All Disney Direct to DVD Movies - Disneycember

  • Published on Dec 13, 2018
  • They're some of Disney's worst movies, but are there any good ones among this pile of nastiness? Doug takes a look at a dark time in Disney's history.
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  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  4 months ago +285

    Need something to pass the next few hours with? We have you covered with all the Direct to DVD Disney movies in one awesome compilation! What's the best and worst Disney Direct to DVD movie?

    • kivrin travel and more
      kivrin travel and more 9 days ago

      I. Started to watch them cuz of u

    • Karolina Dean
      Karolina Dean Month ago

      what about peter pan 2?

    • Spectator 58
      Spectator 58 Month ago

      William Hayward - Painter They did at least cover up the part after the..

      ...death of Bambi’s mother and how some people would appreciate it as an antidote for cutesy birds singing springtime songs soon after the mother’s death.

    • Jessica Johnson
      Jessica Johnson 2 months ago

      I meant simbas pride not treasure lol

    • Jessica Johnson
      Jessica Johnson 2 months ago

      The lion king 2 simbas treasure! I loved the sequel it was really good ☺️

    JOSH THE SQUISHY 5 days ago

    I hate everything about Mulan 2

  • Joseph Blumenberg
    Joseph Blumenberg 7 days ago

    Cinderella II: Dreams Come True makes it sound more like a Barbie movie than a Disney film...

  • Luna Scythe
    Luna Scythe 7 days ago

    Addressing the bear in the Pocahontas 2 movie yeah, a popular method of entertainment for the 'more civilised' English people was 'baiting', which involved tying up an animal, (usually a bear or a bull) to a large stone in the centre of the town and having dogs maul the animal to death. We still have a lot of the stones left up and forgotten in the town centres, and that's also why bulldog breeds were bred, to tear powerful animals apart for people's entertainment. Thank Gods we have movies and games instead now...

  • Lovely Sunshinee
    Lovely Sunshinee 18 days ago

    Unpopular opinions:
    1.The second lion king wasn’t terrible and the Romeo and Juliet thing was interesting.
    2. The tinker bell franchise isn’t horrible either.
    3. The third Cinderella movie was the best one.

  • Shawna Brinkley
    Shawna Brinkley 24 days ago +1

    Actually the second lion King is good

  • Miss Ross
    Miss Ross Month ago +1

    29:04 So true X''D

  • xTwinkleStar7x
    xTwinkleStar7x Month ago +1

    Best Disney Sequel: Cinderella 3
    Decent Sequels: The Little Mermaid Ariels Beginning, Aladdin Return of Jafar, Lilo and stitch 2
    Worst Disney Sequel: Hunchback of Notredame 2 and Pocahontas 2

  • Hannah Martinez
    Hannah Martinez Month ago

    In the almost 9 years I've been watching this show I have never disagreed so hard on anything like I did with Lion Kind 1 1/2! It's a goddamn Disney treasure !

  • Matias Wants Pizza Time

    4:00 cursed image

  • Pilot Jones
    Pilot Jones Month ago

    Where's Pocahontas 3: Genocide?

  • Jordan Fazende
    Jordan Fazende Month ago

    I like how Inspector Gadget 2 is the oddball out since that one is live action and all the others are animated

  • WarbanderLasty
    WarbanderLasty Month ago

    37:34 to 37:43 was a perfect opportunity to sneak in the Ariel hipster face meme. I am disappointed

  • Moonstone
    Moonstone Month ago

    tranvestite is an immensely outdated term. transgender or just trans is better

  • dante myers
    dante myers Month ago

    And the award for worst dissent movie goes to mulan2 and belas magicall world me: oh hey mulan2 mulan was good me 5 minutes in fuck this shit I'm dont mind me ima get the fuck up out of here and leave I didnt even finish the movie WHY CAUSE I DON'T WANT TO GET CANCER

  • Gotham0 AJ
    Gotham0 AJ Month ago +1

    That scene where a hunter tricks Bambi with something that sounds like his mother still gives me nightmares.

