Dark Phoenix Angry Movie Review

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
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    AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex review the final film in Fox's long reign over the X-men License, how is it's final film? Pretty underwhelming. How bad is it? Find out!
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Comments • 3 846

    ASTROLOVE Day ago

    Feminists ruin everything what they touch. This movie is a pure propaganda.

  • guy incognito
    guy incognito 12 days ago

    Film reviews without using the actual film but 2 or 3 people critiquing said movie is extremely lazy and tired. Also as an aside we really need a wall on the southern border.

  • erzan
    erzan 13 days ago +2

    Damn, Alex is hot.

  • I need Attention
    I need Attention 14 days ago

    Angry Joe 2019

  • Emerald.Black
    Emerald.Black 17 days ago +1

    Personally, I think either Days of Future Past or Logan would serve as a more fitting ending to the X-Men movies. In fact, let's pretend Origins, Apocalypse, and Dark Phoenix never happened (fewer continuity problems too).

  • Emerald.Black
    Emerald.Black 17 days ago

    I can't decide if this is worse or X-Men Origins. Origins pissed me off, but at least it had Hugh Jackman to fall back on.

  • Chef - Jitsu
    Chef - Jitsu 18 days ago

    This is my favorite story of all time for the X-Men. That said you can never do this story in one movie. The actual story was years in the making. There was Pheonix before Dark Pheonix and it meant something. This movie like the original movie series was just a flop due to not respecting the whole story. The MCU has been able to ride that balance of movie and comic which Fox has just failed at every turn after "Firs Class"... To do this right you almost need a scope on the scale of "The Infinity" saga of the MCU.

  • David
    David 18 days ago

    Stan Lee: The script is already written.
    Producer: Nah bra. I can write more better.

  • InkedHD LeatherMan
    InkedHD LeatherMan 19 days ago

    I don't know why you're all so upset. Simon Kinberg made Dark Phoenix the most effective super villain ever. She murdered the X-Men franchise twice.

  • PlayStation Guy85
    PlayStation Guy85 21 day ago

    It sucked

  • KonsciousKoonKiller 22

    I rented it for 50 cents

  • KonsciousKoonKiller 22

    It was ok

  • will Brown
    will Brown 22 days ago

    It was so bad, I can't even justify going into the whole girl power thing, because it just isn't necessary, this movie was horrible start to finish.

  • MANN[][][]
    MANN[][][] 22 days ago

    this movie SUCK! I love her body though.

  • nasty nate
    nasty nate 22 days ago +1

    There are alot of bad movies out there and I don't think this is one of them. I enjoyed the action scenes with nightcrawler and magneto.

  • loonypot
    loonypot 24 days ago

    I think they're trying to ruin the Xmen name so that the Marvel Studios won't even want to add it t the MCU.

  • Bernard Bryant
    Bernard Bryant 24 days ago

    Well I mean her titties looked good

  • Mors Westford
    Mors Westford 25 days ago +5

    & I used to think that X-MEN would never have a worse movie than X-MEN 3, until DARK PHOENIX entered the big screen 😏

  • Minion X
    Minion X 25 days ago +11

    The writing of X-Men: Dark Phoenix was even worse than the writing of X-Men 3: The Last Stand, and that says a lot of how bad that movie is; Even its continuity with respect to X-Men: Apocalypse is just 💩.., because Jean Gray showed that the Phoenix Force was part of its mutant powers in Apocalypse, but in Dark Phoenix the writing directly contradicts what was shown in Apocalypse; Even the writer "Simon Kinberg" admitted that he did not take it into account the Phoenix Force in Apocalypse, because he believed that the Phoenix Force should be depicted as something "other-wordly"; Writers: We do what we want and the continuity of the movies just doesn't matter anymore!

