Best new cars coming 2020-2021: my A-Z guide of the Geneva Motor Show | carwow

  • Published on Mar 10, 2019
  • Mat’s spent the last week at the Geneva Motor Show! From electric SUV concepts to a one-off £13m Bugatti, join him for an introduction to the most exciting cars on show this year! But which one’s your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!
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Comments • 4 306

  • Mat Watson Cars
    Mat Watson Cars 4 months ago +1863

    For those who have watched the WHOLE video please let me know your favourite car or scene. First check to see if someone else has already mentioned the same thing, and if so like their comment instead. That way I will be able to tell what you would like to see more of at the next motor show. BTW I made an error with the price of the Koenigsegg Jesko - it's £2.3M not £23M. Sorry 🤦🏼‍♂️.

  • chitoon100
    chitoon100 5 hours ago

    This Guy is NUTS.....

  • Louis Ayala
    Louis Ayala Day ago

    What about volvos.

  • Bevey Dillon
    Bevey Dillon 2 days ago


  • PJAvenger
    PJAvenger 2 days ago

    First 3 words - Best new CARS! Chop out the disgusting SUV's (Stupid Useless Vehicles)

  • AdrYaNNN 05
    AdrYaNNN 05 2 days ago

    it shouldin`t call it: geneva motor show, they should call it: only electric cars :)))

  • Shahin Shahul Hameed Rauthar

    Hi , The PIECH I s best car practically , based on ur information if the car can charge 80% of battery with in 5 minutes, its ammmmazing , please make a special presentation if you can about this car , Thank you Mr.mat

  • OuanouaChannel11TH Gamer

    2019 NY Auto Show Please

  • nashtv boi
    nashtv boi 3 days ago +1

    Christian von koenigsegg the owner/creator of koenigsegg walked right Behind u when u introduced it PAY ATTENTION🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • JFK422
    JFK422 3 days ago +1

    This was the first time i went to the geneva motor show aaaand Skoda convinced me to get a 2017 Fabia as my first car...

  • Derik
    Derik 3 days ago +1

    I would buy the Peugeot 208 ..

  • king day21
    king day21 5 days ago

    Zenvo was missed 😭

  • shane blue sky
    shane blue sky 5 days ago

    Waffle of truth with Bentley how many want to see it? Like below

  • Inderjeet Kaur
    Inderjeet Kaur 5 days ago

    Where is Hyundai???

  • khan faizan
    khan faizan 6 days ago

    Where is Tesla?

  • Cleveland Terry Bowens

    I like this guy.

    DAYASHII 6 days ago

    With all these hybrids, the valk still fighting with its natural asp

  • Lucas Rodrigues
    Lucas Rodrigues 6 days ago

    Designers looking for a futuristic design, are making the newer versions of beautiful cars really ugly and not just new versions but cars that was born already ugly... Ami One of citroen looks like a bird from angry birds btw... Anyway, not all designers are bad, Peugeot 208 killed all concorrency by its design even Audi A1.

  • bikebudha01
    bikebudha01 6 days ago

    I could have watched him get the hot babe to correctly pronounce tonale all day... (Also, AR, please give us BOTH a stick and all-wheel drive in the tonale)...

  • C. K A T A K U R I
    C. K A T A K U R I 7 days ago

    I'd punch this prick walking up to my car pointing at it with a fucking waffle

  • Johnny Just Johnny
    Johnny Just Johnny 7 days ago

    Are American brands not at Geneva or you just racist?

  • bru Bna
    bru Bna 7 days ago

    Damn you push that lady away you even don't open for her

  • Willo Prieto
    Willo Prieto 7 days ago

    What the hell man, Toyota didnt have the new Supra (I know is nothing to be excited about but) how about Ford, nothing on the new "Bronco" that's what I'm waiting for.

  • Juzman
    Juzman 7 days ago

    No Jaguar/Land Rover? Ford, Chev?

  • meagainpl
    meagainpl 7 days ago

    what a nob this dude is

  • BIGESCA 57
    BIGESCA 57 8 days ago

    I fucking hate that stupid accent

  • Truth Rock
    Truth Rock 8 days ago

    If you mess up the new car again, I will have you 1,000,000 people unsubscribe your videos! Joke are okay, but don't be stupid with car names. It's important correct names.

  • cmscms123456
    cmscms123456 8 days ago

    I hear Volkswagon is working on a new VW Bus, with retro styling... I hope they get the Koreans to engineer and build it for them... German engineering sucks.

  • cmscms123456
    cmscms123456 8 days ago

    Gee, you're not going to compare a $10,000 Suzuki Gimney to a $100,000 Range Rover? Im disappointed. dope.

  • Dit IsTop
    Dit IsTop 8 days ago

    I like how most of the car brands are all making futuristic looking cars.

