Saitama Vs. All: One Punch Man #4 Reaction Mashup | Anime Fight Time


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  • Alex Yew
    Alex Yew 2 hours ago

    Cringe reactions as they never watch season 1

    BLANK 15 hours ago

    When did etika watch this

  • Lvl. 35 Boss
    Lvl. 35 Boss 2 days ago

    This video perfectly shows what reaction channels are... Why tf are people watching this shit?!

  • Mokroe Vino
    Mokroe Vino 2 days ago


  • Spidermanxd 21
    Spidermanxd 21 7 days ago

    Luckily saitama was rlly holding that power punch lol

  • Not Laggy
    Not Laggy 9 days ago

    When all you can hear is random people talking and screaming in the mic

  • Lalala lalalalal
    Lalala lalalalal 11 days ago

    So idiot

  • NatioN
    NatioN 11 days ago

    Well basically 100 push ups,100 sit up,and 100 squat alongside with eat healthy food will make you to become a god...i mean demigod

  • Yukine Haruka
    Yukine Haruka 13 days ago

    Press F for Sonic balls

  • Visualize Infinity
    Visualize Infinity 14 days ago

    What was the song playing when sonic got sack tapped?

  • WarWolf
    WarWolf 14 days ago

    Speed o Sonic is like a mosquito.

  • SuperSamuraika Super
    SuperSamuraika Super 14 days ago

    What's the point in this videos? You can'see all reactions at the same time, unless ur Sherlock from elementary. So it's just sound junk for mee.

  • Idris Saripudin
    Idris Saripudin 15 days ago

    Watch this video for update anime on Winter 2019

  • MTF Agent Wilson
    MTF Agent Wilson 15 days ago +1

    Lmao Sonic's a trap. And Etika gell into it.

  • Detective Harris
    Detective Harris 15 days ago +1

    At 5:25 wtf was the middle guy with the beanie doing 😂

  • ApoLLo :3
    ApoLLo :3 15 days ago +1

    Такое чувство, как будто даунам дали посмотреть мультик

  • roblox super duper
    roblox super duper 15 days ago


    ANAXIS Gm 15 days ago +1

    Isn't weird for sometimes you smile for no reason while watching this vid xD

  • RyuuOni Eng
    RyuuOni Eng 16 days ago +1


    OBITO 17 days ago

    The black right especially so every time I feel that he can swallow 5 cocks at the same time so he opens his mouth wide

  • Supernaturall Allexgg
    Supernaturall Allexgg 18 days ago

    куча ретардов какихто лол, что за бред, и почему мне кинуло это в советуемы почти в 2к19 году? О_О

  • Wesarat Kamtim
    Wesarat Kamtim 20 days ago +1

    Has anyone noticed that saitama’s eyes goes white when he goes for a kill? 12:37

  • F3L1P3 HD
    F3L1P3 HD 21 day ago +2

    mim react!!!!!!!!!❤

  • لا حب بعد اليوم

    Daaaaam man

  • Rodrigo Braga
    Rodrigo Braga 23 days ago

    Queria ser uma mosca pra poder assistir esse vídeo e ver a reação de todos ainda ver o anime

  • Rengga Arianto
    Rengga Arianto 23 days ago

    I hate nigga

  • AB Talkies
    AB Talkies 24 days ago

    Hard laughing 😂

  • Jairo.Silva
    Jairo.Silva 24 days ago


  • NeedlessTalent
    NeedlessTalent 24 days ago

    *When you on a 15 killing streak on Call of Duty:* 6:56
    *Then you get disconnected from the game:* 7:45

  • Qwerty Qweert
    Qwerty Qweert 27 days ago

    Izi frags 0:54

  • Seb
    Seb Month ago +1

    Who actually thought this was a good idea? I can understand like 5 people but 20? hell nah

  • Shxhis
    Shxhis Month ago

    Dj khalid in the top left

  • Brendon Parker
    Brendon Parker Month ago

    Why is there always a smoke detector with a low battery in reaction vids?

  • DarthWrecker328 44
    DarthWrecker328 44 Month ago

    What is outro?

  • Terribleee
    Terribleee Month ago

    When did Etika react to this?

  • Ryuzaki L
    Ryuzaki L Month ago

    We all came here for the last one.

  • Joshua Olegario
    Joshua Olegario Month ago

    best part 9:53

  • loshi loshi
    loshi loshi Month ago

    los hombres sufrieron esa parte 7:30

  • Misael1221
    Misael1221 Month ago


  • ashesfrombones
    ashesfrombones Month ago

    Is like watching a tv with your fucking gang of noisy cousins who just don’t fucking shut up

  • Sang Pham Ngoc
    Sang Pham Ngoc Month ago

    Oh li shit

  • Sang Pham Ngoc
    Sang Pham Ngoc Month ago

    Chet thang nho rui

  • Azazel Cifer
    Azazel Cifer Month ago

    Yo best fuuucking hero of all time

  • wilhelm albert
    wilhelm albert Month ago +1

    Wow like me

  • Tagheuer Woods
    Tagheuer Woods Month ago

    Love this videos haha

  • Dương Trần
    Dương Trần Month ago

    Saitama just strong ok :))
    Don't try so hard :)))

  • Faisal Siap86
    Faisal Siap86 Month ago


  • oscar agres
    oscar agres Month ago

    My question is why does he always smile

  • Ricoade
    Ricoade Month ago

    holy hell this is an art

  • Mr.freddiboy
    Mr.freddiboy Month ago

    I always love that last scene of the whole mountain missing with just wind. Always gets to me and I love everyone's reaction to it

  • Banana App
    Banana App 2 months ago

    Saitama head like baldi

  • ochko ochko
    ochko ochko 2 months ago +3

    Hammerhead looks like Nappa from DBZ xaxaxa

  • HuGGmaN
    HuGGmaN 2 months ago

    The four guys left to right, is a rat kid. His reactions are so annoying.

