Lee Daniels Addresses Damon Dash, Throws Shade At Monique and Talks His Legacy | Raq Rants

  • Published on Jul 2, 2018
  • Raquel Harper sits down with Lee Daniels to address owing Damon Dash 2 million dollars, shades Monique and talks about his legacy.
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Comments • 2 596

  • Kobie Griggs
    Kobie Griggs 10 minutes ago

    Funny thing is that she is dumb and not getting what Lee Daniels said. You shook a black man's hand and he helped you when no one did...she is making it seem like a charity case and she doesn't understand....WHY IS SHE NOT GETTING IT AND SPINNING iT? Raquel listen to what he says...work on your interview skills and listen carefully. STARGAZER.

  • Geno Boss
    Geno Boss 32 minutes ago

    FLAMING!! These hollywood dudes smh...

  • Richard Coronado
    Richard Coronado 2 hours ago

    Lee daniels is pure fukn Third world country Trash

  • officialghetty
    officialghetty 4 hours ago

    He still ain’t gon pay Dame lmao watch

  • daholfn show
    daholfn show 13 hours ago +1


  • Alex Strachan
    Alex Strachan 14 hours ago

    yo she's messy af .

  • Joey Bounce
    Joey Bounce 15 hours ago

    Fuk man this was hard to watch.. he was nervous af

  • Don Medina
    Don Medina 18 hours ago

    Ain't he a film director,.? Wouldn't you think he would know a little more about the Academy Awards? Correction Mrs. Hattie McDaniiels was the first African American to be nominated and win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in the movie, "Gone With The Wind".. This chick so goofy and star struck over this "Culture Vulture" ask Dame Dash that she don't even know.

  • DjSmooth  NY
    DjSmooth NY 21 hour ago

    You did the typical thing that many black men have done by not paying Dame back and you should make amends to him for our culture and your reputation. Pay him his loot back!

  • DjMaxJulien O
    DjMaxJulien O 23 hours ago

    By saying you were going to do something, thats a verbal contract, so thats y he was able to take it to court and win, because by giving a verbal contract you restructure your contract, so she keeps saying he was wrong for bringing the camera, but thats how Dame could prove without a shadow of doubt he made a verbal contract, this Bitch is stupid

  • DjMaxJulien O
    DjMaxJulien O 23 hours ago

    Thumbs down everywhere...

  • SweetAzzPie W
    SweetAzzPie W Day ago


  • MisterZ3r0
    MisterZ3r0 Day ago

    Does black excellence mean not paying what you owe? Give Dash his 2 mils, dummy.

  • Wrong Name Lol
    Wrong Name Lol Day ago

    This proves we love supporting idiots bruh

  • dancematticsful
    dancematticsful Day ago

    This woman has terrible interview skills

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson Day ago

    Garbage interview

  • Roommate University

    Lol he funny Dame said he gave him 2 million for precious but Lee kept leaving that movie it of his line up of films

  • Simmie Williams
    Simmie Williams Day ago

    Raq Rants..pass.

  • K aspire
    K aspire Day ago +2


  • moehammondmedia
    moehammondmedia Day ago

    I'm just glad that Dash is going to get his bread back.

  • Avemakk1
    Avemakk1 Day ago

    I was never too crazy about Damon Dash, but I do appreciate Lee Daniels having the moral value to give Damon his money back despite legalities. I feel it was the right thing to do

  • Edward Johnson
    Edward Johnson 2 days ago

    We need more black people like Damon Dash.... but the other black party want to back stab you & not give it back. Word is not bond anymore with us black people.

  • Santos Perez
    Santos Perez 2 days ago

    My fam gave you 2 mill gay boy just no u food when we see u

  • S W
    S W 2 days ago

    Give him his money back and stop talking shit

  • Stawn Kashi
    Stawn Kashi 2 days ago

    I'm glad Lee Daniels and Damon getting that worked out

    ARIES LORDZODIAC 2 days ago

    he seems real femine and full of shit

  • Doris Silburn
    Doris Silburn 2 days ago

    I commend Lee Daniels for that. Got much respect for him.

  • Misty Blue
    Misty Blue 3 days ago +2

    He don't respect him he avoided him for 10 years!

    • Misty Blue
      Misty Blue 2 days ago

      Jordyn Taylor exactly and he's saying he's glad to be in a position to help Dame! Like really !?? How's he helping by paying someone back.

