I Stayed OVERNIGHT at Japan's BIGGEST Theme Park

  • Published on Jun 19, 2021
  • Japan's biggest theme park isn't what you expect. This week on Journey Across Japan we explore a mysterious cave, crawl through the nation's tiniest Tori gate and go full Red Dead Redemption.
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Comments • 4 435

  • Abroad in Japan
    Abroad in Japan  11 months ago +3350

    NOTIFICATION SQUAD: I think this is the most I've ever suffered for a video. Getting wedged in a shrine and almost killed by a horse.
    Would you rather ride a horse or go in that cave? But seriously, what a crazy episode. I don't think we've ever had so many bizarre situations pop up in a single Journey Across Japan episode before! I'd also like to apologise to our beloved Dutch viewers for my pronunciation.
    (ALSO apologies for the later release time this week - TheXvid just WOULD NOT process the video. It drove me mad).

    • Carrie Padgett
      Carrie Padgett 2 months ago

      Despair. So much despair.

    • Shepic01
      Shepic01 4 months ago

      Horse, definitely.

    • Juns Lee
      Juns Lee 5 months ago

      Hi from a Dutch viewer! ^^

    • Guest Superguest
      Guest Superguest 7 months ago

      This is comedy

    • Kogi
      Kogi 8 months ago

      Horses r finee u just need to learn how to control it, for it to end up doing that is completely normal, u just need the control.

  • PigginTeaBreak - 2
    PigginTeaBreak - 2 11 months ago +3484

    Chris: "Aren't you afraid of this?"
    Natsuki: "No, because cowboy"
    Irrefutable logic once again from Mr Aso.

  • Vishen Bhoonpershad
    Vishen Bhoonpershad 11 months ago +2564

    "Journey accross Japan. Always Fucking Place. WHY ME."
    That alone earned a like XD

    • Kristan Corsiglia
      Kristan Corsiglia 10 months ago +46

      They need to sell merch with his sayings. 🤣🤣

  • Mirko
    Mirko 11 months ago +1594

    Natsukis holidays: Breathing in volcano smoke, discovering scary insects. Always fucking place.

  • Stuart Clarke
    Stuart Clarke 11 months ago +1374

    I swear Natsuki's hair would still be black if Chris hadn't kept taking him on these Road Trips.

    • Suminao Shinjo
      Suminao Shinjo Month ago

      @J Hawkins just 3 friends having fun

    • Onigiri
      Onigiri Month ago +1

      @J Hawkins get L + ratiod

    • Em
      Em Month ago +3

      @J Hawkins Watch "Natsuki: The Movie (Life in Japan Documentary)", at least the first minute of it. "After one year I'd failed to forge any meaningful connection with the locals amidst the language barrier and a culture I struggled to comprehend. Then one day that all changed when I bumped into an enthusiastic stranger in the street, a guy who took me under his wing and became my way into Japan."
      - Chris, talking about Natsuki in that video.

    • Mary Anne Ayumi
      Mary Anne Ayumi 6 months ago +8

      @J Hawkins You speak good Japanese? I bet not. Also the place they are trying to show are located in “Japan” not in your country, so don’t expect us the locals speaking your language in our country.

    • Spoppyboi
      Spoppyboi 8 months ago +8

      @J Hawkins touch grass old man

  • Shigeto Oe
    Shigeto Oe 11 months ago +193

    As a Japanese family living in the UK for 6 years, I and my three daughters really enjoyed watching your video during dinner. My 8 year old daughter wishes to visit Huis Ten Bosch!

    • meg haha
      meg haha 4 months ago

      @Shigeto Oe i second the other comment, de efteling is great!!!! I recommend it during winter time but if you wanna see tulip fields winter time is obviously not the best time :)

    • Shigeto Oe
      Shigeto Oe 11 months ago +13

      @Vulcanic Thanks for your information. I find these places very interesting. My wife always wishes to visit the tulip park!

    • Vulcanic
      Vulcanic 11 months ago +13

      Any Dutch city might also be a good way to take in a similar atmosphere! The clock tower in particular can be found in the city of Utrecht. For your 8 year old daughter you could also combine it with a visit to the Efteling, the biggest theme park in the Benelux based on fairytales by the brothers Grimm.

  • Writing on Games
    Writing on Games 11 months ago +6245

    In this episode we learn that Chris has a deep-seated fear of, well... living beings

    • DJ Gamera
      DJ Gamera 8 months ago

      @Shvabicu Nah, we're just a group of cultured individuals who enjoy British humor.
      We also enjoy Chris' deep-seated fear of all living beings, big or creepy.

