DALLA DALLA by ITZY in 2019 MAMA
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  • mohammed g.f
    mohammed g.f 2 hours ago

    🌞👍اين جيش العرب

  • Inaskhalilah Tama
    Inaskhalilah Tama 3 hours ago

    beautiful gilr

  • FaniFasaFranaza Tv
    FaniFasaFranaza Tv 11 hours ago +1


  • #1 Chou
    #1 Chou Day ago


  • junzhi
    junzhi Day ago

    the backup dancers are so pretty!!! i thought they did dalla dalla with another gg haha

  • Arianne Mae Bertumen

    3:37 damn Ryujin dem abs srsly T.T

  • kliona
    kliona Day ago

    Seungkwan likes it why nobody talks about that

  • vv vv
    vv vv Day ago

    I swear the cameraman knows San is a Yeji fanboy 3:07

  • Reeku Laureta
    Reeku Laureta Day ago

    Such a great dancers! lol :-):-):-)

  • Abby Mundy
    Abby Mundy Day ago +1

    yeji killed me during that dance break... i cant stop replaying it jesus

  • Royal Super Nova
    Royal Super Nova 2 days ago +2

    Yeji's pigtails are mesmerizing to watch as she dances.

    YZFSQD 2 days ago +1

    teacher: leave class
    students in class:

  • Shreya Das
    Shreya Das 3 days ago +1

    Lia slayed the stage.

  • angelsis2222
    angelsis2222 3 days ago +1

    I love itzy and their songs but... their outfits are so overdone. They advertise being different and unique in their songs and personalities but their outfits were all the same just cut different. Legit all had the same color skirt, same pattern, and all varsity jackets. I feel like their stylist is an idiot for not looking into what they stand for.
    Sorry but their outfits should have been "different"

  • tan furoc
    tan furoc 3 days ago +1

    is that san from ateez @3:08??

  • 河東らいあ
    河東らいあ 4 days ago


  • 강자넷
    강자넷 4 days ago +3

    They're all pretty but I can't take my eyes off of Yeji! I really love her eyes 😊

  • Cherry Töps
    Cherry Töps 4 days ago +2

    Monster Rookies! 💜💓

  • gulhu ahed
    gulhu ahed 5 days ago

    The perform was bad. I was need blackpink been in the stage. Couse the real girl crush is blackpink. Got it guys pls

  • LalisaDragQueen
    LalisaDragQueen 5 days ago +1

    Yuna: bad bad im sorry im bad
    Yuna: Im so bad bad


    a tough fight
    1:17 💞💞🔥

  • CarlJustin Badiola
    CarlJustin Badiola 6 days ago +7

    Yuna: 16 years old and now an idol
    Me at 16: Starts to eat dirt

  • Patrick Cristobal
    Patrick Cristobal 6 days ago

    Idk bout y’all but that I love that the backup dancers are smiling too. Looks like they really love what they do 😌

  • tri shaa
    tri shaa 6 days ago

    okay but *seungkwan* is fanboying. i know he want to danceeeee

  • vasya fauziah
    vasya fauziah 6 days ago +1

    coming back 2020😭😭😭

  • Salwa saad
    Salwa saad 7 days ago

    Seungkwan my beby😭😭😭💜💜💜

  • Keith Lund
    Keith Lund 8 days ago +2

    ITZY had a historic debut with DALLA DALLA. 😍

  • Akarmouss Ait Tizi
    Akarmouss Ait Tizi 8 days ago +2

    They are really realy good !

  • Christian Santos
    Christian Santos 9 days ago +1

    Itzy really ate this stage like they have been doing this for years, no?

  • Kanami Chan
    Kanami Chan 9 days ago

    Oh my gosh Lia- You're so amazing! I know everyone is the best, but for meh, Lia is the best because of her Vocal and Dancing, if she was not good, then JYP didnt make her the Main Vocalist. She's good

  • Isabel -
    Isabel - 10 days ago +6

    Anyone else catch that 'errbody at 3:00?

  • 짱구엉덩이
    짱구엉덩이 10 days ago +1

    3:07 누구예요?? Who?

  • namtits shall rule the world

    btw itzy master of performance we stan

  • Hiroaki Ogami
    Hiroaki Ogami 12 days ago +3

    I really like this version! Girls great performance!!

