Lee Daniels Addresses Damon Dash, Throws Shade At Monique and Talks His Legacy | Raq Rants

  • Published on Jul 2, 2018
  • Raquel Harper sits down with Lee Daniels to address owing Damon Dash 2 million dollars, shades Monique and talks about his legacy.
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Comments • 2 198

    ANNEM LINNEMEIER 7 hours ago +1

    Pay Dame dude !!!! Pay the man his dues

  • The Hustler
    The Hustler 18 hours ago

    She's been around culture vultures so long, she believes their same bullshit and tactics! FOH! Typical HOODRAT B.S.!

  • Cody Raynor
    Cody Raynor 5 days ago

    I hate everything y'all do

  • meelustrike
    meelustrike 12 days ago

    I thought this was the comedian monik back in the day, this is a clone, pay up you owe 2 million dollars, you fake

  • C1 Comics: Video Channel

    He got shook, damian dash step up to him like a man ...good move Daniel! pay the brother!

  • Buddah Masonberg
    Buddah Masonberg 16 days ago

    Why does he look and sound like madea / Tyler Perry

  • BronzeModding
    BronzeModding 17 days ago

    Fire this female 😀

  • Dbow H
    Dbow H 18 days ago

    talk is cheap

  • whitesongs73
    whitesongs73 18 days ago

    That sounds all signing good just pay the man his money

  • pete blast
    pete blast 19 days ago +1


  • Glen Laird
    Glen Laird 19 days ago

    Why are black people always talking about being black???I'm confused.i think maybe if they would just get on with life they might be takin seriously.i come from Ireland with next to no black people there and I haven't in my 50 yrs heard no person talking about being white.strange indeed.

  • Rahsaan Steele
    Rahsaan Steele 20 days ago

    Wow raquel...u gonna sit up there and YES this punk to death...PAY THST MAN HIS MONEY

  • Christopher Harris
    Christopher Harris 21 day ago

    at least admitted to being wrong

  • David Cora
    David Cora 25 days ago

    This interview made me sick i hate a dark snake and he is one of them. Pay your debts an move on this man is foolish think about it...

  • Janice Lee
    Janice Lee 25 days ago

    Lost respect for him

  • Brian Zarle
    Brian Zarle 26 days ago

    I really Hope for the both of them to work out the financial situation..

  • Cody Patino
    Cody Patino 29 days ago

    I love that we can help eachother with our word.

  • Lou Branch
    Lou Branch 29 days ago

    I would have read his ass down about dame coins dame could have easily handled that shit the street way....I thought she would keep shit real when interviewing lee but I see she's a hollywood groupie...

  • Real 1018
    Real 1018 29 days ago

    Girl stfu......who the fu** are you ?

  • canicole20
    canicole20 Month ago

    Booty Daniels!!

  • Thanos Destroyerofworlds

    What's a culture vulture?

  • Dashways 100
    Dashways 100 Month ago

    I get Monique point. But when you say budget I understand your point. When white women get oscar and shit they get a super raise.. She was what about me. But budget clears that part up. Big miss understanding that went to far.

  • Dashways 100
    Dashways 100 Month ago

    Raquel is a horrible host. She ask the question after he answered them. Was you listening? Wow. Kudos lee Daniel minus the he need it noq statement. Thats shade for real player.. Harvey I need a job... No lol. Why are you all laughing.

  • Shaun Chesley
    Shaun Chesley Month ago

    Raquel Harper could get it

  • for real
    for real Month ago

    she said black excellence lol

    DJ STILLNICE Month ago

    This dizzy broad smdh... Dame invested in HIM, not the project. I’m glad he understands now. Pay that man. Sometimes we have to check ourselves...good for him.

  • bigken113074
    bigken113074 Month ago

    When you say " you'll have this back in 30 days" it becomes a loan.

  • Jeffery Thompson Jr

    What's an "African-American?" Cause when I lived in Africa they always told me I'm not african and that I'm American.

  • Marcus Allison
    Marcus Allison Month ago

    Who is this stooooopid chick?

  • Kim Brooks
    Kim Brooks Month ago

    I really appreciate him being honest cause he could've lied people really don't rock with Damon like that so I feel like they would have believed Lee now he needs to pay him it's sad cause one day there is going to a super talented gifted blessed person with a message to tell the world and they aren't going to have anyone willing to believe in them and sow into them financially because of people like Lee who is your brother when the need something but when they start popping they don't know you it's sad

  • 420 ASMR
    420 ASMR Month ago

    he LENT you money, he didn't invest.

