• Published on Oct 27, 2018
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a great game!
    But it does have some issues that I wanted to rant about…
    Ultimately, I wanted to point out problems, missing features, etc. and provide developers with solutions to these issues!
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    So, what do you guys think about Black Ops 4? Is there something you rant about in BO4 that I missed? Leave a comment letting me know! ^-^
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Comments • 436

    M3RKMUS1C  6 months ago +936

    *LIKE* this video if you want Black Ops 4 to be the best game possible! ᕕ( ՞ ᗜ ՞ )ᕗ

    Please share this video around wherever you think it'd be helpful so these issues can get more exposure. Thanks!

  • Joystick Cj
    Joystick Cj 6 months ago +1

    I shared the vid on twitter love you merk you made sooo many good points :)

  • ThatOneGuy
    ThatOneGuy 6 months ago

    Remember when zombies had global leaderboards? Yeah. Me neither.

  • Pedro Lopez
    Pedro Lopez 6 months ago +1

    Buff smgs

  • Gamer Bro 247
    Gamer Bro 247 6 months ago

    Why is there a baby mask in the background?

  • Aguyfromdubjay
    Aguyfromdubjay 6 months ago

    If there really is SBM, I’m getting fucked. The teammates I get are horrible.

  • Shirtless LEGO Stormtrooper

    My emblem got me kicked from a lobby, but my emblem was an egg with legs and arms, a Peter Griffin face, and a sans eye

  • Dawood jassem
    Dawood jassem 6 months ago


  • Phoenixkxng
    Phoenixkxng 6 months ago

    dude u look like a werewolf dawg.

  • FinnAsiUm *
    FinnAsiUm * 6 months ago

    Dude nice beard

  • Jose Alvarado
    Jose Alvarado 6 months ago

    gracias señor esqueleto

  • weewee203ohSpecz
    weewee203ohSpecz 6 months ago

    the games fine STFU we don’t care. There is nothing neccesiralg wrong with it rather than different

  • NateDawg 1403
    NateDawg 1403 6 months ago

    Sooooo ur not gonna mention the insanely horrible quads lag ok that fine

  • Ramtin Azimpour
    Ramtin Azimpour 6 months ago

    Tweet vondy to get Ajax the fuck out of bo4 his gay boy 9 bangs and his bullshit shield make me wanna kms every time I die to that shit

  • Jack Young
    Jack Young 6 months ago

    Merk you look like Khabib

  • Halosniper 3146
    Halosniper 3146 6 months ago

    Please make the snipers raise time quicker, I have died at least 12 times in a match because the enemy rifle is raised before I have the chance to fire

  • SwaggyBoyy21
    SwaggyBoyy21 6 months ago

    What about adding more guns!

  • Troy Reed
    Troy Reed 6 months ago

    Normally I agree with you points in past call of duty’s but with bo4 I disagree because all of your points just you nitpicking plus vonderharr said that the game is supposed to be more competitive there shouldn’t be any casual modes

    • Troy Reed
      Troy Reed 6 months ago +1

      Plus Bo4 is the best cod since bo2

  • rat
    rat 6 months ago

    Keep close to your webcam, don't make it look like your webcam is pointing at your ceiling fan

  • Panda ninja
    Panda ninja 6 months ago


  • Tomislav Hmura
    Tomislav Hmura 6 months ago +4

    Some of these points are... downright nitpicking
    The thing about party game modes... Only recent call of duty titles started doing that. You didn't have those in CoD 4 and some later titles (except infected which was one of the earlier party modes). So no prop hunt or bullshit like that. But yet Call of Duty 4 is your fave game, lol
    Also, your opinion about glitches and exploits... When you were reviewing Modern Warfare remastered back in the day, You said, at one point, how you're sad that they removed glitches and exploits which were present in Call of Duty 4. You didn't like that they removed them
    And now BO4 is bad because it has glitches and exploits... Make up your mind, lol

  • Deadass B?
    Deadass B? 6 months ago +40

    I forgot you exist lmao

  • No. Bones
    No. Bones 6 months ago +5

    He never blinks

  • Ken
    Ken 6 months ago +2

    This is why you don't release an unfinished game.

  • Cole 32952
    Cole 32952 6 months ago

    Half of these are available/fixed on PC...

  • MeatheadGaming
    MeatheadGaming 6 months ago +24

    Boosting is very much a thing in bo4, you squad up with 10 people on hardcore domination and split the teams then load into a hardcore domonation match at the same time, this could be used to get your camo challenges down like your headshots

  • ElectricalPig
    ElectricalPig 6 months ago

    Your skill based matchmaking theory is bad. You said you were doing good at the beginning of the game and destroying everyone. But as the game went on you stopped destroying everyone. Hmmm maybe it’s because other people start getting better?

