Duke vs Georgetown Basketball Game Highlights 11 22 2019

  • Duke vs Georgetown Basketball Game Highlights 11 22 2019

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  • George Chapman
    George Chapman 18 days ago

    Looks like the refs got a bonus check from Duke

  • Larry Stallings
    Larry Stallings Month ago


  • Mark
    Mark Month ago

    Yeah that makes sense, leave McLung (your best 3pt shooter) on the sidelines most of the game.

  • Wesley Lytton
    Wesley Lytton Month ago

    Intense and physical defense will occasionally result in fouls y'all are tripping the comments it's at the refs discretion they just trynuh keep shit clean .

  • Richy Leo
    Richy Leo 2 months ago

    Bad call then bad call then bad call then bad call then bad call then I didn’t watch the rest of the game.

  • dog man
    dog man 2 months ago

    Refs have always gave duke the calls , always.

  • Bruce Borneman
    Bruce Borneman 2 months ago

    Am I that old or has defense become non existent? Its almost like they are afraid to guard each other? I remember back in the day this game was a lot more physical on defense. Is it just me?

  • KobaYa7
    KobaYa7 2 months ago

    Referees are on Duke's side! That's what I don't like about watching sports anymore too much politics going on with referees. CONTROLLED!!!

  • jon davis
    jon davis 2 months ago

    I'd like to see Matt at duke.

  • Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson 2 months ago

    Im a fan of neither team, but what was going on with the refs??
    That was the worst called game I've seen in 20+years!
    Foul does not rhyme with D U K E
    Georgetown was in it for a long time, and then the calls by the refs went nuts..worst officiated game for a long time...

  • Matt M
    Matt M 2 months ago +1

    Surprisingly Duke got the benefit of important calls, including two terrible calls against McClung.
    Seemed like I was watching a game at Durham

  • Jeashbrook
    Jeashbrook 2 months ago

    Mcclung can't handle pressure.

  • Kevin Cassidy
    Kevin Cassidy 3 months ago +1

    Catching up on some college hoops watching during the holidays. If I was a major sponsor for this event (or the media company providing the $$) I would be battering the NCAA about providing proven, competent officiating far more consistently. That was a total embarrassment. Given how much money there is in this sport how is it possible that the NCAA & conferences offer this as their product? So many of those calls were not worthy of a junior high game, let alone major college. The authenticity of the effort of these young men is unfairly diminished by a clear lack of any professional skill.

  • Karl Kelly Quibo
    Karl Kelly Quibo 3 months ago

    George can’t win it’s clear the ref is on duke side

  • sounddoctorin
    sounddoctorin 3 months ago

    idiot refs

  • Good Morning Good Afternoon and Good Night

    Bad coaching ie should have had Mac in for full game.

  • Nathan Phillips
    Nathan Phillips 3 months ago

    That ref is on the books.

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 3 months ago +1

    WOW, 6 points!!
    Hopefully, now some of you will get off our knees in front of McClung. He had 6 whole points, and 1 of those 3's was an extremely lucky roll, and the other was a wide-open shot. He's very overrated, there is more to basketball than dunks, kids.

    • Jimmy
      Jimmy 3 months ago

      Waylon MDJR www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/player/_/id/4397071/mac-mcclung This is now, what, the 3rd time your ignorant as* has been proven wrong. From your big man theory, to unable to do basic math, saying 6 points is basically scoring a point every minute of, 13 minutes... Very ignorant comment. Sorry, he's a significant 43% from the field, and 2.1 assists a game. Wow. Sit down, little boy. Time for you to be quiet. 🤫🤫

    • Jimmy
      Jimmy 3 months ago

      Waylon MDJR 🤫 You’re done.

    • Waylon MDJR
      Waylon MDJR 3 months ago

      @JimmySyracuse...Ohio State... yeah your right no name schools.... lmao

    • Waylon MDJR
      Waylon MDJR 3 months ago

      @Jimmy dude fuck off look at his stats. 16 ppg 30 ish you moron. hes putting up points and winning games your opinion is uneducated and worthless

    • Jimmy
      Jimmy 3 months ago

      Waylon MDJR, a point a minute is what you said. So ignorant. Amazing how telling the truth is hate. Facts don't care about your feelings.