  • Kayla Williams
    Kayla Williams Month ago

    Team monique and team damon dash u can't trust shit this con say if u won't even pay someone back their money and duck and dodge them is dead as wrong your word is your bond period hes a clown

  • Calm Water
    Calm Water Month ago

    I did not know what to expect out of this response by Lee Daniels... I was expecting some kind of "other kind" of response; but "respect" to his thoughts and wake up call. I was not expecting to hear what he stated. I fully agree with him. Dash gave you $2MM... pay Dash. Period. Done. I just hope the money was transferred.

    MODESTO Month ago

    He should make a movie about a movie director not paying back a loan to him from a friend.

  • Fillmore Skunk
    Fillmore Skunk Month ago

    Black Power✊

  • Morgan Glory
    Morgan Glory Month ago

    Did she really just ask if being gay affected him in hollywood?????????? Lmaoooo yo please quit ya dayjob lady......Hollywood is FULL of gays. They control hollywood. Being BLACK affects actors in hollywood

  • Ware Production
    Ware Production Month ago

    Wow she is a horrible interviewer! And Lee Daniels you are a culture vulture just like Dame said.

  • Jay the don
    Jay the don Month ago

    Rookie interview,tmz needs to hire me.nahhhhhhh forget it they don t pay enough.

  • Jay the don
    Jay the don Month ago +1

    She's really starstruck!!!

  • David Hey
    David Hey Month ago

    Why is he explaining himself instead of giving the money already

  • Datruth Btoldy
    Datruth Btoldy Month ago

    Monique was paid a measly $50,000 for precious and black balled for speaking truth . The time arrived where speaking truth is a revolutionary act

  • cathy figueroa
    cathy figueroa Month ago

    He's a punk

  • Ellen Coleman
    Ellen Coleman Month ago

    Her talent got her that oscar

  • Ellen Coleman
    Ellen Coleman Month ago

    No you thought you could play him until he rolled up on you reaching out and ready to touch your hand and beat that ass

  • Sharee Brown
    Sharee Brown Month ago

    Get him his damn MONEY. She's ridiculous.

  • Brandy
    Brandy Month ago

    Did he back up from a bully? He's a billionaire? wtf Guess thats his world..but the shade..lmfao "HE NEEDS IT RIGHT NOW"!! LOL HE STILL GONNA C THE SHADE HONEY!! LOL clutch my pearls..

  • Toni Hogan
    Toni Hogan Month ago


  • Eleanor Mcgee
    Eleanor Mcgee Month ago

    Monique made 10, 000 period.. goggle it

  • Ronaldo Murphano
    Ronaldo Murphano Month ago

    There going to argue the loan/investment thing to try to not pay dash. Has he paid him back yet?

  • MrSaynomoretv
    MrSaynomoretv Month ago

    This interview is SICK. Raquel u need help being a interviewer

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez Month ago

    This woman is so CLASSLESS.....

  • Ben J
    Ben J Month ago

    What an annoying beotch. Shut the fook up

  • Javier Peniza
    Javier Peniza Month ago

    One thing the brother is greedy period, principle is he lent the money the other shit he talking about is irrelevant pay back thats only invest in people that invests back into you the same way you invested unto them if they are not loyal afterwards then fudge him plus he is not a man of his word he is what it is a person of the lgbtq lifestyle confused

  • M5 Hector
    M5 Hector Month ago

    the man trying to admit he was wrong but she trying her hardest to subliminally tell him he dont have to pay

  • Atum Evoleno
    Atum Evoleno Month ago

    He said..." I think it's the Right thing to do"....Negro...A Loan/Investment whatever semantics you trying use here is A Pharce....When someone loans you money...You pay it Back WITH INTEREST...PERIOD....GTFOH

  • Beblessed Beloved
    Beblessed Beloved Month ago

    Monique was paid 50,000. 00 fifty thousand dollars.. For her role..

  • Emanuel Turner
    Emanuel Turner Month ago

    Who is this female interviewing him! This must be Wendy Williams little big sister! She is a cold sellout

  • Aliens On Vacation
    Aliens On Vacation Month ago

    this is the first video I've disliked... nonsense.

