Lee Daniels Addresses Damon Dash, Throws Shade At Monique and Talks His Legacy | Raq Rants

  • Published on Jul 2, 2018
  • Raquel Harper sits down with Lee Daniels to address owing Damon Dash 2 million dollars, shades Monique and talks about his legacy.
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Comments • 2 300

  • Dee Bee
    Dee Bee 6 days ago

    I got second hand embarrassment from watching this. She is a terrible interviewer. Loud and unprofessional. An interviewer should remain neutral, but it seems she's incapable of this.

  • James St. Patrick
    James St. Patrick 10 days ago

    Fucc this dumb bish after this interview!

  • Vision Seeker
    Vision Seeker 13 days ago

    Smh...Lee you have to look at yourself in the mirror dude... 😢sad

  • earl cash
    earl cash 13 days ago

    Raq.. Hold this L.. your interviews skills are horrible!!

  • Lyn MsHollywood
    Lyn MsHollywood 16 days ago

    How much money you owe Dame? (A Lot)

  • Andre Mcknight
    Andre Mcknight 20 days ago

    Black and I dislike this negro Daniels. His work only insults black culture ... not help it. As for Hally.....is she black , really? And look what she had to do to get that award?......yep yep. Also , I love mo....you negros are wrong ....not Moe. But we expect this from negros!!! You did black balled her because all black families around the table.....KNOW NEGROS LIKE DANIALS ,OPRAH AND PERRY DO THIS TYPE OF SHIT ALL THE TIME......we've seen this so many times.

  • Melissa Thomas
    Melissa Thomas 20 days ago

    Lee said, "He needs it right now" 8:28 Excuse me! Dame didn't need Lee. Lee needed Dame. Get off your high horse, with your high water pants having ass. When he speaks about Mo'Nique notice Lee stutters. "A stuttering tongue is a lying tongue".

  • Eagle Eye
    Eagle Eye 22 days ago

    Lee Daniels is full of it . He borrows money and doesn't pay it back . He invested the money in another movie and said he would put him in. He made a few films later n never called him. He promised something to his co director and couldn't deliver, so he wanted Monique to take a cut n do him a favor . She declined and that's why lee is a flake .

  • Natalie Panaro Stack
    Natalie Panaro Stack 23 days ago

    Lee is a snake he payed monique 50 grand for a movie than expected her to fly to France for free? He borrowed 2 million.from damon dash and wont Pay him thats disgraceful and he has it. I bet u he would never rip off a white person in hollywood

  • Dr.Tikki Collins
    Dr.Tikki Collins 24 days ago

    He did not give Monique an award, she earned it!

  • Tiffany Black
    Tiffany Black 24 days ago


  • Assata Wells
    Assata Wells 24 days ago

    Don't THINK. GIVE THE MAN HIS MONEY. Don't sit up there and make a joke of the situation.And this simple ass woman needs to stop sucking up to this deviant.

  • Dr. Nathan Thomas
    Dr. Nathan Thomas 25 days ago

    Did she say excusivcives.......👁👀

  • Dr. Nathan Thomas
    Dr. Nathan Thomas 25 days ago

    She represents the shady in us

  • CJ Johnson
    CJ Johnson 25 days ago

    Did not care for the interviewer at all.

  • Roxann Encinas
    Roxann Encinas 26 days ago

    Man she was the worst interviewer ever!! I’ve TheXvidrs do better

  • Bliss Missile
    Bliss Missile 26 days ago

    One of last interviews while riding the hype falls into a beautiful mess that may only be realized when modern technology allows bored human beings to disgust life with designs from deviant and disturbed minds.

  • OfficialLittleBlackDress

    After the way she conducted this interview shes just plain ole messy and a shit starter. Right is right and wrong is wrong 🙄

  • Doris Earl [Williams, Wendell ES]

    Lee Daniels pay people what they are worth! Pay your bill's.....bottom line!

