England 20-0 Latvia | Record Breaking Lionesses Hit TWENTY Past Latvia! | Highlights

  • Published on Nov 29, 2021
  • The Lionesses recorded their biggest ever competitive victory after scoring TWENTY against Latvia! Ellen White became the Lionesses' record goalscorer with a hat trick. Lauren Hemp scored four, Beth Mead and Alessia Russo grabbed hat tricks, while Ella Toone, Georgia Stanway, Jess Carter, Beth England, Jill Scott and Jordan Nobbs also got their names on the scoresheet.

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Comments • 2 286

  • wuak
    wuak Month ago +3796

    Objective: score 10 headers in squad battles on min. professional difficulty

    • Joey Murphy
      Joey Murphy 26 days ago


    • Nuri ISLOM
      Nuri ISLOM Month ago


    • Pheon
      Pheon Month ago

      Objective: score 500 goals in any fut game mode

    • Tempt
      Tempt Month ago

      @EesaBR u lucky lucky man i packed 77 wilson

    • Josh Hodson
      Josh Hodson Month ago +1

      Nah I’m done 😂😂😂

  • William Brandon
    William Brandon Month ago +517

    Coach must have been like: "Who has never scored? Get in there... "

    • mariksen
      mariksen 5 days ago

      @Egeisagod Too bad she didn't. But she actually COULD have done so against a team like Latvia! :D

    • William Brandon
      William Brandon Month ago

      @Egeisagod 😂😂😂😂

    • Egeisagod
      Egeisagod Month ago +2

      Goalie: I want to score too…

    • Little grass
      Little grass Month ago +6


    • Brian Reacts
      Brian Reacts Month ago +9

      Don't make me cry man. 😂 🤣🤣🤣

  • L J
    L J Month ago +285

    As someone who used to be a goalkeeper for a team that weren't too great, I honestly feel bad for the Latvian goalkeeper and I hope she's ok.

    • Josh Rapp
      Josh Rapp Month ago

      @Butch 78 that defense was abysmal but we all just watched the same video. So many of those goals were savable. And that drop pass she fumbled? No excuse for that

    • Butch 78
      Butch 78 Month ago

      @I AM ZIM!!mean any goal keeper needs a decent defence in front otherwise they are completely the last line of defence. You ever played football? We invented it.

    • I AM ZIM!!
      I AM ZIM!! Month ago +1

      This was her greatest ever performance, what do you mean?

    • Marcus Hakim
      Marcus Hakim Month ago

      I feel you man I was a keeper for a horrible team

    • A K
      A K Month ago +2

      I didn’t see a Latvian keeper

  • venomtail1
    venomtail1 Month ago +139

    Kinda frustrating that people are only blaming the goalkeeper. Shows who understands how defense is meant to work and who doesn't.

    • coming soon
      coming soon 9 days ago

      Everything was bad the defense and the keeper 🤣🤣

    • CJ R
      CJ R Month ago

      @venomtail1 so what you're saying is there were 31 shots on target and she let in 2/3 of them in and a few of them "on target" shots were blocked by Latvian players not saved..... How many saves did the gk actually make?

    • Jamie Currid
      Jamie Currid Month ago

      @CJ R yeah fr

    • Jamie Currid
      Jamie Currid Month ago

      As a gk myself it is frustrating when defendwrs only blame u and u only but u still have to catch things like those, and when she miss-kicked it kind of summed up her performance rlly. Also if u look up her goal kick seperatley (they didn't show it here) it was fkn dreadful. She could only do her best tho so gg wp

    • Arnab Banik
      Arnab Banik Month ago +1

      @CJ R what a joke, they are not proper players. Latvia is a country where there is barely any interest in football. They hardly have a proper men's team, and you think the country would consider investing effort in the women's football team? They are not professional footballers, infact they have full time jobs outside football.

  • paul harper
    paul harper Month ago +124

    Latvia coach after the match "its not the winning, it's the taking part that counts"

    • Kenny C
      Kenny C Month ago

      @TT TT more like, "if they scored 8 in the first half, they can do that in the 2nd half, too."

