Brexit Super Saturday | Live replay

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • REBEL MPs have today trashed Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal as Sir Oliver Letwin’s sabotage plot forces the PM to beg for a third delay.
    In a day of high-drama in the House of Commons in a historic Saturday sitting, MPs voted for the Tory rebel’s wrecking amendment by 322 to 306...
    Continue reading | Brexit: Boris Johnson blasts ‘deluded’ Remainer plot to sabotage vote & begs MPs to make history and get it DONE:
    What is Super Saturday and when did Parliament last sit on the weekend?
    The Sun urges every MP to back Boris Johnson’s deal on Saturday and get Brexit done:
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Comments • 79

  • Sandy Scott
    Sandy Scott 21 day ago

    Parliament has devolved into an ominous evil place ignoring the will of the sovereign people and taken it for themselves....emulating Milton’s “ Dark Satanic Mills”.

  • Sandy Scott
    Sandy Scott 21 day ago

    The UK has descended into a Banana Republic puppet of Brussels....Parliament has clearly been infiltrated by Euroshills more indebted to their EU bosses than to delivering the will of their constituents. A failure and decline of a once great world leader in democracy now reduced to a facile part of a German driven Super State , the EU.

  • Elky PM
    Elky PM 23 days ago

    Remainers are UK terrorists! Letwin you should just move to the EU and take Bercow, Corbyn, Swinston and Surgeon with you! we saaid LEAVE!

  • Lucy brenkley
    Lucy brenkley 23 days ago +3

    Two thirds of Labour MP,s were told by their constituents to vote leave,may god have mercy on them at the next election especially here in the Northeast of uk.

  • Falconpunch82
    Falconpunch82 23 days ago

    5:12:00 His entire argument consists of tu quoque

  • Foo Baz
    Foo Baz 23 days ago

    Why do Scotland hate the rest of the uk so much?? Can anyone explain?

    • Repent
      Repent 22 days ago

      They don't. The SNP turned communist a few year's ago. They are no longer the voice of the Scottish majority. Next elections will further prove how detested they are in Scotland.

  • Dj Doolittle
    Dj Doolittle 23 days ago +1

    “Bad ditch on the rise 😂🇮🇪☝️

  • Paul Hanso
    Paul Hanso 23 days ago

    The Party Against the People as become the Party of the People(Conservatives)!The Party for the People is now the Enemy of the People!(Labour)The Party liberal Views is now the Party of Fascist Views(lIb Dems)!The Party of Independence is Now the Party Stoppin Independence!(SNP)The Party of Democracy is not even in Parliament !(Brexit Party)The Parliament For the People is the Parliament for the Parliamentarians!

  • UKcitizens Comefirst
    UKcitizens Comefirst 23 days ago

    Brexit Remainers are TRAITORS TRAITORS ....Democracy is DEAD.....TRAITORS....You all should be ashamed of yourselves...absolutely disgusting...You have all turned this once proud country into a Laughing Stock.....WE ARE BEGGING...BEGGING the EU....We are the United Kingdom...WE DO NOT BEG TO ANYONE......The EU know that they can do anything now because the Brexit Remainers have no BACKBONE.....The EU are laughing at us.....The German French are LAUGHING AT THE UK....If you think that is OK you should be ASHAMED of yourselves.

    HYUKLDER1 24 days ago +4

    Oliver Letwin and all EU Remainers should forfeit their UK honours. If they do not renounce their honours voluntarily forthwith report them to the Forfeiture Committee.

  • Milan Janecek
    Milan Janecek 24 days ago

    Like sheep's meee...

  • Cheryl Gumulauski
    Cheryl Gumulauski 24 days ago +3

    Run out the clock and get a WTO Brexit! Eleven days to go.

  • cristina lexy
    cristina lexy 24 days ago +2

    Scrap Brexit👍
    Fresh Brexit Referendum👍
    Scotland& Ireland👍
    Boris Johnson is a threat to UK democracy&human Rights

    • Rory Lion
      Rory Lion 24 days ago

      And what of democracy? keep voting until the government gets what it wants....if you don’t like democracy...go live in china.

