Weird Toothpaste Flavors Taste Test


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  • Sarah Shepardas
    Sarah Shepardas Day ago

    i specifically remember using that colgate strawberry toothpaste, it was so good

  • Leewise
    Leewise Day ago

    I hate hate hate that woman's voice

  • Sofiapandagirl XD
    Sofiapandagirl XD 2 days ago

    Ahhhhhhh when I was younger i only used the strawberry toothpaste 😂😂😂

  • sanpé
    sanpé 2 days ago

    I don't think I can watch you guys anymore now that you have revealed that you are actually friends.

  • ryan.
    ryan. 5 days ago

    Hey link, your “kit” is called a dopp bag lol

  • Macroid
    Macroid 7 days ago +1

    it is that
    it is that

  • Stephsaguudefan
    Stephsaguudefan 7 days ago

    As a kid I thought mint was too strong, so I liked orange flavored toothpaste. Also, am I the only one who wets my toothbrush AFTER I put the toothpaste on, not before?

  • Nobilissima
    Nobilissima 7 days ago

    6:40 Link is talking about strawberry bonbons. XD I love those things = u =

  • MadeUpInBows
    MadeUpInBows 7 days ago

    Rhett, I am not sure if you guys are still looking for a toothpaste for Shepard, but as someone who actually really dislikes mint flavors and find them to be "too spicy" since I was a kid, Tom's Naturals Silly Strawberry toothpaste, with fluoride, is what I use and I would suggest having him give it a try!

  • Axel Blaze
    Axel Blaze 7 days ago


  • Anarchon D
    Anarchon D 8 days ago

    Rhett asks if Turmeric is pronounced Tumeric lol.

  • Allison Holly
    Allison Holly 8 days ago

    I had a couple toothpastes one was peppermint and it smelled exactly like the Castile peppermint soap, which was incredibly distracting because I felt like I was putting soap in my mouth. I also had a coconut banana toothpaste that was kinda yucky. However, when I combined the two they balanced each other out.

  • DVR 189
    DVR 189 9 days ago

    Turmeric??? Y'all really dumb

  • Lawrence Calablaster

    "I think you can eat more toothpaste than you say you can."
    Rhett McLaughlin, supporting poison control since 1977.

  • Lawrence Calablaster

    Actually, Rhett, xylitol isn't bad for you; it helps to prevent tooth decay and earache.

  • Lawrence Calablaster

    I love strawberry bon-bons so much, but I really wouldn't want to brush my teeth with them.

  • Misaka Mikoto
    Misaka Mikoto 12 days ago

    xylithol is sugar which has anti-plague properties, which means yes its good for your teeth, and yes you can use it to cook sweet stuff which doesnt harm your teeth!

  • Mar Tov
    Mar Tov 13 days ago

    f*cks sake stewie

  • Jacky Du Black Halloween Cat

    My cousins have watermelon burst. I tried it and it was okay but I mean.....I guess I’m okay using it again.

  • ArtNerd37
    ArtNerd37 13 days ago

    right when link went bzzzzz i physically cringed

  • Lin B
    Lin B 13 days ago

    I love those strawberry candies lmao

  • reddalmatian
    reddalmatian 13 days ago

    10:28 "dyaknow what I take when I travel?"
    "travel sized toothpaste"

  • Martin marty
    Martin marty 13 days ago


  • Jennifer Tolefson
    Jennifer Tolefson 13 days ago

    mmmm....those strawberry mm mmmmm

  • heyitscas
    heyitscas 14 days ago

    Whenever I go to the dentist, I always ask for regular toothpaste because all the flavored ones taste disgusting.

  • Knight Family
    Knight Family 14 days ago

    I use watermelon burst...

  • Cillian O'Brien
    Cillian O'Brien 14 days ago

    until i was 7 i thought it was okay to eat toothpaste

  • Starbeyond
    Starbeyond 14 days ago

    Link, its not their dookie that comes out, its their internal organs

  • crazycatgirl18
    crazycatgirl18 14 days ago

    As someone who is allergic to mint, I will be looking into at least the jolly rancher one they tried at the beginning

  • Cristina F
    Cristina F 15 days ago

    “Do you wanna have the teeth of a peasant?” Lmao

  • TheAg2661
    TheAg2661 15 days ago +1


  • Derek Bigham
    Derek Bigham 15 days ago

    DAMN IT! I had food in my mouth; with your "crazy that it exactly"

  • chase arnold
    chase arnold 15 days ago

    weird flex, but ok

  • Devery Stanton
    Devery Stanton 15 days ago

    "It smells exactly like something!"

