Modern Warfare 2019 Multiplayer - 7 Things You NEED TO KNOW

  • Published on Aug 2, 2019
  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) has finally served up some multiplayer details. We've got the information for you right here.
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  • John Rambatt
    John Rambatt 9 days ago +2

    If it ever comes to switch, I hope it will be split screen

  • Jimmy Lindgren
    Jimmy Lindgren 28 days ago

    Please tell me one thing- Can i play offline splitt screen with bots like you can in COD blackops 4?

  • Jochanan Van Holst
    Jochanan Van Holst Month ago

    No it's not that good

  • Nicole C
    Nicole C Month ago +1

    How do you connect to multiplayer? Says blocked

  • suxx Bank
    suxx Bank Month ago

    World at War had drivable vehicles... as did Call of Duty 2. You make me sad.

  • Alex Alvarado
    Alex Alvarado Month ago

    Bought the game and im getting beat but ill keep trying

  • John Elway
    John Elway Month ago +1

    I hate it

  • ASA2015mx
    ASA2015mx Month ago

    Too bad little bitches made them put the mini map back in

  • King Of Uranus
    King Of Uranus Month ago

    Is these features also available in split screen local mp?

  • Corey Mcdaniel
    Corey Mcdaniel Month ago

    It's fire 🔥

  • Jerrieme Stebbins
    Jerrieme Stebbins Month ago

    Why can't my friend level up on split screen?

  • shane corr
    shane corr Month ago

    Bring back mw2

  • Richard Clanton
    Richard Clanton Month ago

    All I want to know does it have HARDCORE??

  • matt ttam
    matt ttam Month ago

    Is there hardcore or does it take a clip to drop people

  • Planet Charlie
    Planet Charlie Month ago

    This Shit Is Dope

  • Axel Lenix
    Axel Lenix Month ago

    Can i play the game without the internet? Or does it need constant internet connection?

  • Reese Nelson
    Reese Nelson Month ago

    Who’s sitting here getting hyped for North American 9pm drop!!!!!!!!

  • Damag3d Princ3y
    Damag3d Princ3y Month ago

    'Got it installed on my PC ready to hit play! Nvidia RTX.2080 Ti Its obviously going to look out of this world on my 4K 49' ultra wide Gaming Monitor! I cant wait the campaign will be amazing! il play multiplayer a lot but hate every second of it every time i play! cant stand how quick people are! even using mkb i dont stand a chance! my brain isn't quick enough to see and react as quick as i need 2 : /

  • RIOTx 420
    RIOTx 420 Month ago

    Last cod game I played was the original MW.
    So I’m excited to play this after so many years!

  • AdmiralKobra
    AdmiralKobra Month ago


    Go dark

  • MF. Serious
    MF. Serious Month ago

    Splitscreen ?
    (sorry didn have time to watch whole video)

  • Sinn0100
    Sinn0100 Month ago

    No, you know what bothers me? Why is there no review up for a game that hits tonight? I'm supposed to pick up my copy at 9:00 PM and I don't see a single review at all. Every single time something like this happens...we have a giant Turd Sandwich getting ready to release to the world.

  • owowhatsthis ._.
    owowhatsthis ._. Month ago

    I can't believe am actually hyped for a call of duty game this is like the first time am hyped for a call of duty game :D

  • Juxxer
    Juxxer Month ago +1

    Yo I havent felt hyped like this in awhile for a cod game, it's like a nostalgia hype.

  • [LLJ] Joegrizzly
    [LLJ] Joegrizzly Month ago

    "Jugger-nut" lol.

  • Will23 23
    Will23 23 Month ago

    No mini map? Thats BS!

  • Jordan Segura
    Jordan Segura Month ago +1

    This kinda helped my comparison to medal of honor

    PROFESSOR X Month ago

    You keep saying new there is nothing in this game that was not in the original modern warfare did you play that game you would than think again about saying new this is all old hat bro

  • Debopam Sengupta
    Debopam Sengupta Month ago

    just a few more days😋😋

  • Gabriel Esquijarosa

    No nukes? How come I saw videos of people getting nukes though?

  • Daniel Friday
    Daniel Friday Month ago

    Not played COD for a few years now but this one has actually got my attention and i have actually pre ordered it....been playing battlefield but that has turned to shit with battlefield 5

  • TwinAsians
    TwinAsians Month ago

    Is there still custom classes?

