• Published on Aug 18, 2019
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    Chunkz, Yung Filly and Nush Cope judge compete to create the best dish from a random selection of ingredients.
    The winner is the chef who gets the highest rating, and manages to stay out of hospital.
    CHUNKZ: chunkz_en?...
    YUNG FILLY: yungfilly?...
    NUSH: nushcope?h...
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  • TheTRUxcapcom 27
    TheTRUxcapcom 27 6 days ago

    They’ve never had to cook a meal 🤣

  • Mystic Nikos
    Mystic Nikos 8 days ago

    well done lads

  • Kerr D
    Kerr D 11 days ago

    Song they are singing at 5:05?

  • Romeo Wolf
    Romeo Wolf 11 days ago

    Medium rare is elite you donuts

  • lewis webster
    lewis webster 13 days ago

    keep her the at the sink

  • lewis webster
    lewis webster 13 days ago

    we can have a kid called mush

  • Zainab Ahad
    Zainab Ahad 13 days ago

    Medium rare

  • A B
    A B 14 days ago

    Why does nush’s name sound like someone’s name from eastenders 😂🤣😂🤣 🤧

  • Candy E
    Candy E 15 days ago

    Go nush

  • jayjibsbeats
    jayjibsbeats 16 days ago

    Im telling you Nush looks like Topanga from Boys Meets World!!!

  • kevin vfef
    kevin vfef 17 days ago

    Chunkz eats his problems away 16:35 😂

  • Freshyy OTB
    Freshyy OTB 17 days ago

    Chunks what is going on ?? 4:40

  • Rajab Ahmed
    Rajab Ahmed 17 days ago +1

    Well done

  • Pika Chu
    Pika Chu 18 days ago

    Brud I am Italian here lol! 😂

  • IH Games
    IH Games 21 day ago

    Median rare

  • sami nasir
    sami nasir 24 days ago

    chunks was acc tryna move to nush no cap filly was pissed

  • saz
    saz 24 days ago

    nush is buff

  • Team Elit3
    Team Elit3 27 days ago +1

    Well done

  • aggi bourke
    aggi bourke 27 days ago

    Medium rare deffo nush you fox you 😘😘😘 💯 🏆🏆🏆

  • Keizan Mahmood
    Keizan Mahmood 28 days ago

    Was it halal say bismillah chunks warg1

  • daniella davidson
    daniella davidson Month ago

    Well done steak

  • LadyLikeBabyKay
    LadyLikeBabyKay Month ago

    The production on these things is proper. Like TV worthy

  • Esther Olaoye
    Esther Olaoye Month ago

    Well done steak

  • Ezra Nicholas
    Ezra Nicholas Month ago

    Well done

  • ston219
    ston219 Month ago

    Medium rare fam notting else

  • Major K
    Major K Month ago

    Well done, no rare, no medium, just done

  • Gabriel Silfa
    Gabriel Silfa Month ago

    Well done

  • Stefan Fatu
    Stefan Fatu Month ago

    Well done my G’s!!

  • Michelle Opoku
    Michelle Opoku Month ago +1

    why tf did filli say the director was mad???? like that honestly disrespectful bruh...that aint how to talk bruh

  • Lena MSPx
    Lena MSPx Month ago +1

    I met nush in Birmingham I have a pic w her and she gave me a hug

  • Iceshard221206 _
    Iceshard221206 _ Month ago

    20:15 chunks Thankyou for enjoying my food (chunks gave him 0 for everything ) lol😂😂😂

  • Abdi Ahmed
    Abdi Ahmed Month ago

    Well done my brudda🙏🏿

  • Brady Thacker
    Brady Thacker 2 months ago

    This shits bs chunkz got some wack shit and she got steak and corn

  • Valentino Sutherland
    Valentino Sutherland 2 months ago

    Nush Is so leng man

  • Danial Murtaza
    Danial Murtaza 2 months ago

    When I here something in my basement 7:00

  • Space Invader
    Space Invader 2 months ago

    Chunkz: "bAbes BabEz bABes"

  • MR Z
    MR Z 2 months ago

    Medium rare

  • Harri
    Harri 2 months ago

    Oi fam you are LYING if u didn’t lock eyes w Nushs nips fam, swear down man, was hard not to look kmt ahahahha

  • Adz Carter
    Adz Carter 2 months ago

    Medium rare everrrrey day

  • Joe69 S
    Joe69 S 2 months ago

    Well done steak

  • Daniel Ahmed
    Daniel Ahmed 2 months ago

    Well done steak anyday

  • Klaus Mikaelson
    Klaus Mikaelson 2 months ago

    Nush is bae

  • Suhabe Rasul
    Suhabe Rasul 2 months ago

    Are nush and feeli bf and gf

  • suzzeth lawani
    suzzeth lawani 2 months ago

    Well done

  • Extendoz
    Extendoz 2 months ago

    well done stake peng

  • Bradley Hayford
    Bradley Hayford 2 months ago

    Well done steak 🥩

  • subfor noreason
    subfor noreason 2 months ago

    Medium rare all day long or your eating cardboard

  • The Boom
    The Boom 2 months ago

    Who's house is it

  • Joe Joe
    Joe Joe 2 months ago

    Chunks is such a sore loser

  • Lorraine Nduka
    Lorraine Nduka 2 months ago

    Chunks: “I like the way the sweetcorn stands by itself, it looked like Big Ben” 💀💀💀💀💀

  • Harvey Coomes
    Harvey Coomes 3 months ago

    well done!!!!!!!!!

  • Owen russell
    Owen russell 3 months ago

    I dont like steak.

  • Owen russell
    Owen russell 3 months ago

    1 handful of pasta = 1 portion

  • AndersAr94
    AndersAr94 3 months ago

    Medium 🥩

  • DPE Reviews
    DPE Reviews 3 months ago

    Welldone Steak Ain't nobody wants a Bloody Steak

  • MK .01
    MK .01 3 months ago

    Yo where is episode 4/5 🤣😭 I’m dying 😭😭

  • Jack Mark Barnes
    Jack Mark Barnes 3 months ago

    rare steak is the donny

  • beautybliss21
    beautybliss21 3 months ago

    I’ll have ketchup on mine thank you 🤣

  • beautybliss21
    beautybliss21 3 months ago

    I love Filly 🤣

  • Demetri Savvides
    Demetri Savvides 3 months ago

    Stop washing chicken people it ain't correct. Deffo never wash steak. Washing good meat literally washes off flavour. There is no bacteria on the meat that won't be killed during the cooking process.