  • Web Post
    Web Post 24 days ago +1

    wtf happened @ 6hrs 33mins....why did everyone get up and walk out ?...bercrow looked stunned hahaha love it

  • R
    R 24 days ago +1

    Boris’ “deal” is a trap locking us into the EU, stopping us controlling our own coastal waters, foreign policy and tax rates! Reject this deal! No deal and WTO the only option!

    • Ngamlonger Sun
      Ngamlonger Sun 24 days ago

      It might indeed. But what's the BREXIT without a deal?

  • mike renton
    mike renton 24 days ago

    The Gammoaners are revolting

  • john wilks
    john wilks 24 days ago

    Well the London luvvies are well pleased, but they can’t risk a general election. I hope Corbyn becomes prime minister and John McDonald the chancellor of the exchequer then their pips will squeak, of course they won’t let that happen.

    • Rory Lion
      Rory Lion 24 days ago

      It wont be Mc Donald...more likely Abbott....why do they need someone with maths skills when they have a black female... As Labour have shown us all before...gender and Colour are much more important than ability.

  • Michel Staedter
    Michel Staedter 24 days ago


    STEWART WILLIAMS 24 days ago +5

    do the DUP not remember that british soldiers and the NI security forces died to keep NI part of the UK is this how they pay us back

  • Nice Star Sytem
    Nice Star Sytem 24 days ago

    Billionaires Brexit...lolly pops all round lol

  • British LA
    British LA 24 days ago +7

    BBC presenters and staff were actually cheering and hugging each other on live radio and tv after the vote today. please don't let you kids grow up watching this creepy cult.

    • TheMarmiteMan
      TheMarmiteMan 24 days ago

      Really? Doesn't surprise me though. God i hate the BBC. Do you have a link/source please?

  • British LA
    British LA 24 days ago +2

    best chance for patriots is for boris to resign after he loses Monday vote then opposition fails to fall in behind Corbyn then general election.

  • nothing back
    nothing back 24 days ago

    Hi im ad dajjal i want me kingdom NOW

  • nothing back
    nothing back 24 days ago +1


  • Sergio P.
    Sergio P. 24 days ago

    9hr? I might wake up before the end of it.

    • nothing back
      nothing back 24 days ago

      Its gonna be brexit or the sun will die

  • Neal Beard
    Neal Beard 24 days ago

    Against 306 For 322👍

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  • Little PurpleBall
    Little PurpleBall 24 days ago

    We must have an APP : "What shall I vote for on behalf of you" that every MPs in the house will have to use to consult people of their constituency to know how to vote for law or any subject in parliament to be sure they represent the majority of people that elected them and not just themselves. We are in 2019, MPs can decide what they want (even change party without facing an other election) - time that MPs represent people.

  • lecca 09
    lecca 09 24 days ago

    Mi aiutate a sostenere il mio canale si chiamo nicolò lecca

    • lecca 09
      lecca 09 24 days ago +1

      Help me are sostenution my canal

    • nothing back
      nothing back 24 days ago

      Speak anglaish or & telos

  • Vanster73
    Vanster73 24 days ago +2

    Boris Johnson has tweaked May's surrender/non-Brexit bill and is trying to convince the people that it is a bill to actually leave the EU. Whilst the others try to prevent the minor amendments to the UK's current EU ties, because they don't want any amendments. We need to have this bill voted down, then an election to punish the traitors, then force through WTO.

  • It's A Jungle Out There
    It's A Jungle Out There 24 days ago +11

    No Surrender, love from Northern Ireland!!! 👍😂😂😂

    • It's A Jungle Out There
      It's A Jungle Out There 23 days ago

      And they say it's over for Orange people while putting up a republican flag with the Orange stripe on it APPARENTLY representing the Orange people, and you wonder why we don't trust you people of EVER want to be part of a United Ireland, it's all lies and false propaganda!! Claim to beoppressed the poor little oppressed Irish, while trying to oppress the Ulster Scots, we don't protest on Patrick's Day, Hibernian bonfires or even IRA parades.. We dare not walk on a road in our own country and your lot are out all over the place frothing at the mouth, for the destruction of our people.. the hatred is rife!! But like I said, we fear nobody, and will fight to the death.. NO SURRENDER!!!

