st TheXvid of former Japanese prosecutor Nobuo Gohara and the official TheXvid comment section of Tokyo Metropolitan Govermet for details.
      Even now, the handle names of the examinees, which are inconvenient for the Ministry of Justice staff, are constantly called by trolls and the trolls call another persons as the handle names of the examinees , continue to incite suicide against them,and make operations that reduce the impression of them in the examination thread of 5channel“予備試験スレ ”which is the exchange net bullet in board of the examinees.
       There are Ministry of Justice staff in Japan that are not necessary in a society that only keep pulling the examinees' legs.
       I've never heard of any other crazy exam where the exam organizer desperately interferes with one student's exam. Moreover, this test is a test to select Japanese lawyers. In this respect, Japan's judiciary lags behind the other contries.

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin Year ago +4263

    Chris seems to be sharing a lot more of his time in hot tubs with his friends lately.

    • Carpet Burns
      Carpet Burns 2 months ago

      @Adam Aaáàa

    • elenalizabeth
      elenalizabeth 8 months ago

      That plus the comment of “we’re in the closet right now” just made me giggle

    • howdw18
      howdw18 Year ago

      @Filali Nizar hhow so?

    • Michael Martin
      Michael Martin Year ago

      @Filali Nizar RIP Jiraya Sama, you fought a good fight. Big up the pervy sage!

    • Filali Nizar
      Filali Nizar Year ago +1

      Chris looks like jiraya sama

  • Austin Sebeck
    Austin Sebeck Year ago +1479

    If this is an ongoing series, this is one of the most biggest opportunities to call this "Cribs Abroad".

    • Ikigai
      Ikigai 8 months ago


    • Te Hira Kaiwai
      Te Hira Kaiwai 10 months ago

      Truth speak!

    • A S
      A S 11 months ago +1

      This series needs to be cancelled. It’s a lie. This apartment is 2 bedrooms !

    • milk Official
      milk Official Year ago +1

      Hell yea man

    • Requiem
      Requiem Year ago +3


  • A. C. Rusinov
    A. C. Rusinov Year ago +1807

    Oddly enough, I was hit by a ping-pong ball from a 20-th floor penthouse, it didn't hurt, but I asked myself for a decade WTF happened until someone kind enough told me there's a penthouse in that building and they liked to play ping-pong there and many people had been hit by their balls as far as 2 blocks away, 'cause apparently the wind carries the balls quite far.

    • Astro Wolvez
      Astro Wolvez 4 months ago

      Do they get complaints!? I mean if it’s often enough people know about surely.

    • Insanitytest
      Insanitytest Year ago +1

      @howdw18 That's ... like, two lines of a haiku ...
      But it's unfinished! It hurts!!

    • A. C. Rusinov
      A. C. Rusinov Year ago +5

      @Git Man Dear lord, that sounds like an awful death! LOL!

    • Git Man
      Git Man Year ago +3

      @A. C. Rusinov Nah a tennis ball's terminal velocity is about 60mph. Pro players serve at over 100mph and no-one's ever been killed by a tennis serve.
      edit: I looked it up and one guy got killed by being hit in the balls and falling over onto his head

    • HG M
      HG M Year ago

      Ping pong show perhaps?

  • Ludwig
    Ludwig Year ago +806


  • Atomic Dreams
    Atomic Dreams Year ago +766

    “Garbage storage room”. Sir, please stop showing everyone my bedroom.

  • USS Liberty Incident
    USS Liberty Incident Year ago +27

    Chris, I cannot put into words how much I appreciate your attitude in these videos of things normal people could never afford. Rather than rubbing how expensive something is in the viewer's face like some "influencers" do, you come alongside the viewer in being flabbergasted at the gross excess of some of these places. Sure, this is a nice apartment, but that's a LOT of home to manage, and it's not like you'd have much privacy with having cleaners come through regularly.
    You come off as very genuine, and that alone is rare to find these days. Keep up the good work. :)

  • Tristan Neal
    Tristan Neal Year ago +199

    I love how he's advertising this to us as if it's a viable option. I will remember this video when my share of the inheritance from my middle eastern oil king father comes in.

