Arsenal NOT Happy With Aubameyang & Troopz Interactions..| Wat U Sayin?! ft Lumos & Bhav

  • Published on Nov 11, 2019
  • Arsenal NOT Happy With Aubameyang & Troopz Interactions..| Wat U Sayin?! ft Lumos & Bhav

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Comments • 281

  • Eighty
    Eighty Month ago +109

    Shout me if you want to get in the music video ;)

    • The Guffhardy
      The Guffhardy 29 days ago +1

      Why does the music sound familiar to the KSI one's.

    • 265lbs
      265lbs 29 days ago

      @Anesse Ameer why mock man

    • el capone
      el capone 29 days ago

      Eighty make the video and get aftv to upload it lol u will bang views with that one

    • Val Shakespeare
      Val Shakespeare 29 days ago

      Why not

  • YiddoDave22
    YiddoDave22 13 days ago

    Guy on the left looks blind

  • ike ibekwe
    ike ibekwe 21 day ago

    breaching financial fair play rules could have the following repercussions

    1. a transfer ban for at least one. it could be more depending on the magnitude of the breach

    2. suspension from UEFA competitions for at least one year. it could be more depending on the magnitude of the breach

    3. a fine which could be light or heavy, depending on the magnitude of the breach

  • Stark MVP
    Stark MVP 22 days ago

    Who the fook are these guys 👳‍♂️👤

  • Andy W
    Andy W 26 days ago

    Iwobi does what ? Does it where? Iwoful was awfully bad

  • Andy W
    Andy W 26 days ago

    Bhav to helium is like Troopz to any drug 😁

  • Andy W
    Andy W 26 days ago

    I missed that game in Portugal last time I missed a game was Rennes away. Emery a true Dick a true comedian Dick emery

  • Don carlo
    Don carlo 27 days ago

    Im an arsenal fan and u know the club is shit whe he fans claim ramsey is a legend. He is a shit bag... passes the ball wen he suppose to shoot. Kicks the ball when he suppose to head the ball exc..walcot eint got a footbal brain. Wilshere fukin shit

  • Don carlo
    Don carlo 27 days ago

    Reality. The club the team have gone shit. Arsenal messed up when wenger decided to pass on yaya toure. Dem baba and papa cisse. That would hav been a spine

  • jam talawah
    jam talawah 28 days ago

    Well its happened Arsenal fc have managed to stop Aubameyang from smiling. Seriously though, there has always been Interaction with fans and some players. Haven't they got more important things to worry about eg. How we turn our bad form around, a new manager, our woeful defence etc... Getting into Players personal business should not be top of the agenda right now!!!!!

  • Hafiz Miah
    Hafiz Miah 28 days ago

    Bhavs looks like Chunks' asian brudda

  • allan paskwababiri
    allan paskwababiri 28 days ago

    I actually dig the name Bollywood bhuv 👳🏽‍♂️

  • allan paskwababiri
    allan paskwababiri 28 days ago

    I actually dig the name Bollywood bhuv 👳🏽‍♂️

  • Bajramovic Senad
    Bajramovic Senad 28 days ago

    They're right,can you Imagine Granit Xhaka talkin to Arsenal Fan with albanian Background?they 'd Stone him to death..Arsenal Fans biggest pussies

  • V!Ct0r
    V!Ct0r 29 days ago

    Kudos Bhavs , we need an aggressive and meaner look... kudos ur on the right directions

  • safc1879
    safc1879 29 days ago

    Imagine if a black person came on aftv and loads of comments appeared saying he looked like a footballer, it'd be racist. So why any different for a white?

  • J LeGendre
    J LeGendre 29 days ago

    Nope that first goal shouldn't have even happened. Torreira shouldve cleared the ball simple.

  • Ou Vyf
    Ou Vyf 29 days ago

    tax mans club. jumping ship,tired of walking alone

  • guru k
    guru k 29 days ago

    Let's be real there's only two top clubs from London chelsea(most successfull) and aresnal(most support/fans).. as a chelsea fan I really hope aresenal can be a top team again

  • Enoch Wasright
    Enoch Wasright 29 days ago

    Can’t this show get English people on??

  • Ask Antoine
    Ask Antoine 29 days ago

    Finally fans have a voice. And it pisses off the football hierarchy. They dont know how to deal with it... We fans need to stick together

  • Lenny Moon
    Lenny Moon 29 days ago

    Troopz is a little man with a big mouth, napoleon syndrome

  • Billyboy
    Billyboy 29 days ago +1

    That Bhavs balls have not dropped clearly.

  • Alexander Chance
    Alexander Chance 29 days ago +1

    We are a club now stop acting like clowns and let’s be together with emery xhaka auba whoever and do arsenal proud we are a club and we are together

  • Montage Logistics
    Montage Logistics 29 days ago

    Good one today guys.keep it up

  • Ben Selby
    Ben Selby 29 days ago

    When will Bhavs’ voice break

  • ishak muhsin
    ishak muhsin 29 days ago +4

    Does Bhavs have an addiction with helium or something?

  • M4tti44 1
    M4tti44 1 29 days ago +1

    Ayy stop calling this guy fat he’s bare humble

  • Yautja 360
    Yautja 360 29 days ago

    Lee chappy or whatever his name refers to when Jose was bad mouthing united! What do you expect when the club and the board taking the piss out off him even when he had to deal with the likes off lingard and joke men! He stats does the talking not what he says during commentary!

