I got my very own kitty in Minecraft (WHOLESOME)

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
  • and i love him so much
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    Comical Romance 1 - Merlean
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    Army Of Angels 1 - Johannes Bornlöf
    The Olympic Team - Philip Ayers
    Funky Flashback - Guy Trevino and Friends
    Departure - Ending - August Wilhelmsson
    We Must Win - Magnus Ringblom
    Call Of The North - Niklas Johansson
    Action Suspense Trailer 14 T60 - Magnus Ringblom
    Fire At Will - Martin Hall
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  • Loserfruit
    Loserfruit  Month ago +669

    Also like this video for the cutest Loserfruit you'll get this year :^)

    • Chloe Wolfgang wolf
      Chloe Wolfgang wolf 17 days ago

      You sucks at Minecraft

    • Nick eh 30 Jr13
      Nick eh 30 Jr13 20 days ago

      I will go near your cat to give it a friend

    • Pedro pony
      Pedro pony 25 days ago


    • Mason Hardie
      Mason Hardie Month ago

      you need to make the tax be fish so that way he will always love you

    • Spencer Herr
      Spencer Herr Month ago +1

      look at ur face in the thumbnail XD

  • RavarG3r
    RavarG3r 5 days ago

    mong sounds and awful lot like marcus hmmm... conincidence? I THINK NOT!

  • Doodlebob
    Doodlebob 8 days ago

    What shader do you use?

  • gjb gaming
    gjb gaming 14 days ago

    When will the next episode be ???

  • Lazy Lime
    Lazy Lime 19 days ago

    Find one more and then breed them

  • Your past self
    Your past self 19 days ago

    I have a real life gray kitty named Garycee

  • morty Smith
    morty Smith 20 days ago

    y is the quality so bad

  • Nick eh 30 Jr13
    Nick eh 30 Jr13 20 days ago

    Yass queen I will make thanos cat

  • Dalaney Meeks
    Dalaney Meeks 21 day ago

    how do you join her minecraft server?

  • Space Legends
    Space Legends 21 day ago

    Why do I feel like shaders is making u lag

  • Glxy Blaze
    Glxy Blaze 24 days ago

    Lufu if your cat is standing while your going to sleep your cat will sleep in your bed

  • xX_StealthPlays29_Xx
    xX_StealthPlays29_Xx 24 days ago

    Does anyone know which shader she uses?

  • TheJacko 08
    TheJacko 08 26 days ago

    If you go to sleep while your cat is stood up it will lay on your bed and in the morning maybe give you a present

  • TheJacko 08
    TheJacko 08 26 days ago

    What is your seed or server called

  • Kriptixz
    Kriptixz 26 days ago

    what texture pack is that? I need it lol

  • - Add 694
    - Add 694 27 days ago

    Holy your intros are epic

  • melissa price
    melissa price 28 days ago

    i love you like love girlfriend love

  • ShadowWolf 123
    ShadowWolf 123 28 days ago

    Is Marcus going to join the series because that would be pretty cool.

  • Sweeti Pie
    Sweeti Pie 29 days ago

    - cat : Exists -

    - lufu: OH MY GOD IS SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!!! -

    - cat : glitchy walking -

    - ℓʋғʋ : ƧѲ ƤЯЄƆƖѲƲƧ

  • TheACP
    TheACP 29 days ago

    Is this creative?