  • Ramon Tisdale
    Ramon Tisdale Month ago

    Lee Dame let u borrow 2 million and u didn't pay him back..bro he helped uout like no other and u did him like that..u are so lucky wasn't a street dude would of turned out bad for u.. brother don't ever treat a black man like that everagain

  • 9999 4life
    9999 4life Month ago

    Why would you keep insinuating that he doesn't owe... that's why I hate watching thirsty bishes... black man has an epiphany and u star struck dumb bish

  • J.R. Fuller
    J.R. Fuller Month ago

    I wish she would stop her blatant ASS LICKING long enough for him to tell his own story.... Its like she is trying to force him to disrespect Dame, and he is telling "No Bitch I do owe him this money. I gave my WORD!" Horrible interviewer.

  • Gollyfats
    Gollyfats Month ago

    Never trust a man who crosses his legs.

  • Royal Power
    Royal Power Month ago

    Never give gays money ...wow Dame what was you thinking..wtf

  • Bruce Perry
    Bruce Perry Month ago

    Coon excellence

  • Howard Pryor
    Howard Pryor Month ago +1

    Yes, Damon Dash was crazy to lend your snake, queer, ass money to start your career because you had no intentions to pay him back his money. PAY DAME DASH BACK THAT MONEY HE LOANED TO YOU WHEN NO ONE ELSE WOULD!!!

  • Kevin Pickett
    Kevin Pickett Month ago

    lee Daniels picked the right person to interview him, she"s scared to tell the man he's wrong. No and I say NO!!!!!!! black man invest 2 million dollars. I've lost all " RESPRCT {" Aretha Franklin } for Mr. Daniels. Raquel Harper from one black person to another you need to stay neutral your to one sided and it makes you very weak . Your talking 2 million dollars!!! Mr. Dash is really mad for a number of reasons One he knows Mr. Daniels paid the other INVESTORS ( the white man) back. Two Mr. Dash is mad at himself for trusting his money with a crook. ( sorry for any punc/miss spell/etc. did not have time to proof read) got to go back to work.

  • FatherofDuadiis TheGod!

    I can see the foulness and deceit in his eyes through the screen!

  • mr thompson m
    mr thompson m Month ago

    Least he admits it he said he will pay him much respect man good guy he has no ego

  • David White
    David White Month ago


  • GodGanji's TreeOfLife
    GodGanji's TreeOfLife Month ago +1

    Imagine if he owed DMX 2 million$😂😂😂

  • Just2watch4ya
    Just2watch4ya Month ago

    I'm proud of that gay black man for taking responsibility; I hope he keeps his word and pays the brother back.....

  • Stormi Brooks
    Stormi Brooks Month ago

    If it wasn’t for Damon approaching him in public Lee Daniels wouldn’t be talking about it at all. I am so glad Dame approached him in that manner 😂🤣😅

  • Mr Comer
    Mr Comer Month ago

    Raq if you was in Dame position you wouldn't be talking like that and Monique was already famous before she help Lee out in the movie Precious cause he didn't have the money to get a A star actor.. Monique helped him.. that's why she did it for such a low price. To help Lee the lying Snake. Karma is a b****. That why Damn exposed him on camera cause if Dame wouldnt have done that.. Lee would be on his high horse.. talking trash about Dame like he doing Monique but can't cause his on video.. 👊
    Lee need to be Humble
    RaQ I hope you got a role in lee movie for all the supreme brown nosing was doing.

  • Rodney Nelson
    Rodney Nelson Month ago

    Raquel Harper is SOLD!! He gave her an award..lol And his punk ass didnt even correct her!! SOLD OUT!!

  • D. F Johnson
    D. F Johnson Month ago

    What a surprise, he says he started out directing theater. You could have just as well have said he started out as a hairdresser. Same difference, no real man picks that profession. Sissy Alert, Sissy Alert!


    This is the worst interview I've ever watched,so disappointed at Raquel

  • Fidel chavez
    Fidel chavez Month ago

    tank davis momma

  • Jamemale Jones
    Jamemale Jones Month ago

    He Halley was not the first nominated. Now if I'm not mistaken Hattie McDaniel won even if it was for a coon role. She still won. He's full of crap.

  • Bond James Bond
    Bond James Bond Month ago

    Black folks "ALWAYS" fuck over other Black folks. It's a vicious cycle that needs to end.

  • Roger Rampage
    Roger Rampage Month ago

    The only reason Lee is on here right now. Is because Dame exposed him and he has to defend himself to save his reputation.

  • realistgooon3tt3
    realistgooon3tt3 Month ago

    Arrrrgh cant stand this guy...pay dame his money back!!!

  • Nick Christmastime Jnr.

