My First Slime! | 4 Easy Slimes | Slime Cupcakes

  • Published on Feb 9, 2018
  • Heyyyyy Guys!! Today I am making slime for the first time! I've gotten a ton of requests to do this and it's finally time. I know there are already a million slime videos out there, so I kind of crammed everything into one video: How to make 4 basic slimes and slime cupcakes.
    I hope you guys enjoy this video! For those of you who are sick of slime, just bear with me this week :)
    UPDATE: No Bonus Monday video next week. I want to get started a few days early on my Create This Book pages. Definitely a Create This Book episode coming next Friday!


    Every Friday: Alternating drawing videos (create this book & this is not a book) AND craft/DIY videos
    Some Mondays: Squishy Updates, mail openings, vlogs, announcements, unboxing videos, show and tell etc.


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  • Candy Crafts
    Candy Crafts 27 minutes ago

    Just saying acrylic makes it go hard :3

  • TikTok user #62728
    TikTok user #62728 45 minutes ago

    You store slime in a container or a plastic bag ( and make sure it’s sealed all the way)

  • Tina Mina Me
    Tina Mina Me 4 hours ago

    Also the slime with clay is called butter slime no hate

  • Tina Mina Me
    Tina Mina Me 4 hours ago


    Moriah: I keep thinking that this trend is gonna die and then keep going

  • Anvitha Pasam
    Anvitha Pasam 13 hours ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Bone Head
    Bone Head 18 hours ago

    Baking soda makes it dry faster but if you use borax it will work a lot better and it won't Harden out as fast and also you have to use like plastic containers order to store your slime and also I love your videos

  • kw6462398562
    kw6462398562 19 hours ago

    Why it turned hard is bc you have to put it into a small container
    Maybe? It lasted for a month for me!

  • Jacy Valdes
    Jacy Valdes 19 hours ago

    4:46 if you activate slime with contact solution and baking soda it will make the slime hard and rubbery. I learned the hard way.

  • Cherrelle Eaton
    Cherrelle Eaton 20 hours ago


  • Payton Rutherford

    Plz do more slime


    See you have too store the slime in a air tight container ok

  • KRSC
    KRSC Day ago

    your hair looks nice like that

  • Kim Klein
    Kim Klein Day ago

    That is whay to much baking soda

  • Sky Asia
    Sky Asia 3 days ago

    Put more glue

  • Manu Ramuk
    Manu Ramuk 3 days ago


  • Sadie Dickson
    Sadie Dickson 3 days ago

    Moriah you have to store the slime in an air tight container, that way it doesn't dry out. Mixing clay into slime makes butter slime, adding foam balls makes floam slime, adding beads makes crunchy slime, adding shaving cream makes fluffy slime, adding instant snow with a little water makes cloud slime, adding over watered slushy instant snow makes a jelly slime, adding just instant snow makes a cloud cream, adding a lot of water into the slime makes jiggly slime, and my favorite glitter slime, I would use clear glue then add as much glitter to your hearts content. Some activators are borax, tide (I prefer clear tide), contact lens solution with baking soda, and some slime recipes don't need activator, it just depends. I am thinking about making a slime shop so watch out for that! I love your videos and I hope you make more create this book 2 episodes and "squishy roasting" videos! Keep doing what you are doing because you are amazing! Even if others don't like your videos and I am the only person left watching your videos, I will love you and your videos forever! Love Sadie PS: And Opie too! He is soooooooooooooooo cutttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • Nelson Jiao
    Nelson Jiao 4 days ago

    It’s called butter slime the yellow one

  • Sam's Life
    Sam's Life 5 days ago

    You are suppose to put your slime in a air-tight container
    Btw I love your videos and I love how silly you are and I don't care about anything wrong you are doing but it just gets funny you are just perfect

  • Ivy Tan
    Ivy Tan 5 days ago

    Yes sometimes it will dry up so you have to keep them in a airtight container

  • Ivy Tan
    Ivy Tan 5 days ago

    The one with clay is called butter slime

  • Turnbull Kids
    Turnbull Kids 5 days ago

    I'm not a slime expert but I don't think it's supposed to last that long mine lasted 1 year

  • George Olecki
    George Olecki 5 days ago

    Hi, this is me

  • Ground Taylor
    Ground Taylor 6 days ago +1

    A like on my comment??

  • Girl Gamer
    Girl Gamer 6 days ago

    Yes slime eventruly drys out it is normal!

  • Helen J0352
    Helen J0352 6 days ago

    don't do any more slime videos

  • Ayushi Rambhia
    Ayushi Rambhia 7 days ago

    You can put tooth paste in dry slim to make it soft again

  • Ingrid Berkelmans
    Ingrid Berkelmans 8 days ago

    when you add clay to slime it's called butter slime.

