Jürgen Klopp's pre-match press conference | Man City


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  • kev french
    kev french 11 days ago

    Mignolet in goal. Open goal for wolves then.

  • OldRaver1
    OldRaver1 11 days ago

    Love this bloke.
    No wonder Liverpool are doing well under him.
    Nice normal humble chap.

  • D C
    D C 11 days ago +1


  • Ibby Ibbs2
    Ibby Ibbs2 12 days ago

    Liverpool lost hahahahahahah

  • Dougie Shannon
    Dougie Shannon 12 days ago


  • fans des fsv
    fans des fsv 13 days ago

    Kloppo komm nach Hause ❤

    BADCOPSHOW 13 days ago

    sex beast caught with his pants down after attack on 12 year old @

  • abdullah
    abdullah 13 days ago

    no highlights this time :)

  • Salih Tanrıyakul
    Salih Tanrıyakul 13 days ago

    liverpool lost but this will not be I think

  • Robert Albrethsen
    Robert Albrethsen 13 days ago

    still 4 poins

    DAVID JO 13 days ago

    plz no Henderson...

  • Ninja Charizard
    Ninja Charizard 13 days ago

    I wish I play for Liverpool

  • Football Fan
    Football Fan 13 days ago

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  • ST
    ST 13 days ago

    Looserpool club of the fagots

    ALEMANIA 13 days ago


  • Emma Sapseid
    Emma Sapseid 13 days ago +1

    Manchester City -3
    I support Liverpool like if you do comment if you support Manchester City

  • Paul White
    Paul White 13 days ago

    Fair response but we were 1.2cm from a draw ... brilliant game tho

  • Chef Boy R.D
    Chef Boy R.D 13 days ago

    Guess what happened 2-1 Manchester City! I’ll give it you guys, y’all play a heck of a game but we outplayed you! LOSERPOOL.

  • Alex Campos
    Alex Campos 14 days ago

    where is the new training s.o.s????????

  • wobblyeyez
    wobblyeyez 14 days ago +1

    Sign Timo Werner, and Fekir

  • Aloha
    Aloha 14 days ago

    Klopp: "Stay angry!" You don't have to be angry, you have to play better!..

  • Sandi kerenz
    Sandi kerenz 14 days ago


  • Sandi kerenz
    Sandi kerenz 14 days ago


  • Mike Kaye
    Mike Kaye 14 days ago

    Oh my god! I don´t know what to say. I am from germany and bayern
    supporter. And I am not only a Bayern "Red" I´m also a Liverpool "Red".
    So sad that we have to play against each other in the next round.
    Normally that would be a championsleague final. All the best to
    Liverpool FC for the premiere league. But we will go to quarter final
    :-) And just keep ya heads up. 4 points in front of Man City is a good run for the rest of the season. Stand your ground. And yes I like Klopp even he was the manager in Dortmund.

  • A Rey
    A Rey 14 days ago

    Jurgen I think you got the midfield wrong. You should have played Fabinho instead of Millie.

  • Emaan Ahmad
    Emaan Ahmad 14 days ago +2

    Lmao all these comments, you didn’t win though did you?😂

  • Abdelmasih Abdel
    Abdelmasih Abdel 14 days ago +2

    Oh no! Help mo salah to get out of kompany's pocket... he can't breathe!

  • Dennis Nzyoki
    Dennis Nzyoki 14 days ago +1

    Manchester city will win 2-1

  • Надя Надежда

    Самый лучший матч
    Джага джага

  • Надя Надежда

    Ха ха ха
    Джага джага
    Надо собой смеяться лучше чем над другими
    Вот это джага джага

  • Aloha
    Aloha 14 days ago

    Any of first four place will be Ok. No worries.

  • D-x Max150
    D-x Max150 14 days ago


  • Eduardo Ledesma
    Eduardo Ledesma 14 days ago

    Liverpool el mejor equipo de Inglaterra!!! saludos🇺🇾

  • Liam Thain
    Liam Thain 14 days ago

    Ynwa hail hail from Glasgow Celtic ☘️

  • Steven Hickman
    Steven Hickman 14 days ago +1

    He is definitely on drugs he doesn't seem right in the head like spaced out! It's becoming concerning LOL

  • She moves in her own dab
    She moves in her own dab 14 days ago +1

    Barcelona are the best team in the world. Facts

    • She moves in her own dab
      She moves in her own dab 12 days ago

      MagnusTheSmok Im just saying If i needed a team to win a game i would pick Barcelona cuz messi is the goat

    • MagnusTheSmok
      MagnusTheSmok 12 days ago

      +She moves in her own dab In those 2 games maybe not but in terms of form this season in the league and champions league combined Liverpool has been more consistent, against Real Madrid at the moment both Barca and Liverpool can school them even at the bernabeu i believe, PSG is difficult because they're rather very good in a game or not as good

    • She moves in her own dab
      She moves in her own dab 12 days ago

      MagnusTheSmok If you had to bet your life on one team winning a game vs PSG and Real Madrid your telling me you would pick liverpool over Barca?