  • James Bernadette
    James Bernadette Month ago

    I know I'm going to get a lot of flak for this but... I really liked both of the Aladdin sequels. Then again, I've always been more drawn towards the villains so maybe the focus on Yago and later Aladdin's dad just spoke to me. And c'mon; Jafar was already a top tier Disney villain. Genie form made him even more menacing.

  • HelloMyNameIsConner.IAmTheAndroidSentByCyberLife

    Peter Pan 2: Return to Neverland was the best Disney sequel ever!!!!

  • Aegean McCarry
    Aegean McCarry Month ago +1

    Disney is repeating history of the direct-to-DVD movies with the live actions. They do so much better when they *don't* do unnecessary sequels or remakes.

  • DicloniusGames
    DicloniusGames Month ago

    I thought The Return Of Jafar was decent....maybe not the best, but decent.

  • OceanPaws 04
    OceanPaws 04 Month ago +1

    The way he says Kovu

  • Benjamin Bovard
    Benjamin Bovard Month ago +2

    The Fox and the Hound is the only Disney movie that will make me tear up as an adult.

  • Stained Brain
    Stained Brain Month ago +1

    I'm not sure if I've seen the 2nd 101 Dalmatians. I watched the other one over and over.
    I liked Lion Kind 1 1/2! DIG DIG DIG DIG A TUNNEL
    My sister likes Mulan 2.
    I love Brother Bear.

  • Spectator 58
    Spectator 58 Month ago

    Some of the films are adaptations and few have follow up materials(which Disney rarely ever bothers adapting, yet makes up stories for sequels that don’t having anything to do with those kinds of follow up materials).

  • Trintard
    Trintard Month ago

    i left autoplay on and woke up with this

  • Flamery Blurs
    Flamery Blurs Month ago

    In the first Mulan movie, she sacrifices herself to save China. In the second, she sacrifices China to save herself. Worst morale ever.

  • Phyco Buzzaxe21
    Phyco Buzzaxe21 Month ago

    Patrick Stewart to tough characters is Jack Black to silly characters

  • janning schrotter
    janning schrotter Month ago

    Adventure Time ??? I spend my time with adventure time asking what type of drugs or disorder they have so I don't get it.

  • Tom Norton
    Tom Norton Month ago

    A complaint I have about Doug's review of Aladdin and the 40 Thieves is that he clearly didn't watch it properly. Cassim, Aladdin's father, DID go back for his for his wife and son but he couldn't find them. He thought they were both dead. I've only seen the movie once and that was years ago, but I still remember this scene.
    "I went back to Agrabah one night and I couldn't find my wife or my son. I thought my family was lost forever."
    That's why Cassim was gone for so long. That's why he tried to fill the hole that was left by the loss of his family by searching for the Hand of Midas. And when you spend years of your life focussing on one goal, it can be very hard to stop. That's why Cassim couldn't just drop his mission when he found out that Aladdin was still alive. He'd been focussing on it for so long that it had become an obsession.