  • Mike Aragones
    Mike Aragones 3 months ago

    you suck ref you should semenar and training again

  • Carl Hopkinson
    Carl Hopkinson 4 months ago

    Obviously, this game was rigged by the NCAA thru the refs to keep the Puke ad revenues flowing. Horrible reffing.

  • Carl Hopkinson
    Carl Hopkinson 4 months ago +1

    Wow, that 44 for Georgetown (Yurtseven) is going to be an NBA star. Another Turkish superstar.

  • David Darson
    David Darson 4 months ago


  • Donald Jeezy Trump
    Donald Jeezy Trump 4 months ago +2

    Duke refs did great

  • Donald Jeezy Trump
    Donald Jeezy Trump 4 months ago

    Someone got screwed by the Duke officiating...

  • Mehmed Mustafov
    Mehmed Mustafov 4 months ago

    #44 yurtseven what a player! He is very talented. I'm sure it will be selected from the top positions in the draft.

  • Kenneth Petovic
    Kenneth Petovic 4 months ago


  • Tommy F
    Tommy F 4 months ago

    refs were horrible

  • Cole Brown
    Cole Brown 4 months ago +10

    Georgetown got screwed.

  • Arhtoin Meloes
    Arhtoin Meloes 4 months ago

    Number 3 of Georgetown 😂😂😂

  • Matthew Meeuwen
    Matthew Meeuwen 4 months ago +2

    Why the hell did they keep sitting Mac it's ridiculous he doesn't play enough minutes and they put them in his shity situations and offensive conifguration he's being miss utilized in this Georgetown system

    • Matthew Meeuwen
      Matthew Meeuwen 4 months ago

      @GerMart i agree i just think that the system gtown runs leaves mac in no mans land. He is a slasher and needs plays that compliment his style he could score 26 a night in a different setup.

    • GerMart
      GerMart 4 months ago

      Well, for this game at least he was in early foul trouble from some very questionable calls, and fouls really hurt GTown this game, cost them momentum. I can see the coach was afraid that the refs had it in for Mac for some reason.

  • Zorro 123
    Zorro 123 4 months ago +17

    Dukes hard to be legit, with refs on their side it’s damn near impossible

  • The ERNAL REAL ESTATE GROUP at Keller Williams Capital Properties-DC

    F**K the Refs. They are working for Duke.

  • zyxwut321
    zyxwut321 4 months ago +3

    Wow, the refs gave EVERY benefit of the doubt to Duke. That was repulsive. That was almost 2002 Western Conference finals bad. It's extra tough to beat the top team in the nation when the refs are a sixth man on the court.

  • Drizzy Dilly
    Drizzy Dilly 4 months ago

    Georgetown can hold this L

  • Mark Plogger
    Mark Plogger 4 months ago

    Duke looked OK but got most of the calls for sure. Georgetown to me plays to much street ball. They just don't look that well coached.

  • Quincy Hyde
    Quincy Hyde 4 months ago +25

    Dear Ref ...Duke is an all time great program, they do not need your help

  • Sportz Junkie
    Sportz Junkie 4 months ago +1

    Wendell moore is a bust

  • ThatguyNice
    ThatguyNice 4 months ago

    G'town #44 Yurkseven has a nice game in the low post. Benefit of a HOF big man as headcoach, maybe.

  • Sergio B3
    Sergio B3 4 months ago +4

    #44 for Georgetown was silky smooth, son looking like a baller

  • Sergio B3
    Sergio B3 4 months ago

    Can somebody please get 99 overall stoner out the comment section, this fake ass duke fan won’t shut his mouth

  • Carlos Spivey
    Carlos Spivey 4 months ago +2

    Great Game Duke has a good team but watch out for them Hoyas Ewing got his team ready the guard play and that guy on the block smh they a handful add Mclung and that’s a lot to deal with but the refs made too many bad calls period stole Georgetown momentum

  • GerMart
    GerMart 4 months ago +1

    How the hell was that a foul on McClung at 7:50? Do the refs hate Georgetown or something? Duke does play tough D though, the only Georgetown player who seemed to have any kind of offensive rhythm was that #44, he kept them in it but just wasn't enough at the end.

