Super Ultra-Wide Monitor - Dank or Dumb?

  • Published on Mar 13, 2018
  • Forget ultrawide monitors, Samsung’s CHG90 is a 49-inch Super Ultra-Wide, high refresh rate gaming monitor!
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Comments • 7 397

  • what up yo
    what up yo 8 hours ago

    Bruh I really want to see these stacked height wise so it’ll be normal proportion so it’s not all width. Gaming on that would be amazing
    I would name it *_stacked_*

  • Sea Oh
    Sea Oh 17 hours ago

    Now how about a monitor so wide, its actually 360?

  • Ash CookieChip
    Ash CookieChip 18 hours ago +2

    I'm getting that monitor I'm so excited :P

  • Muh fuggin Jon
    Muh fuggin Jon Day ago

    I use this monitor for work and I love it

  • Essjaythegreat
    Essjaythegreat Day ago

    Can you please review the CRG90 if you haven’t already? Thx xx

  • Solaris
    Solaris 2 days ago


  • Despatche
    Despatche 2 days ago

    I don't know if it's dank or dumb, but I do know it's Dariusburst. One game! Still cheaper than an actual Dariusburst cab!

  • AR极乐世界
    AR极乐世界 2 days ago

    Taiwan 🇹🇼 has much better and cheaper 49“.

    THE TRILLEST 4 days ago +1

    i want more vertical height

  • Vinícius Schadeck
    Vinícius Schadeck 4 days ago

    I use one of this and other ultra wide... Actually i used to have 2 ultra wide and thia super ultra wide as a main. But, my case is a programmer studing game dev and pro tech lover profile LOL. I reduce one to out in my work station at job placa. Totally want a even better one, but i feel to gaming a 3:1 ratio will be better

  • JB Bryan
    JB Bryan 8 days ago +1

    i think its dumb, 34 inch is prolly the sweetspot

  • BIG biscuit Bob
    BIG biscuit Bob 8 days ago

    Insert subtitles here

  • Vince Armenti
    Vince Armenti 8 days ago

    I need this for my channel. Cheers to you. Awesome video.

  • William Ricci
    William Ricci 9 days ago +2

    I just got my beautiful 34 inch ultrawide and now I'm already dreaming of that 49inch.
    The PBP software on LG is amazing, hope I could do that on Samsung too

    • Hashirama Senju
      Hashirama Senju 3 days ago

      Does the pbp work so you can create custom virtual monitors?

    • kodeyamamune
      kodeyamamune 6 days ago

      I already got the CRG9 and I thought it would be super amazing. First days totally ok, but I started to feel dizzy and black bars annoy me, starting to regret and maybe go back to 21:9

  • Stephen Amundson
    Stephen Amundson 9 days ago

    Can't imagine this would be useful for gaming. Would be great for mixing audio or working on video though.

  • ay ck
    ay ck 9 days ago

    so you are saying your sponsor is stupid

  • Doodez
    Doodez 10 days ago +8

    Playing csgo be like "oh sht what's my health at?" **looks to the left then dies not knowing there's a guy in front of him**

  • Random Rick Reviews RRR

    Eh looks kind of stupid.

  • Arka Chanda
    Arka Chanda 11 days ago +1


  • sub786sub
    sub786sub 13 days ago

    With 3 monitors I can do multi tasking as window fits automatically to full size

  • DaveMaster521
    DaveMaster521 16 days ago

    The guys she tells you not to worry about...

  • TheDigitalDorito
    TheDigitalDorito 16 days ago

    linus, you sure do hate 1080p

  • Weslley Reis Designer
    Weslley Reis Designer 16 days ago

    Para mim esse tipo de monitor não funciona, tamanho ideal é 27 polegadas 16:9.

  • Jerryc. 17
    Jerryc. 17 17 days ago +2

    I got this Monitor for 450$ USD Barely Used

  • Bartek Waw
    Bartek Waw 17 days ago

    in 2020 we gone have 360 wide monitor

    • alex 1234nsiw
      alex 1234nsiw 15 days ago

      and we fast forward in 2030 and we have mlg memes xd

  • Stormy 21
    Stormy 21 17 days ago

    I bought the monitor, it’s great!

    • DonkeyDelux
      DonkeyDelux 9 days ago

      Ikr, so much fun to play games on

  • Mike Madsen Sørensen
    Mike Madsen Sørensen 17 days ago +4

    This was Exactly what I needed of information. I was wondering the actual size compared to a person, how it ran, and most importantly, how it could be split up. That setup with a game in the middle, then youtube to the left and streaming at the right is just the thing I need. Thank you for the awesome work and all the information. ^_^

    • DonkeyDelux
      DonkeyDelux 9 days ago

      I legit cant tell if ur sarcastic lmao

  • Toasty McGee
    Toasty McGee 17 days ago

    Great for parents who complain about kids sitting too close to the screen!

