VORW Show #148: Fan Mail, General Talk

  • Published on Jul 12, 2017
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Comments • 505

  • TheReportOfTheWeek
    TheReportOfTheWeek  Year ago +455

    00:00 - Introductions and important updates.
    19:58 - Story about the worst pizza I ever ate.
    1:01:00 - Channel updates.
    1:17:25 - Silly review of the NBA Draft 2017 fashion.
    1:35:00 - Talk about the state of shortwave broadcasting.
    1:52:33 - Fan Mail Segment.

    • German Murcia
      German Murcia Year ago

      I also think it's crazy to think people risk their life's for some channel that is not forever

    • GorgeousRoddyChrome
      GorgeousRoddyChrome Year ago

      Quinn O'Connor
      Why do you ask?

    • Kawaii Baby
      Kawaii Baby Year ago +26

      TheReportOfTheWeek Hello, John. Thank you for posting this, it has taken me multiple nights to get halfway through this VORW because I get so relaxed listening to your commentary/voice and I doze off. I wish we could be friends in real life, you're a genuine guy.

    • Quinn O'Connor
      Quinn O'Connor Year ago

      Did he talk about the worst pizza for 40 minutes???

    • George H. W. Bush
      George H. W. Bush Year ago

      TheReportOfTheWeek you r the man I will say your the king

  • James Steevens
    James Steevens 17 days ago

    I love that vintage old school radio sound.

  • Atoms Molecules
    Atoms Molecules Month ago

    You should review every single Pringles flavor.

  • Raia Disloyal
    Raia Disloyal Month ago

    Bethesda needs to make a radio station with him

  • The Jason Knight Fiasco Band

    I absolutely agree with you 100% about what you said in regards to luck being the single biggest factor in becoming a successful TheXvidr.

  • Manta
    Manta 2 months ago

    The beginning reminds me of my lower back strain I got from lifting a couple of full watering cans... whenever you have to lift something heavy, remember to lift with your legs, not with your back; a lower back strain can cripple you for days.

  • Rita's Lithuanian Paranormal Network

    I really like you Ure personality is so amazing 🤩🙏💋💋💋😘

  • Chaison Miklich
    Chaison Miklich 3 months ago

    48:01 TREWAY

  • RealDealAjeel
    RealDealAjeel 4 months ago +1

    sounds like you wandered into a real life Kitchen Nightmares episode. Where was Gordon Ramsey

  • Mjgirl55
    Mjgirl55 4 months ago

    I can't stand food eating contests. They are so disgusting, and you're right John..cringing desperation 🙄👎

  • roy lippert
    roy lippert 4 months ago

    Old, Young. It does not matter.I have now a role-model to be like. You are an very well spoken and intelligent person. I know I am not the best person But if I could be more like you I would be a better person. Thanks John.

  • Jen Pearson
    Jen Pearson 5 months ago

    Also your comment section is amazingly hilarious, in a good way, most of the time. I'm an avid comment reader and often find the nice and (positive) funny comments very entertaining! There are so many who truly appreciate all that you do.

  • Jen Pearson
    Jen Pearson 5 months ago +1

    I think you're great! Such a nice person with amazing wit and a way of speaking in such a calming manner. You have so many true fans and supporters.
    I rarely see any negative comments on your videos or radio shows. I bet if you did some stats, you would find the positive comments far outweigh the negative trolls. This is also quite uncommon on a TheXvid channel! I've seen some horrible comments on almost every channel and public social media posts. It takes effort to find negative comments about you from anyone who really listens and follows you.
    Plus most of your fans are very protective of you and usually call out any haters or trolls!

  • Brye
    Brye 5 months ago

    2:23:50 art 🖼

  • mike20sm
    mike20sm 5 months ago

    33:30 Pizza story

  • Dr. Karasu Overhaul
    Dr. Karasu Overhaul 6 months ago

    Favorite radio show!

  • M'ck Gusto
    M'ck Gusto 6 months ago

    The crickets in the backround is spectacular

  • Zeubermage
    Zeubermage 7 months ago

    Love the podcast. Fantastic listening while building a city in Sim City!

