Call of Duty: Vanguard & Warzone - Season One Teaser Trailer | PS5, PS4

  • Published on Nov 29, 2021

    Now boarding to Caldera 🌴
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  • Noah Taylor
    Noah Taylor Month ago +872

    I really liked this trailer, I'd like to see more humorous trailers

    • Bravo 1-6
      Bravo 1-6 Month ago


    • Fifteen88
      Fifteen88 Month ago

      @Thomas Ratliff bro it’s not that hard lol

    • Thomas Ratliff
      Thomas Ratliff Month ago

      @Fifteen88 could you explain what contributes to BP gains and why you can't reach 100 without COD tokens?

    • Fifteen88
      Fifteen88 Month ago

      @Thomas Ratliff the bp in the cod games is fine. (Way better than Halo’s in terms of progression lol)

    • Steve Fyke
      Steve Fyke Month ago

      This is a bot!

  • JulianJolts
    JulianJolts Month ago +266

    This has far cry vibes and I’m loving it

    • Gutan
      Gutan Month ago +2

      Yhea imao this is so Far Cry letsgo

    • R3APST3P
      R3APST3P Month ago +14

      was thinkin the same

  • Jiggy
    Jiggy Month ago +541

    The theme of this trailer is actually dope

    • Rxblmao
      Rxblmao Month ago

      Like need for speed

    • Kerim A
      Kerim A Month ago

      music ?

    • Iamyourhusband
      Iamyourhusband Month ago

      i feel it has the same style as Apex when Revenant came.

    • Azka Fauzan
      Azka Fauzan Month ago +1

      @Go Nicro "it's cool to do it"

    • Pagion
      Pagion Month ago +7

      @Go Nicro some of them are mad because it's set in fictional country and they are mad for that because it's not set in their country

  • Vangezy
    Vangezy Month ago +124

    Is it me, or I'm so hype for this map? It's so beautiful tbh, no washed out graphics, no grayish filters, almost as same as
    battlefield 2042/ far cry 6 graphics, and almost colorful as black ops series.

    • Vuurvent
      Vuurvent Month ago

      @swag star vanguard graphics are lame for the Multiplayer, bad frame rate

    • Fifteen88
      Fifteen88 Month ago

      Ngl OG verdansk is more washed out than the current one imo

    • Ahmed Booby
      Ahmed Booby Month ago

      Same here bro

    • Donte Watson
      Donte Watson Month ago +2

      Yeah I’m excited to the grey and washed colors on the old man make it hard to see players if your on console cause there are no game filters you can use. 🤧

    • Solo-nite's Gaming
      Solo-nite's Gaming Month ago +3

      @swag star Vanguard developers haven't taken over.

      Warzone is still being developed and maintained by Raven Software. But they are making big changes and I am really looking forward to vanguard royale and finally an anti cheat

  • CarloPlaya
    CarloPlaya Month ago +766

    Fair play at making a humorous trailer 😄

    • l l
      l l Month ago

      Wanna hear a joke? Hearing in Vanguard.

    • Marko Pantovic
      Marko Pantovic Month ago +1

      Interesting fresh idea 😁

    • Sasuke God Mode
      Sasuke God Mode Month ago +18

      Fair Play?

      Pacific better gun Play + More players at 120FPS + Console FOV

      Activision already confirmed haters stay salty

  • Michael Rodriguez
    Michael Rodriguez Month ago +140

    You know what i would like in warzone the ability to goof around on the map by yourself or with friends just to explore and play without having to be cautious around open fields and corners

    • FuckingKillMe
      FuckingKillMe Month ago

      @R6 Zeph 💀💀💀

    • R6 Zeph
      R6 Zeph Month ago +1

      @Cam Mackay his only twitch viewers are him and nightbot

    • Cam Mackay
      Cam Mackay Month ago +1

      @Rob Men incredibly cringe, nobody cares that you sweat on warzone pal go tell your 2 twitch viewers 👍🏼

    • Cam Mackay
      Cam Mackay Month ago +2

      @Micheal how is saying private matches would be nice "complaining to complain"?? You are far too easily triggered mate

    • j.j.jameson the real spiderman
      j.j.jameson the real spiderman Month ago

      @Ro Cha and blackout had 4 player splitscreen

  • Bat-Man 🦇 Gaming
    Bat-Man 🦇 Gaming Month ago +6

    🤩 Great trailer! Love the ascetic. Looks like a fun looking map...can't wait to explore it more!