    • TT TT
      TT TT Month ago +3

      "if they scored 8 in the first half, we can do that in the 2nd half, too."

  • 808 Ross
    808 Ross Month ago +1850

    Some amazing saves from the Latvian keeper. She only let a few past but overall, a great performance.

    • Duo Lipa
      Duo Lipa Month ago


      YETI REVIEW Month ago +1

      Are you Comedy me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Sleepy joey
      Sleepy joey Month ago

      Womems football is beyond a joke

    • Nego Master
      Nego Master Month ago

      A few?

    • Kevin Stones
      Kevin Stones Month ago

      Man city men's teams future winning games ☺️ by 20- 0

  • George Suttie
    George Suttie Month ago +87

    Love how the commentator is taking it seriously lol

    • noel ighedo
      noel ighedo Month ago

      Wouldn't wanna hurt anyone's feelings..after all in all women's games it's always a world cup final or champs final

  • Nikola Smoljanovic
    Nikola Smoljanovic Month ago +58

    We need a highlights of the highlights with just the top 5 goals in there.

  • Wilhelm
    Wilhelm Month ago +35

    To be fair, even though the defence wasn't great, those goals were mostly decent.
    The Latvia keeper tried harder than most women keepers I've seen..got a hand to most, shame about that mishap but it happens.
    It was the closing down of play that was the problem. Some great headers. Chin up Latvia, you will go on to do great things. Well done England.

  • Matthias
    Matthias Month ago +23

    Latvia's goalkeeper goal: to get as close to the ball as possible without ever touching it

  • Mwaura Weru
    Mwaura Weru Month ago +2648

    Latvia's keeper got a VIP ticket that allows her to watch the match from INSIDE the field

    • BubblegumZeus
      BubblegumZeus 14 days ago

      @i'll could be true lol, did we even get a view of england’s keeper? i don’t even like latvia touched the ball, let alone show any attacking threat

    • BubblegumZeus
      BubblegumZeus 14 days ago

      this killed me 😂

    • Sheza58
      Sheza58 Month ago


    • Chocol8612
      Chocol8612 Month ago


    • ANIHANA Hana
      ANIHANA Hana Month ago


  • Ben Mccarthy
    Ben Mccarthy Month ago +5

    Well done to the commentator for staying professional, I’d be in hysterics

  • Jaiden Patel
    Jaiden Patel Month ago +1

    I can’t tell whether 31 shots on target is impressive or if it’s actually sad that they won 20-0

  • kieran driscoll
    kieran driscoll Month ago +14

    Yeah it’s great that we won 20-0 but can we take a minute to applaud the Latvian team for giving their best effort and not giving up? Obviously a complete mismatch here but fair play to them nonetheless!

    • R Banerjee
      R Banerjee Month ago

      Absolutely. Me spec da mandem an dat.

  • mateusz17th
    mateusz17th Month ago +9

    If there was 2 more minutes of extra time, Latvia could bring it back tbf

  • Reece E
    Reece E Month ago +14

    I bet you could've pulled 11 people from the crowd and they would have performed better than Lativa

  • TripleB1888
    TripleB1888 Month ago +59

    This was hilarious, but when I saw the keepers face I felt bad. And the England players celebrated every goal like it was an equaliser LOL

    • Lumadnet
      Lumadnet Month ago +8

      lack of respect for the opponent horrible match

  • EV Roadtrips Ireland
    EV Roadtrips Ireland Month ago +3

    Great result for England but my heart goes out to the Latvian players

  • Sabrewulf metalhead gaming

    Some cracking shots by England. Amazing record well done. However that defence... zero skill, not the keepers fault, a keeper is last line of defence, there was no defence.

  • Christopher Vassell
    Christopher Vassell Month ago +989

    "It could be a very long evening for Latvia"

    ...you have no idea.