    • DJ Gamera
      DJ Gamera 8 months ago

      @natpat Unsure.
      Maybe they're just bad at English.

    • Leslie Ann
      Leslie Ann 8 months ago

      Oh I thought you were going to say everything 🤣

    • Eckhart Luthor
      Eckhart Luthor 9 months ago

      He's British, that's just the law

  • Monk
    Monk 11 months ago +778

    Was no one else's favorite part when Chris fell off the fake horse with no legs that was only a foot off the ground? That was comedy gold!

    • Nobody Here
      Nobody Here 5 months ago

      @Grimslade Leviathan YES

    • Nobody Here
      Nobody Here 5 months ago +1

      yeah that was pretty funny lmao

    • Maria Gomes
      Maria Gomes 10 months ago +9

      I actually burst out laughing at that bit

    • Grimslade Leviathan
      Grimslade Leviathan 10 months ago +25

      What about the horse pissing while Chris is talking at the end

  • Samuel J Weber
    Samuel J Weber 11 months ago +384

    Remember Chris: Horses are intelligent and empathic creatures, they can sense nervousness from a half mile away. Others can just be unbroken aye holes.

  • kmyk88
    kmyk88 11 months ago +320

    Interesting fact: when you give birth to a baby, the shoulders are the hardest to get out and when they come out, they also twist 180 degrees (just like how Chris got through the torii gate the second time)

  • K
    K 11 months ago +196

    Stirrups could’ve been a little shorter, would’ve helped with feeling more secure. When the horse reversed unexpectedly in the yard, you seated very well and acted appropriately - there may be a buried talent in there somewhere! You made the right decision getting off, she was not a novice ride.

    • Katherine *
      Katherine * 4 months ago +4

      Yeah, there was definitely an issue with the rein holding, I see that a lot with a first time riders as the tend to pull the reins up towards their chest, which forces the horse to lift their head and can cause them to rear up, instead of pulling the reins towards the saddle or their lower abdomen to effectively slow or stop the horse by forcing its head against its neck. It’s a thing that a lot of experienced riders forget to mention to novices, because it comes very natural to us, but often is the cause of issues and the horse’s “disobedience”, because they just don’t understand what you want from them, this unclear communication can cause the horse to get anxious and buck (it could’ve also just been spooked by the wind :D)

    • Just1Nora
      Just1Nora 9 months ago +17

      He had the reigns pulled tight. You pull that tight and a horse is going to reverse (English you hold tighter, but western you give a lot of slack). It's a common beginner mistake. The various places I've gone on holiday for a ride, as well as our local stable, have asked basic rider level to match you with an appropriate horse but that's also in the states. Eating grass isn't strange (horses get hungry and bored) but yeah if your horse starts to buck or you get scared its probably a good time to get off.

    • Sofia M.
      Sofia M. 10 months ago +26

      Yeah absolutely, I guess also because of how he was holding the reins, he was stiff and not following the motion, and with the bit the horse might have been a little stressed

  • Benjamin Friedrichsen
    Benjamin Friedrichsen 11 months ago +3858

    So how would you describe Journey Across Japan in one sentence?
    “Every time we go scary point, fucking hell” 😂 I love it

    • 《c_up》
      《c_up》 8 months ago

      I see a cat of culture

    • DJ Gamera
      DJ Gamera 11 months ago

      @Enthy Because comedy. :D

    • Catriona
      Catriona 11 months ago +3

      their definition of "scary" is pretty wide-ranging.

    • Yo Dawg
      Yo Dawg 11 months ago +36

      ”Justice delicious”

  • Whimsical Stray
    Whimsical Stray 11 months ago +214

    Chris: I'm going to take Natsuki on a long overdue holiday.
    Also Chris: I'm going to push him into a waterfall and make him go into dark, centipede filled tunnels.

  • Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo 10 months ago +150

    There are few things that make me laugh as much as Natsuki. Literally every sentence he utters is absolute perfection. "Spidersnake??", "ぜったい嫌い", "Journey across Japan, always fucking place." Really, how can it even be this good??

  • freakMary
    freakMary 11 months ago +79

    Honestly that peaceful doggo that looked at 3 men trying to go through tiny Torii gates was a highlight of this video for me. Also what a beautiful scenery that part of Japan has!