  • Barbie Shapes 2
    Barbie Shapes 2 29 days ago +1

    No stormies were harmed in the making of this episode

  • TragicMagic YT
    TragicMagic YT Month ago

    How do I build that house omg I love it 🥰

  • xzjpxz 37
    xzjpxz 37 Month ago

    Is there a way to join

  • Wendy Wright
    Wendy Wright Month ago +1

    That’s the cat that was my first in that world but it died in lava sadly😭😭

  • Nite Gamer
    Nite Gamer Month ago

    4:31 thought she was gonna say pewdiepie

  • Walker English
    Walker English Month ago

    Click craft

  • Mir Angane
    Mir Angane Month ago

    I like your intro they are awesome

  • Jasper1 Weston
    Jasper1 Weston Month ago

    Lufu i love u so much can u shout me ur the best plz keep uploading cause ive watched all ur vids

  • Chihiro-Chanゲーミング

    Cats can drown but inly if there’s something on top of them

  • Ewan Waddell
    Ewan Waddell Month ago +1

    So who’s leading the mission to bring up another cat and make them create kittens?

  • TeaCup
    TeaCup Month ago

    What server is that ^~^? I would love to play too!

  • Lady Dia
    Lady Dia Month ago

    My attempt to get a cat on the server ended in many tears and at least 2 of the mods lighting cats on fire. Good times.
    I now have 8 cats.

  • Daniel Walls
    Daniel Walls Month ago

    Did she really say KFC and Samsung was better? Everyone knows Chic-fil- a/ zaxbys and iPhone is better

  • extreamMaster 848
    extreamMaster 848 Month ago

    Only losers play litteraly minecraft

  • Wildkid354 McMahon
    Wildkid354 McMahon Month ago +1

    Cats don’t take fall damage like so Lufu van see

  • Mark ze Snake O-O
    Mark ze Snake O-O Month ago

    Oh no the click youtuber are being minecradt TheXvidr

    And yeah protect the kitty

  • Waseem Nishat
    Waseem Nishat Month ago

    my sister made a world the first pet in that world the exact same and its name is stormy aka loserfuit cat

  • Wout Meeus
    Wout Meeus Month ago

    What is the server ip

  • Loki-Storm Tail
    Loki-Storm Tail Month ago

    Omg what?! My cats name is Stormtail! Very similar right? I called him that because his tail was genetically (father's side) broken. So yeah. My cats story right there!

  • FoldedAloha
    FoldedAloha Month ago

    How do you get in the server? Just Asking

  • George Cairns
    George Cairns Month ago +1

    loser fruit got a pussy

  • JThe King
    JThe King Month ago

    how would i join this server?

  • Apple Sud
    Apple Sud Month ago

    But was it _Whxlsome_

  • A_Fart_Squirrel
    A_Fart_Squirrel Month ago +1

    what texture pack does she use

  • Laila Parker
    Laila Parker Month ago

    No fortnite anymore??

  • Stormeh
    Stormeh Month ago

    This cat is my sister

  • qxDelly
    qxDelly Month ago


  • Marshmello
    Marshmello Month ago

    Hi Cathie

  • Victor Costa
    Victor Costa Month ago

    What’s the name that of that resource pack?

  • ZeeHky
    ZeeHky Month ago

    I hope you’re having a lovely day ❤️

    I’m also I female streamer and I hope you check me out 🙂

  • AdamArrrgh `
    AdamArrrgh ` Month ago


  • Ermelinda Kitsai
    Ermelinda Kitsai Month ago

    Great video

  • Aremirasu
    Aremirasu Month ago

    can someone tell me what shaders pack she is using please ?

  • The Kselor
    The Kselor Month ago

    Summary for the video: cute, cute, cute, cat.

  • Maggie Danek
    Maggie Danek Month ago

    i love pusheen,stormy(she was holding and her pet)pip(pusheen's brother

  • Crooked Clown
    Crooked Clown Month ago

    What was all the shot that happened about pairs for the green screen

  • Anba Gaming
    Anba Gaming Month ago

    Wholgrain is planning to steal youre cat im a spy 🕵

  • Best gaming
    Best gaming Month ago

    Loser fruit

  • Logan Judish
    Logan Judish Month ago

    Fruity is literally the most overprotective

  • Indie Lee
    Indie Lee Month ago

    Wait, so to pass the night; instead of using a mod, yall ALL get in bed at the same time? That's co-operation.