Talking Dems - Pete Buttigieg’s Approach to Reparations and Fixing the Economy | The Daily Show

  • Published on Jul 14, 2019
  • Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg reveals what he learned from his meeting with Rev. Al Sharpton and explains why the topline economic indicators don’t reflect reality.
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  • Jarom Pack
    Jarom Pack 4 days ago

    There goes Pete making a fool of himself again.....

  • Reading Turtle
    Reading Turtle 9 days ago month later and I'm back again. When this vid popped up in my feed a month ago (because TheXvid knows I'm in brain-love with Trevor Noah), I had heard of Mayor Pete and kinda liked him but had only done surface layer research on him. This vid really lit my curiosity, and I've been watching and reading everything I can get my hands on about this amazing person, including his book. After watching hour-long interviews, debates moderated by premium journalists, "hardball" interrogations by enemy commentators, etc., I'm back here to Trevor because this is still the best, least-rehearsed, most-revealing interview I've seen of Pete. Partly that's Pete, but mostly that's Trevor Noah. He's blessed with mad skills for putting people at ease and drawing out their most authentic selves. Thank you, Trevor Noah, for introducing me to (hopefully) our next president.

  • MY Bembery
    MY Bembery 19 days ago

    You really need an ADOS segment. You could invite Yvette Carnell, Antonio Moore or Dr William”Sandy” Darity.
    Or, how about a segment on how Comcast challenging our our Civil Rights law written during Reconstruction because they lost in the appellate courts, twice to a black Billionaire who challenged them?
    Comcast is basically more Racist than the US Congress of 1866 by challenging Section 1981of the Civil Rights Actof 1866.
    Section 1981 is a federal law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, color, and ethnicity when making and enforcing contracts. ... It does not prohibit discrimination on the basis of any other protected class.

  • Shedding
    Shedding 25 days ago

    Peter it's seriously the most thoughtful articulate person I have listened to. I personally do not see this kind of speech in every day life. When I found out he was gay, I felt a bit sad. Not because he is gay. I applaud him being open. I felt sad because there are a lot of ignorant people who will not give him a chance because of his sexuality. I really do hope he keeps trying even if he doesn't make it this time.

  • Sam Vidas
    Sam Vidas Month ago

    Such a calm, informed, and sincere voice. Someone to respect and to trust, presidential even. He is not posturing or pretending to know his stuff; a nice change of pace. I hope we see more of him on the trail.

  • Jess Taylor
    Jess Taylor Month ago +2

    He's real nice, but he's on that "trans women of color" nonsense 🙄

  • GingerNinja
    GingerNinja Month ago +1

    Love him. I'm a Brit and want to kidnap him to come to the UK and sort out Brexit for us 😁😁😁

  • like mate stop procrastinating

    he would be a perfect president america please wake up

  • Valerie Melgarejo
    Valerie Melgarejo Month ago

    I love Mayor Pete!

  • Spartan40
    Spartan40 Month ago

    Sooooo...why did they not upload Andrew Yang's interview? It seems all the other candidate interviews are available...

  • Matthew Tilley
    Matthew Tilley Month ago +2

    Buttigiegs 100% corporate bullishiter

  • Ahsan Abbasi
    Ahsan Abbasi Month ago

    Im not even from america and i wanna vote for him

  • Pat Whalen
    Pat Whalen Month ago +1

    Yang 2020

  • warrensgoferteeth
    warrensgoferteeth Month ago +1

    does he go to FISTING FESTIVALS where men shove their fists up each others azzes n try to get a thrill from it?

  • brothamn LLPRSZ
    brothamn LLPRSZ Month ago

    FUCC THAT WE'RE NOT ALLIES WITH NOBODY BLCKMN WOMAN N CHILD amerikkka land of the thief home of the SLAVES fucc thiz demonic murderous fascist vile insidious korupt society n all itz allies u.s.a UNDER SATANz AUTHORITY

  • Timothy O'Brien
    Timothy O'Brien Month ago

    The most electable candidate. He is a bridge in the Democratic party between the establishment and the progressives. His resume is amazing. Of course, he would have to buck homophobia, which is prevalent, but not pervasive. If America could have a Black president, then it can't have a gay president.