  • HyperNoob TV
    HyperNoob TV 8 days ago +1

    New cars are boring

  • watch my vidz page its music

    Lol toe nail

  • Jonathan Brown
    Jonathan Brown 8 days ago

    Fun review of the show..thanks

  • Raziel Kain
    Raziel Kain 8 days ago

    Boooooooo don’t have Dodge Viper SRT 2021

  • haoru chen
    haoru chen 8 days ago

    There’s 10x such new electric brands coming out of china, just wait

    АЛИ АЛИ 8 days ago


  • MK2EA
    MK2EA 8 days ago

    correct me if im wrong but your gimbal needs to be recalibrated, it is shaking so much when you are holding still.

  • Thomas Vath
    Thomas Vath 8 days ago

    It bothers me that I’m every episode you can tell he isn’t looking at the camera and reading off something!.....

  • jayden parsons
    jayden parsons 8 days ago +2

    You said the bentayga is the fastest suv, But the jeep grand cherokee srt trackhawk is quicker

  • Freddy T
    Freddy T 9 days ago

    And people want to know why car sales are dropping. What an ugly collection of motors!

  • Skate Raptor 1
    Skate Raptor 1 9 days ago +14

    “Get Matt on the Ferrari Stand!” *A couple years later, he’s let in the stand*
    First thing he does: *Pokes it with a stick*

  • thomjames66
    thomjames66 9 days ago

    ARC Fox aka Tesla killer, best dump your stock now fellas .

  • Kishan Jadeja
    Kishan Jadeja 9 days ago

    bunch of bollocks, all terrible OVER KILL....... kids aren't buying these toys.... THESE SHITS looks like my fuckin HOTWHEEL toy from Sainsburys 12 years ago... how depressing. mugs that get caught up in finance agreements... for a gloss shit.

  • jonathan mcgranaghan

    Keep doing what you do this..

  • Mac Richardson
    Mac Richardson 9 days ago

    Range of. 43 miles?????? Why bother

  • Mac Richardson
    Mac Richardson 9 days ago

    I hope Matt likes guys,,,,,,I’d buy him in 2020 !!!

  • Angry Cabby
    Angry Cabby 9 days ago

    Eurotrash presented by a British wanker.

  • iLambo 700
    iLambo 700 9 days ago +1

    I'm bout tired of all these damn electric cars😤😤😤😤😤

  • Pen Lavits
    Pen Lavits 10 days ago +1

    You look like the main actor in burn notice

  • Davi Go
    Davi Go 10 days ago

    You give me drinking problem vibes.

  • juokuciai2
    juokuciai2 11 days ago

    Ferrari sucks🙃

  • VillageRoma VillageRoma
    VillageRoma VillageRoma 11 days ago +5

    Toe nails.!?
    That wasn’t funny..

  • Pablito87
    Pablito87 11 days ago


  • AdamX Life Coach
    AdamX Life Coach 12 days ago

    Was a G350 not a G63. #justSaying

  • Michal Viktorin
    Michal Viktorin 12 days ago

    Fucking english speakers cannot pronounce stuff... She told you ,,t-o-n-a-l-e" and your read ,,tounejl" because you simply cannot read letter as they are written.

  • tommy d u b b s
    tommy d u b b s 12 days ago

    God all these cars are boring

  • tommy d u b b s
    tommy d u b b s 12 days ago +1 Change it to Star fox and I might be interested

  • AvatarKid4
    AvatarKid4 12 days ago +1

    Any nice looking electric cars for the day to day drivers 😂

  • Jouse Martinez
    Jouse Martinez 13 days ago

    15:12 the Nissian is my favorite!

  • MRX4 AlHabobi
    MRX4 AlHabobi 13 days ago

    always Audi's are amazing. But a question, what is your actual car?

  • Rogue
    Rogue 13 days ago

    Awesome video Matt #getmattontheferraristand

  • sudindesai
    sudindesai 14 days ago

    Where is ford

  • Lil Kyroxter
    Lil Kyroxter 14 days ago +1

    8:09 the FIAT (Nissan)CUBE or the FIAT (Kia)SOUL XDLOL

  • Lil Kyroxter
    Lil Kyroxter 14 days ago +1

    CAD 19916460.00
    USD 15164400.00

  • Lil Kyroxter
    Lil Kyroxter 14 days ago +2

    Am I the only one that noticed that he sounded like MORGZ at 5:03 XDLOL illuminate confirmed

  • Silverback
    Silverback 14 days ago

    Why are electric cars so ugly? lol.

  • Roddo69
    Roddo69 14 days ago +6

    Mate you’re a knob from the start I could tell the Italian girl thought the same

  • Dorientje Woller
    Dorientje Woller 14 days ago

    You're not allowed on the stand as reporter, simply ignore them in your report. Don't waste your time on them. And make it clear to your audience why you ignore them.

  • Ed T
    Ed T 14 days ago

    1:55 - it's all about the waffle

  • Elvin1337
    Elvin1337 15 days ago

    Feels like Ferrari strayed a bit from their original designs. Really enjoy how Bentley and Rolls still keeps true to their style at least. Most brands seem to kept going on what they’ve been doing. Good stuff. But that Honda... sheesh.