  • theremin rainbow
    theremin rainbow Year ago +2103

    Target audience: rich businessmen, ambassadors, heads of state.
    Actual audience: some random weebs.

    • AxeltheKing
      AxeltheKing 8 months ago

      @Plane Crazy RAF amen 🙏🏻

    • AxeltheKing
      AxeltheKing 8 months ago

      @Theturtleowl yes.

    • Mr. Goblin
      Mr. Goblin 9 months ago +1

      @PurpleLightning6was9 Yeah, that’s not weeb money. That’s “suspiciously wealthy furries” money.

    • Draffut2003
      Draffut2003 9 months ago

      @Alice Indo Not ones watching this on TheXvid.

    • theremin rainbow
      theremin rainbow 11 months ago

      @DragnTulius' Chat Room - One Piece Discussions they could be... if they weren't spending all their riches on figurines and dakimakuras

  • Radio Lycanthropy
    Radio Lycanthropy Year ago +15

    PLEASE DO MORE OF THESE LUXURY APARTMENT TOURS!! I'm loving this new series from you and Sharla.

    CHEFPK Year ago +4731

    How many Takoyaki is that per month? That's the real question.

    • Brandon Sheppard
      Brandon Sheppard 7 months ago

      @Abroad in Japan how much fried chicken

    • あれBanana
      あれBanana 9 months ago

      more than enough to fill the jacuzzi that you can swim in

    • That Guy
      That Guy 11 months ago

      @Kimion at least 5

    • J C
      J C Year ago

      Is this a crossover episode?

    • Munozl360
      Munozl360 Year ago

      Atleast 3

  • nayami44
    nayami44 Year ago +16

    Alex is an amazing presenter and they are really funny together, great chemistry :) I like those videos, it's like a peek into another world!

  • デラックス特撮DX Tokusatsu

    hmmmm I'm not sure if the 25k a month is justified. at that price range, I'd rather buy a property than rent one.

    • Mr
      Mr 3 months ago

      @デラックス特撮DX Tokusatsu they don't have property in Japan yet.
      I mean rich celebrities in my country rent expensive overpriced condos like this while their house is being renovated. They're so rich it doesn't matter. The priority is convenience.

    • Sovereign Sage
      Sovereign Sage 9 months ago

      Very true. I absolutely agree. Buying a house is more worth it for that price...Yikes.

    • デラックス特撮DX Tokusatsu
      デラックス特撮DX Tokusatsu 9 months ago

      @RMJ1984 why would they rent if they're absurdly rich and have apartment and mansion around the world?

    • RMJ1984
      RMJ1984 9 months ago

      These places are for the people who are so absurdly rich, that they have both. Like they have apartments and mansions all around the world.

    • Namelss
      Namelss 9 months ago

      @me jeff hahahahaha

  • Marco Constantinou
    Marco Constantinou Year ago +9

    Really enjoying these videos. I would like to see some of the quirkiest and most eccentric places to live in Japan. I challenge you and Sharla to find them, with Alex’s help of course.

  • Lightning Gamer
    Lightning Gamer Year ago +5

    That rooftop terrace is stunning! Doing your morning routine and stretches and work out there is just delightful

  • Rens Timber
    Rens Timber Year ago +2509

    This seems like becoming a series as well: Visits of Despair

    • howdw18
      howdw18 Year ago +1

      @Abroad in Japan nah risotto gonna rent it to brag to Chris

    • Ben Anasarias
      Ben Anasarias Year ago +2

      He needs to do this for restaurants, hotels, etc. Just visit places we can never dream of affording.

    • Cat
      Cat Year ago +4

      The *new* Abroad in Japan: Now with 80% more despair!