    • Michael Lubin
      Michael Lubin Month ago +5

      @Tom Doritos Yeah, and except for one goal, it wasn't even her fault. A defense would've helped.

    • Tom Doritos
      Tom Doritos Month ago +10

      The keeper can agree

  • Matthew Raleigh
    Matthew Raleigh Month ago +58

    I just can’t look at this as a serious professional sport 😂

    • S
      S Month ago

      @Daisy Lilley exactly!

    • Daisy Lilley
      Daisy Lilley Month ago +1

      @Matthew Raleigh only at international level, but that's usually because female footballers don't get the same opportunities as male footballers. at club level it rarely happens

    • Matthew Raleigh
      Matthew Raleigh Month ago

      @Daisy Lilley yeah well it’s an often occurrence for dominant games like this in female football but pretty rare in men’s football

    • Daisy Lilley
      Daisy Lilley Month ago +1

      by that logic neither is the mens with the 10-0 defeat

      SUBZERØ Month ago +2

      You must shut up 😊

  • Chief Beef
    Chief Beef Month ago

    I love how on some of the goals the keeper is looking behind her before it's even past

  • Aditya Putra Perdana

    They scored 20 after they'd scored 10 (TEN!!!) in the previous match against the same team, The Lionesses are unbelievable!

  • Dave Datura
    Dave Datura Month ago

    It has to be one of the zaniest nights of football I have ever seen, lol!
    And these weren't just easy goals but some absolute belters!

  • Ashley Mabunda
    Ashley Mabunda Month ago +1798

    On average, every player besides the goalkeeper scored a brace. Like bruh how do you lose 20-0? 😭

    • Chan Fonseka
      Chan Fonseka Month ago

      Ask Hyde United descendants

    • Maris Vitols
      Maris Vitols Month ago

      Latvia plays ice hockey and basketball

    • k g
      k g Month ago

      English players are professionals the latvians are amateurs.

    • I AM ZIM!!
      I AM ZIM!! Month ago

      @Fran Ohmsford you haven't analysed the goals very well. Most of them were savable.

    • Storm Surge
      Storm Surge Month ago

      Womens sports this is the elite 🤣😂

  • Oli Wakulla
    Oli Wakulla Month ago +2

    I'm Latvian and I'm laughing lol. Latvian football is world class really. Hahaaaaa. Love it.

  • LK Music
    LK Music Month ago +2

    To be fair to Latvia, a handful of these goals were so perfectly executed they were always going in. Like 1:01, 1:38, 2:45, 3:40, 4:48, 5:11.

  • Archer
    Archer Month ago +3

    53 qualifying goals, and 30 of them against Latvia, that just hurts everyone when 1 country concedes more than the others combined and by that margin

  • Dennis Marfo
    Dennis Marfo Month ago +1

    This brings us to an average scoring rate of a goal in every 4.5 minutes.

  • terrel verneuil
    terrel verneuil Month ago +689

    After watching these highlights, how could England not have scored more ? I think the real winners in the end are Latvia for only letting in 20

    • Have a great Day
      Have a great Day 4 days ago

      @_txwn_ then how comes there highest scoring match was only 13

    • James M
      James M Month ago +1

      @_txwn_ I legit think it could approach 100 if the restarts were quick enough

    • ThatHandsomeDevil08
      ThatHandsomeDevil08 Month ago

      @FootBalls 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣😂🤣

    • ThatHandsomeDevil08
      ThatHandsomeDevil08 Month ago


    • Marzmln
      Marzmln Month ago


  • Psycholosophy
    Psycholosophy Month ago

    I watched the whole match, and it was a lot closer than this highlight package makes out. The score-line flattered Latv . . . . I mean England!

  • FreshMeme MyDude
    FreshMeme MyDude Month ago +4

    Fair play winning by that amount but celebrating anything after scoring a 5th goal is utterly embarrassing. Scoring a 5mph scuff that has taken 3 deflections on the way in is nothing to be throwing your hands up in the air for. Have some class.