  • bjern757
    bjern757 4 months ago

    Duke look soft this year my tarheels on they ass💪💪💪

  • Joseph Velasco
    Joseph Velasco 4 months ago

    You win some, you lose some. That is the name of the game...

  • earlyburd78
    earlyburd78 4 months ago +1

    McClung is overrated asab...

  • Kevin Schart
    Kevin Schart 4 months ago +1

    mcclung's career is over. no nba for you. go the hook at the end of both halfs. decent athlete but he doesn't make the right basketball plays

    • Kevin Schart
      Kevin Schart 3 months ago

      not questioning if he can play or not. a month ago he didn't look that great. he's had some good games since, and I'm open to being wrong about his projections.

    • Paul Aoki
      Paul Aoki 3 months ago


    • bacchus thompson
      bacchus thompson 3 months ago

      @Kevin Schart Mac is NBA bound, I don't know what you are evaluating. The kid is a SCORER that can create his own shot.

    • Kevin Schart
      Kevin Schart 4 months ago

      well ewing doesn't seem to trust him. if your coach doesn't trust you then you can't get minutes. if you don't get minutes you're gonna be playing in Latvia. Tyler has height and he's a shooter. but we'll see

    • Kevin Schart
      Kevin Schart 4 months ago

      we'll see

  • Tony Manero
    Tony Manero 4 months ago +1

    As a viewer and not a fan of either team, since I am a Nova and St. John fan, these refs were horrendous and bias toward Duke. No person who understands the game of basketball would disagree.

  • David Kim
    David Kim 4 months ago +1

    Joey baker seems like a good shooter

  • Alexander Ahrendt
    Alexander Ahrendt 4 months ago

    Duke gets balled out way to much

  • Brandon Stanley
    Brandon Stanley 4 months ago +1

    said it a couple games ago, wendell moore was right on the verge of breaking out. kids too talented to struggle the way he has. last two games we’ve seen how capable he is. i know it’s a small sample, but he’ averaged 13.5 on 58.8% shooting, 2-4 from three, 6.5 rebounds, 4 assists at the legends classic. averaging 1.3 steals per game on the year too. very versatile. good defender. great passer. great driver. can knock down a jumper. team is so deep, any number of guys can go off... and we did this with Hurt struggling mightily too... and that kid is also legit. very excited by this duke squad. to be able to come back and take the game against a good georgetown team when they don’t have their A games is a big statement. very impressed by the hoyas too. Yurtseven and Akinjo gonna be a problem in the big east. they’ll be a tough draw come tournament time and might be able to make a run then. good game (even though the stripes made it near unwatchable at times with all the fouls. gotta let them play at least a little bit. was a bit ridiculous).

  • John-boy
    John-boy 4 months ago +2

    Good learning experience for Georgetown, they were leading most of the first half. Carey so tough for Duke inside. Akinjo and to a degree McClung dominate the ball too much. Refs missed a lot, Duke got a lot of breaks (didn't think that was a foul on McClung, they were both going for the loose ball. McClung carried once and they missed that too. Duke better at the fundamentals, blocking out, not getting caught in the air, etc.

  • Chin Chukwu
    Chin Chukwu 4 months ago

    mcclung has got to pass the ball. i commend him for being/staying aggressive, but when your teammates are open you have to get them the ball. at least 3 or 4 times mcclung is dribbling toward the basket and a teammate is wide open with their hands up expecting the pass. at 20:27 he has laboanc (i believe) wide open for an easy lay up. why not get him the ball? he cost the team at least 6 points by doing this. i don't understand it.

    • Chin Chukwu
      Chin Chukwu 4 months ago

      @GerMart - i don't like to dig too deep into numbers. numbers don't lie, but they don't tell the whole story, either. i think mcclung alone could affect those assist numbers by trusting his teammates more. i pointed out the fast break he led at 3:26 in video. he missed two opportunities to get his team a basket. this was a big problem of his last year, too. the team missed out on a ton of open shots simply because mcclung failed to make the extra pass. james akinjo is the best ball handler/distributor they have (and it's not even close) and he runs the team better than anyone else, also imo. 5 assist IS NOT below average for PG at the college level. not sure why you think that. tre jones is ranked 8th in assist. james akinjo is ranked 60th. BUT, they're separated by only 2 assists per game (jones averaging 7, akinjo is averaging 5). based on that there is no way you can say akinjo is below average when there are 30 PGs ahead of him average more by mere decimal points (5.9).
      like i said, i hate doing the numbers thing. i don't understand why coach pat seems to give mcclung the green light on offense when pickett (and the center---not sure of his name) appears to have the skills to get baskets with much more efficiency. not sure why mcclung refuses to pass the ball to open teammates, but from what i saw/see---it's becoming a problem. even in this game---when mcclung missed habib and alexander for open baskets you can see their frustration. i think coach pat needs to harness that because mcclung is getting way too comortable attacking the rim with his shades down.