    • Rens Timber
      Rens Timber Year ago +1

      @jaktje 🙏😎

    • jaktje
      jaktje Year ago +2

      Lekkere reactie Rens xo Bart

  • Flourella
    Flourella Year ago +240

    I'm a Tokyo resident and I think this is a rip-off. It's expensive just because it's big. Shibuya is far from ideal place to live in. The view from the windows is awful and the interior design is cheap and boring. Let me tell you, Japanese rich people live in much better places than this.

    • QuesoGr7
      QuesoGr7 7 months ago

      Yeah. I saw Joey take a tour of Gackt's place.

    • Logeekistics
      Logeekistics 9 months ago

      Thanks for confirming this. I was about to go and rant on how that so called view was barely a view.

    • Melki Hassa
      Melki Hassa 9 months ago +1

      The spaciousness, the materials / the interiors, the rooms, I don't know but looks really enticing.
      When you said it's not at the highest level of an apartment, I got taken a back

    • Namelikeanyother
      Namelikeanyother 11 months ago

      @Leyren What specifically was amazing about it? I've seen better places for even less than $3k. Not in Tokyo obviously but still, it just doesn't seem luxurious at all.
      For $25k I would expect an apartment that's luxuriously furnished, with a specific artistic style. I would expect exotic woods, better staircase, a better location and some unique architectural features such as granite columns etc.
      If we assume that the rent is calculated with the assumption that the entire price of the apartment will be re-paid in 20 years then this property is worth like $5.5 million? That's... a lot.

    • Leyren
      Leyren 11 months ago

      @Namelikeanyother Really? I found it quite amazing.

  • Cat Barnard
    Cat Barnard Year ago +5

    I love Alex’s quiet confidence. Definitely a top notch salesman haha

  • Manuel Hernández R
    Manuel Hernández R 9 months ago +3

    This city has always seemed to me really exiting, there is something in practically every corner to explore..... The idea of living in such a department with such a features, just blows my mind. I enjoy your videos mate!

  • Lorraine Stevenson
    Lorraine Stevenson Year ago +1

    I love your videos and have been watching for a while, I recently started watching with headphones and vr and its even better because I can experience the sound design and appreciate the production values better! Thank you for your content! Its been a real blessing especially this year since I'm stuck in America, unable to travel to Japan if I wanted to. Its been a lifetime goal of mine to visit Japan. I have a 22 day blueprint for a vacation I plan to take and you add inspiration as well as joy to my life! Thankyou again!

  • Stephen Davis
    Stephen Davis Year ago +1725

    I love how Alex is so used to talking in his presenter voice that he just rolls with whatever nonsense Chris is saying.

    • Elessar
      Elessar 7 months ago +1

      @hobokenb0b bruh what? Keep your armchair intuitions to yourself man, he seems like nice enough dude. No need to do him like that.

    • Derpington9821
      Derpington9821 Year ago

      Well at 15:04 he just fucking lost it LOL

    • Sora
      Sora Year ago

      @hobokenb0b I think that's just the feeling most people like him have 😂

    • hobokenb0b
      hobokenb0b Year ago +14

      not me he sounds super smarmy, and i really get a creep vibe from that guy. its totally baseless maybe he nurses sick kittens to health in his spare time, but i've learned to trust my instincts on such things and my hair is on end just watching and listening to him describe an apartment.

    • penguins forall
      penguins forall Year ago +18

      The mans well trained.

  • Kawaii Senshi
    Kawaii Senshi Year ago +2

    I love this series! Can we keep getting gaijin friendly apartment tours?! :D

  • Keepone974
    Keepone974 Year ago +1

    I've been lucky enough to be invited at parties in some Tokyo apartments that were not as luxurious but pretty big and in a similar location (Shibuya, Roppongi etc.). Those guys usually work in finance. It's another world but I'm glad some of those guys don't mind inviting peasants from time to time lol

    TENAXIS Year ago +2

    I love these luxury house tours, very interesting to see.

  • Jon Star
    Jon Star Year ago +2

    I love these types of videos! The CEO should create a channel just to make tour videos on all kind of apartments he promotes. I would watch them all.