  • Falandra A. Gemz By Falandra

    Empire, is a TV Series and it has Gross more Money than a "Box Office Hit Movie", and that's all "Lee Daniels" is paying Jessie $20,000, while "Cookie & Terrence" get $175,000 each. $20,000 is Insulting!
    But this is the same reason why "Monique & Lee Daniels" got Beef with each other. He paid "Monique" only $50,000 for the "Movie Precious", then he want Monique to Promote the Movie for FREE. Got Mad with Monique cause she said "NO" and that Movie was a "Box Office Hit". Lee Daniels, he's a messy MF to work with.

  • Seachase100
    Seachase100 Month ago +1

    Boycott anything associated with Miss Lee Daniels. Maybe she had a little talent in the beginning, but look what fame and fortune has done to her. Can anybody say "Empire" ?
    She is a disgusting, but prime example, of how money corrupts.

  • SG Reid
    SG Reid Month ago

    She is over the top and isn't a good interviewer.

  • Char Johnson
    Char Johnson Month ago

    I'll watch a few more videos. Congratulations on the platform, but I'm not a fan on how you did this interview and didn't stay neutral. I respect Mr Daniels for owning up to how he did Mr Dash.

  • A.M.B. aka_Action
    A.M.B. aka_Action Month ago

    Is slobbering over him SMH he a damn faget & she is drooling lol he need to pay Dame Dash his money & stop acting like he he doing him a favor

  • Ceci all the way trill

    Wow RAQ!!!!! What u show did Monique get from Precious???? U r a dummy!!!! U lost cool points

  • Mink Seales
    Mink Seales Month ago

    whose idea was to give this chick her own talk show??? She's horrible and need to go back to where she first started on TMZ.

  • Melodye F
    Melodye F Month ago

    I knew when I saw precious that this dude was the worst kind of representation. He is the physical embodiment of holly weirds illicit homosexual reign, the demasculation of the black male and the degradation and humiliation of the black female caricature. He exudes a vile arrogance that proves his favorite position is bent over for white d+×*! Effing chi chi man bati boi!!!

  • Kevin Harris
    Kevin Harris Month ago

    Some black people refuse to be educated on how business works. Honestly because some of you have affinity for Monique,you refuse to even hear the truth. I am no fan of Lee Daniels. However I am a fan of the truth. Technically Daniels doesn't owe Damon Dash a dime. Dash legally invested $2 million in Daniels movie "Shadow Boxing. When you invest in something and it makes money you profit. However if the investment fails, you don't. That is how business and the stock market works. However Daniels said based upon the honor of Dash investing in him when no one else did, he was making away for Dash to recoup his loss. However he doesn't owe Dash a dime. Oprah Winfrey and Tyler financially invested in the movie "Precious" & it was successful and they got their investment back and some. Monique contracted to make Precious for $50,000 & she was paid. She was asked to promote the movie and she refused. I understand Monique feeling why should I promote a movie and help other people make money when I only got $50,000. However this is why she should fire her husband/wife Sidney as a manager. If you see that Oprah and Tyler are throwing their money at a movie, Monique's manager should have got in on the deal. However rather than admit your manager made a bad business decision, you want to blame and bash Oprah, Tyler and Daniels. All Monique had to do was forgo the $50,000 & tell Daniels she wanted to financially invest in the movie and receive the same profit that Daniels, Winfrey and Perry received. Monique and Sidney didn't want to take the risk. So they took the $50,000 & Daniels, Perry and Winfrey prospered, and they should have because they took the financial risk. The blackball accusation came when Monique decided to publicly accuse Oprah, Tyler and Daniels of hindering her career when in fact her husband's lack of boardroom experience and her negative comments turned the industry off. Monique openly said she received offers but she turned them down because it was not what she felt she was worth. So how is that being "black balled"? Monique was made offers, she refused and the industry stopped offering. How is that Daniels, Oprah and Tyler's fault? If Oprah, Daniels and Perry really wanted to destroy Monique, they could drag her into court like Oprah did the cattle company and sue Monique for libel and defamation of character. Monique is making libelous claims with no proof. It could, if people believed it, damage Oprah, Tyler and Daniels career and brand. If Monique wants to know who is responsible for her failed career, "my sister" needs to look in the mirror. Monique has lost alot of weight and Bravo to her, but some of her brain cells went along with the weight loss.

