$100 DOLLAR Pho & $100 Bánh mì in Saigon Vietnam

  • Published on Jan 25, 2018
  • I went to try out the $100 dollar Pho noodle soup and the $100 dollar Bánh mì sandwich at Anan Saigon in Vietnam. These are the most expensive pho and most expensive Bánh mì in the world.
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  • Strictly Dumpling
    Strictly Dumpling  Year ago +509

    Hi Everyone! Sorry to hear that some of you have trouble watching this video. Honestly I have no clue why as it’s the same setting as the other 4K videos. Pls let me know if you’re still having issues also try to turn the resolution down a bit and see if that fixes things. Thank you!!!!

    • Alex Nicole Morgan
      Alex Nicole Morgan Month ago


    • Thomas Conlan
      Thomas Conlan Month ago

      Strictly Dumpling never eat caviar with a spoon!!!!

    • gina Jacobson
      gina Jacobson 2 months ago

      Strictly Dumpling no worries. Love your videos. Thank you for both your personality and candid review. Mahalo 🤙❤️

    • Adam Abdin
      Adam Abdin 3 months ago

      ANDREW CULLEN This has nothing to do with the comment

    • Neko_Mew Kawaii
      Neko_Mew Kawaii 3 months ago

      I'm super hungry after watching this lol definitely should eat more Pho

  • Nancy Tran
    Nancy Tran 6 hours ago

    That is some pho-king good pho you have there :) I would like to try when I am in Vietnam next week

  • little carlitos Trujillo

    Wow, Mikey! You got beautiful lady's with, Miss Brenda is cute, love those big eyes she's got, I'm surprised your not married with Soo many pretty lady by your side I don't know what's happening with you... Great video again, & great food as well... Love everything about your videos Mr Mikey, keep up the good work.... Chao! ...

  • Linh Pham
    Linh Pham 9 days ago

    I’m from vietnam! Any Vietnam peeps?

  • Ireshani
    Ireshani 14 days ago

    100 dollars? Pho-king crazy

  • Blah Boh
    Blah Boh 16 days ago

    Is this 100 dollars or is it 100.000. Vnd aka vietnam money

  • Khoai Tây
    Khoai Tây 19 days ago

    One small tip when you eat the poached egg: DON'T BREAK IT

  • Owna Maye
    Owna Maye 19 days ago

    Id love to go there and eat.

  • Faith Cree
    Faith Cree 24 days ago

    Pho and banh mi where I live are $12.95 for the pho & $10 for the banh mi! 🍲. I can’t wait to travel and try different food 😋

  • swagdude21 is beast mode

    This broth is *T H I C C*

  • Abishek K
    Abishek K 27 days ago

    Mike comparing broth and space made my day!

  • Michelle Diane
    Michelle Diane 28 days ago +2

    i really learn alot from you traveling
    and eatting , awesome

  • Em
    Em 29 days ago +1

    Exercise ?
    I thought you said extra rice 🤣🤣😭😂

  • Trieu Pham
    Trieu Pham Month ago

    No why would you break that egg? Damn man

  • Sōshi Miketsukami
    Sōshi Miketsukami Month ago

    Caviar is fish eggs.

  • Richard Bright
    Richard Bright Month ago

    prob. only time I would spend 200$ on a food. They look like absolute bomb !!!!!!

  • Momon
    Momon Month ago

    I'm not trying to be a racist or such nor I'm a racist myself. I love all race equally. But I have an unanswered question in my mind. For you guys who are American while having Asian lineage, what do you call yourself? American or asian? or Asirican maybe? hahahah.. same question for European.. Sorry if my question disturbs you, my apologies

  • Mei Chan
    Mei Chan Month ago

    Omg mouthwatering so wanna eat that foie gras and that pho looks amazing.

  • Fool Slayer
    Fool Slayer Month ago +3

    All the people who disliked were jealous

  • Max Wang
    Max Wang Month ago

    You really put that bloody metal spoon in that caviar didn’t you oh my god I I think I just had a brain aneurysm

  • Penis juniour Richard
    Penis juniour Richard Month ago +1

    Shteem-come on mike 😂

    TONY MAHONY yep Month ago

    The vietnamese chef is pretty good at math ;-)

  • Samisings xo
    Samisings xo Month ago

    My husband always thinks I’m watching porn when I watch his videos cause he’s always “mmm, ahhhh” lmao.

  • COco Yo yo
    COco Yo yo Month ago +1

    Sorry, it doesn't even go... it's just a bunch of expensive ingredients thrown together. It lacks integrity of food. Foie gras, truffles and caviar all have extreme favor profiles. This is shameful to food.

  • V Fink
    V Fink Month ago

    I wish all man would eat like him!!!!!!! I love your videos!!!!