  • Emmanuel Abuchi
    Emmanuel Abuchi Month ago

    My City players representing. Congratulations to White and Hemp

  • Paul Yeboah
    Paul Yeboah Month ago

    Well done commenters, you deserve medals. Some great side splitters in here

  • Bussmy 9
    Bussmy 9 Month ago +843

    They celebrated every goal 😭

    • Jurij Nabukov
      Jurij Nabukov 3 days ago

      @Hasnain Shakoor ya but this Latvia is small country in football and in Europe population 2 milion
      but you happy like you win Germany or USA or big motherland Russia in fight .

    • Flavoured water
      Flavoured water 13 days ago

      @jonathan stromberg bro no one cares Latvia got clapped

    • Michael Moores
      Michael Moores 24 days ago

      There's a gif of men and women beating teams by large amounts. The men don't celebrate, the women do.

    • Daisy Lilley
      Daisy Lilley Month ago

      most of the players that came on had never scored for their country, hence the celebrations

    • Nick Freeman
      Nick Freeman Month ago

      @tom domagalski Then maybe they shouldn't keep being put against "smaller teams". It's insulting to put a clearly superior team against the likes of Latvia.

  • Kevin
    Kevin Month ago +6

    Could have scored 40 goals had they not wasted time by celebrating every goals.

  • Mo Sh
    Mo Sh Month ago

    This is still beautiful when compared to cricket. The beauty of football (or soccer) is that countries are not discriminated based on their level. Countries (irrespective of their abilities) are welcome to play with other countries even if it's qualifying rounds, or regional tournaments. I am from the Maldives. In cricket even our neighbors Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh will never play even a friendly match. Cricket is a sport that is systematically discriminatory. It only demotivates and destroys the love for cricket in lower scoring teams, and do not give a chance to build it. In the meantime the higher scorning teams form like a cartel or a gated community and play themselves selfishly. I am surprized why people never speak against this systematic discriminatory practice in cricket.

  • James Vaughan
    James Vaughan Month ago

    Greenwood’s technique is superb. Great player

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo Month ago

    20 goals Jeremy?! That’s insane.

  • Alfie Owen
    Alfie Owen Month ago +852

    Fun fact: England scored more tonight in that stadium than Doncaster have all season

  • BangTheBomb
    BangTheBomb Month ago +1

    That's hilarious. Even when I played for the worst Sunday League team in the world we never managed to lose by 20! Shocking goalkeeping/defending by Latvia but to be fair our girls were ruthless and showed plenty of flair.

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl Month ago

    Bless that Latvian goalkeeper. She looked so downhearted

  • Julius
    Julius Month ago

    Some of the shots that went in were harder to let in then to just save. Both keepers moved out of the way of some shots

  • David Edbrooke
    David Edbrooke Month ago

    I watched this live, super play by England.

  • - U4RYA -
    - U4RYA - Month ago +1072

    Imagine the half time team talk for Latvia 😭 "still nil nil girls"

    • CR7 Best
      CR7 Best Month ago


    • K T
      K T Month ago

      Demand more

    • BM96
      BM96 Month ago

      Throw water bottle and berate

    • y.d
      y.d Month ago

      This one got me 😭

    • Jimbooo
      Jimbooo Month ago +11

      If they scored 8 first half , we can score 8 second half

  • Matt and maria vlog

    alot of them looked like easy saves. I know that may sound crazy but most of them I think she actually moved out of the way. Maybe she had a bet on that score line

    RY SHS CHANNEL Month ago

    Wow. 20 goal in a match. Amazing.

  • biuor su
    biuor su Month ago

    After watching these highlights, how could England not have scored more ? I think the real winners in the end are Latvia for only letting in 20

  • mark isaac
    mark isaac Month ago

    Congrats Englands Ladies incredible win

  • Dan Croft
    Dan Croft Month ago +435

    A great innings, just a few quick wickets now and I can see this only turning out to be an easy win for England

    • Stringer13ell
      Stringer13ell Month ago

      @Fran Ohmsford I don't know why you typed :). I doubt you're capable of smiling.

