Making Cooler/Generator with Thermoelectric Device

  • Published on Aug 12, 2019
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    By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
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  • Tech Ingredients
    Tech Ingredients 5 months ago +821

    Nice video! As you requested, I produced a video a few months ago where I go into more depth on the quantum process that generates this cooling and heating effect.

    • Richard Hoak
      Richard Hoak 11 days ago

      @ElectroBOOM I just wanted to say thank you for this video. I've been looking for a cooling method for an idea of mine for quite some time, and I think these peltier devices will work very well. Thanks again and keep up the good work on the videos, i'm a huge fan.

    • balrog durins bane
      balrog durins bane 18 days ago

      Hes thinking. Imagine being able to move a planet or being able to manipulate electricity into raw materials. hes saying we have extreme capability to create awsome,good or powerful objects and devices. We havent even started finding are limit as humans.

    • Mr Bass
      Mr Bass 2 months ago

      For everyone who still doesn’t get it: here is an easier explanation

    • Israel Arellano Gonzalez
      Israel Arellano Gonzalez 2 months ago

      You should be a science teacher

    • sef sory
      sef sory 2 months ago

      With great respect to the professor, which appears in this video, but I think that some people resort to the science of the atom when they are unable to explain some of the phenomena invisible because most viewers can not judge their words if it is true or false and The other category of intellectuals call for understanding and when you ask them to apply what they understand standing helpless skill lies in communicating the idea in a material way if the explanation addressed to everyone.
      I repeat my thanks to you and to the Professor as it seems to me.

  • Gibbelblonk
    Gibbelblonk 10 hours ago +1

    put the heat sinks in dry ice

  • Think Different
    Think Different 3 days ago

    I have an idea . Attach the cold surface of the module to a water bowl and use that setup to cool another module.In this way you will be able to get a very cold surface of the second module as the first module s setup is cooling the opp side of the first one. Do it.plz

  • Matthew Shaw
    Matthew Shaw 3 days ago

    You should have had the fan pull air across the sinks not push.

  • Lo Tommy
    Lo Tommy 3 days ago

    Why don’t u use 3D printer?

  • Mohammad Hoseini Rad

    من تازه سابتون شدم . یک ایرانیه فوق العاده ❤🤘

  • Matthew Szostek
    Matthew Szostek 4 days ago

    You probably couldve gotten a better piece of metal at lowes

  • Matthew Szostek
    Matthew Szostek 4 days ago

    Atomic particle energy is kinetic energy transfer...and also electromagnetic energy transfer at the same time.

  • Lloyd Burke
    Lloyd Burke 6 days ago

    Heat is light, light is photons, photons can be manipulated by electromagnetic fields or currents. At least that's my theory don't quote me on it

  • Shiva Haze
    Shiva Haze 6 days ago

    You make me happy while dying of a hangover. Cheerz!

  • z50king29
    z50king29 6 days ago

    Very cool. I gave one of my colleagues a mini fridge that someone passed down to me. He said it didn't get very cold inside... Now I know why

  • Dapur Picu Reza
    Dapur Picu Reza 6 days ago

    "Hey, i am a gaming chanel"
    Om Mehdi - 2019

  • Quetzalcoatll
    Quetzalcoatll 7 days ago

    0:30 Actually "the other side" would need to have something to take away the heat to become "freezing cold" but in space there are almost no particles!

  • Ricardo Alvarado
    Ricardo Alvarado 7 days ago

    How did you not chop a finger off... I cringed through half of the video

  • Eric
    Eric 7 days ago

    So different conductor materials, much like in a battery, transfers electrons from on to the other. I actually hit this effect yesterday when i discharge a remnant amount of refrigerant out a brass fitting. A spark actually jumped from me to the steel table.
    So what i think happens is as one side causes the heat sink jump, the other side transfers energy as well (apparently away from the first side, but different charge) to complete the circuit. But since the power is continuously applied, the effect also continues, until the thermal energy overrides the power input. So using heat exchangers to continually do work could very well potentially work as a functional a/c unit, but I highly recommend using a liquid heat exchanger for the hot side and having the fins on the cold side for conditioning (depending on function.

  • Dustin Shenberger
    Dustin Shenberger 9 days ago

    Next time, channel the flow so that it is parallel to the fin surface.

  • Paula Tzuban
    Paula Tzuban 10 days ago

    You said That you wife's body is very hot and That her feet are cold so that means you touch her body

  • Mixup 221
    Mixup 221 11 days ago

    I heard at the one junction the electrons are going to a higher power state and taking energy and at the other they are going to a lower power state and radiating energy

  • corgiboy
    corgiboy 11 days ago

    I geus everything brakes for you like your saw, camera and vacuum oh and the tin can lid came off

  • SPARK tech
    SPARK tech 13 days ago

    Hey, dont crush my favourate game minecraft

  • Mason Daub
    Mason Daub 13 days ago

    7:12 That Digikey ruler is definitely getting added when I order the parts for my next project...

  • Peter S.
    Peter S. 13 days ago

    you should try doing stuff in minecraft with redstone

  • george walton
    george walton 13 days ago

    Run the fan backwards, It pulls instead of pushing the air, meaning that the airflow will be uniform

  • Big Bucks
    Big Bucks 14 days ago +1

    5:10 you made my inner child giggle

  • All on one place
    All on one place 15 days ago

    Mehdi try fliping the dan so it sucks the hot air out.

  • Ahsan Shah
    Ahsan Shah 15 days ago

    There is an icecream parlor in my area they have extremely cold surface like this and they make icecream as if they are sautèing the milk. after some time the milk starts to solidify and that's what they serve. idk they are using thermoelectric tech or something more traditional.

  • Legitimater
    Legitimater 15 days ago

    What song he used in 7:11?