  • Ripley
    Ripley Month ago +1

    I liked the lion king one

  • daniel thomas
    daniel thomas Month ago

    Best sequel is 101 Dalmatians 2

    Worst sequel is mulan 2

  • Normally-Unnatural Iolite

    Most of these Disney sequels were made by the television company for Disney and not labeled as true animated features as such.
    This shows in the rough story writing and even rougher animation.
    >I don’t have much to say about the Aladdin Sequels other than I tried to avoid them. They felt rough and intimidated me and I never had any interest in them.
    >Belle’s Magical World was in fact the beginning of a series that because a flop. They released it anyways because money.
    >Pocahontas 2 is an attempt to fix the criticism from the first film; that it was historically inaccurate. They tried to show what actually happens to her in history while trying to make her stay a strong female character.
    >Lion King 2 was a film I practically lusted over as a kid. I always wanted to see it but never could. Finally getting to watch, I felt very satisfied. The animation was nice. Timon and Pumbaa were rough and felt forced and I loved the idea about seeing Simba try to manage his time as king and his kid. It’s a cute and enjoyable film.
    > Extremely goofy movie always felt off to me. It felt awkward and the scenes felt awkward. There were really cool scenes I enjoyed but it always made me feel awkward as a kid. I could never figure out why.
    > I loved the Little mermaid 2 as a kid because not only was Ariel my favorite Disney princess, but I related a lot to melody as a kid. Not only did it help that we both had dark hair, but the way she felt out of place and had conflicts with her parents. The songs were nice and the penguin and seal did have comedy I enjoyed as a 10 year old. Being older now, it is a bit rough, but as a very young teen and being the character’s age as I watched this made me connect a lot.
    >I liked Lady and the Tramp 2. It has nice animation with catchy songs and again I felt a little bit of relatability growing up. It goes in-depth to personal character conflict that wasn’t fully elaborated in the sequel. Lady met a handsome charming dog who plays with girls’ Hearts. She has her doubts but we don’t see too much about Tramp other than he has the hots for Lady and wants to impress her. Through his feelings he does the right thing, but tramp could have been developed a bit more like Scamp and Angel were in this sequel.
    >Cinderella 2 was an alright film growing up. It was one of the few films I actively watched with my sister it was decent animation and it was just like a short story films. It was an average film to me. Not as good as the Disney film but average as a young girl growing up.
    >Hunchback didn’t need a sequel. I agree. The first was beautiful. It scared me as a kid but it’s easily one of my favorite films now. But the sequel I saw it maybe once and I didn’t need to see it again. Rough animation scares me off and it just grarrghh
    > Patch’s London adventure was pretty, had a unique adventure and story. Good character development without too much being said. Good laughs and it was a fun film and one I enjoyed watching as a kid. Plus, a villain ends up in the psych ward.
    > Atlantis 2 was cringe-y. It felt awkward and the characters didn’t feel like themselves.
    >Lilo and Stitch the movie felt weird but it really was the prequel to the television series. I never watched it too much and
    >lionking 1/2 was a comedic movie and it’s okay. It was nice to learn a bit more about Timon but I was okay not knowing. Animation was good and seeing Simba Growing up was kind of cool. It’s an average.
    >Mulan 2 felt cute but it felt misplaced. Mushu felt weird. The climactic moment with Shang’s death and the scenes after it was so dramatic and was animated greatly. But I agree with the over animation.
    >Tarzan 2 story tells the story well but the story didn’t feel too needed. How does this affect him in the movie? Meh. It was just meh.
    >stitch has a glitch is alright and the animation is nice and my sister really liked it and it was a cute story that focused on lilo. The characters seem like themselves which is nice. Not my favorite but it is good.
    >Kronk’s new Groove was like “people like this character. Here is more of this character.”
    >Leroy and Stitch was just the end to the TV show. Meh: it was a lot of Stitch.
    >I LOVED BAMBI 2 OMG. The artistry was beautiful, and this answers a lot of “what happened after Bambi’s mom died.” There was a lot of character growth and I can see how it affects Bambi as an adult in the first film. It tried to make it family friendly and give themes that both the parents and the kids could relate to. But I loved it.
    >Brother Bear 2 was OK again. I liked Nita and the animation was pretty and similar to the first film. It wasn’t the best story and it wasn’t a needed story, but it told it well
    >Fox and the Hound 2 was cute and entertaining but it was just filler that literally has to relevance to the main story.
    >Disney Characters. In Christmas. It wasn’t much for it. It was cool to watch for like 5 years in a row as a kid in the Disney Chanel
    >Cinderella 3 was actually really really good. It tells a unique story and it does it really Well. It’s nice seeing more with the evil step mother and even the step systems. More character development with the prince with made me so happy! The king too. I enjoy this film. It has some dark themes and it’s a good film.
    > I loved Ariel’s beginning. Animation is beautiful and the story is similar but I like the back story into these characters and knowing more about her mom. And again, bias with Ariel being my favorite princess for the longest time.
    >once upon a Christmas 2 had okay stories and it was meh. It’s just seeing characters again but it felt forced.
    >I don’t ever count Inspector gadget 2 as part of this???
    >Buzz’s movie is okay and it’s just filler telling us about buzz’s world and where this character comes from. It fits to the Toy Story universe in and I can see Andy watching this as a kid.
    > it’s a cartoon story re told by Disney Characters
    >Tinkerbell is more of a stand-alone move than a sequel to Peter Pan. This was based off of the books that were written. It set up a fan base and created the pixie hollow franchise with online gaming similar to club penguin. And of course, money.
    Also, you didn’t talk about Peter Pan 2, Return to Never Land which was the actual sequel to that movie.

