England Arrive for Netherlands and Italy Friendlies | Inside Access

  • Published on Mar 19, 2018
  • Gareth Southgate's England squad arrive for camp ahead of upcoming friendlies against the Netherlands and Italy.
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Comments • 742

  • The lord of Football
    The lord of Football 4 months ago

    I love me a 7 minute handshake video

  • EllisCooke
    EllisCooke 4 months ago

    Eric dier went from looking 13 to 30 in literally 6 months

  • Planet Shannon
    Planet Shannon 4 months ago

    Everyone does a normal handshake then there’s Jesse who has a different one with everyone

  • steven west
    steven west 7 months ago

    A couple hit markers and you have yourself a montage

  • Yellowwood
    Yellowwood 7 months ago

    Is there anybody didn't talk too?

  • Lewis Seddon
    Lewis Seddon 7 months ago

    She’s loving butland

  • Dons Central
    Dons Central 7 months ago

    2:19 James tarcowski
    Caption contest

  • Kadidjatou Kone
    Kadidjatou Kone 9 months ago

    Marcus : I forgot it. Me: y can't I have someone like that in my life

  • Seesaw Epiphany
    Seesaw Epiphany 10 months ago

    3:01 it is weird seeing Eric without Dele

  • Dreka-Leigh Young
    Dreka-Leigh Young 10 months ago

    As soon as jesse and Marcus come the master handshakes start

  • Anonymous Fox
    Anonymous Fox 10 months ago

    That women looks like Zoella

  • flavaqueen5287
    flavaqueen5287 10 months ago

    Watching this video, especially the part with Ox and Southgate, makes me so sad because Ox should be on the England team at this World Cup. Damn the ill-timed injury. ::sigh::

  • Sunny Side Up
    Sunny Side Up 10 months ago

    i love how the ox is just coming in with his pillow 😂 man‘s gotta be comfy

  • Sensibility
    Sensibility 10 months ago

    After the world cup a lot of these lads are going to be like brothers, the difference next time will be massive.

  • Esther Odufuwa
    Esther Odufuwa 11 months ago

    They were all doing that give thing

  • R L
    R L 11 months ago

    They all seem like... really normal

  • Anonymous Identity

    Does anyone know the girls name? The one who was kissing all the players and handing them the envelopes with there room keys in them!

  • Boniface Jones
    Boniface Jones Year ago

    though to be fair, I don't care about football right now. besides, you shouldn't be talking about it the whole summer, after all I asked where the million dollar contract was, and you didn't offer me anything as such. and even if you wanted to, and you don't, you can't. either that or i'm not a really good soccer player.so in any case there's no issue of appearing for any national sides that will solve my problems now so you should refrain from bullshitting

  • Boniface Jones
    Boniface Jones Year ago

    i hope that guy who broke my uncle's knee has kids and they played football, coz i'll make sure i'll break their leg off

  • LFC Shaq
    LFC Shaq Year ago


  • Baki Turanli
    Baki Turanli Year ago

    Gareth Southgate is the only manager in the world that would treat his squad as his peers, its seems as he is owerawed by their presence, its the same atiitude that most managers have with their club, but when southgate does it, he has a body language and a demeanour that does that command respect.

  • IbrahimK
    IbrahimK Year ago

    “Hiya mate, you good”
    “Yh you”
    “Good good”


    Lampard's interview with BT sports on Englands match days makes sense now.

  • Ajuwita Ajuwita
    Ajuwita Ajuwita Year ago

    sad...no james milner

  • Manuel 2001
    Manuel 2001 Year ago

    I am surprised that welbeck did not fall when entering.

  • Bunny in the Box
    Bunny in the Box Year ago

    What is this 8 mile?

  • Jeff Echagile
    Jeff Echagile Year ago

    Those white envelopes​, are those checks?

  • Simba Mtoto
    Simba Mtoto Year ago

    The hand shaking lol paw paw paw paw

  • Benjo Houphouët
    Benjo Houphouët Year ago

    CR 7 trop cool

  • jimmy jam
    jimmy jam Year ago +2

    trippier is such an awkward guy on his phone only hanging with the spurs players, leaching onto walker

  • David Skarica
    David Skarica Year ago

    just cut Hart and get it over with , BUM!