  • Frost
    Frost Month ago +63

    Definitely one of the more unique trailers I’ve seen for a video game lol

    • saitam 71
      saitam 71 Month ago

      @Dan Gamer thats what i was saying seeing the video ajaja

    • Dk
      Dk Month ago

      @Taahgs dym sanhok?

    • Taahgs
      Taahgs Month ago +1

      Stealing Apex trailer and PUBG Map = unique

    • Dan Gamer
      Dan Gamer Month ago +6

      They literally just copied Apex Legends gameplay trailer Season 4 and 11 -.-

  • James Staker (PulseChain & Hex)

    Nice to see CoD produce something of value this year.

      KBXBIGBRO Month ago +1

      @Juda tf are u about dude ?

    • Juda
      Juda Month ago

      @KBXBIGBRO it was this is a video about our beloven COD

      KBXBIGBRO Month ago +4

      @Tyron The Frozen One Woodley was that really necessary at all dude for real 😂

    • Tyron The Frozen One Woodley
      Tyron The Frozen One Woodley Month ago +5

      Can’t say the same about your parents in their combined lifetime though

  • Andrew Cross
    Andrew Cross Month ago +104

    This map looks beautiful!!

    • 1 23
      1 23 Month ago

      @670nate you’re not safe either bro 😎

    • 670nate
      670nate Month ago

      @1 23 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Donte Watson
      Donte Watson Month ago

      The colors look nice

    • Praneel
      Praneel Month ago

      @1 23 the effect of going through NNN

    • 1 23
      1 23 Month ago

      @I Screenshot NFTs I’d bang if given the chance

  • KingsOfGaming
    KingsOfGaming Month ago +13

    Love the humor in this trailer 😂 please drop more trailers like this.

  • TheRapid73
    TheRapid73 Month ago +128

    I knew it was satire when they said:

    “climb all the rocks”

    • Lexi Harry
      Lexi Harry Month ago +3

      I was like “CLIMB?” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Alex_gaming95
    Alex_gaming95 Month ago +146

    New Far Cry looks fire!

    • Giovanni Raad
      Giovanni Raad Month ago

      Isn't this the new far cry

    • KrypticRabbit
      KrypticRabbit Month ago +1

      @juhis u don’t say 🙄

    • 711 store
      711 store Month ago +1

      @Alex_gaming95 I actually it was fry cry before pressing the video 😂

    • Alex_gaming95
      Alex_gaming95 Month ago +5

      @juhis What do you mean this ain't Far Cry? 🤨JK😅

    • Joe Matthews
      Joe Matthews Month ago +15

      @juhis r/wooosh

  • Monsterman1315
    Monsterman1315 Month ago +246

    Pacific Horizon Airlines is not responsible for the lack of anti-cheat you may experience during your visit.

  • Echo-Shot
    Echo-Shot Month ago +30

    0:22 let’s hope we can actually climb the rocks

  • Mr. Cane
    Mr. Cane Month ago +134

    It looks as if we get shot down as the intro cutscene and it will show the operators making an emergency escape... cool.

  • LakevusParadice
    LakevusParadice Month ago

    Man I wish games had more maps with an emphasis on boats. I feel like this would be so much cooler if there were river ways flowing through the map where you could take boats with machine guns down them

    TACTICAL GAMER Month ago +3

    I loved the trailer how it starts off as a holiday looks like a beautiful one as well until the lady describes the deaths and injuries lol

  • Colby Steffens
    Colby Steffens Month ago +25

    Already have my plane tickets ready to go back in time once again Rest in Peace Verdansk, will be missed

  • Ahmed Booby
    Ahmed Booby Month ago +4


  • Nextgen PL
    Nextgen PL Month ago +6

    Wygląda fajnie! Na pewno dużo lepsza mapa niz stara która dla mnie była wręcz odpychająca😖

    • Peter the Great
      Peter the Great Month ago

      You say that now until you get sniped in caldera LOL

    • Pagion
      Pagion Month ago +1


  • Ant420
    Ant420 Month ago +5

    Trailer did it's job. By getting me hyped.