    • Jordyn Taylor
      Jordyn Taylor 2 days ago +2

      Misty Blue and to call Dame “negro” is even more ridiculous.

  • juan dominguez
    juan dominguez 3 days ago

    Brown nose

  • Duh Man
    Duh Man 3 days ago

    good stuff. paying that man back as a black that helped u. That's beautiful black love.

  • KS Jackson
    KS Jackson 3 days ago

    Lee is such a liar, if a person makes an "investment" in ur career i would think they would want a return on their investment, im over the monique thing so im not going there. People are freaking crazy in this world & Lee is one of those crazy people. I kinda want Dame to put hands on him n it isnt even my money but legal is better of course.

  • Toney Beasley
    Toney Beasley 3 days ago

    need to pay who you owe. and please get your facts right a lot of lies going on

  • Clayton Prince
    Clayton Prince 3 days ago

    Lee Daniel's is still in federal court for stealing Empire, but nobody talks about it. The original show was called CREAM, and the first 4 episodes can be seen on Amazon Prime right now.

  • Mr Commentator
    Mr Commentator 3 days ago +1

    Well done for realizing you fucked up and are working to fix it $2mill ain’t no joke

  • Business Manager
    Business Manager 3 days ago

    FB and I dont mean FACEBOOK

  • corine keith
    corine keith 3 days ago

    So I guess they forget about Queens of Comedy, 3 Strikes, Baby Boy, 2 Can Play That Game, Half Past Dead, Soul Plane,.....Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, just some. And if you ask me, she should have never did Precious. Who that froot loop think he is?
    How many ppl enjoyed The Parkers?
    And why both of his movies had to make her character look bad? We see enough of bad depictions of ourselves.

  • corine keith
    corine keith 3 days ago

    What! So he made Monique famous, I hated PRECIOUS.

  • corine keith
    corine keith 3 days ago

    For whomever this lady is, here is some knowledge for you. Investment - the action or process of investing money for profit or material result.
    Even family you expect them to look out. Why would you invest in someone who's not really in your circle like that and expect nothing? Girl Bye! I looks for a return on my investments, excluding my kids.

  • joshua kellem
    joshua kellem 3 days ago

    this is a crazy spin artist

  • Rahymn Inc
    Rahymn Inc 3 days ago

    I hate these type slimy, slippery nggz quick to turn their shyt on you after you break your back backwards for their sorry ass.. Damon jumped him like that coz he probably tried and couldn't reach him for years!

  • Lawrence Williams
    Lawrence Williams 3 days ago +3

    Shout to all the heterosexual males that’s catching hell for standing up against the machine. Such as Dame.

  • ALicia James
    ALicia James 4 days ago +2

    Definitely not a good interviewer. And Monique was mad because she was only paid 50k from a 10 million budget but the movie end up making over 46 million. I would be pissed about that too!!!

  • Searcy Ryan
    Searcy Ryan 4 days ago

    Whether the movie made money or not if he gave you two million dollars you owe him because obviously you didn't have it on your own.

  • TheAsiaticSun/ Organic Solar Energy

    This is a prime example of why you shouldn’t be happy for every successful black person. He’s a piece of shit. “Dame deserves his money back” ??? On the streets he would have been dead.

  • Seven Seals
    Seven Seals 4 days ago

    he loan you the money... just pay him. thats all!!

  • elijah Xbib
    elijah Xbib 4 days ago

    This is why I don't mess with big or skinny girls. Insecure as hell, will do anything to be noticed.

  • Bruce Perry
    Bruce Perry 4 days ago

    And if she worships you then she a coon too

  • Bruce Perry
    Bruce Perry 4 days ago +2

    Lee Daniels you a coon

  • jonathan lynch
    jonathan lynch 4 days ago

    I think it was awesome for Lee Daniels to step up and pay Damon Dash even though it was an investment man to man look him in his eyes and told him he would, that's what I'm talking about realness I love it can we get more

  • Boobie Diaz
    Boobie Diaz 4 days ago +1

    He paid Monique 50 k for the movie precious then talked about her threw the industry because she wouldn't further promote your movie and she is the bad guy she told Oprah she was molested by her own brother and then oprah brought. Monique's brother on her show for ratings after she knew how Monique felt about her own family and oprah was also molested as a child so she should of showed more respect they all played Monique and she called it out oh well just because lee and oprah and Tyler are rich and powerful doesn't mean they don't make mistakes or bad judgement calls they are all humans like us but it takes a real person to say my bad I am sorry how I hurt you my friend but no they let their egos get in the way and tried to make mo look crazy

