Tom Segura Most SAVAGE Moments

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • tom segura's most savage moments.
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  • Sam Higgins
    Sam Higgins 6 days ago

    Happy hoes eat, sad hoes don't

  • Wickedelic
    Wickedelic 15 days ago


  • Got' Emmm
    Got' Emmm 16 days ago

    Why are his hands so small????

  • Itz Sync
    Itz Sync 16 days ago +2

    “Purebreds” oh my god ahaha

  • QuarterAsianPersuasion

    4:54 why you talkin bout my wife man?

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Month ago

    I see why I've never heard of this guy..he's not funny..

  • Fraser Fortune
    Fraser Fortune Month ago

    stuff like that. nailed it. Rampage Jackson says "stuff like that" all the damn time lol

  • Dan H
    Dan H Month ago

    Asian babies/kids are just plain cuter. Usually way better behaved too.

  • Collin Jenkins
    Collin Jenkins Month ago +6

    "I tower over you"
    "You could eat peanuts off my head?"

  • Ryan Rich
    Ryan Rich Month ago +2

    Bryan Callen lookin like Lee Harvey Oswalt

  • Joel Martin
    Joel Martin Month ago


  • jack donney
    jack donney Month ago

    How is this dull fuck famous? Worst comedian ever

  • TB 7788
    TB 7788 Month ago +3

    like how that white lady looked at the black dude when she said biracial babies

  • Dayton Bellenbaum
    Dayton Bellenbaum Month ago

    Tom is a cuck. Period

  • Ricky
    Ricky Month ago

    8:50 "happy hoes eat and sad hoes don't" I died!! LOOL

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago +3

    Tom “Duct Tape” Segura

  • Gabriel Ruppert
    Gabriel Ruppert Month ago +3

    The Louisiana bit was spot on

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago

    Was that before Callen got hair transplants

  • Heavy Weight Primate With a Harvard Mind

    Callen looking like he's about to sell alcohol out of the back of his 1929 Model A

    • Ryan Dixon
      Ryan Dixon Month ago

      Creativity 7/10. Savage ness 0/10. Cool factor -6/10. Stfu

  • millhouse313
    millhouse313 Month ago

    Wow I didn’t know Tom was a liberal cunt

  • Johnson Johnson
    Johnson Johnson Month ago +1

    Drugs ARE fun. You’re right. 🤣 😂 🤣 4:44

  • HeyNowLookHere
    HeyNowLookHere Month ago

    20 to 1 ratio for Asian boy sounds about right.

  • Amanda Grant
    Amanda Grant Month ago


  • Opaik TV
    Opaik TV Month ago

    Thanks for this

  • Chase Høpkins
    Chase Høpkins Month ago

    Tom is great.

  • SupaFlySi
    SupaFlySi Month ago

    Cant believe he appeared on bridge streel thats some local tv from my hometown😂

  • MrJtin69
    MrJtin69 Month ago +1

    Bring DJ dad mouth back water champ and the peoples champ

  • RespectThePep
    RespectThePep Month ago

    shouts out throatzilla

  • Tyler Daniels
    Tyler Daniels Month ago +4

    "S/O to Bristol stool chart, I had no. 5 today, cracked with clear cut edges cause I need FIBER"

  • Five
    Five Month ago +5

    As someone from Louisiana, I agree with Tom.

  • Declan Shlug
    Declan Shlug Month ago

    Shout out Kim Anh

    NINO SKILLZ Month ago

    A YO KANE !

  • Jason Parham
    Jason Parham Month ago

    “Happy hoes eat, Sad hoe’s Dont”. Words of wisdom from Tom

  • LTD Lawn Service
    LTD Lawn Service Month ago +28

    Yeah your girlfriend, she’ll find out what time it is.

  • SP33DDY7
    SP33DDY7 Month ago +2

    Your girlfriend will find out what time it is

  • The Juggernaut
    The Juggernaut Month ago

    Tom "open borders" Segura.