  • scott bowling
    scott bowling Month ago +1


  • scott bowling
    scott bowling Month ago +1


  • Greta
    Greta 2 months ago +1

    I love how Pete is the only openly gay presidential candidate (that has a big chance of winning). It blows my mind that we could go from Obama, the first African American president, to Trump, the first oompa-loompa president, to maybe either the first gay president or the first woman president! So many firsts.

  • Allen Fepuleai
    Allen Fepuleai 2 months ago

    Andrew Yang has the best chance to beat Trump. Join the Yang gang!

  • Sargam Wadhwa
    Sargam Wadhwa 2 months ago

    Vague booty judge. Jon Stewart would've never been a corporate stooge.

  • Dragoon TV
    Dragoon TV 2 months ago

    Pete's youngness and sharpness reminds me a lot like JFK without the personality part so far i find Andrew and Pete to be the sharpest qualified candidates i can think of at the moment.

  • Andrew Shane
    Andrew Shane 2 months ago

    Less centrist baloney from Peter and more progressive awesomeness from Yang!!!

  • gdouglas999
    gdouglas999 2 months ago +3

    Buttigieg is far, far better a candidate for president than the US has had in a very long time. Most American voters have yet to discover that.

  • Squish Games
    Squish Games 2 months ago

  • Prashanth Murali
    Prashanth Murali 2 months ago

    I think the whole concept of reparations doesn't make sense and is just a cheap political ploy to cheat black people into voting for a candidate. How are you going to identify the descendants of former slaves? How are you going to determine the cost per individual? its better to solve today's problems such as racial segregation in housing leading to segregated schools, disguised voter suppression in states like Georgia, racial profiling etc. which put black people at a disadvantage.

  • Kamau Carter
    Kamau Carter 2 months ago +1

    this is so...therapeutic

  • anpdm1
    anpdm1 2 months ago

    Hey Daily Show! When are y'all going to interview Mike Gravel?

    • gdouglas999
      gdouglas999 2 months ago

      He's on the verge of dropping out of the conversation, good a guy as he is.

  • Atila Hunn
    Atila Hunn 2 months ago

    Exactly how are we going to give out reparations? Are they going to be pass
    out based upon how dark their skin is? Then I will quickly invest in
    tanning booths. Are we able to determine how much blood was from slavery
    and how much was later immigrants. How much slaver blood do they need
    to have 50% 25% etc, and is it prorated? How about if they can
    determine how much ex slave holder blood they have? Will that detract
    from the loot distribution? We must remember that many blacks actually
    held slaves. Do we look at the means test IE how about middle class
    blacks and upper class blacks and rich blacks? Do they get the same
    amount of money? And on and on and on.
    What happens when this money is spent and gone like 80% of the lotto winners monies? How long
    until they come back and say HEY that was never enough so I want more
    from you suckers. Do you really think that this distributions will even
    happen. If it happens then how much resentment will happen from the
    rest of society? Right now blacks have all kinds of incentives and
    assistance to succeed and most whites want them to succeed.
    Will this solve the problem of 75% of black children being born out of
    wedlock. Will this stop the murder rate of blacks being 7 times higher
    than whites. Will this stop the number of assaults from blacks on
    whites being 25 times higher than whites on blacks or that Aggravated
    battery for blacks is 200 times higher than white on black? Will this
    stop the probability of a black man being killed by another black man is
    at least 10 times higher than by a white man?
    You SJWs are determined to rip this country apart. You think that your SJW Jihad is
    right and everyone else who disagrees with your mind numbing BS is a
    racist of fascist etc that must be silenced. So your next set of
    reparations will be first for Indians and then for Hispanics. How
    about East Indians and East Asians who make on average 20% more income
    than the average white guy. Kinda puts a hole in white privilege
    doesn't it?
    Vote for me and you will win the lottery!

  • Google Replier
    Google Replier 2 months ago +1


  • Google Replier
    Google Replier 2 months ago

    Butt needs God, by way of Jesus Christ of the Bible

    • gdouglas999
      gdouglas999 2 months ago

      He already has that, much more successfully than you do I suspect.