  • Melanie McMahan
    Melanie McMahan Month ago

    I'm not a caviar fan. To me it tastes like salty fish jam. But I didn't think you were supposed to use metal utensils. I've always seen it served with mother-of-pearl spoons. LOL

  • Stephanie Williams
    Stephanie Williams Month ago

    OMG!!! For sure I would, just for the experience. Haha

  • Stephanie murria
    Stephanie murria Month ago

    Great episode❤😛😛

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  • Chidori_Pizza 1738
    Chidori_Pizza 1738 2 months ago

    Caught myself drooling

  • Thomas Duong
    Thomas Duong 2 months ago +2

    Not surprised why he was the only insane one to pay for at $100 DOLLAR Pho

  • quan Brooklyn kid
    quan Brooklyn kid 2 months ago +1

    wtf a dude with a dress on a motorcycle 😵

  • Bethany Daniels
    Bethany Daniels 2 months ago

    Who else loves Mike's background music

  • Î Bäbçõćk
    Î Bäbçõćk 2 months ago +1

    I could tell by the prep vid it's incredibly high quality

  • Tae Bae Johnson
    Tae Bae Johnson 2 months ago +1

    I spend a $100 or more everytime I walk into a restaurant. This is nothing to me! I'm blessed enough to say this. 👉🏿🙋🏿‍♀️

  • Cj Espiritu
    Cj Espiritu 2 months ago

    I wanna be your son. Can you be my dad

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    Carey Walker 2 months ago +1

    Where'd you get this shirt, the exercise shirt??

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    M J 2 months ago

    Ugh! I already ate dinner, I had to make some soup watching this! This food looked soo Amazing!

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    King Pino 2 months ago

    Look at u rule the egg, it is hurt my heart :(((

  • Tifany Mentary
    Tifany Mentary 2 months ago

    Mike: im not fancy kinda guy **while eating 200$ worth of food**

  • Proboscis
    Proboscis 2 months ago +2

    I want you to pho-mì Jerry, PHO-MÌ!!!

  • Pink Tape
    Pink Tape 2 months ago

    Who tf dip bang mi in pho broth?

  • JBderEchte YT
    JBderEchte YT 2 months ago

    If I could I would eat it every week

  • Patricia Holbrook
    Patricia Holbrook 2 months ago

    Mike breaking stereotypes by being bad at math 😂

  • K L
    K L 2 months ago +1

    Dude are you sure 100 USD for a bowl of Pho in Vietnam? You mean 100,000 Dong right?

  • Eric Lee
    Eric Lee 2 months ago

    This guy really can eat, he has an extra large stomach|

  • Austin Marchant
    Austin Marchant 2 months ago +4

    i eat my 5 cent ramen in my dorm and watch these videos

  • Qavi Monzur
    Qavi Monzur 2 months ago

    "I'm so bad at math, why am i- how am I even Asian?" 😂😂

  • armynso
    armynso 2 months ago +2

    Take my money

  • kenny510
    kenny510 2 months ago

    Instead of French dip it’s Viet dip..

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    sar buck3 2 months ago

    Something go wrong in this v..

  • Joey Patterson
    Joey Patterson 2 months ago

    What the pho?

  • Joshua 윤호 Han
    Joshua 윤호 Han 2 months ago

    he's definitely not going to phoget this meal.

  • Joshua 윤호 Han
    Joshua 윤호 Han 2 months ago

    he's definitely not going to phoget this meal.

  • Rachel Harrell
    Rachel Harrell 2 months ago

    Doing it for the culture with the Aaliyah remix mashup 💯

  • Vincent B. Chen
    Vincent B. Chen 3 months ago

    You shouldn't say you have no idea what caviar tastes like. You want to come across as an expert/connoisseur. When you say you don't know how something suppose to taste like, you sound like an amateur/rookie. Saying that doesn't make people want to take you seriously.

    TDOT RTZ 3 months ago

    The chef’s English is very good

  • gladys abaygar
    gladys abaygar 3 months ago

    Mike you always make the best food review! I am learning and you always make me hungy. 😋😍

  • Kaz T
    Kaz T 3 months ago

    So total for both of these is between 5-6 millions vnd @.@

  • Krystal Panda
    Krystal Panda 3 months ago

    Seems like truffle over kill to be honest.

  • Purple Orchid
    Purple Orchid 3 months ago

    WOW I'M STILL ON CLOUD 9!!!!! I WISH I WAS THERE! !!!!👅💦💦💦💦💦

  • Kavanna Channel
    Kavanna Channel 3 months ago +1

    Every time u say baaaaaa me I cringe

  • Redsquareblack
    Redsquareblack 3 months ago

    I'm just gonna take the meat and dip it in some of this sriracha cause I wanna ruin this soup. 6:56

  • J D
    J D 3 months ago

    Pho mi!
    Pho yu!!