  • Adam Schabel
    Adam Schabel Month ago

    Legitimately, the best trailer I’ve seen for any cod ad!

  • Gamers Retreat
    Gamers Retreat Month ago

    This looks like it could used as an open world game single player campaign too !!

  • Ego Drache
    Ego Drache Month ago

    I like the new Warzone map and I'm hype =).

  • scotty28653
    scotty28653 Month ago +46

    New map gonna be LIT.... Verdansk was great but we needed this.

  • Binoo_C Binoc
    Binoo_C Binoc Month ago +1

    RIP VERDANSK always in heart, great memories.

  • Father Gabriel Stokes
    Father Gabriel Stokes Month ago +2

    Amazing trailer!!

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  • Omar
    Omar Month ago

    Can’t wait 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Murdock
    Murdock Month ago

    I hope there's some old Black Ops 1 map callbacks on here. I'd like to see Havana, Villa and Jungle. It just seems so perfect for them.

  • GujuGaming
    GujuGaming Month ago

    great trailer but im wondering if this will be standalone or built on mw or built on vanguard

    TACTICAL GAMER Month ago +1

    Beautiful absolutely beautiful that looks

  • PatriotX
    PatriotX Month ago

    Looks 🔥

  • Qrocks
    Qrocks Month ago

    We saw the same bridge reused like 3 times in this trailer, but I still think it'll be a hit! Can't wait

  • dorry fila
    dorry fila Month ago


  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo Month ago


  • Heckin Brandon
    Heckin Brandon Month ago

    not really sure when it’ll take place, I know it’s supposed to take place during or between BOCW and/or Vanguard, but the trailer itself screams MW

  • Jason Singleton
    Jason Singleton Month ago +53

    Not going to lie, that trailer was hilarious!! Almost makes me want to buy the game! 🤣

    • OreoFuffMcduff
      OreoFuffMcduff Month ago

      @ꉕ it literally has nothing to do with what we are talking about

    • LamboAudiMerc
      LamboAudiMerc Month ago

      Doesn't matter who's right or wrong but the other guy's point still stands. Caldera will 100% require an overly excessive amount of storage space because Activi$ion developers are dogsh** at optimising their games. There is literally no reason why any of their games should take up so much storage if you compare it to any other big games.

    • OreoFuffMcduff
      OreoFuffMcduff Month ago

      @ꉕ you being a dev doesn’t make you any more aware of what activision is doing unless your trying to say you work at activision

    • OreoFuffMcduff
      OreoFuffMcduff Month ago

      @Ryan kurian from India I stg y’all don’t even know what your saying

    • OreoFuffMcduff
      OreoFuffMcduff Month ago

      @Ryan kurian from India no it doesn’t it’s a modified version of mws engine

  • Skullz
    Skullz Month ago +1

    I have bad feeling about such beautiful map getting nuked some day

  • Miadaskate
    Miadaskate Month ago +3

    Oh man I better hurry up and reach the max level trophies so I won’t have to start all over.

  • Itme Juice
    Itme Juice Month ago +6

    Some guy who thinks it’s real: Honey! We are taking a vacation this year to caldera

  • ItsCaptainCream
    ItsCaptainCream Month ago +4

    Bro I wonder what rebirth island will look like in a ww2 form

  • jump da
    jump da Month ago +2

    I like the warzone and I'm ready to buy content (skins, etc.), but I don't like the fact that there are few characters from different countries in the game (mostly European and American). why there are few Arabs, Indians, etc. in the game, there is little cultural diversity. All over the world, millions of Indians live not only in India but also in other countries and many play games, it is sad that you rarely support this nation. It would be cool if you add a Turk, a Pole and a character from Israel. And if you make the characters, then make them historically reliable with real-life national names and appearance.