  • detective cotts
    detective cotts Month ago

    Does this game require constant internet connection or can you play offline?

    • Jay2307 02
      Jay2307 02 Month ago

      I very don’t like when we needs to have internet, me i play at call of duty just with bot on split screen because i don’t have wifi

  • Fezzle
    Fezzle Month ago

    Which Modern Warfare is it. There's already a Modern Wafare 1, 2, 3 and a Modern Wafare remastered.

  • Exigos Mortis
    Exigos Mortis Month ago

    *hopes crossplay does not allow PC and console interplay. KBM has distinct advantage over Controller. All day every day.

  • Exigos Mortis
    Exigos Mortis Month ago +7

    Someone needs to get more familiar with the CoD series. Meaning: there has been tanks in CoD multiplayer before. CoD:World At War had tanks on several core maps. FYI

  • Fastest Crib
    Fastest Crib Month ago +1

    2:41 That mans is boutta get his nut busted

  • Art Coll
    Art Coll Month ago

    what about the size of maps,
    are they big ?

  • jay lee
    jay lee Month ago

    Is crossplay automatic? I hope not those PC dudes always hacking shit

  • imVNUTZ
    imVNUTZ Month ago

    No mini map going to be a problem?

  • Mr Wetcloth
    Mr Wetcloth Month ago

    Who else is pissed about survive will only be on ps4😭

  • Aaron Kirkwood
    Aaron Kirkwood Month ago

    Not paying 100% of the money for less than 100% of the game. I cancelled my preorder on Xbox and shared a screenshot of the cancellation on Activision's twitter page with the hashtag cancelCODpreorder2019. Tired of being in an abusive relationship with Activision! Only way they listen is if people LET YOUR MONEY TALK!

  • Marko Ciprić
    Marko Ciprić Month ago +1

    My favourite multiplayer game ever was BF3 and this reminds me of it,i never ever bought COD game and this might be my first one because BFV is far from number 3.
    Well,activision.. you did something,because i never considered buying your game.

  • mitchell mccoy
    mitchell mccoy 2 months ago


  • Trigger xX
    Trigger xX 2 months ago

    The visuals and game play seems like I'm playing black ops .. I want it to be like the original modern warfare

  • Matthew Wood
    Matthew Wood 2 months ago

    Name of the last two instrumentals????

    SKAVENGERS10 2 months ago

    The nuke is there apparently

  • reveluv on orbit
    reveluv on orbit 2 months ago

    Ok but... How no one has any infos about split screen ???? Does anyone plays with friends at home anymore ?

    • Elijah Guzman
      Elijah Guzman 2 months ago

      I was looking for info also, I am hoping it does have it

  • Mr. Collins
    Mr. Collins 2 months ago

    Also I hope they don't have full aim assist maybe a little bit but not full it's not legit fair. They get an aimbot in a way and they shouldn't have it.

  • Mr. Collins
    Mr. Collins 2 months ago

    The graphics are kick ass! Also PlayStation is trash getting shit first shouldn't be allowed anymore that shit ruins everything.

  • Mr. Collins
    Mr. Collins 2 months ago

    But here's the thing will they get rid of the cheaters / hackers ?

  • Shaun Crown
    Shaun Crown 2 months ago

    Cant wait to try this out. MW FTW

  • Justius Contreras
    Justius Contreras 2 months ago

    I wish it was split screen like every cod ever

  • Reuben Singh
    Reuben Singh 2 months ago

    Please don't add a battle royale mode

  • Bennett Andrew
    Bennett Andrew 2 months ago

    Can we not do the whole battle royal ground war thing

  • sky ryder
    sky ryder 2 months ago

    Game is sick!!

  • Mr phil
    Mr phil 2 months ago

    Battlefield and cod combined, cross platform. This games winning

  • Gaming With Lane
    Gaming With Lane 2 months ago

    Ground war “supporting more than 100 players” lol. Either they overhyped or scaled down for beta. Either way, was easily my favorite mode

  • Dalton White
    Dalton White 2 months ago

    One question is it split screen

  • mortous sn
    mortous sn 2 months ago

    Is this battlefield 6 ?