    • MagnusTheSmok
      MagnusTheSmok 14 days ago

      Drew home to Spurs and lost home to Real Betis, this season Liverpool has been better than Barca so far. 1 loss

  • Blxst Power
    Blxst Power 14 days ago

    Unlucky you wankers 😂😂😂😂

  • Ghét Pa che
    Ghét Pa che 15 days ago

    Liverpool has lose mc 1-2

  • Me Popo
    Me Popo 15 days ago

    Ahahha. The fool has begun

  • Saud Sumic
    Saud Sumic 15 days ago +1

    Manchester is blue💙💙💙

  • general Anal
    general Anal 15 days ago +1

    Lets laugh at loserpool hahaha 2-1 against City. No trophy this year

  • ataladin 87
    ataladin 87 15 days ago +1


  • Dee Moyo
    Dee Moyo 15 days ago

    Man city 2 liverpool 1
    Final result.

  • ty- rex
    ty- rex 15 days ago +2

    Man City won r u all triggered, I'm a Man City fan I just want to laugh at it, u guys played good though

  • Mirror
    Mirror 15 days ago +1


  • P G
    P G 15 days ago


  • Suresh Kumar
    Suresh Kumar 15 days ago

    I don’t want our team lose title by 1.1cm .Hard to digest this defeat #ynwa

  • anandakumar gurunathan

    Poor Ali Ali's tactics back fired for city's second goal

  • R2 DAN 2
    R2 DAN 2 15 days ago +1


  • Wxmer 2003
    Wxmer 2003 15 days ago

    Need to get rid of lovren and you need to play Fabinho instead of Henderson fucking joke

    • Aj 247
      Aj 247 15 days ago

      Couldn't agree more Lovren keeps doing those shitty headers and every time he has done that it has led to either a goal or a chance for a goal and for the opposition he is fucking shite

  • AJ Pillay
    AJ Pillay 15 days ago

    In January plz buy Eden hazard

  • Twiglet
    Twiglet 15 days ago +1

    I don’t even support Liverpool and I want you guys to win. You deserve your chance of Premier League glory. Good luck!

  • Людмила Домальчук

    Liverpool please buy a Koulibaly

  • Stephen Charlton
    Stephen Charlton 15 days ago

    Four weeks ago I would as a Liverpool fan taken going into this match 7 points ahead I think city are under more pressure than Liverpool reds win 2-1

  • Kareem Nasser
    Kareem Nasser 15 days ago

    3lifrpol. 2city

  • Tottenham Fanclub
    Tottenham Fanclub 15 days ago

    Come on do us a favour and defeat them

  • fanza aff
    fanza aff 15 days ago

    I hope the reds win against the citizen , btw , i'am a fan of indonesia , YNWA

  • HHyakuza
    HHyakuza 15 days ago

    Love knows no boundaries. I'm from Hamburg and push liverpool thumb. What made Klopp out of the club is incredible

  • abua knk
    abua knk 15 days ago


  • haha haha
    haha haha 15 days ago

    cant be overconfident...city are deadly. A win would be massive and i'd love iy but honestly speaking i'd take anything but a loss for this game

  • Vadim DiO
    Vadim DiO 15 days ago


  • cosmas muasya
    cosmas muasya 15 days ago +1

    brilliant manager

  • Moulaye50%
    Moulaye50% 15 days ago

    klopp the best manager

  • eddy 33
    eddy 33 15 days ago


  • Neon Dragneel
    Neon Dragneel 15 days ago

    1:3 for Liverpool FC.

  • Jason Murray
    Jason Murray 15 days ago

    we will win lol lol ha haaaaa

  • Jason Murray
    Jason Murray 15 days ago

    Liverpool is a great team my team since birth and forever

  • Zoelz tio
    Zoelz tio 15 days ago

    3 _ 1 Liverpool

  • Adam Humphries
    Adam Humphries 15 days ago

    Come on lads be tough but let's do this YNWA

  • Horace Worgrit Wimp
    Horace Worgrit Wimp 15 days ago

    Liverpool fans are just as bad now as the old Man UTD fans! Need bringing down a peg or two!