  • Ambrose's World
    Ambrose's World 8 days ago

    Do you like slime 😕🔎I do😍😍💩

  • Sariah Michal
    Sariah Michal 8 days ago

    Who thinks she will make more slime vids

  • Tehmina Shahid
    Tehmina Shahid 9 days ago

    You put slot of baking soda that's why it tried out I advise you to use sta-flo

  • Eric Hayes
    Eric Hayes 9 days ago

    You are just like me crazy and funny p.s you are good at making slime. Rip fly

  • yvonne guevara
    yvonne guevara 9 days ago

    With clay it clowd slime

  • laartje24
    laartje24 10 days ago +1

    2:13 It is called a clay slime ;-) Not everything is complicated.

  • Gacha Lover
    Gacha Lover 10 days ago

    I love slime way more than anyone else does!!
    No i really do

  • Ariane Ibardolaza
    Ariane Ibardolaza 10 days ago

    Don't put to much baking soda

  • Bella Sanchez
    Bella Sanchez 10 days ago

    If you're slime is dry then put it in water

  • Zara Sigmon
    Zara Sigmon 11 days ago

    your videos bring me joy all the time

  • Samantha Gardner
    Samantha Gardner 11 days ago

    Do slime

  • Mila Piedra
    Mila Piedra 11 days ago

    Clay is butter slime
    Is wooden point also Moriah Elisabeth

  • Blueberries & Coke
    Blueberries & Coke 12 days ago

    butter slime

  • Andie Collins
    Andie Collins 12 days ago

    so i love slime my room is filled with slime well you put it in a container and make sure the container shut it intill you here it shut and then it should be good

  • Penguin Kid
    Penguin Kid 13 days ago

    * butter slime*

  • Josefina Ramos
    Josefina Ramos 13 days ago

    Make slim

  • Laksha 02
    Laksha 02 13 days ago

    Rip fly✊

  • Isabella Villegas
    Isabella Villegas 13 days ago

    The rainbow one looks like candy

  • Gl!tch X
    Gl!tch X 14 days ago +1

    I need glue ;-;

  • Andie Claridad
    Andie Claridad 14 days ago +1

    Her:this is a terrible slime.
    Me:pun in tended!Get it?Terrible slime? I know I'm not funny.

  • Natalia Ibarra
    Natalia Ibarra 14 days ago +2

    The slime dried out because you put to much baking soda rest in piece slimes

  • Africa 17craft
    Africa 17craft 15 days ago

    Did someone know the name of the Cali of the min.2:07 or where u can buy it???

  • jared west
    jared west 15 days ago

    Why that happen is you added to much activator to it. add a little bit of contact solution , mix it then take is out for about one or two hours and if still sticky add more activator then wait do that over and over if you need to. Why? Because it needs time for the activator to settle into the glue. Btw love you!!

  • Vasile Balan
    Vasile Balan 16 days ago

    You don't like slime cauze you can't make it rainbow

  • Lara Z Sareem
    Lara Z Sareem 16 days ago

    My cousin is bored of you

  • Brendon Wood
    Brendon Wood 17 days ago

    You must leave them in a air tight contaner

  • Brendon Wood
    Brendon Wood 17 days ago

    It is butter slime you add clay

  • Maria Rawat
    Maria Rawat 17 days ago

    at the beginning of the vid i was so scared for u because the slime could have easily got in ur hair

  • bristol burtlo
    bristol burtlo 18 days ago

    Enter acrylic paint. “that was way too perfect “ You probably wont ever end up “PeRfEcT”

  • Joa-Ann Bugay
    Joa-Ann Bugay 19 days ago

    You didn't store it correctly thats what happen

  • Sam Mary
    Sam Mary 19 days ago

    Your vids are the best. Luv you!

  • Harikrishna S
    Harikrishna S 19 days ago +1

    The slime which u added clay is called as the Butter Slime

  • Jesus Reyna
    Jesus Reyna 20 days ago

    The one that you made with clay is butter slime.

  • slime mastergirl
    slime mastergirl 20 days ago

    Moriah could you please try this slime recipe
    What you need
    1bottle of glue (I used glow in the dark pink glue)
    Store bought putty (add a tiny bit of it unless you want a pile of poo)
    Baking soda (add some till it starts thickening
    Mix well
    Kneed with hands till desired texture
    Boom you’re done!