    SLY Daniels

  • shamari king
    shamari king Month ago

    give that black man back his $2000000 b****

  • shamari king
    shamari king Month ago

    this man is full of s*** and she is too full even interviewing him black men's black people he helping okay he full of s*** Damon Dash when do that s*** for nothing please

  • David DeJesus
    David DeJesus Month ago

    Why she tryin to make Dash look wrong..I think it's right this gentleman gives him back that millions..

  • Blue Eyes
    Blue Eyes 2 months ago

    WHY is this interviewer ‘COACHING’ Lee Daniels?!! She should be FIRED! It’s SO obvious he OWES Damon Dash 💰. He ADMITS it! Case closed!

  • Shannon Fitzgerald
    Shannon Fitzgerald 2 months ago

    This “interviewer “ is beyond awful. I see why he chose to come here to interview after Dame outed him.

  • Marcus McNair
    Marcus McNair 2 months ago

    If you owe somebody money just pay a person shouldn't have to go to court file paperwork to get they money back frankly I think you just bullshittin I don't think you're going to get him and his money back

  • DeAndre Berry
    DeAndre Berry 2 months ago

    Boy a fish 🐟

  • Enoch Vilmos
    Enoch Vilmos 2 months ago

    What is he talking about Hallie Berry...first black women nominated for an Academy Award???? Hattie McDaniel waaaay before Hallie Berry time and she won the Oscar....African American Women!

  • Shan Bertiece
    Shan Bertiece 2 months ago

    I believe Monique, i never trusted Oprah Winfrey because she is indeed an Antichrist, Tyler Perry who is Gay and will not admit it and Lee Daniels who is also Gay and is a total liar and deceiver. All three of these yahoo are so far up the Hollywood Industry butts that they know nothing else but to be pumped up the Butt by Hollywood. I remember Tyler saying after one of his earlier plays that if they don't want his God there then he cannot accommodate them. He said he would rather stay independent than to sell his soul out to Hollywood. Liar Liar Liar !!!! these devil are not to be trusted.

  • Mel L
    Mel L 2 months ago

    Did he give Dame his money though?

  • Marcellous Jones
    Marcellous Jones 2 months ago

    Did they edit the video or did Mr. Daniels misspeak about the Halle Berry's nomination as being the 1st for an African Amerian woman? Quite a few black women had been nominated prior to Halle Berry at the Academy Awards including wins in the Best Supporting categories dating back to 1939. However, if he speaks about the best actress field, then Dorothy Dandrige is the first African-American woman to score an Academy Award nomination in 1954 for her role in "Carmen Jones". Then came Diana Ross's best actress nomination in 1972 for her portrayal as Billie Holliday in the film "Lady Sings the Blues", followed by Diahann Carroll two years later in 1974 for her leading role in the movie "Claudine". Then Whoopi Goldberg got the next one in 1986 for her performance as Miss Celie in the "Color Purple", followed by Angela Bassett in 1994's "What's Love Got to Do with It". -- I'm sure that he just misspoke in the moment. But here is to these beautiful powerful women.

  • Gina Williams
    Gina Williams 2 months ago

    I cant stand her on TMZ and I can't stand her now!

  • Poorbabyboomer Poorbabyboomer

    TMZ please help me holding broken teeth together with gorilla glue

  • Tanisha Dean
    Tanisha Dean 2 months ago

    Why she keep trying to put words into his mouth 🤨her interview skills are trash

    • Blanca Miranda
      Blanca Miranda 2 months ago

      i kno...she needs to go back to school...her skills suck.

  • Prototype 81
    Prototype 81 2 months ago

    Funny... In the first few moments he gave me a creepy predator vibe with a side of gay and sure enough he mentions a minute later how he started in theatre... Then something mentioned about a pedaephile movie.... He sounds like another Hollywood weirdo.

  • Mark Jr.
    Mark Jr. 2 months ago

    Precious doesn't portray black woman in a good light, an abusive mother on welfare in the projects is just as bad as playing pimp, prostitute and drug dealer.

    • Blanca Miranda
      Blanca Miranda 2 months ago

      Mark it was a story that could happen an has happened...but just entertainment...everything in life....could be a story line....thats Hollywood 😕😯

  • Chad Blankenship
    Chad Blankenship 2 months ago

    As long as black elites in hollyweird and music industry keep acting and talking like everything is about color then it always will be.

  • adrian scranton
    adrian scranton 2 months ago

    seems like two friends talking instead of an interview / thats good. *