  • Kally Kal
    Kally Kal Month ago

    Omg Raquel, I hope you learn how to do interviews in a way that pulls information without being partial. Just because Lee, Tyler, and Oprah have money and have done things "for the culture," doesn't mean that they don't make mistakes. Clearly, Lee made a mistake when he crossed my cousin Damon. He admitted that he couldn't see what he was doing at the time because he was into drugs, alcohol and caught up in the "fame "thing. If that's the case why do you find it hard to believe that he could have been caught up in those things when he wronged Mo'Nique. Not only that let's give him the benefit of the doubt, let's say Mo'Nique is wrong. He looked at things from Damon's side, why didn't you ask him if he ever sat down, alone, without drinking, drugs and the fame monster and lawyers in his ear and honestly looked at things from Mo'Nique's side. Why should he not allow her the grace to look at her through the same lens as he looked at himself when he sat quietly and realized that he had wronged Damon. He also said he fought for Mo'Nique to get the job in Precious. Okay, her doing it for $50K was like her making an investment in him. Just as Damon did. Lee Daniels did not "give" Mo'Nique a Golden Globe and an Oscar as you stated. Her acting ability did that; she earned it. The biggest thing he can do is to show that he has healed from the exchange with Mo'Nique and fix it so that the example can be looked upon by the "culture" and learned from. That's the most important thing. The same thing with Oprah. And I've listened to the Tyler interview where he out of his mouth said, "Mo'Nique you were treated unfairly and you should have been paid and I'm going to make a public statement of it." Yet he never did. So stop it. Furthermore, let's be honest, Lee Daniels would not have said that Damon needs to "shut up." Because he would have been handled. Mo'Nique telling the three of them to "suck her private part," during a comedy show isn't offensive. Mo'Nique always cussed in her comedy shows. Why is it thought to be so disrespectful, is it because it's Oprah and she's rich and she's powerful enough to shut your career down? Is that the same reason you shouldn't say anything about Tyler or Lee either? Please. Her comedy is what she has left, it's the one thing they can't take from her or control with all their money and so-called "power." A quick biblical reference that we all need to remember is John 19:11, " "You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above. Therefore the one who handed me over to you has the worse sin." We need to be careful about how we hand our people and community over to their enemy. Meaning Oprah, Lee, and Tyler doesn't have any power of themselves, but God, since he isn't an intruder, allowed things to play out in their association with Mo'Nique the way it has. What they have to be mindful of is their part in handling this Black woman over to the Hollywood enemy to let them have their way with her career and livelihood the way they have. If they understood that, they wouldn't even be upset by what little Ol'e Mo'Nique has said in a comedy show or on her podcast. So let's top confusing power with revenge and spitefulness. Which we know at least two people out of four are guilty of. Oh, and for the record, real power understands the benefit of fixing breaches in the community and not letting them fester. We see the results of not fixing breaches and hurts every day since our last Presidential election, it has divided the country and years of work and progress. If Lee, Tyler, and Oprah are so "Powerful," let's see them use their "Power" for good and fix this rift with Mo'Nique and show that they aren't willing to through away years of work and progress. She is and has always been open to it.. Take a look back at the archives of the fallout and reconciliation of Oprah and Iyanla and it may awaken an understanding in you. In fact, maybe we need to see the four of them on Iyanla Fix My Life so she can fix their relationship. That is unless you think they are too powerful to be fixed.

  • Billy Flood
    Billy Flood Month ago

    Dorothy Dandridge 😎

  • Upscale Salon
    Upscale Salon Month ago +1

    Raq Rants is being a boot licking coon and Lee Daniels has always been the help like Whoopi. I know good damn well this big girl ain’t sat up here and did this coon interview fir free. That’s why she couldn’t sleep last night, she was thinking about that check was gonna get from that coon Lee Daniels! Try again it’s already out here what kind of brotha you are you and big girl over PLAYING THE GAME but We already know who and what you are! Ohh and umm Dame Dash don’t need yo cash PERIOD! You look and sound stupid just pay him what you own him!