    • GerMart
      GerMart 4 months ago

      I agree McClung needs to pass more, but he is an SG plus the Hoyas as a team need to pass more, they have about 90 assists for the season and most major college teams have well over a 100 by this time. Akinjo is averaging 5 assists per game, below average for a PG. Might be OK if he was scoring a high pct. 20 a game but he's only scoring 13 a game and shooting 36% from the field and 25% from the 3 pt. line. Efficient he is not. McClung is only a little more efficient averaging 12 a game while shooting 39% from the field and 34% from the 3 pt. line.
      Ewing is a coach who wants his players to attack the basket and score, not work a crisp motion offense and work the ball to the open shooter. That works because Akinjo and McClung are good at getting to the basket and scoring and/or drawing fouls but it's not fully utilizing the talents of Pickett, LeBlanc, Moseley and Alexander, all of whom are shooting around 50% from the field and the 3 pt. line. They aren't taking as many shots as the starting backcourt and if they did those %'s might go down but if they stay anywhere near those numbers the team would be doing better offensively.
      There was some hoopla about the Hoyas backcourt being the best in college this year but so far the numbers aren't bearing that out. I do think the talent is there but both guards need to think about being facilitators more than pure scorers, especially for possible pro careers, particularly Mac who is too short to play SG in the NBA.

    • Chin Chukwu
      Chin Chukwu 4 months ago

      @Henry Stoneking - akinjo "the black hole at point?" really? so was it a mistake that he won big east freshman of the year last year? i'm not saying mcclung is "greedy"---but he needs to pass the ball...period. 20:27 was just one example. when mcclung got the ball at 3:26 on the fast break---#11 is open at 3:28 for an alley oop. mccling missed him. then at 3:31---#34 (habib, i think) is wide open for an easy lay up under the basket AND--he's showing mcclung his hands. mcclung missed him, too. instead, mcclung keeps the ball and is called for a charge. and you're saying akinjo is selfish? he had 19 pts and 6 assist---are those selfish stats?

  • Danny York
    Danny York 4 months ago

    Big Pat got them hoyas back to national prominence, BBN!

  • Derek Schneide
    Derek Schneide 4 months ago +2

    Dude 10 offensive fouls called in 1st half...nuff said

    • Kevin Schart
      Kevin Schart 4 months ago

      that's college ball for you. one of the reasons i don't watch

  • DoctorJ42
    DoctorJ42 4 months ago

    Good game Hoyas. After the last two games, in particular, it looks like the program might be back on the right track to becoming nationally competitive.

  • Thomas Wyatt
    Thomas Wyatt 4 months ago

    Duke wins because of some bullshit calls

    • GerMart
      GerMart 4 months ago

      had more to do with Duke's tough team defense but the bad calls didn't help.

    • Mike Mena
      Mike Mena 4 months ago

      Yup that was it buddo

  • Honebead Smith
    Honebead Smith 4 months ago +10

    Officiating wasnt good. Giving slight benefit to Duke on some crucial calls (Mac's 3rd foul).. and the worst possibly game changing play of the night was the call Ewing received a technical foul on. That one was outrageous.

  • JBA
    JBA 4 months ago +5

    as a duke fan i can just say that calls by the refs were terrible all game

    • JBA
      JBA 4 months ago

      atleast they were consistent with the offensive fouls i guess

  • Billy Jackson
    Billy Jackson 4 months ago +3

    Them refs garbage

  • Robert Drake
    Robert Drake 4 months ago +1

    Mac McClung played like a bitch smh

  • larry brown
    larry brown 4 months ago +1

    Duke should be strong this season , ACC championship game , 2nd in the ACC to UNC ( hate to say it) , likely lose Carey & Stanley to the draft (early call) with the 2020 class & if Tre ,Wendell stay could go all the way

  • macmd28
    macmd28 4 months ago +1

    Yes there was bad calls but duke still played better than Georgetown

  • Jared Williams
    Jared Williams 4 months ago +1

    16:33 I don’t understand that call, that was just terrible!