    • Mors Westford
      Mors Westford 25 days ago +2

      & I used to think that X-MEN would never have a worse movie than X-MEN 3, until DARK PHOENIX entered the big screen 😏

    • Thomas Kelly
      Thomas Kelly 25 days ago +1

      X-Men: Apocalypse was definitely not a masterpiece, but X-Men: Dark Phoenix definitely just GARBAGE

    • The Truth
      The Truth 25 days ago +1

      Dark Phoenix SVCKZ 🤢🤮

  • VampireVlad
    VampireVlad 25 days ago

    The person or people who wrote this script and the studio exec who signed off on it to be made into a film should really think about wrapping their lips around a shotgun and eating a buckshot sandwich.

  • Myk Ryos
    Myk Ryos 27 days ago

    That set is fake!

  • McFrozenNuggets
    McFrozenNuggets 28 days ago

    This is all because Disney wanted this film to be purposefully bad just to elevate *_Captain Marvel_* - Simon Kinberg wanted it to be split into two parts, Disney refused that, the ending was too similar to *_Captain Marvel_* so Kinberg was forced to change it, and it was initially supposed to come out in November 2018, but then pushed to February 2019, one month before *_Captain Marvel_* and finally Disney pushed it back even more to June and this is what the *_X-Men_* fans get: a movie that was lackluster, and was interfered by Disney way too much just because of their feminist agenda with *_Captain Marvel_* being the first female-led Marvel movie. I doubt 20th Century Fox itself would've wanted *_X-Men: Dark Phoenix_* to be remembered like this.
    Disney, ya done fucked it up!

    • Naughty Avatar
      Naughty Avatar 26 days ago

      It’s not even bad. It’s okay if you judge by what it was made to be rather than what it was marketed to be.

  • Victor Valenzuela
    Victor Valenzuela 29 days ago

    So the movie had a terrible writing and the film maker didn’t know how to direct this movie.... I’m glad that I didn’t get to watch this movie

    • Naughty Avatar
      Naughty Avatar 26 days ago

      Actually, they are just misreading the movie.

  • Dariusz Kowalski
    Dariusz Kowalski 29 days ago

    i hated sansa. waa hoping shes gonna die. now not gonna watch any movie with sansa ever again 😁

  • Utopic Mania
    Utopic Mania Month ago

    What happened to Quicksilver?
    Why does Magneto always have to be in hiding and be brought out whenever something bad happens?
    I like Nightcrawler but there's something so uncanny about his appearance this movie.
    They could have stood to flesh out some characters and give them some development. But seeing as this is the last movie, that seems a little late. Almost makes you wonder why they didn't do so in the other movies.
    Almost like they think that people only care about seeing Prof X and Magneto so they focus the film on them.
    There were times that I forgot that the alien race existed. They were such a derivative.
    The movie was only 1hr 44m. It could have stood to be a lil longer especially because it was the last movie in its series. But like everyone was saying, they just stopped caring.
    Honestly, just waiting for Marvel to use these characters to their fullest potential in future releases.

  • Rocket Raccoon
    Rocket Raccoon Month ago

    Sophie Turner is a cosplayer Jean Grey compared to Famke Janssen

  • Naughty Avatar
    Naughty Avatar Month ago

    I can’t believe these guys said that the effects and acting were bad. They seem to just be bandwagoning on what Jeremy Jahn said.

    • Naughty Avatar
      Naughty Avatar Month ago

      The only bad effects I noticed in the third act was Storm’s lightning.

    • arno victor
      arno victor Month ago

      The acting wasn't bad it was the writing
      Effects were bad in the reshoots but scenes from the original were better it's the same rushed reshoots problem like JL all over again

  • petar david
    petar david Month ago

    GOD what did you do what did you do
    keep bleaming profser x what did you

  • germa9090
    germa9090 Month ago +1

    This wasn't the worst X-Men movie.

  • mydemon
    mydemon Month ago

    Watched this video high, was incredible!

  • James Powers
    James Powers Month ago +1

    I’m not understanding the hate...I thought it was great

    • Naughty Avatar
      Naughty Avatar 26 days ago

      It was mismarketed as a totally different movie. I made a video on it.