    • It's A Jungle Out There
      It's A Jungle Out There 23 days ago

      @Tom King utter nonsense, never in the history of Ireland have protestants tried to ethnically cleanse Catholics, it has been tried countless times the other way about, with the Roman Catholic church organising it every time, they succeeded in Ireland for long enough, and killed over 50 million in Europe alone .. What did the protestant people do..? Oh that's right fight for religious freedom, the Ulster Scots only ever wanted to live in peace, the Irish only ever wanted to destroy the Ulster Scots!!

    • It's A Jungle Out There
      It's A Jungle Out There 23 days ago

      @Tom King .. @Dj Doolittle .. No the whole of Ireland actually belongs to the Ulster Scots, learn your history, Ulster itself was named after them (the Uliti tribe) there is records of this from the 2nd century AD , the nowadays Irish (the Gaels) translation (bandits) did not come until years after , Ireland belongs to us, if you think we're going anywhere think again , we fear nobody!!! & We'll fight anybody, as well you know, if you want a war we will give you one.. Like I said NO SURRENDER!!! and how did we loose the war lol your beloved IRA was infiltrated from top to bottom, full of touts and backstabbing cowards, so is the Irish government, which is why they have worked directly against the Irish people, and are actively working against their own peoples religion, don't talk to me about losing a war when you haven't the balls to protect the South let alone Northern Ireland!!! balls
      Ps Ireland was always known as little Britain, and the mainland greater Britain, so whether you like it or not North & South your all BRITISH!! 😂👍 poor uneducated little idiots!!!

    • Dj Doolittle
      Dj Doolittle 23 days ago +1

      Paisley is dead. It’s over Orange people 🇮🇪😷☝️
      Free Ireland Now

    • george richer
      george richer 24 days ago

      You are surrendering to the eu good luck to you

  • Jake Nicholaides
    Jake Nicholaides 24 days ago +3

    Take to the streets in force

  • Afifah Hamilton
    Afifah Hamilton 24 days ago +1

    Most of the female MPs seem to need to make their point via reading from notes, but the men can do it, coherently, without notes. What the hell is up with that?!

  • Del Bonner
    Del Bonner 24 days ago +15

    Why ask for a referendum when you don't respect the outcome of referendums ?

    • Nice Star Sytem
      Nice Star Sytem 24 days ago

      @Neal Beard exactly

    • nothing back
      nothing back 24 days ago

      Cause i love war

    • Roger Bennett
      Roger Bennett 24 days ago

      @Neal Beard Personally I was voting to be able to vote for a government that controlled the money, laws and borders of the country I live in, but I accept many voters did not understand that was the issue.

    • Del Bonner
      Del Bonner 24 days ago +2

      @Neal Beard So you didn't know what you were voting for then, don't lie by saying that you did.

  • W.H. Jamison II
    W.H. Jamison II 24 days ago +2

    The Henhouse From Hell, a place no self respecting fox would venture. Great Ceasar himself would have stayed home on the Ides of March if he had been summoned there. Every day is Halloween. Trick or Treat?

  • The Canada First Party

    CI-A Run Governments . Like Canada's LIBERALS ... play a big part in National & Global Political unrest .

  • Denis Nash
    Denis Nash 24 days ago +1

    A fundamental question, why are Letwin and others against no-deal?

    • Afifah Hamilton
      Afifah Hamilton 24 days ago +1

      @Neal Beard Name-calling is what those who have lost the debate tend to indulge in. It makes them feel better. Sad but true.

    • Denis Nash
      Denis Nash 24 days ago +3

      @Neal Beard Crap like that is not an answer.

    • Neal Beard
      Neal Beard 24 days ago

      @Afifah Hamilton not just them but every major business you Brextard

    • Neal Beard
      Neal Beard 24 days ago

      @Sam Hale is a no deal policy making