    • Wyatt Burton
      Wyatt Burton 4 months ago

      mike collins even the biased announcers said it was terrible. Duke plays hack away all game but if you breath on a duke player it’s a foul and duke fans go “not our fault they can’t play defense” when you play duke you play them and the refs. Ask Wisconsin

    • mike collins
      mike collins 4 months ago

      @Wyatt Burton - well this time I'm lucky because I have video evidence--unless somebody is a bit too lazy to look at all of the replays... no no, you're right, Knicks legend Ewing got hosed in Madison Square Gardens!!!

    • Wyatt Burton
      Wyatt Burton 4 months ago

      mike collins spoken like a true duke fan. Makes up a bunch of crap about yet another egregious foul call against a duke opponent

    • mike collins
      mike collins 4 months ago

      @Honebead Smith - push off would've been secondary--chronological order is important.

    • Honebead Smith
      Honebead Smith 4 months ago

      @mike collins It could have just as much have been a push off.. That call was fugging terrible. Terrible.

  • Rondo9prime
    Rondo9prime 4 months ago

    I 1v1 a college player

  • jpin0002 jpin0002
    jpin0002 jpin0002 4 months ago +2

    Number 1 team jn the country looks sloppy. College basketball is kind of a joke now. The best teams consist of a bunch of 18 year old super freshman and a bunch of upperclassmen that can't get drafted lol. What am I watching?

    • mike collins
      mike collins 4 months ago +1

      @jpin0002 jpin0002 - As a Duke fan, I can say that for them, it appears that responsibility in the concept of team defense has been their greatest weakness despite having very talented individual defenders--mainly, off the ball defense. I remember that Check Diallo was one of the highest coveted recruits but couldn't get on the court at KU because he didn't understand where to be, when to rotate and how to defend the half court off the ball even though he was a shot blocker. Bagley, for Duke, took a while into the season to get it in his head to keep his hands up in the passing lanes while defending an non-shooting threat on the perimeter giving the opposing player great looks to get the ball to his guy in scoring position. It's an understandable weakness at 18--and yes, you are also very accurate with team chemistry as well. This is why the 2010 Duke team was my favorite squad to hang a banner--all juniors and seniors with no real NBA talent.

    • jpin0002 jpin0002
      jpin0002 jpin0002 4 months ago +1

      @mike collins I agree. Thats not suppose to happen. Kentucky getting beat, I mean. Just shows the fall of competitiveness and sportsmanship. Loyalty, team chemistry are all fundamentals of basketball that are basically laughed at these days. Sad state of basketball.

    • Nakaila Ellis
      Nakaila Ellis 4 months ago

      Every team in college that's ranked have mostly freshman starting and everyone go one and done after freshman year. Won't be anyone left after a while cause everyone wanna go one and done since NCAA came out with the agreement smh. It was worse choice NCAA made!

    • mike collins
      mike collins 4 months ago

      @jpin0002 jpin0002 - as a Duke fan, I think get what you're saying--I think the UK loss to Evansville makes it more clearly. Highly ranked teams nowadays tend to be very inconsistent and have many more losses and more struggles against inferior teams than similarly ranked teams in this decade than the decade prior. I think it's mainly due to the OAD era where the blue bloods have higher turnover with so many players leaving after year one rather than staying and developing. It's not to say that they're best isn't as the best of teams of the past, rather, we simply don't see them at their best as often--if that makes sense. I'd also venture to say that these deficiencies show themselves greater in the beginning of the season than deep into conference play. Teams full of 20-22 year old 3-4 star recruits that have been playing together 3-4 years are going to run more disciplined offense and defense than 18 year olds about to go pro. The NBA is going to make changes in the fairly near future and it will have a big impact on the college game--we'll see how it all plays out.

    • jpin0002 jpin0002
      jpin0002 jpin0002 4 months ago

      @Dwight Cook No you just don't understand my point. Wasn't about winning or losing. Wasn't about Duke being the best or not. Maybe re read it bud.