  • Valeri Valirian
    Valeri Valirian Month ago

    It is not so astonishing to me that those three individuals are completely amputated of any sense of good, entertaining cinema (and they probably should for hosting such discussion). It's the amount of views, and likes, that is. But then the imdb rating is also massively inadequate too. I don't event want to comment on the things said. Very good movie. Definately not the best in the franchise, definately not without flaws, but still far better than most comic book film of late. Deserving of at least 7.

  • mert sırmalı
    mert sırmalı Month ago

    watched it today it was shit as hell fuck this movie best thing is cast not jean grey

  • Ricky Smart
    Ricky Smart Month ago

    god... DAYUM XD

  • Jdub
    Jdub Month ago

    Mccavoy and Fassbender were great as always. The acting was the biggest positive of the movie

    MC HAMS Month ago +1

    When Magneto spent most of the fight pulling a subway train out the street to block the door when there was a double decker bus right in front of him....

  • Darrin Hall
    Darrin Hall Month ago

    I'm a huge x men fan but I didn't care for trailer it looked bad and this review proves me
    Right Im shocked i'm insulted as a fan

  • MSC TheGamer
    MSC TheGamer Month ago +1

    the worst movie in 2019 with Hellboy

  • michael morris
    michael morris Month ago

    I thought apacolypes was the best xmen movie

  • Tim Harris
    Tim Harris Month ago

    Jennifer Lawrence and Brie Larson played the same woke bitch in separate Marvel movies

  • michael holt
    michael holt Month ago

    You know I actually enjoyed Apocalpse. It was *the* first xmen film I've ever watched so I was so intrigued by the whole story. Although I knew it got a lot of hates, I was like the one of the fews that actually enjoyed it, so I didn't give my hopes up for Dark Phoenix....but I was wrong. I HATED it. Yes, it was boring, characters were repeating the same dialogues OVER and OVER, and the relationship btwn Xavier and Magneto? That's like the FOURTH time, same fucking stories. Xavier was my ultimate favourite character out of the whole Marvel charaters and they ruined him.

    • Naughty Avatar
      Naughty Avatar Month ago

      They didn’t ruin Xavier. That is exactly how he is written in the comics. The movie didn’t nit focus on the Xavier and Magneto relationship at all. Magneto was barely in it.

  • Randall Knight
    Randall Knight Month ago

    The worst? Noll yall tripping hard

  • Matthew Wilson
    Matthew Wilson Month ago

    Now who wants to see Disney reboot this story a 3rd time with Kit Harrington as Wolverine

  • AFrostyKiwi
    AFrostyKiwi Month ago

    i mean lets me honest it isnt as bad as last stand

  • Paintocrazy - Art Tutorials

    Dark Phoenix really was not that bad..... just stop thinking about it in comparison to Marvel movies, think about it more like Logan. It's way better than trash like Shazam.

    • Chris Nichols
      Chris Nichols Month ago

      Troll harder. lol You even have a Captain Marvel picture...lmfao She sucks.

  • Alexis Javier
    Alexis Javier Month ago +1

    Acting was really bad

    • Alexis Javier
      Alexis Javier Month ago

      @Naughty Avatar well if the acting wasn't bad, then the writing for sure

    • Naughty Avatar
      Naughty Avatar Month ago

      No it wasn’t.

  • Steve Parker
    Steve Parker Month ago +1

    For me it just scrapped a 6/10 just above average, i actually thought it was better than Spideeman far from good, that got a 5/10.

  • TheGarethLusk
    TheGarethLusk Month ago

    It wasnt that bad. Just watched it for first time. Wasnt X2 but it was better than days of future past which is the most over rated xmen film

  • ScopeKing1994
    ScopeKing1994 Month ago

    Oops was looking for Dark Crystal review

  • Dreadrat
    Dreadrat Month ago

    was X-men always about Phoenix bitch because previously i figured i only went to watch X-men only because Wolverine was in it, i didn't come to think it was all about phoenix until the 3rd X-men movie came out.

  • Warrior Webb
    Warrior Webb Month ago

    This film is so much better the a lot of x men films. It’s just cool to hate because reviews was shit.

