UK PM Boris Johnson was warned against lockdown party, says former adviser - BBC News

  • Published on Jan 17, 2022
  • The UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson was warned about No 10 holding a drinks party in the garden during lockdown, the prime minister's former top aide Dominic Cummings says.
    Mr Cummings - who has been strongly critical of Mr Johnson since he left No 10 - says the PM "waved aside" concerns about the gathering.
    Mr Johnson has admitted he attended the event on 20 May 2020, but says he believed it was work-related, and Downing Street said it was "untrue" to say Mr Johnson was "warned about the event".
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Comments • 884

  • AnnaIrvingPhotography

    Honestly, irrelevant of the truth of the matter, if you cannot tell the difference between a party and a work meeting, should you really be running a country? Also, if you are willing to gamble with public safety, to gain their support and deflect scrutiny, in a time of national crisis, should you really be running a country?

  • Sass Mate
    Sass Mate  +88

    The language the BBC is using surrounding this issue stinks of an attempt to distance Johnson from accountability. Factually speaking, everyone involved in these parties were actively breaking the law. That is not up for debate. Take ownership for once.

  • Man of The World

    Ministers have resigned for much less in the past.

  • Adrian Thoroughgood

    At that time work events were not allowed unless they were necessary to do the work and couldn't be done over zoom. Thanking people for their work could be done over zoom. Even if what Boris claims was true, it still wasn't allowed.

  • David Boson

    when you elect a court jester to rule the nation

  • Mark
    Mark  +9

    "Nobody told me it was against the rules." This was the PM's latest defense. Staggering, absolutely staggering.

  • Steve Johnny

    Why is Boris hiding? All this time he's barely been away yet as soon as he's under fire, a "family member has covid". Great timing

  • Mr B.
    Mr B.  +13

    Never know a 'work meeting' to include a suitcase full of booze.

  • randomcon123

    Even if he actually thought it was a job event, and even if the party followed all the covid rules, it was still an error of judgement to host it, and to be there… if he couldn’t even tell at the time that was inappropriate , I don’t see how he should be making decisions that can have grave impact on our lives

  • Jennyjenny

    So you can’t have a party in the UK? But the politicians can?

  • covalentbond

    Imagine thinking covid is serious when the same people claiming it's serious are partying together without masks

  • Hanno franz

    What I find embarassing is that you can hardly see members of parliament and government speaking up that they don't need a Sue Grey-report ( approved by the prime minister ) to come to the conclusion that this was just too much to be justified.

  • Mr Ok
    Mr Ok  +59

    This man is a born liar. Now saying he didn’t know it’s was against the rules when he the one that made the rules 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • H K
    H K  +7

    The Great British Public love him as he shows what they aspire to get away with.

  • grateberk
    grateberk  +32

    I wish they would all resign and we can have real people that care about the country in charge

  • Trenton Quarantino

    "Curse your sudden yet inevitable betrayal" - Boris to Cummings

  • Fiaz & Maria Vlogs

    If I remember correctly, Cummings broke the rules himself, he is constantly after the PM.

  • Foxiepaws ACAnderson

    He is past his sell by date and needs to resign now. He never will though. Any normal person would be embarrassed to act so clingingly needy. Having that job is his whole life and he will never resign but like I say its embarrassing to and for the British people. He has to go he is nothing but a joke and a source of shame. Dominic Raab is a born liar and therefore his opinion is irrelevant.

  • John Valean Baily

    People aren't angry, they've had enough of Boris's lies and obfuscations. Be gone Boris, just go.

  • David Lawrence

    Call a general election for May 2022 and let the people decide.