  • A_lot
    A_lot Year ago +401

    I feel like this apartment was designed for the guy who buys 20+ exotic dancers for himself to drown his sorrows and loneliness every night

    • mf2yu
      mf2yu 10 months ago +1

      It's better than your wife divorcing you and taking half of your money

    • Cokie
      Cokie 10 months ago +5

      @coolbones He's not envious. He's just speaking facts

    • coolbones
      coolbones 11 months ago +4

      yeah, the target audience might be better than you in every possible way but at least you know they're lonely so you got that going for you. Sounds like cope to me buddy. Maybe the guy is better than you AND happy. :)

    • lee aymi
      lee aymi 11 months ago +6

      I wanna be that guy for a year or two.

    • shanedude93
      shanedude93 Year ago +2

      Dan bilzerian?

  • SquareBraceX2
    SquareBraceX2 8 months ago

    One thing I love about guests on this channel, is the Chris will only do things like this with people that he genuinely gets along with and enjoys being around. All of his collabs shine because of it.

  • Nick in London
    Nick in London Year ago +18

    To be honest I thought the $20,000 one last month was far more attractive. Nicer garden and a better layout. Why is this one more expensive?

  • Nathalie Wigmore
    Nathalie Wigmore Year ago +11

    I'm living my Japanese dream vicariously through Chris and his many-faceted crazy Britishness.

    • christopher muller
      christopher muller Year ago

      Hi , I'm Chris , you don't mind me sending you a direct message... I'd love to talk to you

  • BearBiter
    BearBiter 11 months ago +2

    Chris, continue this as a series and call it CRIBS ABROAD !!!

  • JarekTheGamingDragon
    JarekTheGamingDragon 7 months ago +29

    Wait, an average Tokyo apartment only costs $1000 a month? Shit it's near double that here in Portland.

    • TarariMogan
      TarariMogan 6 months ago +11

      @Bt 7274 What isn't wrong with Portland

    • Bt 7274
      Bt 7274 6 months ago +5

      @Airyana Waējah lmao what’s wrong with Portland

    • Airyana Waējah
      Airyana Waējah 7 months ago +11

      Why Do You Live In Portland?!!!

  • Jared Austin
    Jared Austin Year ago +1

    The real question is, when are you going to show us the new Apartment tour once you move all your furniture in? >

  • Elysa Hates To Study
    Elysa Hates To Study Year ago +261

    "Those stairs go to heaven. You'll see that in a moment" _pulls out gun_

    • J. Joshua
      J. Joshua Year ago +15

      Chris stands in the balcony upstairs and says, "Wait, it's all Rosemary?" And realtor dude points the gun at his back and says, "Always has been."

  • mattjofre
    mattjofre Year ago +319

    You can tell Chris is an introvert because the first thing he thought of when seeing the "hidden" bedroom balcony was sneaking out of the party to drink alone out there. And I couldn't agree more.

    • Lucas Watson
      Lucas Watson Year ago +4

      Be a great place to take a guy or gal away for a few romantic minutes

  • Bruce Bartman
    Bruce Bartman 10 months ago

    This is the ultimate apartment for the ultimate lifestyle in the perfect location of Tokyo!

  • PaliPinoy Hamada
    PaliPinoy Hamada Year ago

    Definitely would love to keep seeing more videos like this

  • Chris Smerald Spahiu

    hello from Cyprus . we like to see more like this content . keep going

  • Rei
    Rei Year ago +1

    I think I liked the garden in the first apartment better, it seemed like your own secret oasis.

  • Ted Bear
    Ted Bear Year ago +1794

    Ah yes, nothing like Chis Broad visiting Natsuki’s mansion.

    • Stinger913
      Stinger913 Year ago +2

      @AxxL idc

    • R O
      R O Year ago +4

      @AxxLEverything’s good as long as no forests were burned in the gender reveal

    • Kreview
      Kreview Year ago +2

      Oh yes indeed.

    • TheDarksteel94
      TheDarksteel94 Year ago +2

      @chip skylark Why do you care?