  • bigpoppa 1967
    bigpoppa 1967 Month ago

    Why does TMZ evwn exist? 😠😠😠😠

  • Michael Campbell
    Michael Campbell Month ago

    It’s uncomfortable for him that you owe him money while in the front row of a Diane Ross concert. Nah you wrong boy.

  • Vivian Davis
    Vivian Davis Month ago

    Need to hear Monique version of why she went off. She did it wrong but she had a good reason to be angry.

  • Bella Dior
    Bella Dior Month ago

    Correction .. Dame doesnt NEED the money .. you OWE him. Period.

  • yung shyst
    yung shyst Month ago

    Oh and why is Raquel handling this interview with kid gloves...? This was a joke of an interview.

  • yung shyst
    yung shyst Month ago

    I kno nothin of this dude but hes gotta be light in the loafers, right?

  • John Clark
    John Clark Month ago


  • Beverly Moore
    Beverly Moore Month ago

    No need to have paperwork if he GAVE you the money! This fake is full of shit!! He definitely twisted this whole situation like he is gonna "help Damon now cause he helped me" smh. Nothing honorable here AND he calling him the negro that helped me smh.. This person is messy. And his time will one day be ☝

  • Big Lou Antiques & Rare Treasures

    I can't believe how they are both trying to say that Dame doesn't deserve his money, that's why he won't be able to get money again.

    COCOAPIE Month ago

    As soon as anyone sits on Oprah's couch, they automatically turn boujee and affluent minded......
    His argument is an investment word?
    If he's in a predicament to pay, so why hasn't he just paid.

    GODHEAD1 2 months ago


  • stevepepe96
    stevepepe96 2 months ago

    Dames a real one this guy clearly forgot where he came from pay him back 🤡

  • Google User
    Google User 2 months ago


    FERNANDO KENDALL 2 months ago

    Even Jeff Bezos would pull up on someone for 2 million. Lol

  • DMV Jugga
    DMV Jugga 2 months ago

    He a snake

  • Great League
    Great League 2 months ago

    Lets black ball Lee Daniels nasty mf, Monique right if he ain't a man of his word he ain't shit, now if he get wrapped across his head a few times they will say that is wrong but when you do it with the wrong mf a patch of meat going to get tore out your ass, but that nasty mf deserve it, you owe Dame, he should not have to ask you get your nasty ass up and go pay him you nasty mf

  • Blessed and Favored
    Blessed and Favored 2 months ago

    Like how could you ever think, not to pay him. Damon Dash opened them doors for you!!

  • Blessed and Favored
    Blessed and Favored 2 months ago

    Yep you are wrong!!!

  • Why Has Google Messed With My Channel... Again

    Terrible interviewer, she is busy kissing Daniels ass, while he is at least now coming to the grips with the fact the he was wrong, and she is steadily saying 'well you are giving it to him but you don't owe him'.. I was squirming in my seat.

  • Westend KC
    Westend KC 2 months ago

    I have a great deal of respect for this man after watching this and hearing his honesty! That was some real ass shit!


    Pay it back

  • Landon's PointOfView
    Landon's PointOfView 2 months ago

    He's not paying dame back

    WORLDWIDE1131 2 months ago

    Perhaps, we as black people will learn how to work, help and progress together. This interview was petty.....It's understandable that Lee wasn't able to pay Dame the 2 million dollar loan after a tough start in the industry. But now he's established, he can pay back with interest. And like he said, without dame helping him when no one else would, who knows where his career would be today...

  • Duke Blue
    Duke Blue 2 months ago

    Send her ass back to tmz

  • Cord Barnes
    Cord Barnes 2 months ago

    Don’t have to agree with Monique’s ways but everything she’s said, she has brought receipts. She doesn’t bend to the industry’s status quo and that rubs people the wrong way but especially with this Damon Dash situation I have an even clearer sense of what the dynamics may have been. He seems intoxicated with his position. Over the top with the shades etc. Telling people they need to “shut up.” Dame and Mo seem to be a similar situation but Lee is choosy with his insight.

  • 5.0
    5.0 3 months ago

    What kind of reporter is biased like raquel! Like god dam girl he said he was going to pay him back like tf?