    • Mark Garvey
      Mark Garvey Month ago +13

      @Fran Ohmsford not with England these days twenty is the average lol

    • Fran Ohmsford
      Fran Ohmsford Month ago +1

      20 a great innings? I think you're missing a zero off that number and even then I'd hardly call 200 great :)

  • Michael Lubin
    Michael Lubin Month ago

    When you score 20 goals, a hat-trick is ordinary.

  • HB initials
    HB initials Month ago

    I thought this was gonna be a compilation of England vs latvia's all matches or legs.
    Turns out it's all in just one match 😂

  • eric tetteh
    eric tetteh Month ago

    After the 5th goal, I thought the commentator would tone down his excitement seeing how mediocre Latvia was, but no. He behaved like England was playing the USA or France.

  • Josh Barrow
    Josh Barrow Month ago +6

    "One team on their game, the other very off colour"

  • Belfast Whispers ASMR
    Belfast Whispers ASMR Month ago +693

    To be honest, something needs to be done about the women's qualifying because you can't really take it seriously with these ridiculous one sided games. The gap from the best teams to the worst is massive and they just shouldn't be playing each other. I do enjoy watching the women's Euros and World Cups when the biggest nations meet, but this is just daft 😂

    • Colin Harbinson
      Colin Harbinson Month ago

      Something along the lines of the FA cup qualifiers.

    • JAD
      JAD Month ago

      @Master Trams no

    • epic djyoshi
      epic djyoshi Month ago

      @MJ24Beats I'm not sure whether or not it happened for this qualification campaign or not, but there was a pre qualifying round for the women's world cup in 2019

    • Tom Richardson
      Tom Richardson Month ago

      @chris1london perfectly put

      TERRY WISEMAN Month ago

      HEAR HEAR - my 40-plus team would give Latvia - and others - a thrashing!!!!!

  • Kvng Kubi
    Kvng Kubi Month ago

    The defense & goalie were definitely sleeping 😭 20 goals how do the coach explain that to the team’s president lol

  • savvy830
    savvy830 Month ago

    Latvia went easy on England opting to play this one out without a goalkeeper. The coach's strategy backfired nevertheless I am sure it will pave the way for games were goalkeepers will be obsolete figures and games will be more attacking based.

  • Captain Slog
    Captain Slog Month ago

    All you can do is beat what's in front of you and the ladies did it brilliantly!

  • Jon biden
    Jon biden Month ago

    Minutos de los goles
    Minutes of goals

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty Month ago

    I'm Latvian and I'm laughing lol. Latvian football is world class really. Hahaaaaa. Love it.

  • Paul Maguire
    Paul Maguire Month ago

    If it hadn't been for the 20 goals Latvia would have had it.

  • tomux 15
    tomux 15 Month ago +1

    im latvian and i have to say this, yes we lost 0-20, yes i know its embarrassing, but we have a reason for it, football is just not our sport, we play ice hockey as our best sport. hope yall will get the answer to the question why we lost 0-20 to you.

  • MrBossmanboss
    MrBossmanboss Month ago +1

    Well done to the England squad! It does raise the question that perhaps the Latvian team were not ready for this series of qualifiers.

  • Tactictoe
    Tactictoe Month ago +1

    Big respect to the England ladies reeling in the celebrations once the score started getting silly... They knew they were playing a really bad team. Compare that to how the American women's team were acting against Thailand a couple of years back, celebrating like they'd each just scored an overhead kick from 30 yards out, proper classless they were.

  • Oliver .k. Cheruiyot

    I support both Man Utd men and women teams and I was happy to see Toone and Russio scoring. Love from 🇰🇪🇰🇪

  • Ben Riley
    Ben Riley Month ago

    CONGRATULATIONS, see , women's football can be great too. Well done girls, terrific performance

  • Gabriel Janssens
    Gabriel Janssens Month ago

    Imagine just taking a shot from the Latvian half knowing 100% it will go to the back of the net every time, hilarious.