  • Evan Gaming
    Evan Gaming 6 months ago

    Bo4 sucks anyways. Im not hating on you, but they need to make another ww2, but what am I saying? The tryhard palyer base will ruin it anyways. Im kinda done with cod. I still love your vids and will continue supporting you, but for me cods dead.

  • Rob L
    Rob L 6 months ago

    Lmgs op

  • EBK Insanity
    EBK Insanity 6 months ago

    I had a spicy 5 man feed and I lost potg to a slug camping in a corner who happened to get a double smh

  • monkostone
    monkostone 6 months ago

    why can't we look at people's combat records

  • Chaz
    Chaz 6 months ago

    Give us 2xp for Zombies treyarch PLS

  • Eduardo PhillipeGujon
    Eduardo PhillipeGujon 6 months ago

    My man doing an eminem

  • Chandler Barlow
    Chandler Barlow 6 months ago +62

    So why do people all forget about call of duty ghost clan wars. How you were in a clan and had to win certain objectives with your clan. I think they should bring this back.

  • mr.lemon 0805
    mr.lemon 0805 6 months ago

    It needs sticks and stones

  • HDJoey
    HDJoey 6 months ago

    I would love those headphones in the background.

  • Nasir Hussain
    Nasir Hussain 6 months ago +19

    Fix split screeennnnnnnnn, the graphics are baaaad and it's buggy af

  • Show Off
    Show Off 6 months ago +1

    Things like these are the reason I didn't get BO4 early, I'd rather wait until most issues are fixed.

  • Oh Shyt Richi
    Oh Shyt Richi 6 months ago +1

    1:05 sorry sir, this is the internet. You’re not allowed to have one of those anymore

  • Mitchstormer
    Mitchstormer 6 months ago +5

    Best cod map
    9v9 on rust mw2

  • Johnny Boulware
    Johnny Boulware 6 months ago

    are you playing fallout 76 beta right now

  • A Walker
    A Walker 6 months ago

    I really feel nauseous I’m hoping this video helps me

  • Spade
    Spade 6 months ago

    There is 100% skill based matchmaking

  • Dmonkeyboy
    Dmonkeyboy 6 months ago

    Nerf Ajax

  • Simply Smeef
    Simply Smeef 6 months ago +14

    I feel like Treyarch should've had that extra month...

  • Samuel Koprowski
    Samuel Koprowski 6 months ago

    I hate as a level forty eight my little brother has trouble to play on my account

  • Joey Hinton
    Joey Hinton 6 months ago

    Can they pls fix the drop shots

  • Platformula
    Platformula 6 months ago

    OMG that pikachu in the background is going to give me nightmares its more like spookachu..

  • brandon smith
    brandon smith 6 months ago

    it would lovely to fix those servers to 60hz instead 20 hz i always die first when i am about to kill the enemy dont say that they hired the People from epic games to run the servers lol

    I'M ABOUT TO SPLOOGE 6 months ago

    I miss Brayden, I cri everytime I don't get to see him.

  • Anarchy Aviator
    Anarchy Aviator 6 months ago

    The fucking.
    *Seeker Drone.*

  • Josh Evans
    Josh Evans 6 months ago

    I disagree with beard wtf is thar

  • MLG Spongebob
    MLG Spongebob 6 months ago +11

    How to fix bo4:

    -Better spawns.
    -Better maps. Tooo many remakes. Too many small maps.
    -Swordfish OP

  • BeanSalada
    BeanSalada 6 months ago


  • Anthony Schmiel
    Anthony Schmiel 6 months ago

    Not seeing the teams before the game starts is fine most of the time people leave if your facing high levels and with low levels and BO4 is all about people not leaving

  • Tim F.
    Tim F. 6 months ago

    Sticks and stones mode for blackout

  • Pappy
    Pappy 6 months ago

    Still waiting on quad feed with every gun 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Vincent Hut
    Vincent Hut 6 months ago

    i was going to complain about some of this stuff not being completely true. but then i realised the pc and console versions were built differently for once. seems the pc side of things work a bit better overall for once.

  • Brad Gilligan
    Brad Gilligan 6 months ago

    One of the biggest problems is the spawn system

  • GG TV
    GG TV 6 months ago

    Tf is that beard no mustache lmfao love ya merk

  • axsea's Game Clips
    axsea's Game Clips 6 months ago


  • KRV2_3D
    KRV2_3D 6 months ago

    they need to turn off auto-mantle smh..