  • Michael Sears
    Michael Sears 15 days ago

    If you hear the pad you can use it like a solar panel. Or if you add cold you can make electricity. Your welcome.

  • Jackson Novak
    Jackson Novak 15 days ago

    We learned in materials (EELE 409) that as the electrons move to a higher energy state, due to the different valence band energy levels, they must absorb heat energy from the latice. When the electrons go the other way they release this energy to the latice through the process of termolization

  • Kuzey Eyliksever
    Kuzey Eyliksever 16 days ago +1

    The heck.. Wait, isn't this almost basically how a stirling engine works, but at an atomic level?

  • PureSilverFox
    PureSilverFox 16 days ago

    I am actually playing minecraft while listening to the video lol, weird coincidence

  • Humble pineapple
    Humble pineapple 17 days ago

    Stop using power tools you are scaring me

  • Sir Santiago808
    Sir Santiago808 17 days ago

    What if you stack the heat sinks like a tower, all facing the same way, I wonder how cold the cold side would get

  • Krisztofer Czoller
    Krisztofer Czoller 18 days ago

    Good for cooling beers. 😂

    FABLEGIMPS 18 days ago

    this is awesome ive got some application ideas that would be pretty fun. this ismy new favorite channel ive been watching all your videos for the last 24 hours. this is what i want to do with my life .

  • Jovi Chua
    Jovi Chua 19 days ago

    We can cook eggs,

  • Le Minh Quan
    Le Minh Quan 20 days ago

    11:18 That’s not a metal door, that’s the cover for the box

  • Arduino and Beyond
    Arduino and Beyond 21 day ago

    Hahha using a Stroopwafel can for bending the plastic. Nice!

  • Bvlvi Woodson
    Bvlvi Woodson 22 days ago

    I need 100 of them and I could break the internet. But only if I could get the damn cost down. they are too damn expensive.

  • EverythingOK
    EverythingOK 22 days ago

    You can use that metal for the sound frequency on salt

  • beastmodegamer
    beastmodegamer 22 days ago +18

    How can someone honestly be the smartest person I’ve seen yet the dumbest person I’ve seen all at the same time

    • Richard Hoak
      Richard Hoak 11 days ago

      The dumbness in staged. He knows how to this stuff safely, all the explosions are for comedy purposes. It's a pretty good idea that I wish I would have thought of myself.

    • herohamp
      herohamp 17 days ago

      @SujiMayne I'm rather new to his channel, what regulation was he asking for?

    • SujiMayne
      SujiMayne 17 days ago

      Well, he's the typical person who is only smart in their field. The stupid side clearly shows when he goes on and begs for regulations and government involvement.
      Oh, you meant him shocking himself? All on purpose for comedic effect, to keep "tension" and attention and educational purposes. Excelt that one time he almost died.

    • herohamp
      herohamp 20 days ago

      He makes the "mistakes" for a comic effect, he knows they people love watching him get shocked, and he knows what's safe for him to be hit with

  • 4372696D736F6E
    4372696D736F6E 23 days ago

    Inknow I am late but you can put liquid amoniac on the heat sinks. While it vaporizes it is going to cool them down really fast and make a huge temperature diffrence.

  • Hugo Borges
    Hugo Borges 24 days ago

    Elon musk is developing a a/c that uses THIS principle .

  • HamDerDanskeren
    HamDerDanskeren 24 days ago

    Sorry but why do you use nuts and bolts to mount things onto a wooden board? Why don't just screw them ind lol

  • John Price
    John Price 25 days ago +3

    the scariest thing about this channel isn't the electric shocks and short circuits... its the way he uses that cordless jigsaw!!!

  • fhhsvnggbh
    fhhsvnggbh 26 days ago

    Works in space to make electricity. apply heat to one side and cold to the other and you create electricity

  • melon1168
    melon1168 26 days ago +1

    Someone should count how many safety violations he makes during the video

  • Thomas Mussmann
    Thomas Mussmann 27 days ago

    You should see if you can afford a dremel it would be extremely helpful for some of the things you do

  • Jared Stanton
    Jared Stanton 27 days ago

    What if you stacked those modules on top of one another to act as each others heat sink with the bottom on on a liquid cooled heatsink or something like that

  • dom shenton
    dom shenton 27 days ago

    how is this guy not dead

  • speedy runner
    speedy runner 27 days ago

    Not gamer no boom boom

  • Sai Prasad
    Sai Prasad 28 days ago

    i feel if the fan had blown the other way it would have been better

  • NoVaKane
    NoVaKane 28 days ago

    Hmm. What if those lined the back of solar panels and add a diode

  • Dillon Perry
    Dillon Perry 28 days ago

    In higher resistance, material releases heat. It is wasting power because it does not conduct as well, and the resistance is wasting electricity in the form of spare electrons/photons/ idk/idgaf jumping off the shit and burning literally everything around it. The electricity does not have anywhere to go so it jumps off... fuck idk lol, it goes somewhere else not in the wire. Was that helpful? 😂
    I'm good at explaining for stupid people but you aren't stupid enough.

  • Asher Goldenberg
    Asher Goldenberg 29 days ago

    The should be blowing away from the heat sinks. Not towards.

  • GunnyTheGrey
    GunnyTheGrey Month ago

    Wonder if you put it in the window with the heatsink on the outside how many of these it would take to equate 5,000 BTU inside the room.

  • TheGodfather101
    TheGodfather101 Month ago

    Water cooling is usually the desirable heat sink for these modules.

  • Symon Joshua Santos

    Enthusiasts of this field of science are very lucky

  • Arham Zarar
    Arham Zarar Month ago

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  • Cosmicgeek 21
    Cosmicgeek 21 Month ago

    0:32 is that like...out of personal experience or...?