  • Aries
    Aries Year ago

    The rooftop garden area could legitimately be a venue for a small, intimate wedding. And then it's also perfect because the jacuzzi would be a novelty for the reception party.

  • jose gabriel sanchez
    jose gabriel sanchez 11 months ago

    Amazing vid. Honestly, though, I preferred the $20,000 one. I found it cozier and more functional; besides, the jungly rooftop garden was so zen and romantic, can't beat that!

  • FenerX
    FenerX Year ago

    Love the styling and all the materials used, so modern

  • lacklechris
    lacklechris Year ago +33

    This can't possibly be the most expensive apartment in Tokyo, I'd be really surprised. And disappointed.

    • Jeremy Theoneofdestiny
      Jeremy Theoneofdestiny 11 months ago +1

      In Japan there are very few obscenely rich people compared to western countries. Japanese CEOs make exponentially less than American CEOs. It wouldn’t surprise me if there’s just not a ton of demand for such luxurious places. Basically everyone is middle class in Japan.

    • Blue Dude
      Blue Dude Year ago +3

      It was kinda basic

    • cottage
      cottage Year ago +7

      most expensive ONE BEDROOM apartment/pent house. I’d imagine the insane ones have multiple bedrooms etc

  • Funky ninja
    Funky ninja Year ago +129

    Been watching Chris for literal years. Never gets boring and is my favourite TheXvid channel by far 😎

    • Frederick Theohu
      Frederick Theohu Year ago +1

      It feels like watching some really damn good TV.

    • Josef Harvey
      Josef Harvey Year ago +4

      @Alayna just sharring his opinion, but I get that it was random.

    • Kisah Marz
      Kisah Marz Year ago +2

      We get a new knowledge on every video he released

    • Alphonse Duponey
      Alphonse Duponey Year ago +1

      Sure value, never disappointing.

    • Precious-chan
      Precious-chan Year ago

      @Alayna haha truee

  • Jennifer Teague
    Jennifer Teague Year ago +4

    In Dallas, you can rent an apartment this size (~2000 sqft) for

  • Aokura Rii
    Aokura Rii Year ago

    Cool! This inspire me to place stuff which have similar interior into my sims4
    Now I enjoy the luxury in game rather in real life 😂

  • Tryep
    Tryep Year ago +1

    Secretly, this is Abroad in Japan taking us with him as he searches for his new apartment.

  • Kai Mitchell
    Kai Mitchell Year ago +115

    Chris “Some people say I look like RDJ.”
    Alex *avoidance mode activated*

  • Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central

    For some reason, even big apartements in Japan seem small. Is it just me? This didn't feel particularly big to me.

    • 󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡
      󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡  5 months ago

      @Gouki are you poor by any chance?

    • RafaelZ
      RafaelZ Year ago +1

      Yeah I agree

    • 리주민
      리주민 Year ago

      The echo and the tatami carpet got me. I like the soft western csrpet..sorry 😉

    • Gaurav
      Gaurav Year ago

      @Brian umm nobody said it was a good deal lol smart people now a days

  • Ac Ac
    Ac Ac Year ago +8

    Chris broad, you have inspired me and my girlfriend from the back arse of Ireland to go to Japan! Would love to meet you for a pint mate

    • Toose
      Toose 10 months ago

      Bumping this for Chris Broad to have a pint with you

  • Shon Star
    Shon Star Year ago +13

    No wonder in anime if they see one of their classmate/colleague live in high rise apartments they're all shock. I'd die of heart attack w/ that price

  • Nick Tab
    Nick Tab Year ago

    It definitely feels like you're paying extra because it's in Shibuya, an extra floor, and a view. Crazy in comparison to what average Japanese living standards is.
    Would love to see a video of the most expensive hotel room in Tokyo !