  • Ian Borthwick
    Ian Borthwick 15 days ago

    You’ve done this before

  • darkinertia2
    darkinertia2 15 days ago

    I thought the quickbooks one was real, but also its not even a big deal so who cares lol

  • Dale Schultz
    Dale Schultz 15 days ago


  • Your boy Parker
    Your boy Parker 15 days ago


  • Chloe Dicken
    Chloe Dicken 15 days ago

    I used to used strawberry toothpaste😂

  • LionmaneElsie08
    LionmaneElsie08 15 days ago

    It’s exactly! Exactly!!

  • GabbyStr8
    GabbyStr8 15 days ago

    my cousin calls any carbonated drink "spicy bubbles"
    we all say it now

  • Kai McCarthy
    Kai McCarthy 16 days ago

    Irish slang game

  • War Path
    War Path 16 days ago

    What happened to mail Thursday and the mail museum ?

  • Tom Radford
    Tom Radford 16 days ago

    Sorry for being this guy, but does anyone else get perturbed by the amount of stuff that gets wasted in the making of this show? Food etc.,

  • Meggie Porche
    Meggie Porche 16 days ago

    The first is my fav

  • Fabrizio Pignataro
    Fabrizio Pignataro 16 days ago

    5:10 Duki came out and yell... Skereeeeeee Modo Diablo 😈🤘

  • WhirledPeace
    WhirledPeace 16 days ago

    Rhett- “You know what I take when I travel?”
    Link- “Suppositories?”😳
    Rhett- “Travel size toothpaste..”😑

  • HikaruRain
    HikaruRain 16 days ago

    They should try desert essentials. It is a natural toothpaste without dental sugars and no floride. It is a good toothpaste. I use it becuase I am allergic to all the chemicals and dental sugars they use in mainstream toothpastes.

  • Arbor Meow
    Arbor Meow 16 days ago

    I was always given mint toothpaste. When I was a small child it was the "children ages 1-5 " (or whatever the age was) and when I was older I just had normal mint toothpaste. I never really understood what the obsession with strawberry toothpaste was about cos my parents never gave me a choice 😂

  • Robert Harless
    Robert Harless 16 days ago

    They always make weird faces when reading things

  • TheGamingMonkey128
    TheGamingMonkey128 16 days ago

    *E X A C T A L Y*

  • Don Hood
    Don Hood 16 days ago

    Toiletry satchel

  • Lena wagner
    Lena wagner 16 days ago

    well, there actually is toothpaste with sugar in austria... It’s for kids but still haha

  • Jana Mahn
    Jana Mahn 16 days ago

    So that watermelon toothpaste takes me back to when I was like 7 or 8 and I would carry around a tube of it in my purse and eat little dabs of it.
    I was a weird child.

  • Boobra37
    Boobra37 16 days ago

    That'd be refreshing 🤣

  • InvisibleAvenger
    InvisibleAvenger 16 days ago

    How did people not know that Rhett was joking about the Quickbooks thing? The joke was essentially what Gus Gorman (Richard Pryor's character) does in Superman 3.

  • Boobra37
    Boobra37 16 days ago

    OML I just bought Creme brulee flavored toothpaste on etsy like the day before this video🤣🤣 I have the link if anyone wants it they have like 23 flavors

  • nordic liam vlogs
    nordic liam vlogs 16 days ago

    i brush my teeth with the exact same toothbrush as Rhet. just thought you would want to know : )

  • Dillon Crawley
    Dillon Crawley 16 days ago

    Do blind fold flavored toothpaste

  • Dillon Crawley
    Dillon Crawley 16 days ago

    Do Will it toothpaste

  • Icewallowcome66 6
    Icewallowcome66 6 16 days ago +2

    Good mythical hore

  • xSlattzZ
    xSlattzZ 16 days ago


  • Jennifer Baxter
    Jennifer Baxter 16 days ago

    I use peppermint, charcoal toothpaste. It's all natural and doesn't contain flouride. It's sweetened with zylitol or sorbital, which are both better for you than sugar.

  • L A P J
    L A P J 16 days ago

    I used the first toorn paste as a kid it was disgusting

  • DJ Mortsnedron
    DJ Mortsnedron 16 days ago

    i subed

  • Philorg Neopolotin
    Philorg Neopolotin 16 days ago

    Ahhh they should’ve done these blindfolded, or at least had the crew give them the pre-toothpasted toothbrushes and had them guess what kind it was

  • AwesomeCat2012
    AwesomeCat2012 17 days ago

    Rhett's got a great point. They make kid's toothpaste fun flavors, but if you swallow it, OH NO! Call Poison Control! LOL

  • Giggity 96
    Giggity 96 17 days ago

    Stevie's voice makes me horange

  • Rahil Sethi
    Rahil Sethi 17 days ago

    I've has annoyance with Americans talking about Turmeric a lot, but mispronouncing it. Rett nailed it though. Kudos Rett! That is how it is supposed to be pronounced.