  • Flugmorph
    Flugmorph 11 months ago +611

    "its actually quite cheap, only a hundret dollars per person"
    alright joey the rich anime man :DDD

    • Melba Peach
      Melba Peach 4 months ago +3

      I couldn’t believe that it’s like less than £20 to go horse riding here in Scotland

    • Amonfan
      Amonfan 7 months ago +6

      Sounds like a biggest scam ever for me, being a resident of Kazakhstan

    • Hritaban Roy
      Hritaban Roy 7 months ago +15

      possibly the actual trip was much longer. but yes 100 bucks for anything less than 2-3 hrs of time is an absolute ripoff.

    • Maxime Brants
      Maxime Brants 10 months ago +9

      @Sam Simeoni 40 dollars is more like 30 euros, still probably a rip-off lmao

    • Flugmorph
      Flugmorph 11 months ago +32

      @Sam Simeoni right that sounds more like it haha

  • Will
    Will 11 months ago +1340

    “Joey, who is from the land of killer insects and despair.” Is the best line from any video

    • Dottol
      Dottol 4 months ago

      @Smells like teen Hitler yeahhhhh no

    • Silvinare
      Silvinare 10 months ago

      Best part is that everyone would know where that is immediately lmao

    • santeri salmivuori
      santeri salmivuori 11 months ago

      I wheezed

    • Smells like teen Hitler
      Smells like teen Hitler 11 months ago +5

      @Shazy Bean even the Kung flu is afraid of going to Australia

    • DoomPlague
      DoomPlague 11 months ago +13

      I think he sold the place short. Its the land of killer everything. Insects, arachnids, snakes, sea creatures... they even have the most venomous mammal.

  • hanamiiiii
    hanamiiiii 10 months ago +156

    OK WHAT? They gave you a 6 yo untrained horse?? Even though they knew you were an absolute beginner? Uhm I have been working with horses since I was 3 years old. I've never done that. Respect for you to be able to control the situation for so long. And more respect for recognizing when it's time to stop and get off

    • Just1Nora
      Just1Nora 9 months ago +21

      That was irresponsible.

  • Theturtleowl
    Theturtleowl 10 months ago +64

    As a Dutch person, I was quite shocked by that theme park. From the inside it looks legit like a vacation bungalow you might rent over here.
    Gekoloniseerd indeed.

    • Tyler Feld
      Tyler Feld Month ago +1

      Over jizzle though... Even I, a Brit, know it's pronounced kinda like over-eye-sull.

  • elmadicine
    elmadicine 10 months ago +51

    as a texan who grew up riding horses casually, I can tell you now as an adult who now has a better formed view of the world and no longer rides horses regularly, that they are indeed terrifying creatures who deserve every microsecond of your attention and respect when you're around them

  • bad matter
    bad matter 10 months ago +248

    “how’s the hot spring”
    “just, just water”
    why does this make me laugh

    • bad matter
      bad matter 10 months ago +4

      @Mohamad Imaduddin i just thought “yeah he has it right”

    • Mohamad Imaduddin
      Mohamad Imaduddin 10 months ago +7

      it's hard to argue with his assessment

    • Lukas M
      Lukas M 10 months ago +3

      _W a t e r_

  • Biscoto-Senpai
    Biscoto-Senpai 11 months ago +253

    Crawling through a tiny gate while being judged by a dog is the kind of exciting adventure I was expecting to see.

    • username1nmillion
      username1nmillion 11 months ago

      @Abroad in Japan Even though I'm watching from Australia I'd rather go horse riding { Although that freaks me out too } then go through THAT cave { which may or may curse it's intruders 🔮 } . Coincidentally , just before taking a short rest after arriving home before watching this video I'd just been to a major cinema in Sydney where I saw the new { American animated } movie : Spirit Untamed. It's about a teenage girl who gets sent to a rural town & she risks her life to save a pack wild horses from being stolen by a gang of thugs. 💂🔛🪅 🤭 ⛔🐎🇯🇵

    • Biscoto-Senpai
      Biscoto-Senpai 11 months ago +25

      @Abroad in Japan He has probably already seen it all.

    • Abroad in Japan
      Abroad in Japan  11 months ago +93

      That dog was seriously not impressed.

