Coldplay: Everyday Life Live in Jordan - Sunset Performance

  • Published on Nov 22, 2019
  • Watch the band's first performance of the Sunset part of their new album Everyday Life (out now, listen at at sunset in Jordan. You can watch the first part of the album performed during sunrise in Jordan by clicking the link at the end of this video.

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Comments • 4 082

  • M Ngeeb
    M Ngeeb 12 hours ago

    Thank you

  • christien zamari
    christien zamari 15 hours ago

    Reminds me of the Unledded concert by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant.That was also brilliant.

  • alexandra LASSALLE
    alexandra LASSALLE 15 hours ago

    Ce concert est extraordinaire 🙏🙏❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏

  • TLucas VMateus
    TLucas VMateus 18 hours ago

    Wonderfull sound my brothers and sisters!!!!! Im without words.

  • D.G.O
    D.G.O 20 hours ago +1

    Sunset > Bad Guy

  • DICE
    DICE Day ago +1

    How to do that strumming? It really sounds so cool.

  • okynek100
    okynek100 Day ago

    массовочка красивая!

  • cool1236466
    cool1236466 Day ago

    U2 Vibes

  • Paige Haupt
    Paige Haupt Day ago

    I’m so thrilled we have anew Coldplay album. They are amazing.

  • pedro Aparecido
    pedro Aparecido Day ago


  • Raul Souza Lima
    Raul Souza Lima Day ago

    It's really hard to watch this and not to cry!

  • Sinhai Suarez
    Sinhai Suarez 2 days ago

    Los amo ⭐️🌛

  • Marcela Paz Cerda
    Marcela Paz Cerda 2 days ago


  • Putri Ariyani
    Putri Ariyani 2 days ago

    Thanks for bringing peace of the world to the music nowadays.

  • Daniel Santovin
    Daniel Santovin 2 days ago

    I loved the music and the performance. I was in Jerusalem last Spring for Easter/Passover and slept on the roof of a Hostel near the Jaffa Gate. I was blessed to wake to beautiful sunrises to the beautiful songs of the morning call to prayer from the Mosques in and around the city. The feelings are haunting, peaceful, comforting, ancient and ethereal to me. Hearing the last four minutes of the video made me pause and sit in reverence. My heart is full. I pray for peace for my brothers and sisters of the Middle East. Thank you Coldplay and TheXvid.

  • Satoshi Films
    Satoshi Films 2 days ago

    It's all smiles and flowers but because of them I couldn't visit the Citadel when I was in Amman ahah
    And why is Chris wearing just a T-shirt? It's getting cold in Jordan now
    Love Coldplay btw

  • Megan Wenzl
    Megan Wenzl 2 days ago

    Vous m'inspirez ! You inspired me... You inspire the world. Thanks you so much

  • Mark Farner
    Mark Farner 3 days ago

    This is... a masterpiece... I am sorry guys... you can debate all you want, for me, it's soothing, socially and politically stirring... how perfect can this get?

    CUCOYOUNG 3 days ago

    Don Agustín 💖😔

  • Zoey Z
    Zoey Z 3 days ago


  • Rozalia Andrade
    Rozalia Andrade 3 days ago

    Eu percebi . Tirou a argolinha do peito esquerdo. RMAM.

  • Ian W.
    Ian W. 3 days ago

    بنی آدم Great tune

  • Wen :b
    Wen :b 3 days ago

    1) piensa en un cantante
    2) cierra tu boca
    3) dale like
    4) escribe esto en cuatro videos
    5) escucha tu voz

  • Joshua Mills
    Joshua Mills 3 days ago +7

    Orphans is one of Coldplay's best songs. Its magical.

  • Muhammad Ridho Herman

    I love this album, respect for Coldplay

  • Fatamorgana
    Fatamorgana 4 days ago

    Jangan ngumpet lu warga +62 ,like dulu coy

  • Chris Camacho
    Chris Camacho 4 days ago

    have you ever thought of ZONING with Architecture, with a friend, basically sounding like electronic guitar and phill collins with the message of owning the lands of the west in California, and Oil

  • chrystianne campos de amorim

    Amoooooooo muito!!!!!!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Julia Grundling
    Julia Grundling 4 days ago

    beyond amazing and wonderful ... xx

  • amazing 2 brothers
    amazing 2 brothers 4 days ago

    We love Coldplay music. Greetings from Riga.