  • Jon Baird
    Jon Baird 2 months ago

    the faggot in the blue shirt and buddy holly glasses needs to shut his dick sucker and stop pretending that this is the first time he has seen these fights. its so fucking annoying.

  • Kavin Chandar
    Kavin Chandar 2 months ago +1

    Saitama basically received One for all after like a hundred generations!
    this is basically my hero academia in the future!

  • J.Z. B.R.
    J.Z. B.R. 2 months ago

    i love this anime. even though i have watched the genos vs saitama fight countless times, in that moment when saitama fake punched genos, every time, i legit think genos was going to die

  • Yukine Haruka
    Yukine Haruka 2 months ago

    Feels bad for sonic ball

  • Desert Rockxxx
    Desert Rockxxx 2 months ago

    omg so much cringe

  • Lu Cifer
    Lu Cifer 2 months ago

    These drawings are so insane !

  • Bikko
    Bikko 2 months ago

    is that Marques Brownlee at 10:15, lower left side??? MKBHD

  • NoCopyrightMusic
    NoCopyrightMusic 2 months ago +2

    Блять насколько же конченные дауны собрались. Из за их обезьяньего ора ни слышно нихуя аниме. Над каждым приколом орут будто их режут, над каждым эпик моментом удивляются, будто никогда аниме не видили, пздц. В кинозале такая же хуйня если полный зал.

    • Dimetry
      Dimetry 4 days ago

      Tы знашь че за музон в Конце?

  • Thicc Boi
    Thicc Boi 2 months ago

    Why the hell are they so shocked anyway?
    The show's name is literally ONE PUNCH MAN. And Saitama already did a lot of ONE PUNCHING. I don't get the over exaggerated look on their faces everytime Saitama one punches an enemy.

  • EX'S 24
    EX'S 24 2 months ago

    Shut the fuck up God damn

  • Кукушка Топ
    Кукушка Топ 2 months ago


    ARNOLD 2 months ago

    Am I the only guy who found this annoying?

  • Zayflux
    Zayflux 2 months ago

    Oh yes, One for All's original goofy wielder.

  • Devan Blevins
    Devan Blevins 2 months ago

    I felt so crowded in this video lol

  • Yangleord Nhaz123
    Yangleord Nhaz123 2 months ago


  • Siddharth Shriyan
    Siddharth Shriyan 2 months ago

    Madhouse was the best studio for One Punch can't believe that had to drop it to a romantic studio JC studios

  • Paul Phoenix
    Paul Phoenix 2 months ago

    My #1 OP anime character saitama HAHAHAHA !

  • Brigade Leader Haruhi Suzumiya

    Supermantard sucks. One Punch Man and Genos is better. #DEALWITHIT!

  • FireMan Jack
    FireMan Jack 2 months ago


  • aqmal hakim
    aqmal hakim 2 months ago

    Mnyak bising la dorang ni

  • Komang Kanan
    Komang Kanan 2 months ago

    6:00 welcome to baldi basics in education and learning that's me

  • The Elite HAHA
    The Elite HAHA 2 months ago

    Sitama created a got damn valley when he almost punched Genos

  • FynnTheFrostAlpha Omega

    8:17 *It was in that moment that sonic knew he fucked up*

  • Kiyotaka Ayanokoji
    Kiyotaka Ayanokoji 2 months ago


  • Kiyotaka Ayanokoji
    Kiyotaka Ayanokoji 2 months ago


  • Kiyotaka Ayanokoji
    Kiyotaka Ayanokoji 2 months ago


  • Kiyotaka Ayanokoji
    Kiyotaka Ayanokoji 2 months ago


  • l l
    l l 2 months ago

    We need a one punch man vs all might and deku

  • White Jade
    White Jade 2 months ago

    Sonic's balls bursted.believe me guys .he went to hospital yesterday to fix his flat-bursted balls.he told me all abt it when he returned....from the hospital.

  • Gamer For FUN
    Gamer For FUN 2 months ago +1

    super man one million prime
    saitama say hi

  • Kayque Elson
    Kayque Elson 2 months ago +1

    3:51 Yoshi?

  • Coffee Latte
    Coffee Latte 3 months ago

    Victor Mangtanggol pa rin ako . Lol

  • ThereforeJAWSANDJAMS 3DM

    Somebody get Sonic the hedgehog outta here

  • Carlos Omar
    Carlos Omar 3 months ago

    MimdaAdena ta ai aaaaaaaaah

  • Serenity Santiago
    Serenity Santiago 3 months ago

    the air doesn't even have a brain how is it smart?

  • MrDarkTails V.2.0
    MrDarkTails V.2.0 3 months ago

    7:45 LOL IM DONE!!! 😂👌

  • الأفق الأزرق

    The best moment was when sitama blew the mountain. ..
    And u made it so short ...
    Its like presenting mona Lisa painting with a spit in her face ..
    Why was it short . I wanted to see everyone's reaction at that point ..
    Still I'm not going to give you dislike.

  • Anime Fight Club
    Anime Fight Club 3 months ago

    RIP Sonic balls 2018

  • Irham Natsuki
    Irham Natsuki 3 months ago

    This is the best character of ANIMEEEE!!!!!

  • XIAOLONE Gaming
    XIAOLONE Gaming 3 months ago +22

    (Sa)suke + (ita)chi+(Ma)dara = saitama

  • Suou Yuuki
    Suou Yuuki 3 months ago