#01 Too Cute!Baby orangutanかわいいオランウータンの赤ちゃん。

  • Published on Mar 25, 2013
  • Too Cute!Baby orangutanかわいいオランウータンの赤ちゃん。
    Tama zoological park.多摩動物公園。
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  • Wanjieri Blackman
    Wanjieri Blackman 7 days ago

    She’s over the breastfeeding business lol

  • 沈丁花
    沈丁花 13 days ago

    A scary face, cold eyes,...I do not feel affection for the hand she holds her baby.

  • Veta Pres
    Veta Pres 18 days ago

    Baby is cute for the present moment. Mom is really ugly and sad looking.

    • Veta Pres
      Veta Pres 17 days ago

      +King Chong Yes, I agree. But often even young human males before 30 look absolutely disgusting...

    • King Chong
      King Chong 17 days ago

      What happens to all women they look disgusting after thirtu

  • nanettemclean5
    nanettemclean5 23 days ago

    Beautiful, mum seems happy!! Good enough for me :))

  • Cathrine White
    Cathrine White 28 days ago +1

    Aww mom's got a boob for an ear! How convenient! My kid would have loved it, he was always trying to look over my shoulder, continuing to nurse without interruption. I would have made a good orangutan lol

  • cathy briggs
    cathy briggs Month ago

    Orangetine mom push lil babe away from tits. She they do not like it like the gorillas do.??????

  • MrSophia1
    MrSophia1 Month ago +1

    ……… she is not good mother :(

  • moonlight c
    moonlight c 2 months ago +1

    😀💖💖💖 i love this mom .. she is kissing and smiling

  • Brenda Gehrke
    Brenda Gehrke 2 months ago +1

    What a gentle mommy. I love all the hair these primates have it makes me want to condition it and brush it lol. Orangutans move slow reminds me of Sloths ..well maybe not that slow!

  • moonlight c
    moonlight c 2 months ago

    I love this mother.. What a beautiful love with her child. She's kissing and smiling so i smile💜💜

  • hamid korosh
    hamid korosh 3 months ago

    God.really i very love it.They are My dear,he is very beautiful😎🐒😍

  • Selest T
    Selest T 3 months ago

    Looking at these comments, I’m wondering if I’m watching the same thing they’re talking about! That thing and it’s baby are creepy looking! I don’t see a thing cute about mom or baby. Not trying to be mean, but they are very displeasing to the eye. Like..totally!

  • Anida Westbrook
    Anida Westbrook 3 months ago

    Interesting how their nipples are almost at their underarm pits so they can nurse while mom is climbing and swinging. Very ergonomic.

  • Kay Bleeps
    Kay Bleeps 3 months ago

    Beautiful 💗

  • Lily Boddie
    Lily Boddie 4 months ago

    I want to see a video on celiac victims

  • Lisa Love
    Lisa Love 4 months ago

    This has to be the zoo in China the keepers are so retarded it took them forever to see this mother was starving her baby he couldn't even hold his own head up by the time they finally bottle fed him!

  • Cindy Julian
    Cindy Julian 4 months ago

    Orangutans and gorrilas are great parents. So loving. Their babies are like humans. Mom holds them for months

  • Ставничук Светлана

    Не могу смотреть! Жалко, они же все понимают!

  • Casey Toivenon
    Casey Toivenon 4 months ago +1

    Seeing as U seem like an animal lover, or more specifically a monkey lover... I am writing 2 U in the hope that U might help me stop any more of these baby "pocket monkeys" in China being used & abused in the aid of getting more views on their you tube shows. They buy these monkeys as day old new borns that have been taken from their mothers only hours after they have been born then r quickly shaved, then dressed & trained 2 walk on their back legs (by tying their arms behind their backs) & are starved so that they will perform tricks for food from these monsters... In the end dying from malnutrition/starvation in many cases. Coz they reach full adult size within a year of their lives, they are killed or taken 2 parks & dumped b4 they reach 1 year of age, where they usually get murdered by the wild monkeys (specially if their male) but if with any luck they don't get killed by the wild monkeys they still die coz of them being unable 2 forage for food anyway. Many of these monkeys on you tube have just been replaced time & time again every few months coz they grow up so rapidly & loose their cuteness, if they haven't died in the 1st few months from the mistreatment they are subjected to. So I have been trying 2 get people such as urselves to recommend their viewers not 2 subscribe, like or share any videos created by these monsters as it only encourages their maltreatment of these poor innocent baby monkeys. They have no voice & no rights, so they really need caring people like us to step up & do it 4 them. I have included a few videos links 4 U to watch that will speak 2 U on their behalf better than I ever could & if they don't help sway ur interest in trying 2 save their poor little lives, I beg U 2 go 2 the site in the link & watch all the other sad horrible videos these poor monkey babies lived & died making 4 people's sick entertainment. Please watch these videos...

  • anto chany
    anto chany 4 months ago +2

    È tenerissima ❤

  • La Mida
    La Mida 5 months ago

    Niente..è depressa e non allatta il piccolo!! Certo, nella prigione seppure dorata du uno zoo!! 😢

  • Conscious Robot
    Conscious Robot 5 months ago +5

    I wonder if she instinctually knows when the baby has had enough milk, or if she just stops him when it starts to get uncomfortable?