    • لواء حرب القافلة
    • Carved
      Carved Month ago

      They already got an Italian somali an dutch indian and a luxemburger and another Indian all of those characters are fictional powertrips (Except the Luxemburger he was based of a real person) making them add more diverse characters in ww2 (that many did not exist to the level activistion protrays them. Little cod kiddies are gonna have no clue on what happened and their going to think women of color were the major fighting force of the allies in ww2

  • Jenson Spreutels
    Jenson Spreutels Month ago +6

    Woman in trailer: "what are you waiting for?"
    me: "for the 100gb update"

  • PloufsPuppet
    PloufsPuppet Month ago

    well done. I'm hyped

  • yvng bhrazyy
    yvng bhrazyy Month ago +2

    Wonder who’s going to take the lead in 2022 either new Warzone Pacific Map or new CH 3 Fortnite Map

  • Tornook
    Tornook Month ago

    This is honestly vastly different from the metropolitan mountainous city we currently have

  • David Akinmade
    David Akinmade Month ago +10

    Love the humor in the trailer 😂😂

    BSJ IN THE HOUSE Month ago +14

    Can’t wait for Victor Vaas to be an operator coming with this map.

  • Purge Edits
    Purge Edits Month ago +6


  • Airship Kirov
    Airship Kirov Month ago

    Looks nice cant wait

  • Edwin Santiago
    Edwin Santiago Month ago

    Ahh yes, from Roze skin to Ghillie suit paradise...

  • eyaywat
    eyaywat Month ago

    I might just re install warzone now thx cod 👍

  • Toter
    Toter Month ago

    Map looks gorgeous.

  • Ahmad Issa
    Ahmad Issa Month ago

    “ Survey the lands from above by climbing natural rock Formations*

    The rocks in warzone :👀

  • Alex Bachynsky
    Alex Bachynsky Month ago +1

    Wow warzone actually looks fun for once

    • Pagion
      Pagion Month ago +1

      You didn't enjoy the Haloween event?

  • MrEuropeanTv
    MrEuropeanTv Month ago +6

    Who else is excited to play here but still high hopes for the anti cheat. Let’s hope we can get it.

    • Arjan Tv
      Arjan Tv Month ago +1

      @MrEuropeanTv haha thats my real name and we both got the Tv in the end of youtbe name 🤣 gg man 👍

    • MrEuropeanTv
      MrEuropeanTv Month ago +1

      @Arjan Tv bro you stole my name 😂 mine is arijan 😂

    • Arjan Tv
      Arjan Tv Month ago

      To play warzone now pc bots and lo0sers need to download the anticheat and that will scan their pc all the time for cheats! So 90% of cheaters wont even make it to warzone if they have cheats and some of them will get banned ingame! Only great hackers will be able to cheat and that is fine if we get 1 cheater after playing 30 matches i dont care tbh that is ok compared to having atleast 1 cheqter in every match like we got right now! Just because we dont see rage cheaters in a match dont mean there wasnt someone using wallhacks, soft aimbot,no recoil cheat etc

    • Pagion
      Pagion Month ago

      @Scott Dixon they made this anti cheat for 2 and half years

    • Scott Dixon
      Scott Dixon Month ago +4

      They spent their anti cheat budget on this trailer.

  • SwayFlow
    SwayFlow Month ago

    Wow the new far cry dlc looks dope

  • Funk Machine909
    Funk Machine909 Month ago +31

    enjoy playing this map for the next 3 years

    • Dancing Panda
      Dancing Panda Month ago

      @J Stutters. That might be similar to rebirth islands, with the classic maps being smaller

    • J Stutters.
      J Stutters. Month ago

      Next Year. Warzone Will have an update Featuring Old Classic Maps from MW 2 (2009)

  • MR_Lag
    MR_Lag Month ago

    Es bellisimo

  • Solo-nite's Gaming
    Solo-nite's Gaming Month ago

    Love the disclaimer at the end 😆

  • Da Ronin
    Da Ronin Month ago

    And Rebirth? The warzon map looks great!

  • onei jike
    onei jike Month ago

    0:22 let’s hope we can actually climb the rocks

  • D
    D Month ago

    The map looks beautiful, time to rub one out on da boys, less go!

  • Jas Kingra
    Jas Kingra Month ago

    Does this mean we are getting a ps5 version of warzone?