  • YouTube hamz
    YouTube hamz Month ago +1318

    No point them having a keeper posts would do a better job

    • Banger
      Banger Month ago

      @Jake honestly they might as well

    • Iftakher Hossain
      Iftakher Hossain Month ago

      @De they played 2 keepers in either half

    • De
      De Month ago

      @likmajpusi keeper is 18 lol

    • Mr Triger
      Mr Triger Month ago +2

      @likmajpusi so ? u dont think they will improve or something like that right ?

    • likmajpusi
      likmajpusi Month ago

      She isnt even 18 years old. Same goes for the defence. 17 years.

  • Sheza58
    Sheza58 Month ago

    I was there and to be fair England never stopped moving forward. They used the game for what it was. Constantly attacking.

  • ItzPuffy&Funky Yt
    ItzPuffy&Funky Yt Month ago +2

    “This is a very long night for Latvia’’ well done Sherlock.

  • Armpaouti
    Armpaouti Month ago +1

    England had 64 shots and 31 of them where on target.

  • Kennedy Ada
    Kennedy Ada Month ago +2

    When you think you're ready for Legendary on FIFA 😂😂

  • Beast 123
    Beast 123 Month ago

    Very very close game. More anticipating than City vs QPR. Was on the edge of my seat for the whole 90min. Held my wee in as I didn’t wanna miss the equaliser

  • Yiannis Kanellopoulos
    Yiannis Kanellopoulos Month ago +1

    The Latvian traffic officer has done a marvelous job. Outstanding performance. 😆 😆 😂

  • Jordan Vine
    Jordan Vine Month ago +1

    I know this is a DEMOLITION job and kind of expected and I realise this isn’t really a proper competitive game when it’s a game with two teams playing against each other and this match was totally and completely one sided but I’ve got to be honest here I do prefer lionesses matches like this when it’s England scoring loads & loads of goals
    and it’s very, very, very easy and I know they’re gonna win and they do win very, very, very easily & comfortably, I don’t want to think “are they gonna win, I hope they win they have a chance” etc etc etc

    Yeah, I don’t wanna hope and pray they win I wanna know they will win & they do win I wanna always think “yeah, we’ll demolish that team very easily no doubt about that” and they do demolish the opposition very easily and then I can relax whilst watching it & i don’t have to worry or panic about a defeat happening
    I don’t know why but I just do

    yeah, I just prefer matches when the girls just keep banging the ball in the net loads of times rather them having a difficult & tough match
    I’m sorry I just love & prefer matches like this when they demolish the opposition very, very, very easily like the terminator I just prefer it cos I find matches like this easier to watch
    I love these girls so much

  • Phil Jamieson
    Phil Jamieson Month ago

    Excellent performance from England

  • L E V I
    L E V I Month ago +1

    when you use tactical defending but you are used to legacy this is what happens 😂😂

  • Jeanne Fsd
    Jeanne Fsd Month ago

    I feel so sorry for latvia’s keeper 😢

  • Phil B
    Phil B Month ago

    We fighting after the 5th goal. No way Im losing like that.

  • John Knox
    John Knox Month ago +1

    Latvia deserved the W shocking refereeing!!!

  • 5&
    5& Month ago +271

    20 goals Jeremy?! That’s insane.

    • Douglas Robinson
      Douglas Robinson Month ago

      Ahahahahaha I love you for this reference

    • James Cooke
      James Cooke Month ago +1

      Where's the goalkeeper Jeremy?!?

    • Calum
      Calum Month ago +2

      @The Orgazoid a fine thing indeed

    • Matthew Maguire
      Matthew Maguire Month ago +2

      Why did you bring Akash? He's a bit... boring isnt he?