  • Mehboob Illahi
    Mehboob Illahi 29 days ago

    Same old arsenal always moaning.

  • Udaco
    Udaco 29 days ago

    Right now he was right. Leceister is 2nd in the league. They are really a Champions League team. They already have the belief. They already took our place. Now, we have to beat only Chelsea to get to the top 4. Can we beat Chelsea with Emery by May????????????
    Now Vardy becomes like Drogba when we played Chelsea.

  • lula ghile
    lula ghile 29 days ago

    Cringe fest: 4:34 😬😂

  • Udaco
    Udaco 29 days ago

    I notice Robbie already tired of Kelechi's song after we lost points since last month. He just ran out of the mood to entertain Kelechi. He just wants to finish the interviews as soon as possible and get home early with this kind of result.

  • Mukti Poudel
    Mukti Poudel 29 days ago


  • Ilir United
    Ilir United 29 days ago


  • Arsenal F.C
    Arsenal F.C 29 days ago +1

    Bollywood Bhav and My man Lumos are Great.
    Btw, Mourinhio is a winner, I have said it last week and supported him. But, he will just be EMERY Part-2.

  • David Spicer
    David Spicer 29 days ago +1

    Arsenal need to focus on themselves and how they are failing get emery out now his clueless I like how they are trying to shift attention away from themselves auba can do what he likes and so can us as fans and you can’t stop that it’s the fans they pay week in week out without the fans you are nothing arsenal

  • Aniq Ahmad
    Aniq Ahmad 29 days ago

    Troopz is the reason why aubameyang
    Become bloodclacaptain lol

  • Eric T
    Eric T 29 days ago +3

    “Well howdy ho” 🤠😂
    Appreciate the shout out 🤙🏾

  • G B
    G B 29 days ago

    Vardy loose and fast with everything. Poor Rebekah having to hustle with the paparazzi money on the side.

  • Am Cha
    Am Cha 29 days ago +2

    Bollywood bhav? Nah don’t like it unless we call you nollywood whatever your name is

    • AFTV
      AFTV  29 days ago

      😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Cuh Baby
    Cuh Baby 29 days ago

    Arsenal should have kept Iwobi then went for Zaha again in January

  • 79Sarwar
    79Sarwar 29 days ago +2

    Bollywood Bhav? What about Bhangra Bhav??

  • matiomo
    matiomo 29 days ago +1

    I dont get why u want emery out when ur 6th ?

  • Rebel 7
    Rebel 7 29 days ago

    DT never happy

  • King Armish
    King Armish 29 days ago +1

    Man that diss is straight up FIRE 🔥🔥🔥

    • Windex Oh Yeah Yeah
      Windex Oh Yeah Yeah 29 days ago

      Speak English instead trying to be trendy and edgy you dumb millennial.

  • cosminthz
    cosminthz 29 days ago +1

    Fat Joe's cousin and Wyclef Jean the third. Back again!

  • TopStrikaz TopStrikaz
    TopStrikaz TopStrikaz 29 days ago

    Arsenal lose and this guy want to be a superwoman 😂 this club

  • Arnold Leigh
    Arnold Leigh 29 days ago

    Please call Pippa to join you 2 on this show.....what u gooner girl

  • n2 Ralte
    n2 Ralte Month ago +1

    *Next Time Can You put a Time Stamp on the Topic You Guys discusses. For future Reference*
    *Btw, Good Content 👍👍👍*

  • joka4eva101
    joka4eva101 Month ago +2

    Someone said it already, but the club is trying to shift attention to a youtube channel to get away from its failures. Pathetic

  • SS gaming
    SS gaming Month ago

    Finally found this bullshit TV ,

  • souhitya sen
    souhitya sen Month ago

    Iwobi ... Iwobi ... He gave the ball to Son ... Iwobi ... Iwobi ...

    MOHAMED MUSE Month ago +1

    Great show man dem keep up the good work

  • Pratham Paul
    Pratham Paul Month ago

    Arsenal are a bag of bull shits and are Patrice evra's babies 😂😂

  • Vladimir Soskic
    Vladimir Soskic Month ago +2

    this guy is castrated or what? WTF is with his voice?

    • Young Blood
      Young Blood 29 days ago

      lord varys

    • erikmorales100
      erikmorales100 29 days ago

      @Vladimir Soskic it's a joke as his sick but Sikh duhhh

    • Vladimir Soskic
      Vladimir Soskic 29 days ago

      @erikmorales100 and? How voice have any matter with religion, nationality or anythin like that?

    • erikmorales100
      erikmorales100 29 days ago

      His Sikh

  • CanUDigItSuckaaaaa
    CanUDigItSuckaaaaa Month ago

    You lot are going to get a good kicking soon enough

  • Milton Simbine
    Milton Simbine Month ago +37


    • Young Blood
      Young Blood 29 days ago

      Xhaka told the haters F Off too

    • Future Baby
      Future Baby 29 days ago

      Milton Simbine haters are arsenal fans

  • Darren Sanders
    Darren Sanders Month ago

    Unai Enamy of The Arsenal FC on the back page of the metro sport looks like the light weight manager,who AFC need to sack is gonna burst out crying like a baby ,Unai needs to be sacked yesterday

  • paris mastrou
    paris mastrou Month ago +1

    Aftv and troopz is the cancer for this team