  • Google Replier
    Google Replier 2 months ago

  • catherine jones
    catherine jones 2 months ago +1

    Stay on beat and see what happens to your pole numbers soooooooo funny and sooooooooo true🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😅😅😅😅😅😗

  • Zoe Christopher
    Zoe Christopher 2 months ago +1

    I hope he keeps it up! I’d vote for him if he’s on my ballot 💕

  • PrinceChris93
    PrinceChris93 2 months ago +1

    I honestly can't stand him between his back door meetings to take down Bernie to bad mouthing other candidates to not firing racist cop's in his district meaning he's fine with racism Pete is as fake as fake comes. He's your typical lying politician and I'm not voting for him Bernie 2020

    • gdouglas999
      gdouglas999 2 months ago

      He hasn't bad mouthed anyone but Trump and Pence, is a huge admirer of Bernie---and anyone who doesn't rally around whomever it is that gets the Dems nomination is as evil as the current occupant of the White House.

  • Irishtradchannel
    Irishtradchannel 2 months ago

    Reparations isn't being taken serious, it is being entertained because there is no benefit in laughing at the person asking the question.
    It is fucking ludicrous.

  • L DL
    L DL 2 months ago

    Wait isn't this an old conversation that was uploaded again...?

  • rolback
    rolback 2 months ago

    White nationalist and racist Pete needs to fix his white nationalist, racist police force first before he thinks he can be anything else.

  • rolback
    rolback 2 months ago

    There’s nothing to fix , the economy is going strong, just need for Trump to renegotiate all the bad trade deals inked by the Anti American democrats.

  • Azuos
    Azuos 2 months ago +1

    *clap clap* .... *clap*
    Nailed it!

  • neleigha jones
    neleigha jones 2 months ago +3

    He should be more then a mayor he's president worthy

  • kern frederick
    kern frederick 2 months ago

    I like him just wish he wasn't Gay oh well can't have it all

  • E K Daufin
    E K Daufin 2 months ago +1

    Racial wealth AND income! Different things - good.

  • E K Daufin
    E K Daufin 2 months ago +1

    Beautiful- he has managed not to rank the Obama recovery.

  • end corruption
    end corruption 2 months ago

    Wall st Pete is a great bullshit artist. I'm done with slick talking corporate puppets who gain my trust, and increase the redistribution of wealth upward, while redistributing the tax burden downward. Its time the people regained their earned benefits, and Pete is definititly NOT the guy for the job. His corporate puppet strings are growing by the day

    • gdouglas999
      gdouglas999 2 months ago

      @end corruption You do know, do you not, that policies formed by ANY candidate this far ahead of being elected are subject to change on a whim and must pass the scrutiny of policy experts and Congress? Pete's approach--not promising something that cannot be delivered-- is exactly the honest one to take regarding Medicare or any other issue currently facing the candidates. I find him to be so many things that Trump is not: a brilliant thinker, authentic, modest, likable, self-depricating, relatable, thoughtful, smart, blunt, even-keeled, calm, informed, compassionate, helpful, polite, poised, dignified, well spoken, kind, modest, giving and hard working. On top of that he listens well, has a cool demeanor and wry humor, is motivated to help others, served his country, has been a dedicated public servant, rescues dogs and is honest about exactly who he is. I believe the man has integrity in spite of your reservations.

      By the way, in April he returned all donations from registered federal lobbyists. His campaign barred registered lobbyists from serving as bundlers. He rejects money from fossil fuel industry executives and political action committees tied to corporations. How many of those things do you think Trump does?

      Before you respond, will you take four minutes to watch this clip listening to how residents of South Bend feel about him? You will hear a variety of opinions but I particularly like what the hospital surgeon had to say about him. You seem to be a truly reasonable person and I look forward to hearing from you again.

    • end corruption
      end corruption 2 months ago

      @gdouglas999 I hear you and respectfully disagree. I also campaigned for bernie in 2016 and he has generated new blood. But with the plurality of choices, yes there are alot peeling off. Remember. Hillary thought that just facing trump was enough to mobilize. Many people are not tuned in to trumos madness. And the fact that the house didnt impeach leads many who are not tuned in to believe he is innocent.
      Also, Im not critisizing Pete simply because Im with Bernie. He is showing serious signs of the typical corporate democrat. His retorical skill is what boosts him. But what he (doesnt) stand for is obvious. Did you know that a little while back he was asked about medicare for all and why he was hedging between it, a public option and "fixing" obamacare? He said "In 2016 medicare for all was a fresh novel idea, its not novel anymore". This one statement exposes that he is not interested in solving the crisis of healthcare, he is concerned with what will work politically for him. This was a serious gaff. I bet he realized he messed up right after he said it. He exposed his thought process right there. My critique of the mayor is a fair one, based on what he has said and done. He's not on my radar anymore. At first I was kind of excited, but it didnt last long. Just another machavellian smooth talker. Having said that. I will support and canvas for him if he won. But Bernie would get a much better turnout.