  • Stingray
    Stingray 11 months ago +24

    12:36 this is an amazing moment. Their expressions... First Chris being all nervous and cocky at the same time and then Joey that can't believe what he just said and Natsuki's reaction to it. It's pure gold

  • Lova
    Lova 11 months ago +238

    10:52 Norm screaming like a 7 year old girl had me rolling

    • marimo chan
      marimo chan 7 months ago +8

      @Eduardo Ramirez Norm had red nailpolish on LOL

    • Eduardo Ramirez
      Eduardo Ramirez 8 months ago +20

      I heard Chris say “Norm” and I thought, wait I swear I heard a girl scream lol sorry Norm

  • Gewoon Rep
    Gewoon Rep 11 months ago +121

    As a dutch person I laughed my ass of when you tried to pronounce Overijssel😂

  • Lukas M
    Lukas M 10 months ago +107

    *_Chris being afraid of anything for 23 minutes and 19 seconds straight_*

  • Tanja K
    Tanja K 9 months ago +6

    I laughed so hard!😂 Me, a 50something old woman, would have loved to expedite the cave, every meter of it. No insect could habe stopped me. I love caves, so full of secrets and wonder.

  • Nufarella
    Nufarella 11 months ago +85

    Natsuki: “it’s comedy now”
    Chris: “IT’S NOT COMEDY!!!!!!!”

  • OwensShadow
    OwensShadow 10 months ago +10

    I love this series, Natsuki is amazing, loving that he's spending so much time on camera in this trip. From the personal hot springs baths, to the spooky cave, to the tiny shrines. This series is phenomenal, LOVE IT!

  • Order First
    Order First 10 months ago +14

    I am new to your channels. I spent the last 2 days binge watching all of your videos. I have watched a lot of youtube channels and youtubers from Steven Crowder to Bret Weinstien to Abanonded etc., for many years now. You are the best that I have ever seen. ALL criticisims about and against you are total BS. You have a presence and charm that really comes across as personable, presentable, and approachable. You are a great story teller. You have great ideas and an ability to translate them in a way that inspires others to get out there and actually travel. You have a way of inviting your viewers into the travel experience in a way that acutally makes it seem like they are traveling with you. While you show many different aspects and products of Japan for informational purposes you don't heavy hand the situation by actually huckstering the products, like so many other youtubes (i.e. Crowder) do. You don't seem to rely on selling products or promoting companies to get your videos made. Your videos move along smoothly and organically which really adds to their quality. You produce excellent, high quality, videos, which are entertaining, informative and positive, all without selling out and staying true to you message and yourself. You do this with your own efforts, sweat and tears, without relying on big money sponsorship, networks or Hollywood. That is really impressive in this day age. I am going to start supporting you on Patreon. I have always wanted to travel to Japan, but was too intimidated to do so. Because of your videos I now feel that I can go. Thanks for all of your inspiration and good ideas. Don't change a thing. What you have is talent, it is genuine, and not everyone has this. Forget your haters, those who can't do criticize. You are like Anthony Bourdain, back when he did No Reservations, when he was still fresh and untainted by corporate media. You have given me hope again after a very longtime of lockdowns and disappointments. You have shown me a way out with hope of travel to beautiful Japan.

  • SortoaThePenguin
    SortoaThePenguin 11 months ago +906

    Years of following Chris, and there is nothing more to say than that I eagerly await every single video. Each one is an incredible journey, and I love to live vicariously through him. He has been with me throughout high school, university, and now I am out in the big wide world, but Abroad in Japan has been a constant pleasure of mine to grow up with. Thank you, Chris, for being undoubtedly my favorite, and the single most inspiring content creator, I have ever had the pleasure of following. Keep up the incredible work.

    • Dottol
      Dottol 4 months ago

      @shimauma what is the link to? I don’t wanna tap it

    • Owlski
      Owlski 11 months ago

      @Vishnu PM But you can though...
      Go to their profile, click on "About", click the little flag, then select "Block user".
      Kinda weird to make this statement/comparison though to WhatsApp.

    • jama211
      jama211 11 months ago +5

      @Vishnu PM You can block people on TheXvid though, but anyway, I've reported them for spam

    • shimauma
      shimauma 11 months ago +5

      @Oil tank just block that guy

    • Oil tank
      Oil tank 11 months ago +3

      @visible dude, come on

  • rotenhoko
    rotenhoko 6 months ago +5

    Me: "Wow, I'm so impressed that Norm can hold in his laughter during the Awashima Shrine segment."
    5 minutes later, Norm: "AHH! AHHH!"

  • sepiaswirl
    sepiaswirl 11 months ago +5

    As a Dutch person, I am blown away by how much Huis ten Bosch looks like my country. I guess I never really thought about how we have really unique features that make our country look the way it does!