  • akari kimu
    akari kimu 12 days ago +1


  • Alina Alieva
    Alina Alieva 12 days ago

    Бляяя операторы, руки ваши из жопы растут новерно, ваще не умеют снимать ёмаёё!!!!!🤬😡😡😡😡

    SASSY XX İT GİRLYY 12 days ago +1

    This outfits rememers me to Jennie from Blackpink .

      SASSY XX İT GİRLYY 11 days ago

      Comment Comment No i am a old kpop fan and my idol is JENNIE KIM so i am thinking about her so i am just saying that this outfits reminds me of JENNIE i am a old fan i am 5 years fan of kpop

    • Comment Comment
      Comment Comment 11 days ago +1

      These outfit and jennie outfit reminds me of wonder girls irony outfit and some other 2nd gen group outfit. U must be a new kpop fans.

  • Thatgurlnamed Belle
    Thatgurlnamed Belle 13 days ago +1


  • spanz d0cter
    spanz d0cter 13 days ago

    Yuna gives me cheerleader/the girlfriend of the football teams captian vibes.

  • It's Outbreak
    It's Outbreak 14 days ago

    Just wanna ask who's that orange hair guy and the blonde guy watching? hehe

  • Hubert C
    Hubert C 14 days ago

    someone in the comments said that ryujin and lia don’t have stage presence. it must be annoying to be blind :(

  • Albino Puza
    Albino Puza 16 days ago


  • Babychad Dapz
    Babychad Dapz 17 days ago

    Miss the 2ne1....😁😁😁😁

  • Riley
    Riley 17 days ago +2

    0:36 YUNAAAA my wig is in ORBIT 😱💗💗

    LOVER LINK 17 days ago

    i really like the remix to this track especially at the end

  • twiiceland doki doki
    twiiceland doki doki 18 days ago

    That's what we call monster rookies

  • Twicey Micey
    Twicey Micey 18 days ago

    JYP wants us to play find the members in the begginimv

  • Jay J
    Jay J 21 day ago +1

    The ending is so good I wanna cryyyy😭

  • basic white girl
    basic white girl 21 day ago

    This performance will forever be ICONIC!!!!!!

  • CheshiReveluv
    CheshiReveluv 23 days ago

    Chaeryeong deserves better like for real. She trained the longest out of everyone and gave her all for 5 years to finally debut. And then JYP doesn’t use her insane talents to their full potential. Every other member gets their time to shine except her (and maybe Lia, but even she gets more than Chaeryeong) and it makes me so sad. This is what she gave up her childhood for and JYP doesn’t do her right. JYP needs to get his sh*t together FAST!

  • Maria Chita
    Maria Chita 23 days ago

    I love the dance break ❤️💖💜♥️💕💞

  • Chica Nova
    Chica Nova 23 days ago

    3:28 Lia so adorable

  • Chica Nova
    Chica Nova 23 days ago

    3:05 I just realized Yeji and San are matching hair color and highlights((:

    • Chica Nova
      Chica Nova 7 days ago

      kuroi_96_neko I believe it’s Joshua. Sorry I’m not sure about him cause I don’t know much about them

    • kuroi_96_neko
      kuroi_96_neko 7 days ago

      @Chica Nova and who's the dude right next to him whose face seems to be the one of a man dying inside?

    • Chica Nova
      Chica Nova 7 days ago +1

      kuroi_96_neko The guys are members from Seventeen. The one moving his head is Seungkwan

    • kuroi_96_neko
      kuroi_96_neko 9 days ago

      Finally! Found a comment who refers to the boys watching. Who are them (their groups)?? These San boy you talk about but the ones banging their heads before at 2:17 (i'll take a wild guess and say the first ones are from BTS just because I'm so tired of them and how could ever exist other boy group than BTS🙄🙄)?? I'm curious to see their outfits.