  • mj peters
    mj peters 4 days ago

    Auditioning not Interviewing you kissing his ass he definitely ain’t gone pay you

  • Queen Dionne
    Queen Dionne 4 days ago

    This was a wack interview

  • Arturo Atherly
    Arturo Atherly 4 days ago +2

    BULLSHIT!!! Hes gonna pay the money back because he knows its in his best interest!! Lee Daniels is FOS he films with FOX for christs sake!!!

    SQUEEZEBEATS 5 days ago

    This interview sucks balls

  • antman3251
    antman3251 5 days ago

    Yeah bih if a somebody you trusted owed you 2 milli you’d damn sure rush them at a concert and embarrass them with your loud ass...at the very least. GTFOH!

  • Jaguar Strip Club Detroit

    Fat black women are the worst. If someone owed her two million she would want it back also

  • Jahmon
    Jahmon 5 days ago +1

    "F" this embarrassment to The Black Man . "F" His Demon Possessed Movies. Sick Demon Possesed Homsexule.

  • Wun Foe
    Wun Foe 5 days ago

    2 million dollars is real money. Dame deserves his money back and an opportunity to make films Lee Daniels. He helped you. Give that man a job or opportunity to make films. You at least owe him an opportunity as well

  • Darrick Hibbler
    Darrick Hibbler 5 days ago

    shut up and GIVE THAT MAN HIS MONEY. Don’t play with people’s money.

  • Chi Walker
    Chi Walker 5 days ago


  • andres barba
    andres barba 5 days ago

    the movie didn't make the money, just sit down and see what it take to remake it. sometime it take a decade or 2 for a song or a script to be understood

  • andres barba
    andres barba 5 days ago

    raquel you look mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oooooooooooops just thinkingout loud

  • Valorie Barton
    Valorie Barton 5 days ago

    RaqRaq is doing what Massa paid her coins to do....I'm done with her no more support from this sister....how day he'll you gonna give a 1 sided interview???? Girl go take 6 seats down somewhere

  • KayDee
    KayDee 5 days ago

    Lee should stfu and pay Dame Dash the seed money he gave him to start off...

  • 000000 000000
    000000 000000 5 days ago +1

    Monique is not being DISRESPECTFUL no level, the sister doing this interview is being very DISRESPECTFUL, for going against another sister.
    They BLACKBALLED Monique because she wouldn't promote the film Precious. This was wrong. Monique is an oscar-winning star! If this sister didn't have nothing good to say about Mo'Nique, she shouldn't have said nothing at all! Especially since her Resume rates way below Monique's Resume. Stay in your lane BITCH!

  • 000000 000000
    000000 000000 5 days ago +1

    Thank God Lee Daniels spoke the right thing and it's willing to do the right thing. Thank Our God in Heaven for that!

  • 000000 000000
    000000 000000 5 days ago

    Him and Taylor Perry are only creating Negative black stereotypes on the big screen!

  • roanna joseph
    roanna joseph 5 days ago

    Batty boy

  • Jorge Bronko
    Jorge Bronko 5 days ago

    You work for tmz who are you to say he’s not a culture Vulture 🤣🤣🤣

  • aseyeseait
    aseyeseait 5 days ago

    Just run back Dame's P's you pagan

  • Andre Sparrow
    Andre Sparrow 6 days ago

    Lol...a legend. Nobody knew about this dude before Precious and now everybody knows about him cause Dame Dash said he loaned him millions that his pretentious ass aint paid back. He a legendary clown.

  • Sirius Mind
    Sirius Mind 6 days ago

    Horrible interview. This woman is crap

  • Michael
    Michael 6 days ago +1

    stop dickriding and do the damn interview

    CHIGGS 58TH 6 days ago

    This "man" makes 21st century "race movies." Google it. And this bloated, shreaking Mammy gets on my very last nerve.

  • Regpasha
    Regpasha 6 days ago

    This interviewer is an obsequious , ass kissing sycophant. Otherwise, she ok...