  • beth martinez
    beth martinez 11 months ago +3

    Always looking forward to your videos with Joey and Natsuki. Good chemistry , funny and spontaneous.

  • Wandering-Wolf
    Wandering-Wolf 11 months ago +6

    As an equestrian looking to find a place to own horses in Japan, I'm excited to see that there are places populated with horses! It's also hilarious to see you guys on horseback

  • travis moore
    travis moore 11 months ago +1

    Thank you Chris for making your videos. I was mowing grass today and I watched your videos during my breaks and cool down time. I have a boring life. Your snark is like a breath of fresh air blessed by the sun and all the gods of Japan. I wish you many happy days into the future. Anyway it could be worse. I woke up in the middle of the night years ago and found a giant black Millipede crawling on me. But that still was not as bad as the wood roaches on my face one night. Okay instead of a horse just ride a four wheeler.

  • ralphyman
    ralphyman 10 months ago +2

    Dutchie here, that really looks a lot like the Netherlands. The interior of the house was very early 20th century though, so that's not really up to date anymore, but the outside buildings are exactly like in the Netherlands. That's creepy. Looking forward to watching the next episode!

  • Talha Islam
    Talha Islam 6 months ago +1

    Currently binging the episodes, this is such a well produced show with brilliant narration and hosting. Didn’t think I’d be this entertained. Loving it

  • Thomas Name
    Thomas Name 7 months ago +1

    Oh my God! I can't believe you actually got through that torii gate lol.
    Congratulations. That's the most amazing thing you ever did.

  • wildcaml jumpout
    wildcaml jumpout 11 months ago +470

    Chris pushed Natsuki into the waterfall, hustled Natsuki into going in the cave first, and then didn’t even go in himself. seems fair that he got the disobedient horse :)

  • Tomo
    Tomo 11 months ago +3

    Norm's scream at the house centipede got me dying 🤣🤣🤣 I've had those in my house many times so I would've been the only one in that group just fine with sharing the cave with them

  • Tracy Bates
    Tracy Bates 11 months ago +7

    Watching you guys go through the gate gave me anxiety. Watching Natsuki go in the tunnel gave me even more anxiety. Watching Chris try and ride a horse gave me EXTREME anxiety! I never thought I would need a beer after watching an episode of Journey across Japan lol

  • CloudsAndCoffins
    CloudsAndCoffins 11 months ago +5

    As someone from a place where everyone has a horse, and you learn to ride before you can walk, it never ceases to amaze me there are people out there who have never even been on or seen one...

  • Time Travel Walk
    Time Travel Walk 11 months ago +1

    There's something so absolutely wonderful about your videos. Thank you for this trip and the many others that I have experienced. :)))

  • A Bunny
    A Bunny 11 months ago +416

    What I've gathered is that Chris has a fear of 50% of things in the world.

    • WhamBamBoozler
      WhamBamBoozler 11 months ago +1

      He's also afraid of bunnies

    • Heavenly Creature
      Heavenly Creature 11 months ago +10

      Who isn't afraid of insects, ET, Chucky, bear signs, statues, horses, bankcruptcy of Family Mart, etc... 😉

    • Ic'eom'Istar
      Ic'eom'Istar 11 months ago +17

      And like a true pom he whinges about it all.

  • Postmanpat
    Postmanpat 11 months ago +1

    your friends are so much fun to watch. I wish me and my wife could someday make our way to japan.. all though that will probably never happen ... keep up the good work

  • SaturoAnni
    SaturoAnni 10 months ago +1

    omg I was so happy that all of you made it through that tiny little tori gate XD I wonder if people really got stuck there already Ö_Ö and yeah horses can be scary if you don't know how to handle them XD

  • Enn Teraycie
    Enn Teraycie 10 months ago +1

    Wow that Dutch theme park is surprisingly really nice and accurate! I’m impressed. It’s definitely better than the British town

  • QuimbyGames
    QuimbyGames 10 months ago +2

    Found this channel like 3 days ago and I think I've watched like 30 videos already, a lot of them are from like 2018 which is something I usually never watch but this time it's interesting! Quickly becoming my favorite channel, witty and informal!

  • SuperPowerGeek
    SuperPowerGeek 11 months ago +315

    I love how that dog is just chilling by the tiny shines and it's just never addressed. It's almost like he's the NPC in a video game administering the challenge and upon completion will reward you with some kind of power up.