    • Naughty Avatar
      Naughty Avatar Month ago +1

      baole58 Dude, this movie was definitely better than Apocalypse and X3. Their plots were a mess.

    • Warrior Webb
      Warrior Webb Month ago

      X men 3, The wolverine, x men origins: Wolverine, Apocalypse. I’m not saying it’s a great film but it’s definitely better then them imo.

    • baole58
      baole58 Month ago +1

      Like what? It might be better than Wolverine, but that's it.

  • Cam M
    Cam M Month ago

    it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be honestly maybe everyone ragging on it I went in with close to no expectations......I think this was supposed to be two parts as this whole saga is way to much for just one movie imo......I think I liked this a bit more then captain marvel which seemed very by the numbers...they tried to be a little different with this which I appreciate but still the whole model fox used for the xmen was deeply deeply flawed now its disney's turn....haven't been thrilled with everything disney has been putting out recently but hoping for the best now that the fox era is finally over.

    • baole58
      baole58 26 days ago

      @Naughty Avatar LOL?! The biggest difference between X3 and Dark Phoenix is Dark Phoenix had aliens.

    • Naughty Avatar
      Naughty Avatar 26 days ago

      Actually, he only wrote a draft for X3 that got rewritten by Zak Pan due to studio mandate as they felt it was too dark and expensive to film. It’s been known for years and Chris Claremont(writer of the original Dark Phoenix) confirmed this a month ago.

    • baole58
      baole58 26 days ago

      @Naughty Avatar it was literally written by the same person who wrote X-Men 3.

    • Naughty Avatar
      Naughty Avatar Month ago

      baole58, It was not a rehash of X3. Jean wasn’t even a evil. You misread the plot entirely. Also, it was never made to be a closure. Watch my latest video explaining that.

    • Cam M
      Cam M Month ago

      @baole58 well I agree on your last point it wasn't a good end to a series.

  • Timogen Viente
    Timogen Viente Month ago

    The movie is equivalent to previous younger xmen so I cant understand the hate

    • baole58
      baole58 Month ago

      Not better than First Class, definitely not better than DoFP, maybe better than Apolocalypse, but I personally prefer Apocalypse over this.

  • MR. Darknight
    MR. Darknight Month ago

    I actully skipped almost all the talking scens, they were just boring af.

  • Des
    Des Month ago +2

    Gotta love OJ. I’ve already forgotten too ROFL 🤣

  • Jarl Samuel Von Wolfenstein The Fatter

    It felt very safe, I still enjoyed it more than any of them but it felt very by the book. Nothing out of the ordinary.

  • Claudiu Negutu
    Claudiu Negutu Month ago +1

    No spoiler review........ and then he literally spoil all the movie.

    • baole58
      baole58 Month ago

      There's only one major spoiler, but this movie is basically the same movie as X-Men 3. Literally nothing in the movie is a spoiler, unless you haven't seen X-Men 3.

  • DJV
    DJV Month ago

    Just finished watching it and yeah it was bad. I could clearly tell the rumours that this was supposed to be two films must have been true. Also, the finale of the film was supposed to be in Space, the final fight, climax whatever was meant to take place in space, I don't know what or how but I remember reading that it was supposed to be in space.

    • Naughty Avatar
      Naughty Avatar Month ago

      It’s not disjointed but rushed.

    • baole58
      baole58 Month ago

      @Naughty Avatar it's not disjointed, but then literally explaining how the movie became disjointed. 😒

    • Naughty Avatar
      Naughty Avatar Month ago

      You think thought it was disjointed? It really isn’t? The problem is that they cut out about a half a hour of footage to likely get more showtimes. Jessica’s character was better integrated into the plot.

  • Lucian James
    Lucian James 2 months ago

    For me and millions of other ppl, Logan was the final X-men film.

  • Hizhangouts
    Hizhangouts 2 months ago

    Hmm so the movie dark Phoenix isn’t so dank.......can we start the meme Dankless Dark Phoenix now?