  • elifschitz
    elifschitz Month ago +14

    Honestly not so “savage“

  • Tommy Gray
    Tommy Gray Month ago

    Thought this was Christopher meloni

  • Ado
    Ado Month ago

    4:14 fucking killed me!

  • Piotr Dragan
    Piotr Dragan Month ago +1

    Tom segura and Bert Kirch..... have no comical talent. They built their 25minutes of fame off of Joe Rogan.

  • Archer pro
    Archer pro Month ago

    This guy's an idiot . If I ever see him ima woop his ass

  • stu booth
    stu booth Month ago +1

    If i close my eyes and listen, I'm hearing tim Allen. Try it! 😀
    Oh yer, I'm home here meow.

  • Carlos' vids
    Carlos' vids Month ago +9

    “I’m gonna watch some more, but right now it hurts...”

  • Bryan L olds97_lss
    Bryan L olds97_lss Month ago +2

    So... is this Zach Galifianakis being some other guy?

  • Mikel Bowers
    Mikel Bowers Month ago +1

    DJ dad mouth! That's too funny! Idk he was funny like that!

  • Bucs Fan
    Bucs Fan Month ago +1

    Pure bred

  • David Hevey
    David Hevey Month ago +8

    I got kids that she doesn't know about, sometimes when shes out of the house I'll bring the other kids over. Oh Tom

  • Andrew S
    Andrew S Month ago +2

    Tom Segura on morning shows or the local news is a recipe for perfection. So funny bc he could care less.

  • Leonidas
    Leonidas Month ago +6

    I love his local news interviews.
    The news anchors are such losers and it shows how lame they truly are.

    • Bill Anderson
      Bill Anderson Month ago

      @Thrashaero we do know that losers make minimum wage then spend their time talking shit on more successful people.

    • Thrashaero
      Thrashaero Month ago

      @ksferg You're not sure of anything other than being butthurt about people dissing cheesy morning show anchors.

    • ksferg
      ksferg Month ago +2

      @Thrashaero Winners get to have a job that they enjoy while making a very decent amount of money and meeting interesting people like Tom Segura. I'm sure it's more than what you can say at your job.

    • Thrashaero
      Thrashaero Month ago

      ​@ksferg lol yeah. because winners wear bright cardigans and try to be all upbeat and pretend the naughty things in life don't exist...or worry their advertising will get pulled.

    • ksferg
      ksferg Month ago +4

      They're not losers, they're just trying to do their job and probably also understand that talking to a comedian at that time isn't the best time to do an interview either so they just try to get through it like him.

  • bill Smyth
    bill Smyth Month ago

    trash comedy hmm shows how many appreciate this kind of trash.

  • CoCo Coldy
    CoCo Coldy Month ago

    “Ain’t no double fault, fuck you”

  • TastyChevelle
    TastyChevelle Month ago +8

    You got to leave some of the laughter in, man. Cutting the clip off immediately after the punch line completely robs us of the aftermath.

  • Hyunje Lee
    Hyunje Lee Month ago +5

    Asian babies are pretty damn cute. theyre so chubby with their small eyes.

  • mooselord flanz
    mooselord flanz Month ago +14

    Shout out to everybody all over the world doing there thing and stuff like that

  • Benjamin Franklin
    Benjamin Franklin Month ago

    I like em pure bred.

  • Nathan Fritz
    Nathan Fritz Month ago +1

    she will find out what time it is

  • Jack Koev
    Jack Koev Month ago +1

    This was as savage as a trained chihuahua.

  • sky472007
    sky472007 Month ago

    Yo whats up with that whack ass minute or so blank at the end just so you can monetize the video. Thats whack

  • Brett Stock
    Brett Stock Month ago +2

    Bristol stool chart 🤣🤣🤣

  • Matt gaming
    Matt gaming Month ago +1

    Im dying.