  • katy
    katy 24 days ago

    can we talk about how happy their backup dancers are???? its so cute

  • M.sinaga Spd
    M.sinaga Spd 25 days ago +1

    Yuna ryujin lia

  • Kimwell Teofilo
    Kimwell Teofilo 25 days ago

    Their oufits look likes f(x) rum pum pum pum 😍😍😍love it

  • I Love JiMin
    I Love JiMin 26 days ago +1


  • •Park Fenix•
    •Park Fenix• 27 days ago +1

    Hay q admitir q la voz de Ye Ji al principio sonó muy tierno😍🥺

  • Adellika Harumi Zahra
    Adellika Harumi Zahra 28 days ago +1


  • sesosa 2100
    sesosa 2100 Month ago

    It's ridiculous to copy the concept of another band to be popular , Itzy does it, which is disgusting, We all know who is the first k-pop artist to talk about self-love, From 2017 this message receives support from global youth, Actually, I think Atzi is not good at copying because the way they love themselves is a failure So I hope that we will never see anyone like that in the k-pop

    • kuroi_96_neko
      kuroi_96_neko 5 days ago

      @sesosa 2100 First of all "autism" is a disease, not a "concept" in any way.
      And as I said before, BTS are not pioneer in talking about self-love, this topic has been touched by lots of artists before them.
      And concepts are abstract. The whole self-love "concept" (topic) can be interpretated from a bunch of different angles (self-deprecation, self-acepptance, learning to love yourself, the narcissist love you have for yourself...) so no, they're not pioneers on talking about self-love (see: "Freckles" by Natasha Bedingfiled, "Transgender Dysphoria Blues" by Against Me!, "I feel beautiful" by Fantasia, "Who says" by Selena Gomez & The Scene, "Sexy and I know it" by LMFAO...).
      Of all of these options, I'll talk about LMFAO's song. The song is hopelessly narcissist. An exagerate way but at core it's self-love. Nobody said that self-love was non toxic.
      And in a way, I think that's the self-love ITZY portrays, a more narcissistic (less "i'm learning to love myself") way of loving yourself. More like Doja Cat's "Boss bitch". They know they are bossy and they would definitely show it.
      It's not BTS self-love concept's point of view but more like Doja Cat and LMFAO's.

    • sesosa 2100
      sesosa 2100 5 days ago

      @kuroi_96_neko It is funny to get out of the original destination and strive for another topic, But I really respect your knowledge So I will explain to you what you missed
      First you have to differentiate between two things, They are the Stereotypic concept and the guiding concept and if you read Carl Jung's philosophy, you will understand what I mean
      Love, hatred, happiness, sadness, calm, anger, and endlessly are all (stereotypical concepts) It is something that everyone has instinctively
      Like any love story, revenge, or police action of Agatha Christie in any language
      But intelligence, stupidity, autism, social, self-love and self-loathing are all guiding concepts, It is found in a specific group of people and is not a comprehensive characteristic, And people can gain it from its main source or embodiment
      A new trend concept can be born in any era, But it is a constant that is not subject to dispute or manipulation
      Just as I write in English which is not my native language
      I acquired it from the original speakers and I am here a copy of the original in the field of language
      But the teacher is authentic in the field of language even if he is not a native speaker
      Because it is the embodiment
      Secondly, The incarnations are bts and is agreed upon by the author of the book (Map of the Soul) Murray Stein
      He made a report on his opinion of BTS's songs and he expressed his admiration for BTS's influence on the younger generation And how they reviewed his ideas intelligently and deeply, He also said that, due to the Bangtan album, many young people accepted his compositions After that he published a special issue which he gifted to BTS "Army"
      As for Atzi, the Korean media spoke about this in addition to me and many other internet users, Self-love is not this way,
      This is a haughty way of self-love and psychologically that can lead to narcissism
      I will not explain to you what is self-love. Go and explore for yourself if you are interested and I consider this comment an article, so I don't care if its length has bothered you or you have not read it