  • Chuck D
    Chuck D 3 months ago

    Wastes of money

  • FaQ Hue
    FaQ Hue 3 months ago

    Lol 2:10. You say it doesn’t smell like typical pho, it smells of staranice.. lol all has the strong smell of that herb.. it’s one of the main spices to make pho..

  • Phuck Hugh
    Phuck Hugh 3 months ago

    i do not like Organ meats. do not think I'd enjoy this. I have never had froie Gras which I have read does not taste like liver but like buttered beef. Nothing disgusts me more than the smell of chopped liver or the mineral taste of liver steak. i dislike Minuto which is intestines. I just don't like organ meats. Personally I prefer pork belly in my Ban Mei. Vietnam seems like a great affordable place to visit. Meals would be under $5 Nice Hotel room under $30 per night. the most expensive thing about a trip to vietnam is the plane flight.

  • Steve Brule
    Steve Brule 3 months ago

    I thought the sign said anal

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    Marcus Tay 3 months ago


  • Ginger Troy
    Ginger Troy 3 months ago

    butt scratch for the win 0:49

  • Zachary Cao
    Zachary Cao 3 months ago

    Rip that caviar, metal spoons react with the caviar and make it taste different. Idk, they probably should have have a bone carved spoon for it rip...

  • Valentine \m/
    Valentine \m/ 3 months ago


  • Daniel Y Chow
    Daniel Y Chow 3 months ago +2

    Foie Gras = Disgusting animal abuse. C'mon Mike!

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    Marios Doumou 3 months ago

    14:58 Bruce Lee is alive!

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    TO DIE FOR!!!!

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    Orlando Cardona 3 months ago

    I loved the interview at the end !!! Chefs seem so genuine and you can see he takes pride in the work ! Probably my favorite video so far !!

  • Norma Ramos
    Norma Ramos 3 months ago

    I cringed when you used that metal spoon on that caviar. It completely changes the flavor! Plastic or pearl only.

  • MirYam Nal
    MirYam Nal 3 months ago

    Amazing videos and amazing food

  • Melody
    Melody 3 months ago

    Looks so fatty it's almost slimy...

  • Myrthe Schuitema
    Myrthe Schuitema 3 months ago

    And here I am, slurping at my instant cup-a-soup..

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    Angela Small 3 months ago +5


  • Marconi Jr Mangrobang
    Marconi Jr Mangrobang 3 months ago +1

    Wow that was fantastic...Imagine a traditional local vietnamese cuisine turned Classic with all those expensive stuff that goes with it...Its an East meets West kinda cuisine but anyway I like it because you really know to appreciate and explain what you are eating...A real Gourmet and I love it....Cheers

  • Firebrandt
    Firebrandt 3 months ago

    "Maximum beef capacity" Subscribed

    HE'S WATCHING 3 months ago

    why does mike look food drunk

  • Meo SF
    Meo SF 3 months ago

    it's funny when you dip the banh mi into pho broth and call it 'phami' beacause we have a kind of soya milk called 'fami' in Vietnam, eat those and drink that, sooo Vietnam lol

  • Sunny Allen Phoenix
    Sunny Allen Phoenix 3 months ago

    100 dollar for everything on the table? Might be right

  • Josep Majoor
    Josep Majoor 3 months ago

    4:44 I thought he was about to rap

  • Kronos Sizzle
    Kronos Sizzle 3 months ago

    Pho doesn't worth that much dude

  • Jacob Is Craving Sushi
    Jacob Is Craving Sushi 4 months ago

    I thought things were supposed to be cheap there

  • Draven Romero
    Draven Romero 4 months ago

    Person from home here; beef overkill is NOT a thing.
    Those two things look outstanding. I'm drooling so much.

  • Hornok Bence
    Hornok Bence 4 months ago

    3:40 windows

  • Cherry Nguyen
    Cherry Nguyen 4 months ago

    I really hate how he says banh mi like
    Aaaah the h is silent

  • Jonathan Fairbank
    Jonathan Fairbank 4 months ago

    This yuppie version blasphemes traditional pho. Eww!

  • chushi lee
    chushi lee 4 months ago


  • Handy Santoso
    Handy Santoso 4 months ago +7

    $100 with potato fries warped with newspaper...LOL...

    • Tiffy
      Tiffy 2 months ago

      you mean wrapped? lol nothing wrong with it, it looks nice and rustic, many people like that look and even use it to wrap bouquets

    • RoyalDggo
      RoyalDggo 3 months ago +1

      Its more for presentation

  • 9 hundred
    9 hundred 4 months ago

    the Vietnamese chef has a tattoo?

  • 9 hundred
    9 hundred 4 months ago


  • Krystle L
    Krystle L 4 months ago

    was that a tape worm hanging down @ 8:10 omg that kinda grossed me out haha

  • Lord Kiltridge
    Lord Kiltridge 4 months ago

    I'd happily eat that. It looks marvelous. This video, (which I had no trouble with BTW), has inspired me to subscribe.