  • efhraim santiago
    efhraim santiago Month ago

    so why does an old fart of a man, complain about a movie he personally admits, that are made for children? HOW SAD.

  • fnaf tomboy
    fnaf tomboy Month ago

    Omg eddie Murphy didnt play mushu in mulan 2 i always thougth he did

  • D Booth
    D Booth Month ago +1

    Little Mermaid 2 was an incredibly squandered opportunity at a potentially good story. The major problem was that they brought in Ursula lite from out of nowhere, because they were too lazy to come up with a better villain, and wanted Pat Carrol back, plus there was too much attention paid to those lousy Timon and Pumbaa ripoffs.

    If I had done this movie, I also would have added a B story, involving Eric joining Ariel in the search undersea as a merman. Because, 1. Melody's your daughter too, you lazy bastard, and 2. It would have been an interesting juxtaposition, having him in the role Ariel once had, as the stranger in a strange land.

  • Gem
    Gem Month ago +1

    love the Lion king's sequel, my dogs are named after Kiara and Kovu. I remember liking the second Pocahontas but it really upset me as a child that she doesn't end up with John Smith which was made worse by the fact I had taken an instant dislike to John Rolf, bit of a whiny bitch.

  • PhilJr
    PhilJr Month ago

    You don’t really like pumba? Are you American? I knew you were Canadian. This proved it.

  • ジョネーJonét
    ジョネーJonét Month ago +2

    Lion King 2 is better than Lion King 1. Fight me.

  • Sammi Blue
    Sammi Blue Month ago

    I don't really agree with the criticism for Bambi 2 tbh. I really loved the Great Prince's characterization-- he's someone who always has to be alone and essentially has to love his family from a distance due to his role in the herd. He's stern because he's never known anything else, until he spends time with his son and begins to realize how nice it is to have a close relationship with somebody. He knows he needs to be cold and distant because of his role, but he can't help letting his walls down because Bambi brings him so much joy, and so much of the conflict of the movie is because the Prince doesn't know how to express these complex emotions because he's never had to before. The movie also touches on dealing with the loss of a loved one, and does it in a very subtle way by showing how Bambi and the Prince handle their loss in different ways. Bambi asks questions and talks about his mother in order to cope, while the Prince would rather pretend she never existed so he doesn't have to process it. Idk I just think they handle a really heavy topic in a really charming way.

  • Mike Fisher
    Mike Fisher Month ago

    I tried to watch this to the end but I only made it to 28:50 before the sound of your voice goin’ up and down made me wanna rip your voice box out #RealTalk

  • John Powers
    John Powers Month ago +1

    Yeah... The Goofy Movie. 10/10 for the disappoint level on the lack of any resolution as to what happened to Roxanne. So much time devoted to her in the original movie and then... she disappears from Max's life....

  • Kira Carver
    Kira Carver Month ago

    Just one small nitpick: you are VERY repetitive. You have a habit of saying the same sentence over and over, just with small variations in the arrangements or words.

  • Outta Bubblegum
    Outta Bubblegum Month ago

    How can Beauty and the Beast have a sequel if they all got back to human form in the movie??