  • J Vincent
    J Vincent Year ago

    I feel after watching a couple of videos I can relate to this TheXvidr. Towards the end his enthusiasm for the apartment increases but inside his head he's thinking "are you mad!?" 🤣

  • Anthony Fleming
    Anthony Fleming Year ago +58

    I'd love to see a tour of one of the smallest apartments with everything you'd ever need included.

    • Nikita Akbar
      Nikita Akbar Year ago +3

      Have you ever watched a video about the apartment of the youtuber "Tokidoki traveler"? It's really small unique in its own way. She moved to a way bigger one right now.

    S&A VLOGS Year ago

    Love this wish we all could go to the apartment to see it

  • simonriddick
    simonriddick Year ago

    The build quality is really good. Makes my house look like a little fishing hut.

  • Rainbow Dea Art
    Rainbow Dea Art Year ago

    Your camera/filming quality just keeps getting better and better 🥰

  • A
    A Year ago +2

    The gigantic one-person apartment to make you feel lonelier then you actually are,

  • EphemeralThief
    EphemeralThief Year ago +963

    "The apartment costs about $25,000".
    My dumb self: Oh that's not bad.
    "A month."
    Me: Oh. Right. That'll do it.

    • ♡まふまふ♡
      ♡まふまふ♡ Year ago

      I need my magic money!

    • Sammich
      Sammich Year ago +5

      I mean to rent the place for an entire year (assuming my math was right) is $300,000, which is the price of a new home or about a 2 storyish depending on your area. So I mean, it's not bad, but not cheap.

    • Cha Hae-In
      Cha Hae-In Year ago +4

      Exactly I thought 25000 for this apartment is a bargain lol

    • EphemeralThief
      EphemeralThief Year ago +2

      @Kevin S True. At the time I was thinking more "not bad for an apartment that size in Tokyo" than "oh yeah that's affordable" haha. Still a stupid moment on my part tho.

    • Kevin S
      Kevin S Year ago +22

      Even if that was a yearly rate, you probably need to be in a decent job but then again you are better off owning a small house than renting a big one.

  • Archie The RedCat
    Archie The RedCat Year ago +39

    To be honest this apartement upstair design remind me of franklin penthouse in GTA 5 lol

  • T0ny M0ntana
    T0ny M0ntana 7 months ago +1

    It would never make sense to pay that amount per month unless you're renting for a month or two (yes, yes. Even then its expensive)

  • Fuji_lew
    Fuji_lew Year ago

    my god I love those stairs!! as a photographer this is the sort of place I dream of .... photographing for rich people xD If your friend wants a Scottish Photographer at all, give us a call xD

  • xxSydneyFox
    xxSydneyFox 9 months ago

    Makes me want to buy something in Tokyo so I can visit often (if I had the spare money and time 😅). Fingers crossed for that better job lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • RYAN
    RYAN Year ago +69

    It's nice that Chris takes us along on his apartment shopping. Natsuki's rock star career must really be taking off!

  • Miss SERA
    Miss SERA Year ago

    Absolute dream 😍😍😍 watching this whilst stressing about my landlady putting up my rent probs wasn’t the best idea today 😅

  • Howard Films
    Howard Films Year ago

    The last one you reviewed is preferred because the cozy aesthetic appeal. This one had greater location by far, however. Look at that first balcony view and the way it warped around the back.
    The height of the tower and the escapism this one had more to offer.

  • jman
    jman 10 months ago +9

    Texans: "My bathroom is the size of that apartment."

    • Koshi
      Koshi 5 months ago

      Texas, where all you have to do is victimize two and a half unfortunate women a month to afford this apartment.

    • Bt 7274
      Bt 7274 6 months ago

      Yes but it’s also Texas

  • Serotonin Scavenger

    Chris, a suggestion: I think you can add tags to your videos so they get featured more often. It's a shame you post such quality content that don't get the number of viewers it deserves.

  • Underthecrown
    Underthecrown 11 months ago +1

    Realtor: You just had a lavish party with all your youtube friends
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  • Raymar Football
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    • The MaskedEconomist
      The MaskedEconomist Year ago

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      I'm sorry, hal. I can't do that

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