  • any gope
    any gope 4 days ago

    lo que es no saber ingles no se ni que dicen los comentarios
    duolingo me a fallado jajajajajaja
    pero aun asi amo coldplay hermosisima voz de Chris Martin.
    saludos desde mi hermosisimo mexico

  • Ильсур Гареев

    So many years but still awesome! Thank you Coldplay and entire crew!

  • Azul Virginia Torres

    Que hermosos que son, como los quiero. ♥.

  • La Fa
    La Fa 4 days ago

    i love you so much.. i get energy of your song and your sing🌹😘

  • Michelle Swan
    Michelle Swan 4 days ago +1

    You just get better and better

  • AhmadPSTN
    AhmadPSTN 4 days ago


  • ImpromptuPianist
    ImpromptuPianist 5 days ago

    Where is Collier in "Cry Cry Cry" performance?

  • Polar Torsen
    Polar Torsen 5 days ago

    "Orphans" (2:16) is the best!

  • Ritu Saxena
    Ritu Saxena 5 days ago

    Love and Peace = COLDPLAY
    Everyday Life (in general) is a kind of blessing we usually ignore but after this performance (Sunrise + Sunset) I realized, all we have is the beauty of everyday life and we should really embrace it. This album (perfectly titled) is a pure bliss

  • Ali Darvishi
    Ali Darvishi 5 days ago


  • Daniel Godoi
    Daniel Godoi 5 days ago +1


  • Wanyoike Mbugua
    Wanyoike Mbugua 5 days ago

    Beautiful and surreal performance!!

  • Hicham Ziatt
    Hicham Ziatt 5 days ago

    Thank you Coldplay. Salam, Shalom, Peace...

  • Sarah Ann
    Sarah Ann 5 days ago

    Wow this is absolutely breathtaking! A true masterpiece and you are true artists transcending today’s popular radio hits to bring us pure, raw, and emotional music. This album touched my soul! The music, the message, the setting - and the Quran being recited during prayer echoing throughout the beautiful city at sunset, I am blown away. Thank you Coldplay

  • Yotambien Quierocomprar Mi primer carro

    Asi como esta cola de caballo 🐎 ?

  • Deepak Jog
    Deepak Jog 5 days ago +4

    Who is listening to Orphans song more than twice. Please like

  • Miftah Abidin
    Miftah Abidin 5 days ago +3

    I am from Amman and sometimes one forgets how beautiful and tranquil these scenes are. Sometimes we live under harsh circumstances, trapped with work and a mundane life, running from a vicious cycle to another. I'm tearing up as I watch this, I am only thinking of my childhood and simpler times when I see this, Coldplay dropping an exquisite live performance, peaceful people sitting on the side of the streets, pigeons flying in circles, the sound of Quran at sunset, it's plain beautiful. Thank you Coldplay for doing this, it feels like a lucid dream.

  • alejandra de la gala

    😎 great 🙌

  • Sevval Atakoglu
    Sevval Atakoglu 6 days ago

    Bravo !

  • die hard
    die hard 6 days ago

    Я рад тому что этот шедевр посмотрело около 180 т. чел)

  • markent porio
    markent porio 6 days ago +1

    coldplay is part of my life and thier songs makes me love when i get sad i listen to thier songs every day every night i listen thier songs and make me graceful and love i love you COLDPLAY

  • Łukasz Ciołek
    Łukasz Ciołek 6 days ago

  • Edward Perks
    Edward Perks 6 days ago

    Más de 7000 son reguetoneros sin sentido musical ...

  • ginnynewt
    ginnynewt 6 days ago +1

    i can’t stop watching this and I’m still amazed by how amazing this ablum release was. also i’m so happy for these jordanian fans. places like jordan are easily overlooked when tours and concerts are planned and to go there and give these fans an opportuinity to witness a live performance is just great. hope everyone invloved in this recording had the best time 💛

  • Faris Spear
    Faris Spear 6 days ago

    where are the audience
    nvm I saw them

  • Ahmad Faris
    Ahmad Faris 6 days ago

    kek anjeng ko maen gitar

    MURSID 6 days ago

    Mantap mas bro videonya

    LORD_PRIME 6 days ago


  • Christian Nizami
    Christian Nizami 7 days ago +1

    It’s simply epic. The very essence of the performance is universal peace and solidarity. ColdPlay - Thankyou so much - my all time favourite band. Let’s drop our superficial differences and be one. And remember, we all bleed the same. Peace be upon earth 🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️

  • Birk Tan
    Birk Tan 7 days ago