  • Avi Lovewell
    Avi Lovewell Month ago +1

    Lowkey though, aside from The Hunchback 2 and Belle's Magical World, the other direct to dvd sequels are a guilty pleasure of mine

  • Estante do PH S.
    Estante do PH S. Month ago

    What about Peter Pan 2?

  • Frederick Smith
    Frederick Smith Month ago +2

    So anyone know the background music used during the Bambi 2 Episode? Sounded pretty cool.

  • Lazbro Brony
    Lazbro Brony Month ago

    I'm trying to make my Annabelle story more than just fanfic but a story filled with love, friendship, trust, and character growth. Where most of these films fail, I'm trying to make Annabelle succeed. And that's my tribute to Walt Disney.

  • Jumper Jax
    Jumper Jax 2 months ago

    Have a look at the original DuckTales, Gummi Bears and Gargoyles. They are done by TMZ. If they didn't emulate the Disney style in those shows, I really doubt on what watch. Or maybe you really dislike HunchBack 2.

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 2 months ago +2

    Best sequels: Bambi 2, The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride
    Worst: Belle’s Magical World

  • lightning crashes an old mother dies


  • Josh Spicer
    Josh Spicer 2 months ago +1

    Ah man, Redeemer when Nostalgia Chick did this?

  • 4Legacy
    4Legacy 2 months ago

    So, basically Kronk's whatever Adventure is what I expected Emperor's New Groove to be

  • jjk1029384756
    jjk1029384756 2 months ago

    I loved the Brother Bear movies as a kid. I still have some nostolgia for them, but don't you dare dis Phil Collins... He is a musical GOD. though I will agree that him being in the first movie doesn't really make much sense all the time.

  • 4Legacy
    4Legacy 2 months ago

    1:05:00 a little unintended Christopher Walken there. "Address"

  • ponodude101
    ponodude101 2 months ago

    I love Lion King 1 1/2, but that's mainly because I liked Timon and Pumba so much when I was younger. I like the little reaction cuts they do as they're "watching the movie" and I enjoy Timon's family dynamic. I'm biased because I grew up with it, but it's my favorite Disney sequel and I love going back to watch it occasionally!

  • Yours Truly The #1 Pony

    I practically grew up with return of jafar

  • Daniel  Cohen
    Daniel Cohen 2 months ago

    10:20 Uhh... speaking of Will Smith and Aladdin....

  • Darendaugh Rilimech
    Darendaugh Rilimech 2 months ago +1

    Do anyone know what is the song he uses on the intro of disneycember? seriously, i never managed to find it and it drives me nuts

  • david miller
    david miller 2 months ago

    There was a lot of TV shows from these. I remember that hole era of TV being weird.

  • West Facing
    West Facing 2 months ago

    A couple of these I nearly skipped, because I couldn't remember watching them, and I prefer to know what the commentary is on about. But of practically all of those, something or other made me realise I had, in fact, seen most of them. Disney sequels are so very forgettable; I'm not totally sure why they do them. I mean, money, but I do think they're raking it in with the original hits.

  • Squidward Tenticles Isthe Best

    I'm totally with you on Mulan 2 (Beep) that useless sequel.

  • laxy31
    laxy31 2 months ago

    I fell asleep on yt? And I wake up to this and I say hmmm ok

  • shady c network
    shady c network 2 months ago

    Dougie you and I are quite opposite. I loved the Aladdin sequels and despised the Pocahontas sequel.

  • The improv masters
    The improv masters 2 months ago

    Mickeys once upon a Christmas is a tradition to watch yearly (mostly due to nostalgia)

  • warrior gojira
    warrior gojira 2 months ago

    I religiously watched Lion King 1 1/2 when I was little because it was the only Lion King movie my family had. Watching it now I still find it enjoyable:

  • Diego Van Buggenhout
    Diego Van Buggenhout 2 months ago

    Me and my brother watched Return Of Jafar more then Aladdin, so yeah...... :p

  • Maniac From the Doomed Planet

    Mulan 2 reminds me of the Last Jedi.

    joesSONICBOOM 2 months ago +1

    If you guys pause at 43:05 is it just me but are those three girls with the bows and arrows are the same girls from the Tarzan & Jane movie? Tell me if I'm right because their colours are very similar to the Tarzan & Jane movie.