  • nhidc7
    nhidc7 9 months ago

    if you'd gone to the burger king you'd also be disappointed, it runs a limited menu and is twice as expensive

  • Apodis
    Apodis 9 months ago

    So many good things get ruined due to a small percentage of idiots. Remember Brah, the vast majority of viewers/listeners love your work. Don't let the idiots win. Carry on doing what you do best. 😀

  • EJSFilms2K
    EJSFilms2K 9 months ago

    Nice radio dj voice.

  • feed me after midnight
    feed me after midnight 10 months ago

    The world needs more guys like reviewbrah.

  • MrAdvantage1
    MrAdvantage1 10 months ago

    Reviewbrah is anti alt right? Hillary Clinton was anti alt right.... why are you anti alt right? Are you anti white? Or do you just think it’s bad optics?

  • Kim Martinez
    Kim Martinez 11 months ago

    Im getting addicted, lol....your dry sense of humor gets me every time...i like you for many different reasons : ) FanGrrl5280

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 11 months ago

    New viewer. Genuine fan. Massive appreciation for what this channel has done for me in a few short months. In my descending listens of the Vrows. Got down to the 50s so far. Really enjoyed the 150s, 80s and 70s so far.

  • kungfoochicken08
    kungfoochicken08 11 months ago

    Will you be my internet waifu?

  • Mr B
    Mr B 11 months ago

    King James 1 Corinthians 6:17 But he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit.

  • Ronnie Smith
    Ronnie Smith Year ago +1

    "It is how it is, and that's how it will be"
    - Reviewbrah, 2017

  • Natalie Carpenter

    I wonder how high your IQ is

  • TheSlenderman
    TheSlenderman Year ago +1

    you have the talent of radio as well. you can podcast better than alot of people. and your there by yourself amazing.

  • TheSlenderman
    TheSlenderman Year ago +1

    3 HOURS. and u give us time stamps to jump along. my god reveiwbra you got this shit together.

  • Austin Goodmanson

    Thank you for making all of our pizza eating careers a little better Mr. Report

  • Topspeed350
    Topspeed350 Year ago +1

    And Hello to you.

  • Lukas Sprehn
    Lukas Sprehn Year ago

    Artemis Fowl?

  • Michael Mango
    Michael Mango Year ago

    Screw the internet trolls. I think your great man keep up your awesome work you do I'll always support you and your content.

  • Luciana
    Luciana Year ago

    That's a beautiful portrait!

  • Curtis Eisenbeis
    Curtis Eisenbeis Year ago +2

    Ironically I actually feel asleep when watching this, and the VORW show merged with the sleep and I ended up actually living the terrible pizza experience in a dream I had last night, its so funny how dreams work. LOL

  • Unsilenced Nation

    The Oregon bit was hilarious

  • Tigerooma Annie Bean Louie Babiouseclariouk

    Mr. Reviewer: I like your channel. Your are right to the point on reviewing fast food products. I am getting also tired of the same old fast food looking for something more healthy foods. Please show some healthy foods that taste great & good.

  • Tigerooma Annie Bean Louie Babiouseclariouk

    I like that portrait of you. Your hair looks natural without the gel.

  • Loomto2-icanbekindafunny

    He sleeps in a briefcase

  • Mohammad Almasri
    Mohammad Almasri Year ago

    Love ya ReviewBrah

  • Phlash 64
    Phlash 64 Year ago

    This is just my favorite thing ever

  • breadandcircus1
    breadandcircus1 Year ago


  • Trust Tay
    Trust Tay Year ago +1

    I absolutely LOVE this fan art OMG!!!

  • Laura Avis
    Laura Avis Year ago

    I listen to the VROW shows before falling asleep, relaxing af

  • Official Regina George

    That portrait is gorgeous 😍🔥 daddy af looks just like u

  • Noah Brockner
    Noah Brockner Year ago

    I think you're a cool dude, I'm glad you're going to ignore the chuckleheads and do your thing.

  • Nate Osborne
    Nate Osborne Year ago

    Asmr..? Love it as usual.