  • Flynn Shaw
    Flynn Shaw Year ago +1

    3:08 crippling depression

  • Kolimarla Sanchit Jaikumar

    I've never been more tired of handshakes ever in my life

  • Kingjewell15
    Kingjewell15 Year ago

    Wiltshire walked I said hello then left after injuring his hand during the hand shakes

  • Charles Pierre
    Charles Pierre Year ago

    Enemy nurse clue station sun match solar agree ball

  • Shakib Hossain
    Shakib Hossain Year ago

    Where is jamie vardy? 😭😭😭😭

  • farid sidi abdelghani

    Jack wilshere come on arsenal!!!

  • snazzy viking
    snazzy viking Year ago

    you good?

  • Deborah
    Deborah Year ago

    Loool Rashford with his United bag I love that guy.

  • Chitikka production

    Go jacky anx danny

  • Joe Ola
    Joe Ola Year ago

    Like for every handshake

  • Joe Ola
    Joe Ola Year ago

    This nation has zero chemistry

  • Jonny Begood
    Jonny Begood Year ago

    Just everyone shaking hands... gonna be the same old WC high expectations and then diddly squat

  • inthahous87
    inthahous87 Year ago

    Who are them 2 tall lads @ 6:34?

  • inthahous87
    inthahous87 Year ago

    Where is this place

  • 한국 음부는 맛있습니다!

    3-0 netherland

  • Tennessee 1
    Tennessee 1 Year ago

    It’s like scenes from The Office

  • Megat Jake Bin Zack Jalil

    Those mu plastic bags tho

  • Ike.
    Ike. Year ago

    just look at the difference between England and the French players - thexvid.com/video/VsUxzrBgP8Q/video.html

  • jewsarefools
    jewsarefools Year ago

    The old man at 1:28 only talks to white players

  • Jerry Rawlings
    Jerry Rawlings Year ago

    You can see how cliques start a lot of uneasiness amongst each other.

  • afif choirul
    afif choirul Year ago

    Livermore and more and more

  • Liam
    Liam Year ago

    If someone counts the number of handshakes in this video the fa should pin there comment

  • theostam72
    theostam72 Year ago


  • Mitchell Wolfe
    Mitchell Wolfe Year ago

    Might not win the World Cup, but they got a strong dap game

  • Joe Myhill
    Joe Myhill Year ago

    *clap* *clap* you alright? *clap*

  • yan permana
    yan permana Year ago

    Wellbeck face make me funny

  • Arsenal F.C.
    Arsenal F.C. Year ago

    she has been blacked several times

  • F Jr II
    F Jr II Year ago

    Three Lions (ENGLAND NATIONAL TEAM) this world cup if they play for their country. I hope that Southgate will recall Wayne Rooney

  • Yorkshire T
    Yorkshire T Year ago +1

    Same again lads look good in the friendlies and f**k up in the cup come on !!🤣

  • joshua akotia
    joshua akotia Year ago


  • joshua akotia
    joshua akotia Year ago

    LllllllllL haaaaaa

  • James Burns
    James Burns Year ago

    I swear why call up livermore he should of called up milner or

  • Jeymar Gaming
    Jeymar Gaming Year ago

    Is dan Wishart playing

  • peter murphy
    peter murphy Year ago

    Worst england team ever,

  • Nathan Sammut
    Nathan Sammut Year ago

    Listen while closing ur eyes. Sounds like the slowest fap of all time

  • b Real
    b Real Year ago

    1:50 unexpected paychecks are the best feeling

  • The Traveler
    The Traveler Year ago


  • Bluenose67
    Bluenose67 Year ago

    Heart sank when Joe Hart walks in!

  • Jesuz kriste
    Jesuz kriste Year ago

    What a life to live.....

  • Harry Clark
    Harry Clark Year ago

    Come on England!

  • #1P4P_Akq B
    #1P4P_Akq B Year ago

    Good to have Wilshere back where he belongs

  • Dean Douglas
    Dean Douglas Year ago

    Too many rivals in the squad. Some of these players hate each other, especially Jack/Spurs players. There's no love amongst the players. Didn't see any of the players genuinely happy to see one another... no hugging and some awkward moments. Some of the players showed more affection to the FA officials than their own team mates. How can England possibly win anything with such a lack of camaraderie?