  • Bryce Hammerton
    Bryce Hammerton 4 months ago +30

    Macclungs third foul was egregious

    • Matt M
      Matt M 2 months ago

      The first foul was worse

    • big daddy
      big daddy 2 months ago +1

      Mcclung is the best there is

    • David McCracken
      David McCracken 3 months ago +1

      @Jimmy just because an idiot calls a foul,doesnt mean that it actually was.It was a bad call.goodbye dumbass

    • Jimmy
      Jimmy 3 months ago

      David McCracken He had the ball in his hands, right? He's the ball handler. Learn the rules first; you may go now, child.

    • David McCracken
      David McCracken 3 months ago +3

      @Jimmy the guy hadnt made a dribble.didnt even have control yet actually. Mcclung was going for the ball.youre the type that blows the whistle just to be blowing something.go wait in the mens bathroom and let the guys play ball.
      And Shut the fuck up.
      Sshhhh....what a bitch😂

  • Zach S
    Zach S 4 months ago +8

    Georgetown is legit. I feel like if that core stays together for one more year they’ll definitely be a final four caliber team, but this year Duke looks like a more cohesive team if they can get a little bit out of White/O’Connell/Baker they’ll be unbeatable.

  • Henry Edwards
    Henry Edwards 4 months ago +14

    I’ll be so happy when Javin graduates, omg he’s terrible. 4 years with coach k and game never got better🤦🏾‍♂️

    • James Jones
      James Jones 4 months ago

      Henry Edwards bro I was thinking the same thing he looks so uncoordinated In everything he does

    • Lucky Luciano
      Lucky Luciano 4 months ago

      I swear

    • carsonc29
      carsonc29 4 months ago

      @mike collins Bolden had been at Duke for 3 years..he wasnt about to get any better

    • Dre Day
      Dre Day 4 months ago

      @Henry Edwards he'll be fine later in the season.

    • Henry Edwards
      Henry Edwards 4 months ago

      @mike collins yes you right I just expect more

  • 林品辰
    林品辰 4 months ago +1

    why Duke could always benefit from bad calls....?

    • 林品辰
      林品辰 4 months ago

      @Mike Mena if I don't like them I would not watch this highlight

    • Mike Mena
      Mike Mena 4 months ago

      林品辰 because you don’t like duke

  • David McCracken
    David McCracken 4 months ago +23

    When Pat took his tie off,I thought he was gonna have Mac jump up and get his jersey down out of the rafters...

  • Robert G
    Robert G 4 months ago +12

    Moore has a lot of potential, he needs to stay another year and grow into that potential. If he does, he will be unguardable.

    • Dre Day
      Dre Day 4 months ago

      @Nathan Branson I honestly can see tre staying but to be honest duke csn keep all 6 which would benefit this team coach k would have to ask some of the guys to stay as walk ons which he does every year

    • Nathan Branson
      Nathan Branson 4 months ago

      @Robert G Is the offense Duke ran against Georgetown different from the offense they ran against Kansas? That is-------is this the first game they've run the motion offense?

    • Robert G
      Robert G 4 months ago

      I agree with how fast he's absorbed what he's learned since KU game. You can definitely notice how much more comfortable he is in the motion offense instead of having to break defenders down, I think Stanley is the same way even though he has the ability to break most defenders down. Just look at all the cut to the basket points these 2 are getting. I love that this team knows they have to keep growing.

    • Nathan Branson
      Nathan Branson 4 months ago

      @Dre Day I'd prefer all the dudes stay like Hurt, Moore and Cassius; and then some of those 6 guys decommit. I'm glad they want to come to Duke, but you can't win a title if you have all these guys without any chemistry. I'm sure Cary and Jones will go pro, but it'd be great if some guys stayed and developed a core of a team.

    • Dre Day
      Dre Day 4 months ago

      @Nathan Branson so jav jack Vernon Matthew tre or cassius and Justin

  • Siasam’s Game
    Siasam’s Game 4 months ago

    Very disappointed in Duke this game. We fuckin suck. We get a lower case w for that one... We got lucky. Turned the ball over and missed most of everything we shot.

  • Born Knowledge
    Born Knowledge 4 months ago +28

    Duke has a great team but there were a lot of missed calls!