  • Cartoon Nerd
    Cartoon Nerd 2 months ago +1

    Even if most are garbage, at least direct to video sequels attempt to bring a new story to the audience rather than being just a high budget cosplay re-enactment of the original movies, like all the shameless live action remakes es people keep going to see for some odd reason.
    They do have two things in common: they’re inferior to the original and no one asked for them.

    • Cartoon Nerd
      Cartoon Nerd Month ago

      TIGER 2354 okay I agree with you, but remakes are still inferior to the originals and made just for cash.

    • TIGER 2354
      TIGER 2354 Month ago

      Screw you 're remakes are so much better and have a lot more time to put in effort and hard work to create substance cause they're theatrical while these direct to video sequels are just lazily rushed crap that can make quick money, with only a few that end up as accidental good ones

  • Tianna Elizalde
    Tianna Elizalde 2 months ago

    Im gonna go controversial and say i liked lion king 2 more.. cuz mufasa didnt die...

    LONGFANG 47 2 months ago +1

    People are gonna fucking hate me for this, buy personally I prefer the second Aladdin movie...
    Side note: who the hell would fuck scar from Lion King UNPROTECTED

  • Kyle Calif
    Kyle Calif 2 months ago

    On Cinderella 3 I couldn't stand to watch the whole thing. Taking away the happy ending and so much suspense.

  • JacketFoster
    JacketFoster 2 months ago

    Calling it for now. Despite the fact I have never watched it, I'm assuming Extremely Goofy Movie is one of the few Direct-To-DVD sequels that was actually good.

  • Tymetrain
    Tymetrain 2 months ago

    I just finished this video... I don't know what to do.

  • Tymetrain
    Tymetrain 2 months ago

    I watched that Mickey Christmas special so much a few years back. Brings a lot of nostalgia to see it again.

  • Joe Yuzwa
    Joe Yuzwa 2 months ago

    I’m convinced this is just a rip off of dbcember lmao

  • Ribbons Almark
    Ribbons Almark 2 months ago

    You sorta missed the point with Aladdin and his father. The point was that yes,he did go to get riches for his family...but then he learned of the hand of midas. Desire caused him to lose sight of his original goal as he became obsessed with the hand of midas. Its in the end when his sons life is on the line that he gets his priorities straight.

  • jim treebob
    jim treebob 2 months ago

    Mickey’s 3 musketeers is honestly one of my favorite Disney movies.

  • PardonMySanity
    PardonMySanity 2 months ago

    I thought that goofy movie was extremely well animated, that's why I liked it personally

  • Dragon S
    Dragon S 2 months ago

    Personally I like all of them except Pocahontas and Atlantis.

  • SareneGrace
    SareneGrace 2 months ago

    Lilo and Stitch 2 literally made me cry as a kid

  • SareneGrace
    SareneGrace 2 months ago

    Lion King 1 1/2 was based on the 1991 movie "Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead", which is who the respective characters are based off of in Hamlet. Hamlet, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead. The Lion King, The Lion King 1 1/2. It was an interesting idea.

  • Furme Wolfy
    Furme Wolfy 2 months ago

    101 Dalmatians 2 was my sh!t when I was a kid

  • ChaoticRaze
    ChaoticRaze 2 months ago +1

    For most of these sequels. Did they forget the original motivations or personality of the characters?

  • Chris Rathmanner
    Chris Rathmanner 2 months ago


  • Nicholas Pozega
    Nicholas Pozega 2 months ago +1

    13:10-13:22 Thats The Last Jedi's problems in a nutshell.