    • gdouglas999
      gdouglas999 2 months ago

      @end corruption I agree with you on so many counts but I stand by my contention that Donald Trump himself is enough to mobilize the forces against him regardless of who the Democrats end up nominating. And, like you, I will work hard for whomever that candidate turns out to be (although I would have to plug my nose in order to work for and vote for Biden or Hickenlooper). I have to admit that you sound EXACTLY like I sounded in 2016 when I was working on behalf of Bernie but that was then, this is now. So many of those who supported Bernie then have moved on. Those with whom I worked most closely on Bernie's campaign seem largely to be supporting Warren with some for Pete, Harris or Inslee. For me the appeal of generational change is what makes me feel that Bernie's time has passed and I am drawn to Pete by his tone, his values and his goals--and I feel the need to defend him when I think he is being unfairly judged. It particularly hurts that the criticism comes so often from Bernie supporters as I don't see Pete's supporters lashing out at Bernie or any other of the candidates---it's pretty much a one way stream of venom. I think there is one main thing that Pete understands that maybe his critics do not: The vast majority of the American electorate is willing to be taken into the future GRADUALLY, but not kicking and screaming (as they believe Bernie's policies will do). With 40 percent of the country solidly behind Trump and nearly 70 percent of the Democrats supporting candidates we would call moderate, there simply isn't enough appetite for truly progressive policies and candidates this time around. We can't judge the mood of the country by the political junkies and internet keyboard warriors who hang out on social media sites discussing politics. It's simply not realistic. I think what's healthy is for each of us to support whomever it is that we feel has the best shot of defeating Trump and then deal with the cards wherever they end up falling. I'd be thrilled to be able to vote for either Bernie or Pete for president. I just don't think that's going to happen.

    • end corruption
      end corruption 2 months ago

      @gdouglas999 I hear every single thing your saying. Problem is. A centrist strategy does NOT fire up people. Don't fall for the corporate repeat echo "centrist" message. Biden would not fire up anybody. But if he wins the nomination, I will canvas for him(I think he's going to drop like a rock this fall), or Harris or Liz or Pete, or who ever. But the aggregate polling on Medicare for all is well above 50%, along with the rest of Bernie's and Liz's platform issues.We have to fish where the fish are. This platform can bring people out who haven't been involved. The centrist status quo platform will work against us. Trump will crush that weak message.The progressive platform sells itself. And I've been asking around, and I don't know anybody who loves their insurance company. That Kaiser poll has a conflict of interest by the way. Look at these issues in the aggregate (polling) They all poll high.When you explain that coverage will be expanded to every doctor and hospital in the country (no more network nonsense) and no more premiums copays deductibles, and no more hospital bills or worry about medical bill bankrupcy, they say sigh me up. Your take on private health insurance is the msnbc, cnn echo chamber message.
      Well, this is a mobilization election. The most effective way to mobilize and get out the vote is to inspire people, and give them hope. The centrist message is not the way to go. This nonsense that corporate joe Scarborough, donny duetche and Cuomo are spewing is disengenuous corporate propaganda. You want to beat trump? Mobilization! Inspiration! The reality is, (third way) corporate dems and all the corporate blowhard sellouts are not afraid Bernie will lose to trump, they are afraid because they know he'll win. And I want to remind you of the reality vs. the nonsense "far left" BS spewed by the corporate media.
      All these "far left" issues are actually centrist in REALITY: *medicare for all
      * 15 hr min wage and increased labor rights
      *tuition free college and cancel student debt
      *end private prisons
      *raising taxes on the freeloading welfare kings of wall st.
      *ending corruption
      all poll above 50% nationally, not just in the party. So they are not "far left" ideas. Just another example of the disengenuous corporate propaganda machine bending reality. Also, notice who is polling toward the top and who is polling toward the bottem. Bernie, Liz and Harris(posing as a progressive), are trending up. While the "centrists"(actually center right) Klobuchar, hokinliper, delany etc. Are polling at about 5% collectively. This all is empirical evidence that goes contrary to the (lie) the corporate media is feeding us. But Harris is the one I am most afraid of, and Pete second. Pete could grsb Bidens lane when he tanks. I think either one could beat trump (thank god), they could get the vote out, (and I will canvas for them if they win) but then when in office they move center right. Now either one would be a great steward of the office obviously. But I think both would have a large contingent of wall st in their cabinets. NOT GOOD! But I will tell you what. If Bernie leads the pack in states won, delegates, and votes, and the corporate wing works him off of the ticket. That will surely give trump a second term. Because many first timers involved will lose enthusiasm. I will work hard no matter who wins. But there are many around me that are joining bernie's revolution that have never voted, never mind canvas and networking. They are fired up! And Bernie is the only candidate that talks about mass mobilization AFTER he is elected. He said he is not going to negotiate with Congress, he is going to states with congressional holdouts and rally the people and voters, with threat to primary any who are not on board with his platform. Pete, won't do that. Pete will let wall st. continue to pick our pockets and try to "compromise". We already know this style of politics hasn't worked for a long time. Republicans never compromise when they have power. They rip the policy far right. If we don't attack ferociously, we will end up looking like Mexico, the Philippines or South africa, etc all corporate-socialist oligarchys