  • Gabriel Pena
    Gabriel Pena 17 days ago

    I love how much you guys said exactly in one video

  • Raven Finch-alexander
    Raven Finch-alexander 17 days ago

    I Just hate your hate of cats for no reason

  • Maya wg
    Maya wg 17 days ago

    I have the exact same pink toothbrush! I know that’s weird lol 😂

  • Jeииa Cгeиshaw
    Jeииa Cгeиshaw 17 days ago

    So uh... I used to swallow my toothpaste all the time when I was a kid. I'm still alive. So uh, idk.

  • Dyl Thomas
    Dyl Thomas 17 days ago

    Watching people brush teeth is my biggest pet peeve.

  • brucenlittlepictures
    brucenlittlepictures 17 days ago

    Chocolate Toothpaste sounds like a funk band.

  • Glaxel
    Glaxel 17 days ago

    I had chocolate flavored toothpaste years ago..

  • Daniel Ericson
    Daniel Ericson 17 days ago

    Who even cares if he took one cent lol it's one cent maybe after a few years it equals a dollar

    PCLHH 17 days ago

    The old people used to brush their teeth with ashes. Keep that in mind for the apocalyps.

    JG'S COLLECTABLES 17 days ago

    Funny as can be ended up brushing my teeth as I watch but it's 430 in the morning and haven't fallen asleep yet!!!!

  • Jack Blaze30
    Jack Blaze30 17 days ago

    I want Cotton Candy Randy to leave a voicemail

  • Kristi Crosno
    Kristi Crosno 17 days ago

    Any one else notice that when link dropped the toothpaste.... His face never changed. 😂😂😂

  • Ali Mohamed
    Ali Mohamed 17 days ago

    I have water melon burst In my house 👍

  • Joe Mitchell
    Joe Mitchell 17 days ago

    I think if you hated each other this show would be interesting.

  • I love da baby animals

    I thought they were best freinds

  • Justina Bailey
    Justina Bailey 17 days ago +1

    At my dentist they actually have chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla toothpaste

  • Jenna T
    Jenna T 17 days ago


  • Ally Marie
    Ally Marie 17 days ago

    My favorite was the mouth wash that made your teeth change color so youd brush it all off better.

  • Travis Hostetter
    Travis Hostetter 17 days ago

    Stevie’s voice!

  • Prosperity Gruesome
    Prosperity Gruesome 17 days ago

    Why would they flavor toothpaste a kid might try eating it like candy

  • Travis Hostetter
    Travis Hostetter 17 days ago

    Rhett did say that I’m glad we don’t hang out anymore outside of here in an episode not long ago.

  • TheAaron1810
    TheAaron1810 17 days ago

    I'm really high while watching this and said "noooooo" when link put his toothbrush in his glass of water

  • Xial Lunashine
    Xial Lunashine 17 days ago

    And next time, perhaps some toothpastes with nano-hydroxyapatite or theobromine instead of fluoride. :)

  • Hua Yin
    Hua Yin 18 days ago


  • Queen Of Voice Over
    Queen Of Voice Over 18 days ago

    6:50 EXACT counter: 6
    THIS IS THAT counter: 3

  • Ixi Ixi
    Ixi Ixi 18 days ago

    yo shouldn't wet the toothbrush.your saliva is suficient

  • Halby G
    Halby G 18 days ago

    Astronauts swallow toothpaste while in the International Space Station. I'm sure it's fine.

  • Hayden Wrinkle
    Hayden Wrinkle 18 days ago

    That’s funny I used that watermelon toothpaste when I was little and I loved it, but now that they say it tastes wack I feel like my whole childhood was a lie😂

  • Tasty Paste
    Tasty Paste 18 days ago

    toothpaste company stealing my name...

  • Sirius
    Sirius 18 days ago

    This is such a weird thing. I've never seen any of these in Finland. Pretty sure they exist though, I vaguely remember some kind of kids toothpastes that were supposed to taste fruity but we always used the original Pepsodent.

  • sean m
    sean m 18 days ago

    xylitol is bad in higher doses it can cause mouth tumors