  • Regpasha
    Regpasha 6 days ago

    . The Woodsman was an authentic work of art. Empire has its moments. BTW: get on your knees and thank God Damon didn’t handle your ass the way he would’ve years ago. Pay your bills, bro....

  • Ron Lamar
    Ron Lamar 6 days ago

    The interviewer is doing everything she can to discredit Dame's claims that Lee owed him the money, even though Lee is sitting there telling her over and over again, "yes, he looked out when nobody else would, I gave him my word, and as a man it's my responsibility to keep my word and give him his money back." Hollywood loves pushing these morbidly obese, morally corrupt, "black" women on us like they are true representations of African American women in this country. Get her the fuck outta here.

  • Bean S
    Bean S 6 days ago

    Let somebody owe her $2 million. Horrible interview skills BTW.

  • lance reed
    lance reed 6 days ago

    This chick said "thanks for what you did for the culture , especially my culture the black culture" exactly what other culture was you talking about COON!?

  • Mr. MackTone
    Mr. MackTone 6 days ago

    ✔"The fact that I'm HIV negative is a blessing from God"! 🤔

    ✅So that's how that works huh............. 👌🏾Ok

  • Earl Woodley
    Earl Woodley 6 days ago

    That's 2 million dollars... He need that back

  • Afro 76
    Afro 76 6 days ago

    This has to be the worst interview I have ever watched. Much respect to this sister for trying but I gotta keep it real....TMZ should ban her from giving interviews,,,

  • SIRI
    SIRI 6 days ago

    How much did Precious make after the budget to make it???? Has to be a lot of money.

  • SIRI
    SIRI 6 days ago

    So much ass kissing. Raquel needs to work on her diction. She’s a culture vulture.

  • SIRI
    SIRI 6 days ago


  • Fenkell Boyz
    Fenkell Boyz 6 days ago

    U owe up cuz

  • emansone
    emansone 6 days ago

    Shut up and pay the man and live........in the street 2 mil????....you would be dead by now

  • Never Retro
    Never Retro 6 days ago

    Non-mainstream black interviewers NEVER have any depth about them. She is so f'in shallow and inarticulate. Sickening!

  • 71donkrider
    71donkrider 6 days ago

    He lying....Dash will never get that MONEY...he's no different than Tyrone owing Lil Pookie nemm.he'll Be saying shit for the camera 2years from now GTFOH

  • Seba Scott
    Seba Scott 6 days ago

    see thats why i cant stand some black women.... she is a shame as a host tryin to turn lee to be against dame whwn lee is tryin to own is and big dame up she is a disgrace

  • ARMY Barbee
    ARMY Barbee 6 days ago

    Lee is full of shit! He didn't search deep inside himself and say let me make things right with Dame. Dame put him on front street and aired his dirty laundry and he wants to make sure he cleaned up this situation for future investors

  • willrod29
    willrod29 6 days ago

    He deserves his money because it’s his!! This f’in guy... smh. Dame should not have gone to you. You should’ve been grateful he gave you that money

  • Gillatine King
    Gillatine King 6 days ago

    Plus her voice is annoying and fat sounding!!!

  • MakerNoMoney
    MakerNoMoney 6 days ago

    Daniels informed his actors that there was no room in Hollywood for them except in roles as prostitutes, pimps and drug dealers, but then he throws on his shades and drags about Halle Berry for her "sexy" role in Monsters Ball. Get outta here with that fake pride.

  • Kendra Reese
    Kendra Reese 6 days ago

    GirL really what does objective mean to you

  • Kyle Simmons
    Kyle Simmons 6 days ago

    glad u going to pay him .period

  • London Allen
    London Allen 6 days ago

    Overall good job Lee, we the people thank you for all you do to shine a light on the unseen. Keep up the good work Raquel.

  • Colette Johnson
    Colette Johnson 6 days ago

    She's too opinionated, number one, and this just seems like two people sitting at the kitchen table gossiping. Absolutely nothing professional about it.

  • Colette Johnson
    Colette Johnson 6 days ago

    She's an amateur. Why is she trying to coach what he says? She keep trying to emphasize it wasn't a loan legally on paper. You ask a question, let him answer it. Ask more questions to get clarity but don't try to put words in his mouth.

  • Mue
    Mue 6 days ago +1

    Am watching this and getting angry by the second. He sitting breathing out lies and she liking his ground like is casting couch. Black excellence? why TMZ still kipping this troll on their team? :( I hate these 2