  • AreLL Lio
    AreLL Lio 3 months ago

    4:57 you said you would pay him back 🤙🏾

  • kilwaukee 7-4ChrisG
    kilwaukee 7-4ChrisG 3 months ago

    Why she keep tryin to get cuz to throw shade at dam. Just like a rat. Always wanna see some tension! I hate hoes!!

  • William de Murney
    William de Murney 3 months ago

    Damon dash said that $5M lawsuit didn't change Lee daniels friendship.

  • Detention Entertainment Films

    He's talking in circles, pay the man and move on. He gave you $2million, you promised to pay him back even if the film went sour, so pay him back. What's the extra shit about? "He needs it right now so I'm going to give it to him" Nah man, this ain't it.

  • Detention Entertainment Films


  • Cristian Martin
    Cristian Martin 3 months ago

    Fucc monique

  • Ritchy050
    Ritchy050 3 months ago

    I didn't think whales could survive to long out of water

  • akaziaj
    akaziaj 3 months ago

    Wtf is he talking about? Halle Berry was not the African American to be nominated for an Academy Award. Black people have a long history in cinema as directors. Oscar Micheaux in the 1940's.😒 So disingenuous.

  • Winter Tarzan Jagrup
    Winter Tarzan Jagrup 3 months ago

    Why does this guy sound like Oprah ?

  • Demi Austin-Thomas
    Demi Austin-Thomas 3 months ago

    Am I tripping...it wasn't just an investment.. its beyond business and it's your word- YOUR INTEGRITY..this brother loaned you the money when you LEE told him that you would give it back!! You blew up and became beyond intoxicated with yourself and honestly Damon should not have had to confront you about HIS money. Really! It's not that Damon needed the money...he had every right to ask you for His money-his working capital! You have made millions and more millions. Your so disrespectful and throw shade in such a condescending way! Pay him his money, plus interest and shut your face and BE HUMBLE in the words of Kendrick Lamar!

  • Sandidukes Nyambs
    Sandidukes Nyambs 3 months ago

    So I proud of us. Love the answer he gave. Mature too.

  • MsYoyo325 BKallday
    MsYoyo325 BKallday 3 months ago

    She need to kick rocks...he didnt give Monique aanything...SHE is an actor. Who does he think they are ie..him tyler n o? Yall not the Father..Son..and Holy Gost. It very disrespectful to talk about "them"...whatever...boy bye

  • MsYoyo325 BKallday
    MsYoyo325 BKallday 3 months ago +1

    I know im late..it dont matter where he asked for His$$..hell he shouldn't have had to ask. He shouldda..wouldaa..and couldda...but didnt. So hand over his dough...he need it. Now you bigging him up..you scared....

  • Maama Molapo
    Maama Molapo 4 months ago

    Pay Dame Dash... This is making us all look bad, pay the man back!!!

  • Ki-Z Wood
    Ki-Z Wood 4 months ago

    People calling themselves bi racial is a state of mind not a race which means someone who refuses to embrace their blackness!

  • Ki-Z Wood
    Ki-Z Wood 4 months ago

    Dame Dash should have told him you gonna give me my money even if you have to out there & sell ass, oh you gonna give me my money!

  • 2tonsolid
    2tonsolid 4 months ago

    yuck. the both of them. pawns.

  • stacy Jones
    stacy Jones 4 months ago

    Why black ppl can't get alone. Don't want to pay each other and all that. BS but will hurry up an pay the whiteman. But BS are on ppl. We must stick 2gether and be one as a ppl. IJS

  • Steven Banks
    Steven Banks 4 months ago

    I can't with these 😤😤, pay up queen!!

  • Emilio pino
    Emilio pino 4 months ago

    U steal ppl money

    TheNOBLECATFILMS 4 months ago

    Dame Poppington is not, by any means, the type to sneak, and do anything. The camera was there, as it will usually be, with Dame. I know, factually, there is always, a publicist, accompanying Damon Dash, everywhere. Sometimes, more than one, but at all times, a camera will be recording.
    I'll only say, of the interview, first, Raquel I'm so proud, to see your development of your new platform, you look amazing I love you. And, Mr. Daniels thank you sir, for sharing information, so critical, that, to me, helps adjust,, the communication breakdown, and process, between and, amongst, we men. It does take reflection, to fully understand things sometime, and I thank God, for yours. I am proud of you as an artist, don't know you as a person yet, but I have a great love for Dame, and have had amazing experiences with him. When investing, there will be risks, of loss. I applaud, your perspective, in just plain out, keeping it real, and lawyers out of it. Together we do great things, divided, we all lose.