    • iMojado
      iMojado 11 months ago +1


    • TheAlloenvera
      TheAlloenvera 11 months ago +16

      The best reward

    • Skeetz neph
      Skeetz neph 11 months ago +36

      the reward is youre allowed to pet him

  • Jmastaaflex
    Jmastaaflex 11 months ago +5

    Just discovered your channel like a week ago, and really enjoying your content. It was driving me nuts because I couldn’t find the next video in this series, but then realized it’s because I’m watching your most current videos! Looking forward to more in this series, and have a ton of videos to catch up on in the meantime. Saw your TED talk, too. You really have a gift for this stuff.

  • dreamflite7
    dreamflite7 11 months ago +1

    You guys are so talented. I cannot believe how much this channel has grown over the years from where it started. So cool man. 👏❤👍

  • Tom Beck
    Tom Beck 11 months ago +13

    You’d be mistaken for thinking that Joey had never actually been to Europe.

  • Chris Wielink
    Chris Wielink 11 months ago +1

    Oh man, I'd love to see what Japan makes of Dutch culture. Can't wait for the next ep!

  • Pandacorn
    Pandacorn 11 months ago +714

    As an ex-trail rider guide, that was stressful!
    I don't know if I would agree with that type of bit (in the horse's mouth) when it comes to trail rides and complete beginners given the reins. That type of bit multiples the pressure because it's leveraged. So when you pull that amount back, it was applying a good amount of pressure and hence why she was backing up so quickly and twitching her head a bit. Usually just a light pull is enough to send a message. It's generally not good for beginners.
    Beginners are usually put on snaffles (direct pressure) or even hackamore (nothing in the mouth, just headgear). She was also a bit "green" which is an inexperienced / novice horse. 6 years old is young for a trail horse.
    Sorry you had such a horrible first experience on a horse. But your content has been great and I look forward to every video.

    • Top
      Top 11 months ago +2

      @Yaima oh yeah, I don't even ride horses but I can tell you that much like babies and any animal, they see what they can "get away with" and use their size and strength to get their way. Stubborn creatures for sure. I'm feeding my sister's horse and cow and he straight up shoves the cow out of the way. I smacked his shoulder (I feel bad, I meant to smack his rump) and only THEN did he move away from the cow's feeding container back to his. Then not even 30 seconds later he came over and just pushed me outta the way by leaning his weight against me because he realized he CAN push me outta the way and get both shares of food 😬😂

    • fireroum
      fireroum 11 months ago +2

      @Yaima thanks for that insight. I did wonder if it was a particularly stubborn one, and perhaps could sense that i didn't want to stop it, but i was limited by the length of the reins and at the same time maintain my balance and hold on the reins. It was after watching Chris' experience here that made me wonder if it was perhaps an inexperienced or untrained one.

    • Yaima
      Yaima 11 months ago +11

      @fireroum I work with horses and the grazing behaviour pops up in horses regardless of training. With some horses it mostly depends on personality/ greediness/ stubbornness. We have four year olds who won't do it and we have sixteen year olds who never stop unless an instructor comes and chases them. Every horse has a different level of 'cheekiness.'
      And in general, horses tend to eat more when ridden by beginners. They can feel your experience level and some will learn that beginners struggle to stop them from eating. That same horse might not try to eat when ridden by the instructors/ experienced riders. We find it hard to train some of ours not to eat because they never try it when we ride them.

    • fireroum
      fireroum 11 months ago +5

      @SusanIvanova2257 all the other horses in my group were much more controllable, most of us being first time riders. Everyone else simply pulled on the reins and the horses would stay still, instead of trying to graze again.

    • SusanIvanova2257
      SusanIvanova2257 11 months ago +8

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    • Jasper Kruizinga
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    • Rhiannon Williams
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    • Rhiannon Williams
      Rhiannon Williams 11 months ago

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    • ALittleVixen
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    BTW the creepy painting had the title 'Prove of Overijssel' which is a dutch province that lies north of the 'Ijssel' which is a branch river of the Rhine.

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    As someone who's from the Netherlands(and Overijssel!) I'd say the house does resemble a typical dutch house, albeit a little smaller. It's fun to see how Japan views our country as well. Really enjoyed the video, looking forward to next week!

    • LitlePlushie
      LitlePlushie 11 months ago

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    • Stock Raising
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      Also i guess i live in overjizzle now

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    I know cause it looks like my grandma's old apartment.

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  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

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