  • ii_kiwi _ii
    ii_kiwi _ii Year ago

    You're a real stand up guy reviewbrah
    Keep up the good work, your videos help me through the week.

  • NM
    NM Year ago +1

    Short wave radio flight communication bit was pretty cool. Learned something new

  • NM
    NM Year ago

    'The State of the Comment Section Address'

  • oopsie doopsie
    oopsie doopsie Year ago

    gli in Italian is almost silent, pronounced "lee" with your tongue at the roof of your mouth so it's a very faint g very soft. So Famiglia is like Familia in Spanish, It means family, why did I need to comment this on an old video I don't know but you're welcome to who ever is reading this

  • SuperShoku
    SuperShoku Year ago

    I came to your channel for the memes, but I stayed for the content. I like your quirky awkwardness, it's quite endearing honestly, you seem like such a genuine guy. Keep it up, my dude!

  • Valar Morghulis
    Valar Morghulis Year ago

    Excellent portrait but How can one Truly draw God?

  • crybaby
    crybaby Year ago

    Does anyone know if it's possible for me in Perth, Australia to listen to this live?? I'm not really sure how it works.

  • fidosc
    fidosc Year ago

    my life is a pizza-eating-career too

  • Sasha B
    Sasha B Year ago

    What does "eat like a man" even mean, though?

  • Cameron Morss
    Cameron Morss Year ago

    This boi has no muscles

    • G.L EmileH
      G.L EmileH Year ago

      Cameron Morss this boi has no subscribers

  • GalaxyyMatt
    GalaxyyMatt Year ago

    Love this channel! Great vid, Reviewbrah! :D

  • Blank
    Blank Year ago

    looking forward to #150 :)

  • tertius tt
    tertius tt Year ago

    15:03: THANK YOU!

  • Quill
    Quill Year ago

    Hopefully I'm not the only one who enjoys falling asleep to the soothing voice of ROTW. These podcasts are a blessing in that regard and I greatly appreciate it.

  • Benny AndTheJets
    Benny AndTheJets Year ago

    Good shortwave recommendations of late, and thanks for the honest content in this latest VORW. Recent subscriber and fan and really loving this channel so far. Hoping you keep on doing your thing for many years to come!

  • Jim Varga & Co.
    Jim Varga & Co. Year ago +2

    It's these videos that truly, once and for all, convince me that his food reviews are not some grand troll, that he is indeed the unique person that he presents to the world. And these videos also seem like a sort of underground "secret club" of the true fans more than just the casual person watching a food review for a few laughs.
    Keep on doing what you do!

  • Jim Varga & Co.
    Jim Varga & Co. Year ago +1

    Drinking game - take a shot every time he says "That's where that stands"

  • Dylan Marriner
    Dylan Marriner Year ago

    Do you have Twitter?

  • Willy Wonka
    Willy Wonka Year ago


  • Tyson Hardy
    Tyson Hardy Year ago

    stay strong reviewbrah

  • Gatta
    Gatta Year ago +1

    Daddy working through his pain to please his children

  • XJMproductions
    XJMproductions Year ago

    i dont know much about shortwave but is there anyway to pick it up through the iheartradio app?

  • XJMproductions
    XJMproductions Year ago

    me and you have the same opinions on storms, i grew up in rochester, NY and there its almost always overcast. one of the few things i miss about my home city

  • XJMproductions
    XJMproductions Year ago

    like the art thumbnail, looks like your about to build an underwater city named Rapture lol

  • BayouBeerBuck 45
    BayouBeerBuck 45 Year ago

    one question id love for you to answer is what music and movies do you enjoy

  • Skelzore
    Skelzore Year ago +2

    "So get the popedcorn, get the *pizza* and make sure it's buckled in as well... because it's story time."

  • Sean O'Connor
    Sean O'Connor Year ago

    This is oddly great to listen too. Thank you!