  • Carrie Reed
    Carrie Reed 2 months ago +1

    I absolutely love Lion King 2

  • Chaise?
    Chaise? 2 months ago +1

    "I hope you appreciate what I do for you."

  • Tyree Coleman
    Tyree Coleman 2 months ago

    In my opinion Lady and the tramp 2 was my favorite sequel.

  • The Pancake Reviewer
    The Pancake Reviewer 2 months ago

    1:43:55 good god blur doesn't exist in the forest.

  • Comrade Jason
    Comrade Jason 2 months ago +1

    As a kid, I loved these Disney sequels, especially Aladdin 2 & 3 and Simba's Pride. It's just Jasmine.... Her animation was off, or she didn't look like the original Jasmine. I dunno. But she freaked me out. I definitely remember thinking that the animation looked different, or not as good, in all of them.

  • Kiwi Brainstorm
    Kiwi Brainstorm 2 months ago

    the prince is an absolute fucking mad lad in cinderella 3. i can’t believe you didn’t highlight the scene where he jumped out the fucking window because his dad wouldn’t let him use the stairs. there was even a looney tunes sound effect in there.

  • The Space Of Ades
    The Space Of Ades 2 months ago

    I honestly really liked Twice Apon a Christmas as a child. Although that might be because I haven't seen the first one

  • Anthony Brewer
    Anthony Brewer 2 months ago

    Funny thing... Pocahontas' voice actress didn't do the singing (at least in the first movie). But Mel Gibson did sing John Smith's parts

  • SeeMyEvil
    SeeMyEvil 2 months ago +1

    As you go through life you'll see
    There is so much that we
    Don't understand
    And the only thing we know
    Is things don't always go
    The way we planned
    But you'll see every day
    That we'll never turn away
    When it seems all your dreams come undone
    We will stand by your side
    Filled with hope and filled with pride
    We are more than we are
    We are one
    If there's so much I must be
    Can I still just be me
    The way I am?
    Can I trust in my own heart
    Or am I just one part
    Of some big plan?
    Even those who are gone
    Are with us as we go on
    Your journey has only begun
    Tears of pain, tears of joy
    One thing nothing can destroy
    Is our pride, deep inside
    We are one
    We are one, you and I
    We are like the earth and sky
    One family under the sun
    All the wisdom to lead
    All the courage that you need
    You will find when you see
    We are one
    this song I hate as a kid. but as I got older a wiser I realized how wise it was an it meaning. an get me teary eyed.T-T
    favorite part is (Tears of pain, tears of joy
    One thing nothing can destroy) as that how I know im alive an no matter what worth living. thay may be suffering but sooner or later you will have different tear of pain. the good kind. I love the 2ed one more it just felt more relatable vs the 1st as not every one know how it feel being framed an having someone part fo your family kill ur dad. vs 3 were it felt like so much relatable thing were going on from family stuff to love. to hate too race.

  • Robert Animation
    Robert Animation 2 months ago +1

    Out of all those sequels, I only find 7 of them to be intriguing and interesting

  • Rose cherry
    Rose cherry 2 months ago +1

    worst disney sequel in my opinion has to be hunchback and pocahontas in terms of plot. Animation wise, belle's magical journey has to be the worst. Best disney sequel, in my opinion, was lion king 2.

  • PrayersOf Angel
    PrayersOf Angel 2 months ago +1

    The Lion King 2 and Lady and the Tramp 2 were my all time favourite sequels going up!! I liked them even more than the originals..kinda lol

  • Dominique Frey
    Dominique Frey 2 months ago

    Honestly, you should check out Tinkerbell: Legend of the Neverbeast.
    It's not that bad, Tinkerbell isn't even the main character in it, just the brand. Which, actually makes it feel different from the rest of the series. The tone feels different and calmer moments aren't ruined by needless pop songs.
    Just food for thought.

  • YourheroSerene
    YourheroSerene 2 months ago

    Does Pleakley need an assigned gender as an alien? I mean, they could just identify more with Earth femininity.