  • Grant Hendershot
    Grant Hendershot 6 months ago

    What about duel wield saugs?

  • provatox YT
    provatox YT 6 months ago +13

    custom game leveling needs to come back.

  • Sebastian HCZ
    Sebastian HCZ 6 months ago

    I wish attachments aren’t limited on certain guns like suppressors etc.

  • Learsrock
    Learsrock 6 months ago +17

    They should add one in the chamber

  • Big Brice Gaming
    Big Brice Gaming 6 months ago +2

    Smurfing, not 'reverse boosting' dafuq

  • Record Breaker
    Record Breaker 6 months ago

    That bass drop

  • Sp1k3 _
    Sp1k3 _ 6 months ago


  • Learsrock
    Learsrock 6 months ago

    Love your beard

  • Dean
    Dean 6 months ago +14

    We should also be able to do emotes when you’re in that loading thing for 20 seconds while you’re choosing your specialist and class

  • Xd xd
    Xd xd 6 months ago

    well titan is kinda broken i think. Like i got enemy team who was all using titan and it sucked

  • Iq Ip
    Iq Ip 6 months ago

    The 9 bang is so broken

  • Brenyatta
    Brenyatta 6 months ago +8

    The Specialist Meter feel slow. It also sucks when you get killed right away when activating your weapon, and lose most of your meter. I like what IW did, by giving a safe window of a few seconds, to use the weapon, until the meter is depleted, next time you spawn.

  • FoolishFool
    FoolishFool 6 months ago +4

    also when you go to emblem editor at a certain layer count the editor becomes unuseable and glitchy

  • Rokas Noreika
    Rokas Noreika 6 months ago

    Can someone share my this game on Xbox?

  • Cooper Gatens
    Cooper Gatens 6 months ago +111

    Call of Duty has become this sweaty try hard “sport” and it’s not really fun to play anymore

  • Isaak Pires
    Isaak Pires 6 months ago +1

    5 v 5 is perfect for bo4

  • Cooper Gatens
    Cooper Gatens 6 months ago +7

    The hit boxes are poopoo

  • Spaghetti Wizard
    Spaghetti Wizard 6 months ago

    I love the mask on pikachu in the background

  • Samurai 27
    Samurai 27 6 months ago

    When I was rank one I had prestige two's

  • Steel Blue
    Steel Blue 6 months ago

    For potg, I️ have gotten a five man and this guy gets it who just gets two kills and gets it

  • Mac Daddy
    Mac Daddy 6 months ago +256

    How could you not mention how terrible the spawns are. I spawn on the enemy team as if they are my teammates. Also spawns flip every 10 seconds.

  • noahshively
    noahshively 6 months ago

    On custom games u can't 1v9 on tdm like last cods which is annoying

  • Daniel Parslow
    Daniel Parslow 6 months ago +20

    Just take off the thermal from the Ligma, sorry LMG

  • Izzie _1948
    Izzie _1948 6 months ago

    Buff SMG'S @Gks

  • carddz.c
    carddz.c 6 months ago

    Erik, what tf is your beard?

  • ASSASSIN199998
    ASSASSIN199998 6 months ago

    Fuck no, that bring party out of game sounds dumb, especially with the guy I play with. He'd pull us out if I was doing good.

  • wP Waves
    wP Waves 6 months ago

    Delete ajax

  • Crystal Palace mad
    Crystal Palace mad 6 months ago

    They need to add prop hunt and gun game, needs more fun game modes

  • Christopher, David Shelley

    Anyone else given up with COD? Last one I bought was infinite warfare.. remaster MW2 & BO1

  • IronNatePup
    IronNatePup 6 months ago +1

    You forgot the fact that you can't save custom game modes.

    PUBMAN_TSB 6 months ago

    The thing with POTG is that if you get two kills then tk the game processes it and thinks you got three kills

  • Stageist
    Stageist 6 months ago

    Another problem is that every time I shot someone in the head in hardcore it doesn't count and I die

  • RageAtDawn
    RageAtDawn 6 months ago

    Upload more papa I miss you

  • Mr.Shadow
    Mr.Shadow 6 months ago

    I see Vonderhaar getting spammed with tweets already XD

  • oleeboi
    oleeboi 6 months ago

    Strobe light on the brecci v3 needs to be nerfed. Shit is like a constant 9 bang gun attachment

  • Amazink 101
    Amazink 101 6 months ago

    The split-screen is horrible and needs fixing

  • Cavi G
    Cavi G 6 months ago

    Buff the titan too much recoil and too little dmg

  • TheDjShinx
    TheDjShinx 6 months ago