    • kuroi_96_neko
      kuroi_96_neko 9 days ago

      You can't copy a concept. Because if you do, then BTS copied the self-love concept from other artists who have worked these concept before. Then Adele copied Queen for using the heartbreak topic in her songs as Queen does in "Love of my life".
      Also, your "copying the outfit" statement can't hold itself. There's not enough clothing on Earth to have looks not looking similar to others (especially when it comes to comfly clothes to dance in). Then Itzy copied 2NE1 for using vinyl tops? Or t.A.t.U. for using pleated red tartan skirts? Because before BP was even imagined of, t.A.t.U. slayed those skirts on stage.
      You can't be 100% original. Your work is ALWAYS influenced by others (and I know what I'm talking about, as an amateur fashion designer, dancer and 1st year of Fine Arts studies).
      It's more of mashing different references together. For example, those bold highlight strokoes Yeji has, they are nothing new, the came from the early 2000s. Or these harness thing that really rocked few years ago that I believe everyone started using them because of BTS (at least, I think I saw it first in one of their videos), they were a trend in the 80s with the punk movement I believe, their stylists just put the harness from a ripped graphic tee to a suit shirt, the didn't invented the trend of wearing the harness, they just reinvented the concept changing the clothes harnesses were styled with. Outing the cloth theme, "Bohemian Rhapsodh" wasn't original at 100%, they mashed up different genres in one song (sure they were bold with a track which doubled the standart amount of time at that time, but in core, they weren't original, they just reinvented).

    • Micky mouse
      Micky mouse 22 days ago

      @sesosa 2100 I wish I could donate you a brain because yours is simply useless.. I cant waste my time arguing with an idiot so bye .. if you dont like itzy simply stop listening to their songs instead of dying over the lame fact that they copy cause they don't or write a letter to jyp to change itzy's concept to hate yourself ..BTS would be very proud of you too for being a snake

    • sesosa 2100
      sesosa 2100 22 days ago +1

      @Micky mouse It is unfortunate how you are not using your mind. Please use it, it's free...🙂 Over the years Twice raised themselves without copies or fraud, and I simply enjoy listening to them. Itzi and Everglow spoiled what is known as kepop with cheap copying. This is a fact that you cannot simply deny 😉🔥

  • Ethan Playz
    Ethan Playz Month ago

    Im not a fan of itzy and i dont want to start a fight, but the girl with the like thingy on her head (not the silver hair thingy the other one) looks like the one's that Jennie wore at her solo

    • kuroi_96_neko
      kuroi_96_neko 9 days ago

      So what? Yeji (the onw with early 00s-ish highlight on her pigtails) wore lots of hair pins like that before on "Dalla Dalla". And Jennie's stylists didn't even invented wearing lots of bobbypins like that, it comes from very very late 90s or truly early 2000s. They just reinvented it into looking more like a golden laurel leaf crown-ish thing.

    • Micky mouse
      Micky mouse 29 days ago

      @Ethan Playz I also have such hair pins so I'm also copying jennie okay .. there is a limit to being jealous and foolish and you crossed that..

  • Spinclaw
    Spinclaw Month ago +3

    *Dance break starts after rap*
    Cameraman: Oh let's look at the background

  • Oppa Smoothie
    Oppa Smoothie Month ago

    god really has his favorites huh

  • Is Sana Gay ?
    Is Sana Gay ? Month ago +8

    *I loved how Yeji Perfectly blended with the back up dancers making her look like them*

  • Mookie Renee
    Mookie Renee Month ago


  • Hikaririn
    Hikaririn Month ago +9

    3:27 Lia be like: when you have performance at 6pm but you got to look fresh af bc you have a date at 8pm

  • ONCEかほ
    ONCEかほ Month ago +1


  • 예린 ASMR
    예린 ASMR Month ago


  • Jisoocristo :v
    Jisoocristo :v Month ago

    I love yuna ❤️

  • Caroline
    Caroline Month ago

    Gostei mais dessa versão do que a original

  • Shm Kwbkpp
    Shm Kwbkpp Month ago

    I love their outfits and performances

    PURPLE PURPLE Month ago +1

    Their choreographer not so good. Sorry. Even the song is pretty good

  • pial
    pial Month ago +1


  • JESSY Hansda
    JESSY Hansda Month ago +1

    What are Itzy fans call?

  • Laksnimmi
    Laksnimmi Month ago +6

    ITZY: I Love My Self
    RM: Yesssss

  • ギャオス
    ギャオス Month ago +1


  • Dominic Gabriel Chiong

    I like yeji's voice in the first chorus ilike the vocals

  • Tri Wahyuni
    Tri Wahyuni Month ago

    Wah cantik 😃😃