  • Hope Tawney
    Hope Tawney 4 months ago

    have u called jermaine yet?? why do i think not../if ur words ur word then an amends needs to made to him along with thwe money..sounds like u learned but why no call to him????

  • paulo styles
    paulo styles 4 months ago

    Fook u all haters ,go racq,ur blessed do ur thing girl,keep on befuddling them

  • paulo styles
    paulo styles 4 months ago

    Hey babes,fook dem all, plzzzzzzzzzz,dont change a thing ur doing great,its not like even an interview,but just conversating wit ur homies,u go girl

  • Sami
    Sami 4 months ago

    Raq Rants is AWEFUL, please TMZ stop promoting her or a lot of people will unsubscribe and unfollow

  • Susan Perron
    Susan Perron 4 months ago

    My sister told me about the show I watch her on TMZ anyways I tape it it is such a good show she has so many different celebrities on and then true views are really quick I hope they still stays on there for a long long time

  • Deron Reed
    Deron Reed 4 months ago

    stunt queen

    J VANDERGRIFF 4 months ago

    and now thanx to damon not being afraid to express his frustrations and expose certain individuals and destroy their credibility is what it came to...cant believe you just didnt pay back you wouldve made a wiser investement by always paying a man back and keeping your word as a man, just my thoughts on this thats all

  • Yoliee Beltran
    Yoliee Beltran 4 months ago

    Wheres the fucken money

  • Justin Adamcyk
    Justin Adamcyk 4 months ago

    This MAN is fruity

  • Karl Jordan
    Karl Jordan 4 months ago

    If his so big and good at his job why he owe 2 mill and can't pay it back 😂 Black excellence WTF you don't have to pin your hopes on a lying guy who owe money 😂 look up to the real black excellence!!

  • Knockarashe
    Knockarashe 4 months ago

    Where is Suge Knight when you really need him. This square need to be hung from a building by his feet! Pay that man!

  • tossed but not sunk ss
    tossed but not sunk ss 4 months ago

    He means the streets as dames pockets

  • faizaan khan
    faizaan khan 4 months ago

    Dash still aint got his money

  • huge heph
    huge heph 4 months ago

    Tf is wrong with the interviewer. He himself knows he is wrong and it was not an investment unless it was successful. For a businessman like dame to give u the money with a handshake says a lot. Don't destroy someone's trust when they are vulnerable and giving such a large benefit of the doubt.

  • Black Power
    Black Power 4 months ago

    Pride co meth before the fall

  • gemini2633
    gemini2633 4 months ago +1

    When you tell someone with confidence that you will get you investments back your supposed to give him his money even if was a bad investment..because he took ur word that it was a good move and he will get his money back.. its almost like a promise.

  • We Talk Weekly
    We Talk Weekly 4 months ago

    Great interview! It's a good thing Lee Daniels admitted to owing Damon Dash. We interviewed an Actor/Producer who claimed Lee stole his storyline "Cream" and changed the name to "Empire". It becomes hard to believe a person when they have so many accusations against them. We hope these accusations aren't true!

  • Angenet Chaskia
    Angenet Chaskia 4 months ago

    Girl stop it was a promise street talk any talk he owe..

  • feet eater
    feet eater 4 months ago

    Few good movies. No legacy. No franchise films. Like Friday. And no one comes before spike Lee and John Singleton.

  • EasySin Music
    EasySin Music 4 months ago

    Mfers don't understand investment vs. Loan? That's why we don't run banks and have huge corporations on a regular. My business degree told me that they are absolutely and definitively two different things!

  • Antonio Crawford
    Antonio Crawford 5 months ago

    Raquel u kisssing a lot of Assssss dame u want a roll badd asf

  • Aboutjohn747
    Aboutjohn747 5 months ago

    Just pay the man.