  • ReaperRaffy
    ReaperRaffy 9 days ago +1

    If any personnel are wielding weapons please repeatedly crouch up and down to show that you are not a threat

  • Jared Galarza
    Jared Galarza Month ago +1

    I can just see the campers tryna snipe on this map 🤡

  • Arthur Kingsley
    Arthur Kingsley Month ago +1

    Imagine if we can finally swim.

  • PokemonAssociate
    PokemonAssociate Month ago

    That end caught me off guard.

  • ghostlygaming 2
    ghostlygaming 2 Month ago

    Booked my flight and im leaving on the 8th 🥰

  • Qwistro
    Qwistro Month ago

    Do we finally have a normal begin lobby where you can sit calm instead of everyone shooting next to my eara

  • Cesar Gonzalez
    Cesar Gonzalez Month ago +2

    So vanguard has its own war zone now?

  • lew mack
    lew mack Month ago

    I need a drake uncharted skin for this map

  • stfu
    stfu Month ago +2

    NICEEE i can not wait

  • David Arciniega
    David Arciniega Month ago

    It is dope I thought the whole trailer was an ad

  • Esmerald Dedushaj
    Esmerald Dedushaj Month ago

    I don't know why I'm getting Far Cry vibes from this

  • dilik mli
    dilik mli Month ago

    New Far Cry looks fire!

  • Por S
    Por S Month ago


  • Nick Tssp
    Nick Tssp Month ago

    Today it's perfect 😍😍😍

  • Jonathan Sheeran
    Jonathan Sheeran Month ago +1

    Looks pretty nice there but I am trying to book my flight to Florida. Maybe next year I’ll go to this place.

  • MrShh
    MrShh Month ago

    Cant wait to go their with my family for vacation🤣🤣🤣

  • {MidLife}CrySis
    {MidLife}CrySis Month ago +16

    Rebirth would sick on a map like this

    • Seymour
      Seymour Month ago +4

      They will add that mode in actually

  • hueo far
    hueo far Month ago

    make them historically reliable with real-life national names and appearance.

  • BigTrain Bricks
    BigTrain Bricks Month ago

    I can’t wait to use a riot shield in a underground cave

  • Jack Pezold
    Jack Pezold Month ago

    When does it come out

  • Christoph Hermann
    Christoph Hermann Month ago

    For the only Event in 2 years this Trailer is underwhelming.

  • Ryze SnipezZ
    Ryze SnipezZ Month ago

    Looks sick

  • blk hemi392
    blk hemi392 Month ago +1

    Kinda makes you wonder. 🤔is there an executive somewhere that thinks a new twisted metal game on the PS4/PS5 platforms, in the view of a GTA game is a terrible idea?


  • marlon sari
    marlon sari Month ago

    More of those please😂😂

  • MariNate
    MariNate Month ago

    There better be a PS5 version man

  • PufisdGaming
    PufisdGaming Month ago

    it went from 0 to 100 real quick

  • manalicream
    manalicream Month ago +12

    Does this mean we're getting native Ps5 support?

    • David
      David Month ago

      @Joe Svoboda isn't new pacific map based on vanguard engine? They also said that vanguard integration is coming to warzone when the new map will be released. I don't see why they can't make ps5 native version, they had access for next gen dev kits for almost 2 years and if they can make next gen multiplayer game every year, im pretty sure they can make ps5 app for warzone as well..

    • Joe Svoboda
      Joe Svoboda Month ago +1

      @David yeah, but for Vanguard

    • David
      David Month ago +1

      It says PS5,PS4 at the end of the title 😱

  • Andrew Thomas
    Andrew Thomas Month ago

    If this is to get me to buy a condo I am totally declining XD

  • kamil kamilek
    kamil kamilek Month ago +1

    No fov on consoles, no players, I recommend apex legends, fun game and no tryhards

  • C S
    C S Month ago +2

    I just hope they've nerfed the rocks

  • Carlos Santana
    Carlos Santana Month ago +2


  • drunk throne
    drunk throne Month ago

    Is this a warzone map for Vanguard or MW?

  • jcomixwtls
    jcomixwtls Month ago

    I knew it, we were gonna drop from a c-47

  • Dani Bunks
    Dani Bunks Month ago

    The trailer gonna be hits differently!
    That's terrible setback!