Prodigy Choked To Death? - BET Breaks

  • Published on Aug 8, 2017
  • Rapper Prodigy's cause of death was from choking.
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Comments • 20

  • Penny Pincher
    Penny Pincher 3 days ago

    IDK why she grins as she talks about death

  • Charley Farley
    Charley Farley 5 days ago

    An egg foh. They some schmucks R.I.P Prodigy

  • Sha Ingram
    Sha Ingram Month ago +1

    Something is off an egg 🥚 no I suggest he was killed 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 S.I.P. Prodigy!!!!

  • RC Dabeast
    RC Dabeast 3 months ago

    Stfu bitch

  • Feraas Hawatt
    Feraas Hawatt 3 months ago +7


  • IxResurrect ll
    IxResurrect ll 3 months ago

    I dont think he really choked' come on a 42 year old man not biting his food.. Bullshit.

  • Patricia Fisher
    Patricia Fisher 5 months ago

    Illuminati assisination

  • Jimmy Johnston
    Jimmy Johnston 7 months ago

    Look at the size of the hands and skull. I'm sick of it. And I'm done with being polite. These people are lying to us. This is bullshit.

  • Jimmy Johnston
    Jimmy Johnston 7 months ago +5

    A transgender hack doing Freemason hand signs.

  • Hegelian Dialectic
    Hegelian Dialectic 9 months ago +7


    • Connor
      Connor Month ago +2

      Thomas T They kill people when they don’t stop talking about them. Isaac Kappy “forced himself off a bridge” after he routinely spoke of the pedophilia that infests Hollywood. If you don’t think people are killed for exposing confidential information to the public, become a famous person yourself, say the Illuminati is real, and see how it goes for you.

    • Thomas T
      Thomas T Month ago +1

      @Connor Prodigy has talked about it for years prior to his death. Why is it whenever a celebrity dies people like you either say its Illuminati that did it, or a sacrfice from someone in the illuminati. Why can't people just die and there not be some ulterior motive.

    • Connor
      Connor 3 months ago +5

      wintor How is it not? Literally any celebrity that comes out and talks about the Illuminati gets mysteriously killed shortly after they do it.

    • JanDuchovni Ugale
      JanDuchovni Ugale 4 months ago

      Because its a Lie he Passed away cause of Sick

  • TLOKE 57
    TLOKE 57 Year ago

    Fucken cuts he should of had someone with him 24 seven you never know what these scandals ass people are capable off.