  • Donna B
    Donna B 5 months ago +1

    I love watching the babies and mothers. The bond is amazing and even with her taking the babies mouth away from the one nipple she was tender and patient good video

  • Tat Tvam Asi
    Tat Tvam Asi 5 months ago +3

    This mother Orangutan is clearly very depressed.

    • BEV
      BEV 4 months ago +3

      I don't see it. All I see is a loving mom so proud of her baby.

    • Mlle V. auxiliaire sexuelle
      Mlle V. auxiliaire sexuelle 4 months ago +1

      Post partum depression. I had IT... Was looking exactly like her... Except that my nipples were not that big!

    • Kim Ames
      Kim Ames 5 months ago +2

      Tat Tvam Asi
      Thank you.. my exact thoughts. Appears that she wants to be in her natural habitat and not seen as an exhibit. Humans are destroying the world. I hate to see any animal caged.. only when necessary.

  • G Hall
    G Hall 5 months ago +1

    A great age, to put a shock collar on it's nasty ass.

  • Gisa W Slonim
    Gisa W Slonim 6 months ago +1

    It's amazing, but the mother is smiling all the time and has the patience of a saint. How very, very lovely.

  • daniela esposito
    daniela esposito 6 months ago +2


  • Jackie N.
    Jackie N. 11 months ago +10

    orangutans are very beautiful, with a face as peaceful as their ways of being, the baby is so beautiful and she is so good mom, I like them very much!! 💞🌼😍🌸

  • Barbara Cook
    Barbara Cook Year ago +10

    The mams nipple may be a little sore. She is a natural mam and knows what to do she is awesome and. She loves her baby very much 😘

    • Deb Stanton
      Deb Stanton 7 months ago

      This is Kiki with Riki when he was a baby. He now has a little brother Loki who was born on June 29,2018 Kiki is a very good mom and is very smart.

    • Cute Animal Channel
      Cute Animal Channel  Year ago

      Yeah. :)
      She is a very smart mother.

  • Pastor Wm. A. Fagle
    Pastor Wm. A. Fagle Year ago +1

    It's always good to push away from the table a little bit hungry.

  • Anne Corey
    Anne Corey 2 years ago +4

    Baby sooo cute and mummy to she got lots of fur she look very tried slow going mummy she care for her baby taking good care of her baby thank you for your video very good thank you ,

  • Sandra Young
    Sandra Young 2 years ago +19

    it look to me like mom directed baby to her other nipple. the first one baby tried was probably sore of something.

    • YaYa
      YaYa 8 months ago

      He may also have been teething, though I'm not sure when orangutan babies start teething, causing him to improperly latch. The reason to switch sides then? Babies don't necessarily latch the same way on both sides.

    • Suenette Edwards
      Suenette Edwards 2 years ago +1

      Sandra Young I agree,I saw her flinch when he was nursing on the first one.

    • Cute Animal Channel
      Cute Animal Channel  2 years ago +1

      He grew up so well.

  • Amanda Newman
    Amanda Newman 4 years ago +1

    Omgoodness!!! Is it just me, or does it look like that baby has a small tail?!?! He IS cute, but I swear he's got a tail...

    • Selest T
      Selest T 3 months ago

      Amanda Newman , mom does too!

    • Pastor Wm. A. Fagle
      Pastor Wm. A. Fagle Year ago

      The "tail" no doubt an anal prolapse from compaction.

  • popsishere1
    popsishere1 5 years ago +40

    Orangutan moms are the most loving and caring moms in the world. They would protect their babies to the death. Human moms could learn a few lessons on unconditional love.

    • nanettemclean5
      nanettemclean5 23 days ago

      +Lisa Love I would kill for. My kids!!!

    • Lisa Love
      Lisa Love 4 months ago +3

      Apparently not to loving she would constantly pull the infant off the tit and the baby was starving to death! The dumb zoo took forever to realize the mom wasn't letting her infant eat!!!! That baby was wasting away barely able to hold it's own head up they finally seen she was starving it and bottle fed the baby. China cares less about their animal's they house lots of monkeys in filthy cages with no grass or trees not caring that female's can not get away from males having babies over and over the babies usually die do to the fact the mother's have to fight just to survive themselves!!

    • Iracema Dalva
      Iracema Dalva 5 months ago +1


    • Iracema Dalva
      Iracema Dalva 5 months ago +1

      +TheMsVoolfy .

    • Cynthia Craddock
      Cynthia Craddock 5 months ago +1

      devildog semperfi Willful stupidity has adverse effect on weak infinitesimal minds. But don’t despair, medical science is creating a pill for that issue as we speak!!!!!

  • TheMsVoolfy
    TheMsVoolfy 5 years ago +1

    Awwww the poor baby,...being frustrated by its mother

  • Roxanne Nelson
    Roxanne Nelson 5 years ago +2

    Oh no no... baby eats all the time, these little guys are very verbal and will cry and throw a baby fit when they want to eat, So don't worry about the baby being hungry.

  • gorillafan100
    gorillafan100 5 years ago +1

    Is this a new mom?

  • gorillafan100
    gorillafan100 5 years ago +3

    /this baby can eat but mom won't let baby eat! What is going on with these mothers and their babies.