  • Terror Chan
    Terror Chan Year ago

    @ 10:15 who tf is hating on reviewbrah >:(

  • iceturtle 1025
    iceturtle 1025 Year ago +1

    The voice of a king

  • MrRideutah
    MrRideutah Year ago

    Put these on podcast

    • MrRideutah
      MrRideutah Year ago

      Are you on some pain meds in this one?

  • maddey hebert
    maddey hebert Year ago +2

    I first heard of reviewbrah from some Facebook meme and thought he looked so unique so looked him up. I've never done something so great! He's such a sweet and interesting person, I don't understand how he can get any hate it really blows my mind. Keep on keeping on!!

  • Odd Ball
    Odd Ball Year ago

    newark airport has some ok food. not great but decent.

  • Odd Ball
    Odd Ball Year ago

    love your videos keep it up

  • Sarah J
    Sarah J Year ago +1

    Lovely program

  • JessyBeezy Blu
    JessyBeezy Blu Year ago +1

    New Subscriber*
    Enjoyed this very much! Helped very much to have the Guide. Your voice and content are most intriguing. Thank you!

  • Certifiedfool
    Certifiedfool Year ago +3

    You should be on NPR

  • DailyDoseOfCancer
    DailyDoseOfCancer Year ago +1

    You've got mail

    • Deus Vult
      Deus Vult Year ago

      DailyDoseOfCancer thanks doc

  • YITT
    YITT Year ago

    Impressive length of this one. A nice freeing contrast from the more limiting shortwave hour format.

  • SSJ Gohan
    SSJ Gohan Year ago

    This is the voice of god

  • Chad Kalhagen
    Chad Kalhagen Year ago +3

    Hearing you talk about Short Wave Radio stuff, particularly the numbers station topic, was really fascinating to me. Believe it or not I had never actually heard of that before. Now I'm really interested in finding out more about it. I also really enjoyed this episode of the VORW show overall. This is the first one I've check out and I'll have to check more of these out in the future.

  • Steven
    Steven Year ago +5

    this channel has changed my life

  • The Vegan Wallflower

    55:08 made me laugh out loud it was so ridiculous 😂

    • GorgeousRoddyChrome
      GorgeousRoddyChrome Year ago

      The Vegan Wallflower
      Hello Ms. Wallflower. :) It's always fun to see familiar ReviewBrah fans commenting. Have a great day!

  • Matt Beavis
    Matt Beavis Year ago

    Also loved the number stations chat, a topic i really enjoy.

  • gowo
    gowo Year ago +2

    Keep it up Reviewbrah, I know I'll always be on your side man

  • Matt Beavis
    Matt Beavis Year ago

    Sitting here at work, the gentle dulcet tones of WORW just soothing my day. Keep it mate, you got some real supporters here.

    NCR AMZ Year ago

    "He was trying to get me to review a product that helps highschool kids with their homework... and I review food" Greatest quote of all time. Great show

  • Paul Higham
    Paul Higham Year ago +1

    what's the most money you've spent on a suit?

  • Johnny D
    Johnny D Year ago +5

    Where can I get a hi-res version of the picture on this youtube video? I'd like to frame it on my wall.

    • Johnny D
      Johnny D Year ago +5

      I would like to add that I am a genuine viewer, I view you as a model youtuber, and I wish you all the best.

  • Ted-Allan Ssekimpi

    Has anyone told you that you sound like Stanley Kubrick?

  • bg147
    bg147 Year ago

    As a wee one, plane travel was a treat. This is no longer the case. Off topic, but my friend and I took a trip to Vegas years ago and the travel agent lady set us up with a charter style airline.... Independent Airlines with 2 antiquated Boeing 707s. On our return trip, we were delayed by days because one of the 2 planes had a mechanical issue. Not too long ago, I checked and one of the planes was involved in a tragedy where everyone perished just after our trip. As a result, the company went under. That was a risky trip on our part.

  • bg147
    bg147 Year ago +1

    You pulled a muscle, I presume. The player with the white jacket was my favorite along with the grey pinstripe and red tie. The suits today don't look correct to me. They are skimpy and the pants are far too narrow.... they look like skinny pants. My sport coat is a blue Nautica and I guess it would be dated by the skinny standards of today.