  • Hakim Taibi
    Hakim Taibi 15 days ago


  • archit goel
    archit goel 15 days ago

    Don't fall into mind games klopp

  • Надя Надежда

    Ого Джага джага
    фк Ливерпуль
    Ийо Ламбада
    фк манчестер сити

  • Badiane Ibrahima
    Badiane Ibrahima 15 days ago

    Special club; Special people. This club is unique. Nobody will understand unless you are liverpoolian. Come on the best, YNWA💚💚💚❤❤❤

    • In kognito
      In kognito 15 days ago

      Not a Special Club and not Special People ,only a good normal Club whif normal people in a world where everything is special and everyone is a superstar .The Money and the Media Brainwash to many people that they forget that normal is the way of life and not special becouse no one is it.

  • TheMadSpaniard //Nafs10

    Liverpool vs Man City

    Possible scores:
    LIV 3-0 MNC
    LIV 4-2 MNC
    LIV 3-1 MNC
    LIV 4-0 MNC
    LIV 1-0 MNC
    LIV 2-0 MNC
    LIV 0-0 MNC
    LIV 1-1 MNC
    LIV 2-2 MNC
    LIV 2-1 MNC

  • Perry P
    Perry P 15 days ago

    It’s a must win game for us. If we lose/draw, it’s safe to say Liverpool will win it. If you guys come out triumphant, then gg, you guys have been sensational this season.

  • Muxyadiin Cabdi
    Muxyadiin Cabdi 15 days ago

    I'm Liverpool we will win 2:1
    Just my prediction !
    Sorry citizens
    I'm 20 years old and im fan Liverpool half of my live till now we didn't win EP
    So i hope this year is our year
    I'm to meet some Liverpool players one day 😍

    • Kayl Snow
      Kayl Snow 14 days ago

      so close
      you just got it backward

  • Orhan Yıldız
    Orhan Yıldız 15 days ago

    Salah - Mane - Firmino 👊

  • inferno fighter
    inferno fighter 15 days ago

    Lfc 2 man city 1 we will win it

  • iMicheli Rayapahi
    iMicheli Rayapahi 15 days ago

    This is a final to test the quality and performance of Liverpool player.This is an opportunity for the Liverpool team to work together to raise the standard of their imagination and creativity to make difference.The team spirit in Liverpool is outstanding from the goal keeper back middle and front players.A match as usual is win after full time including injury time.Liverpool will influence the game with tenacity speed tactics and physicality.We hope the best team win We believe......

  • cbc يمن
    cbc يمن 15 days ago

    I am from Yemen I love Liverpool and I love so much MO SLAHE

  • Nate Keehl
    Nate Keehl 15 days ago

    Man, I am so nervous. I would take a draw. If we can win, that would be unbelievable.

  • inter 1516
    inter 1516 15 days ago

    Liverpool 3 - 1 ManCity
    Mo salah
    Virgil Van Dijk

  • Ong Sang
    Ong Sang 15 days ago

    Chelsea & Man City that Liverpool not yet win them.

  • Harlan Faiz
    Harlan Faiz 15 days ago

    Liverpool 3:1 city

  • Fun Tube
    Fun Tube 15 days ago

    He looks chill while im at home getting chilly bum

  • Hosnan anas
    Hosnan anas 15 days ago

    3-1 for liverpool

  • eddy 33
    eddy 33 15 days ago

    Liverpool will be open to signing players in the January transfer window should they need reinforcements to aid their Premier League title challenge, manager Juergen Klopp said on Monday.

    KING COMMENT 15 days ago

    My prediction Liverpool win 4-1 against ManCity

  • Heri Mulyadi
    Heri Mulyadi 15 days ago


  • amber rose
    amber rose 15 days ago

    i love lfc, but i see some of us fans getting too cocky, lets not stoop to the haters level my friends. kill them with kindness and let the lads ans the hate with their game.

  • gunung dong
    gunung dong 15 days ago +1

    Lfc1-man city5

  • Muhammed Fajir.v.a
    Muhammed Fajir.v.a 15 days ago

    "As long as we mix up our potential with attitude, It will be quality." -Jurgen Klopp

  • Dean Hiskya manullang
    Dean Hiskya manullang 15 days ago

    liverpool win

  • Muchlis Rozi
    Muchlis Rozi 15 days ago

    dude speaking english freaking fluently. is it normal for german? what a gaffer!

  • rizal alfan
    rizal alfan 15 days ago

    5-0 for LVC

  • Yudishtir Caulachand
    Yudishtir Caulachand 15 days ago

    You could see his deception of not able to sign Pulisic

  • Hamudi El
    Hamudi El 15 days ago

    I will say 3-2 or 3-1 to Liverpool