  • musical gamer
    musical gamer 21 day ago

    Adding clay to slime is called butter slime

  • Dylann Taylor
    Dylann Taylor 21 day ago

    This was satisfying to watch can u make more slime videos?
    Like if u agree

  • Janessa Danielle Cosme JanessaDC

    When you add clay to slime it is called butter slime you noob
    Sorry if I offended you, I still love your videos:-)

  • Danilo Bonelli
    Danilo Bonelli 21 day ago

    you did not store it correctly

  • Having fun with Emilia

    Hello moriah I’m watching your old videos cause I already watched your Friday video but for a beginner I think your pretty good at making slime I’ve been making it for like 2 years and I have like 199 slimes so I’m kinda a expert but you did well

  • R&B Orange Hunt
    R&B Orange Hunt 21 day ago

    It olwas dos that

  • Fern Campbell
    Fern Campbell 22 days ago

    did you put the slime in a tub with a lid?

  • Iman Iqbal
    Iman Iqbal 22 days ago

    When you add clay its a butter slime

  • Bridgit Veenings
    Bridgit Veenings 22 days ago

    did u put the slime in a air tight container? if u didnt theres ur problem but if u did idk

  • xX dramallama xX
    xX dramallama xX 22 days ago

    Slime is now officially dead. Phew, my parents love me again!

  • The 3 Amazing Unicorns

    You are soposto use food coloring

  • Yuri Chikaato
    Yuri Chikaato 23 days ago

    Moriah Elizabeth if your slime dry our got hard you can put lotion,hair gel,or so much water I love your videos so much

  • WichaBlob
    WichaBlob 23 days ago

    Moriah, usually i keep my slimes in a air tight container for about 2 weeks-ish and then it melts. (Im guessing its my activator though) i dont have much experience actually none, with elmers glue. I use PVA glue. So thats all i can really say. Sorry if this didnt help you ❤💞

  • Pugs rock
    Pugs rock 23 days ago

    This is John 🧓🏿

  • Livia mm
    Livia mm 23 days ago +5

    PAuse the video... go to 1:20
    BEHOLD the face of an overly rich guy trying to pick out if he should buy Louis Vuitton or Gucci

  • Ysabella V.
    Ysabella V. 24 days ago

    When I make slime Ass activator I use elmers magical liquid

  • Pheobe James
    Pheobe James 24 days ago +1

    I hate slime its weird it makes a mess I played with some for the time and it got it on my carpet and my hair took 1 hours to get it of my carpet and my hair and RIP FLY YOU WILL NOT BE MISSED

  • Bobbi Schmidt
    Bobbi Schmidt 24 days ago

    You add clay it's called a butter slime

  • Nikki
    Nikki 24 days ago +3

    1 like = 1 prayer for Mr fly.

  • The Purple Demon
    The Purple Demon 25 days ago

    With slime you usually have to store it in a somewhat air tight container and it can last a long time and try to keep it out of the sun 🖤💜🖤💜

  • Itz Harriet
    Itz Harriet 26 days ago

    I am not a slime expert (NEVER MADE SLIME) but if you want it to last longer apparently you deactivate it (water) then change it then activate it again.

  • raji mathew
    raji mathew 26 days ago

    Can some tell me the ingredients of making slime I just can't do it

  • Aêsthetįc Jãyleên
    Aêsthetįc Jãyleên 26 days ago

    Everybody: 2019?!? 2018?!?

  • • GachaLove •
    • GachaLove • 26 days ago +1

    Every like I add a cookie (I liked my own comment so there is one for now/maybe alot in the future)

  • Amy Phillips
    Amy Phillips 27 days ago

    U must be rich!!! That's so many ingredients!!!!

  • Sabi
    Sabi 27 days ago

    Ur supposed to put the slime in a container

  • Jocelyn Ho
    Jocelyn Ho 27 days ago

    The fly,........ 🤣

  • olga faunda
    olga faunda 28 days ago +1

    4:12 🤮

  • Denz379
    Denz379 28 days ago

    Clear slime hardens

  • Delilah Torres
    Delilah Torres 28 days ago

    I like how she said that was way too perfect

  • David
    David 28 days ago

    btw i am a girl on my uncles computer account

  • David
    David 28 days ago

    the clay one is called butter slime what is clay slime i am guessing that is another way to say butter slime

  • Nancy Spano
    Nancy Spano 29 days ago

    Is a slime with the clay called butter slime

  • Kailey Rose Kemp
    Kailey Rose Kemp 29 days ago


    Oh wait that meme is dead

  • LOL Sisters
    LOL Sisters 29 days ago +1

    You probably dried the slime out or added to much add ins

  • Christopher Rodriguez
    Christopher Rodriguez 29 days ago

    You didn’t put the slimes in a air tight container

  • Dianna Aguirre
    Dianna Aguirre 29 days ago

    cute slimes

  • Maxi _hommx
    Maxi _hommx 29 days ago +1

    It became hard because u added baking soda. It usually makes it harder much more quicker than usual. Shaving cream is an alternative to baking soda. Even if u aren’t making a fluffy slime add a little bit of shaving cream/foam to it so it can be activated

    TAYLOR KOSIN 29 days ago