    • Siasam’s Game
      Siasam’s Game 4 months ago +3

      Born Knowledge a lot of missed layups and free throws. I agree. They should have played better.

  • Truth
    Truth 4 months ago +1

    Thank god I'm a Tar Heels fan...
    Duke dont get these bs calls against us

    • Truth
      Truth 2 months ago

      @David Wood 🥱 if it's about trophy cases then I have nothing to worry about as a Heels fan. We can blow the next 10 seasons and I dont have to have a care in the world.

    • David Wood
      David Wood 2 months ago

      @Truth never anything to show for it? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
      Check the trophy case.

    • Truth
      Truth 2 months ago

      @David Wood oh well,
      Guess I'll watch Duke disappoint again with all the talent in the world and never anything to show for it 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • David Wood
      David Wood 2 months ago

      Guess those UNC boys aren't doing fine after all. Fingers crossed that they'll make the NIT.

    • Truth
      Truth 4 months ago

      @David Wood
      I dont understand you logic...
      The more he plays within the system the better he's going to get...not the opposite...
      The Tar Heels will be just fine...your argument may work for NC State tho...

  • Kelvin Thomas
    Kelvin Thomas 4 months ago +1

    Where was Mac all game?

    • That_Canuck_God
      That_Canuck_God 4 months ago

      Kelvin Thomas foul trouble cause of bullshit refs.

  • Steve Collins
    Steve Collins 4 months ago +1

    Ok foul trouble my bad

  • Steve Collins
    Steve Collins 4 months ago +18

    You play Mac Mclung just 13 mins and expect to win?? My opinion

    • Jeffrey Smith
      Jeffrey Smith 2 months ago

      @Honebead Smith one was a blocking foul, the other was a no call. Ref made a horrible call. Not one but 2 horrible calls. Ewing came off that bench. I thought he was going to tear the refs head off. Could not blame him on that one call. That ref was poor. Basically I would say he sucks

    • Thoughtfool DJ
      Thoughtfool DJ 2 months ago +1

      @bacchus thompson how you figure that? He won Big East player of the week twice since the transfers. GT won 6 in a row, and Mac's averaging 18.7pts on 29mins per game on 43.5% shooting over the last 7. And that's including an injury. You're either a dumbass or a clown.

    • bacchus thompson
      bacchus thompson 3 months ago

      @J A I guess Mac still struggling??????

    • Waylon MDJR
      Waylon MDJR 3 months ago

      My point exactly

    • Mike WV
      Mike WV 3 months ago

      @Henry Stoneking ....but now he gets the chance to be a star with the ball hog gone.

  • Jean-Marc VERDIER
    Jean-Marc VERDIER 4 months ago +3

    I don't get it. Those commentators have all the replays of the world and they still don't see fouls or no-calls.

    • J A
      J A 4 months ago

      The one side sounds hammered every time he calls a Duke game when I watch, dan dickitch or whatever his name is.

    • Harris
      Harris 4 months ago

      That's why I mute most of the games. These guys are complete clowns and I don't even understand how they have a job.

  • Latino Freak
    Latino Freak 4 months ago +23

    44 on GT was un stoppable towards the end

  • Eloy Robles
    Eloy Robles 4 months ago +9

    could it be duke is a better team than georgetown and two of thier best players had 20point games?? NO DUKE ONLY WINS WHEN THEY CHEAT & JET FUEL MELTS STEAL BEAMS

    • Golden Niemela
      Golden Niemela 4 months ago

      @Siasam’s Game bro you love the number 40, you've mentioned it at least 4 different times

    • Eloy Robles
      Eloy Robles 4 months ago

      @Noah Garrison you left out that 3pt % tho

    • Eloy Robles
      Eloy Robles 4 months ago +1

      @Honebead Smith agreed alot of bad calls on both ends

    • Noah Garrison
      Noah Garrison 4 months ago +2

      99 overall Stoner they actually shot 41% from the field, shot above 70% from the free throw line, and had 21 turnovers. You should know that they are young and have to develop as a TEAM as the season goes.

    • Honebead Smith
      Honebead Smith 4 months ago +1

      @Eloy Robles they didnt cheat. But calls clearly favored them in some big situations. That tech call was horrible. Announcers couldnt believe it.