  • TRAP News
    TRAP News 18 days ago

    Actually ... WTF?!

  • hama taiker
    hama taiker 18 days ago

    whats this keyboard ? anyone pls

  • Master X
    Master X 19 days ago

    Imao 2020 360 wide monitor

  • Jamie Gatti
    Jamie Gatti 19 days ago

    We actually use these monitors where I work lol...

  • Harry Toeface
    Harry Toeface 19 days ago

    So unnecessary...who releases a product that isn't finished in development?? Ohai China! 😅

  • xLeez
    xLeez 21 day ago +9

    It’s simple!
    Just sell your PC and get it.

  • Mike G
    Mike G 23 days ago

    why did you say the sponsor isn't ?

  • Aidan Peet
    Aidan Peet 25 days ago

    And here I am with my 2009 900p lg panel

  • MysticJmaster
    MysticJmaster 25 days ago +1

    “Speaking of stupid, today’s sponsor isn’t!”
    I actually died laughing 😂 nice segway

  • Bush Ninja
    Bush Ninja 25 days ago

    I was under the impression that resolutions higher than 1080 were pointless on anything smaller than a 55".

  • Mahin
    Mahin 27 days ago

    Man, playing Division 1 on that thing while spamming Clear Sky would make me feel like I'm in heaven...

  • Sleep Sleeper
    Sleep Sleeper 27 days ago +1

    Now make the height as high as it is wide, and I will be satisfied.

    • Paper Bag Man
      Paper Bag Man 26 days ago

      @Sleep Sleeper Lol I said that because you wanted a big ass monitor, not because of the shape. Talk about getting butthurt and not taking a joke.

    • Sleep Sleeper
      Sleep Sleeper 26 days ago +1

      They don't even make 50x50 tvs wtf kinda square ass world you living in

    • Sleep Sleeper
      Sleep Sleeper 26 days ago

      @Paper Bag Man Bruh it's.... it's a joke son

    • Paper Bag Man
      Paper Bag Man 26 days ago

      Bruh just get a TV.

  • NRTHNprebuilt
    NRTHNprebuilt 28 days ago

    I have th Ikea Malm desk, anyone know where to put my pc?😂😂

    • appolospbvxr
      appolospbvxr 25 days ago

      Same as me, they say 28" depth minimum so its no happening on a Malm desk unless you pull it far from the wall and lean it over the edge a bit :(

  • Guilherme Benke
    Guilherme Benke 28 days ago

    I would stack 3 on top of each other to Excel

  • Voldy356
    Voldy356 Month ago

    It's wide alright, but it's too short vertically.

  • Yan Wu
    Yan Wu Month ago

    Split screen is still landscape

  • Leonel Ruano™
    Leonel Ruano™ Month ago

    06:48 hahaha

  • MobiusCoin
    MobiusCoin Month ago

    Yeah you cool kids just want this to play your fancy games. I want web app on the left, my code editor in the centre, and emails on the right. This is the dream.

    SKULL Month ago

    3:05 spasm

  • disadadi
    disadadi Month ago +1

    Driving / flying sim could be nice with it, tho I think I'd opt for vr at that price, as it's way superior to regular monitors for those purposes.

  • radioblastTV
    radioblastTV Month ago

    Linus's shirt says it all.

  • Parson Thind
    Parson Thind Month ago

    does anyone know wat games its compatible with?

  • hello it's me
    hello it's me Month ago

    Wanted one until i saw the price.

  • Simon Chap
    Simon Chap Month ago

    Can we all appreciate he’s wearing a holy balls shirt

  • zuleika firpo
    zuleika firpo Month ago

    I love mine. Destiny on full and Netflix on 16:9, all I need. Switch is a little stretched on full but it is for cartoony games so it doesn't matter ;) Didnt realize there was a headphone manager lol. Upgraded from an HP envy curved 34. The windows manager from Samsung allows for customization of the space.

  • Tumisho Mashabela
    Tumisho Mashabela Month ago

    Speaking of stupid 😂😂😂

  • Joshua Vander Heiden
    Joshua Vander Heiden Month ago +4

    6:50 10/10 editing skills

  • Shilvio D. Linton
    Shilvio D. Linton Month ago

    Does anyone know what the jazzy sounding song is?

  • Keaton Music
    Keaton Music Month ago

    When going from normal response time to fastest I notice a big brightness decline. Is that normal?

  • NiroNicks
    NiroNicks Month ago

    nah, isnt thick enough

  • rent a shill
    rent a shill Month ago

    screw that
    i would need a new table

  • The Loner
    The Loner Month ago

    For games .....VR >>>>. Cinema screen >>>Garbage Ultra-Wide Monitor