  • Spit Dragon
    Spit Dragon 2 months ago +1


  • Maja-Danmark
    Maja-Danmark 2 months ago +3

    How can you NOT be persuaded by him? 7:30 He was my fave long before he mentioned my country x

  • Chad Edwards
    Chad Edwards 2 months ago

    Nobody alive today was a slave. Neither were there parents, grandparents, or great grandparents. Gtfo with this "reparations talk"......

  • Kayla Futakami
    Kayla Futakami 2 months ago +1

    Read his autobiography!!!!

  • Jamaican Bobsleigh
    Jamaican Bobsleigh 2 months ago +1

    Yang!!!! Get him on

  • Vai Patri
    Vai Patri 2 months ago +1

    Loved watching this

  • A J
    A J 2 months ago

    “A Real Man's Word Is His Bond. When a real man makes a promise, he keeps it. If he can't keep a promise, he doesn't give his word. A man would rather face severe consequences than break his word.”

  • kb csDJvno \]][,.
    kb csDJvno \]][,. 2 months ago

    Lily-White Pete Buttigieg, Son of Privilege, and Rhodes Scholar Hopes Playing Race Card will Lift His Campaign
    by Jim Hoft 16 July 2019

  • kb csDJvno \]][,.
    kb csDJvno \]][,. 2 months ago

    Lily-White Pete Buttigieg, Son of Privilege, and Rhodes Scholar Hopes Playing Race Card will Lift His Campaign
    by Jim Hoft 16 July 2019

  • Candy West
    Candy West 2 months ago

    He can literally break dance in the black church he will never get the big black voting block now move to that damn beat we don't give a damn who you are sleeping with ADOS is what we're concerned with to hell with the hot sauce and the shucking and jiving we want TANGIBLES !!!!

    • gdouglas999
      gdouglas999 2 months ago

      He has plenty of tangibles, Candy. Seems you haven't been paying attention.

  • Mahsa Nafisi
    Mahsa Nafisi 2 months ago

    Did anyone notice how Trevor was looking at him when he was answering? I guess he is not used to not being the center of attention and with the content getting too serious haha

  • Mahsa Nafisi
    Mahsa Nafisi 2 months ago +1

    I love Mayor Pete! He is so intelligent so well informed, with such a clear logic!

  • Carol Just
    Carol Just 2 months ago

    Pete Buttigieg is my guy. I hope he gets in at least as Vice President. He has the Bigger a brain.

  • al mzo
    al mzo 2 months ago

    Whenever Pete comes to an 's' in his words it sounds like a whistle :'D

  • Jason Reliford
    Jason Reliford 2 months ago

    It's's true. Black people are more comfortable with a White person that can keep beat. Ask Justin Timberlake.