    • The Orgazoid
      The Orgazoid Month ago +17

      Chance would be a fine thing

  • Matt
    Matt Month ago +1

    good defending from latvia hope they will touch ball next time

  • George Austers
    George Austers Month ago

    Crazy how you can lob the keeper... When the keeper is on her line

  • Nathan Mitchell
    Nathan Mitchell Month ago +1

    2:12 wow such passionate defending

  • Max Chandler
    Max Chandler Month ago

    Best goalkeeper I’ve ever seen

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago +151

    Well done to the ladies out there. You can only beat what's in front of you and they went and did that emphatically.
    That being said, I do think FIFA needs to look at the way the qualifying is set up when you look at results in the recent batch of games; R.O.I. 11 - 0 Georgia, Belgium 19-0 Armenia, N.I 11-0 and 9-0 in their last two games.
    How are the smaller footballing nations ever supposed to find their level like that? It happens across the men's game too but it seems the disparity in the women's game is much greater.

    • xNinjaMan
      xNinjaMan Month ago

      @Joel I'd admit we'd get destroyed by the english team but I'm actually confident we could take the lativians 😂

    • Joel
      Joel Month ago

      @xNinjaMan sure you could right

    • xNinjaMan
      xNinjaMan Month ago +1

      @Joel yes. It literally does. My team when I was 12 could do better and I'm not even exaggerating. It's actually pathetic

    • Gary Strachan
      Gary Strachan Month ago

      @Cam Mackay yeah I noticed every time they finish a match they have to have an ice bath to cool those aching muscles through so much exercise. When their interviewed they can hardly talk through physical exhaustion. Yes it's a pastime not a sport their not gifted their well practiced

    • baeseulgi
      baeseulgi Month ago +1

      @bambesfresser these countries like Latvia are not woke and don’t have money to waste on women’s sport and so get destroyed in these “competitions”

  • Marzmln
    Marzmln Month ago

    This was a close game it could have gone either way until the 2nd minute

  • Steven Bylett
    Steven Bylett Month ago

    Team talk before the game for Latvia “lest go out there and surprise England with lots of goals!”

  • KarnaKua
    KarnaKua Month ago +1

    This was really frustrating to watch. There was like 1% pressure applied by the whole of the Latvian team, they gave every player way too much space and they were clumsy with the 4% possession they had. The Goalkeeper very obviously had little experience in professional matches as well.

  • mariksen
    mariksen 5 days ago

    3:28 - 3:31 EVERY goalie could have taken that shot, and the Latvian goalie could do so too if (s)he would've payed more attention!!

  • Helen Blackburn
    Helen Blackburn Month ago

    I really think Latvia need a new goalie!!!

  • Ben Easty
    Ben Easty Month ago +1

    Keeper would have saved more running back and forwards on the goal line.

  • Prepprosprista
    Prepprosprista Month ago

    Crazyyyy🤯. Well done ladies. I'm dutch i'm happy for Wiegman 👍

  • prince adomako
    prince adomako Month ago

    Was a bit sad for Latvia in the beginning then I started laughing. Lol

  • Daniel Sitton
    Daniel Sitton Month ago +331

    20-0? I would’ve packed up after double figures.

    • Kieran Piper
      Kieran Piper Month ago +35

      I would’ve asked the fans if they wanted a go 😂

  • Mohamed Noh
    Mohamed Noh Month ago

    I can't believe that 20 goals in just one match

    • Arnab Banik
      Arnab Banik Month ago

      Because the women in the Latvian team are kids (literally) or have professional full time jobs (not football). The people playing aren't professional footballers. The impressive thing is that they still play.

  • Bonk Ers
    Bonk Ers Month ago

    Imagine the Latvia goalkeepers friends would say

  • Sholto Shiach
    Sholto Shiach Month ago

    They would have conceded less if they didn’t have a keeper 😭

  • MrJackWagstaff
    MrJackWagstaff Month ago

    What's remarkable here is 17 of the 20 goals here are unchallenged finishes

  • Harris Omar
    Harris Omar Month ago

    Imagine if the game was 120 mins long there will be hat tricks for everybody including the England goal keeper!!!