    • Nat Turner
      Nat Turner Year ago

      Its more angst and nerves than not "liking" each other. Remember England is the only big nation where the majority of players all play in their own country....I think the intensity of the prem is too much and they all sense it on these meet ups.

  • Adam Firstman
    Adam Firstman Year ago

    I hope Southgate starts Rashford this time not bringing him on at the end of embarrassing losses like Roy Flopson

  • Adam Firstman
    Adam Firstman Year ago

    England players seem to lack the humility to put aside club rivalries. A lot of them are just in it to enhance their individual careers and have no real sense of mational pride it seems.

  • Chris SV
    Chris SV Year ago

    Mawson my man! So very proud of you for getting your deserved call up. Remember your season with Wycombe in League 2 not that long ago!!

  • MU54BB
    MU54BB Year ago +1

    Where is the awkward handshake version???

  • Twenty4Seven Football

    Some good pops on them hand shakes 😂

  • Paris Suleyman
    Paris Suleyman Year ago


  • mufcbenm
    mufcbenm Year ago

    nick pope is a great keeper but he seems super awkward xD

  • paisleymc2
    paisleymc2 Year ago

    Wow and england squad with no world class player

  • Chibuike Okudo
    Chibuike Okudo Year ago

    Where is Sturridge

  • Collins Odhiambo
    Collins Odhiambo Year ago

    Have you ever asked yourselves why England perform poorly in tournaments..they bring their club enemity to the international scene i mean look at Wilshere he goes ahead shaking Walker and Stones hands like they are big mates and when it comes to trippier its just a casual handshake mind you Walker is a former Spud...go watch the french channel and see even Lloris and Koscielny arriving in the same taxi for internationalnduty....thats why England will never ever be succesful...they prioritize the league more than their country...

  • Craig Miller
    Craig Miller Year ago

    Jack left wearing his girlfriends jeans lmao

  • JKW
    JKW Year ago

    England is a very divided team to many players think of the premier league than as a nation.
    Come on we are one team forget the premier league!

  • JKW
    JKW Year ago

    4:46 solid 👌

  • Soccer Skillz
    Soccer Skillz Year ago +1

    Rashford and Lingaard with the SE Dons hats.

  • Petter Tveit
    Petter Tveit Year ago

    How are you?
    You alright?
    You good?
    How are you?

  • The MoeHammer
    The MoeHammer Year ago

    You can see the awkwardness

  • Atta Ur Rehman
    Atta Ur Rehman Year ago +1

    where's sterling?

  • Tetea Khiangte
    Tetea Khiangte Year ago

    3:35 a garbage bag man 😂😂..

  • xvulture21 GTA V
    xvulture21 GTA V Year ago

    Why is joe hart there

  • Forza•G
    Forza•G Year ago +1

    Best players in the “toughest league” in the world... idk how England isn’t good. Guess we’ll wait and see in the World Cup.

    • Bassmint
      Bassmint Year ago

      Obviously a team is useless without cohesion and teamwork. Messi, Ronaldo or Bale alone can't carry their respective countries if the rest of the team doesn't work together, so it's not just about having the best players.
      I also think a lot of Englands players get stuck in the premier league mindset and look at their England teammates more as rivals than friends. England needs a good manager that can bring the team together, that's something they haven't had for a long time.

  • Jamz J
    Jamz J Year ago

    This is so cringe to watch, not one cool handshake where's the flavor man where's the flair....only lingard tried he got that from pogba unfortunately this isn't the French squad

  • BoxingFan
    BoxingFan Year ago

    Its like a whole lot of Pitbulls and Bulldogs have been shoved into one big Kennel each with their own egos jostling for position, trying to mark their territory and not trying to look uncool lmao its so awkward at times.

  • Ricky Gonzalez
    Ricky Gonzalez Year ago

    6.40 awkward

  • MetalMonkey Leroy

    Ox with his own pillow , creasin!

  • ross hirst
    ross hirst Year ago

    Look average. Hardly recognised anyone. We going to do dead well not..

  • Hamza Sheikh
    Hamza Sheikh Year ago

    lol wheres the energy in this team?

  • Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Adam and Jordan🔥🔥🔥