2019 Best Diet Tips to Lose Weight & Stay Fit | SuperWowStyle Prachi

  • Published on Jan 29, 2019
  • 2019 Best Diet Tips - to Lose Weight Fast and Stay Healthy
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  • superWOWstyle!
    superWOWstyle!  6 months ago +32

    Take the perfect selfie - thexvid.com/video/rBiAXCBjGw0/video.html

      NEHA BHATI 6 months ago +2

      Mamatha Shetty arry yr.. sephora is a well known brand and they sell original only.and in the previous vedio that prachi made she had said you can also buy it on sephora. See if we import than we are not sure how much the price will come. Also if you order from the link( official site) than you have to pay only through a credit card. So I thought it’s better to buy with sephora. Do not worry about authenticity. Sephora is international brand. And they can only sell it if they have a tie up with foreo.

    • Mamatha Shetty
      Mamatha Shetty 6 months ago

      @NEHA BHATI prachi had given foreo link to buy n claimed she paid 15k... Will b helpful if she reply... I'm not sure if Sephora or any other sell original products

      NEHA BHATI 6 months ago

      Mamatha Shetty
      I don’t know yr.. someone told ne that customs charge makes the price double. I am thinking of buying from sephora- they are charging 17350/- but thats the total price.

    • Mamatha Shetty
      Mamatha Shetty 6 months ago

      @NEHA BHATI I have same question... I applied coupon code n paid 11k but later they asked me to pay import duty which will come to 15k which us totally cost... So I assumed they don't wanna take coupon code n want us to pay full... But will they ask import duty fee even if v pay 15k

      NEHA BHATI 6 months ago +2

      Prachi please reply to this comment did you pay for customs for luna 2? If yes than how much ? Right now the price is 199 dollars

  • greeshma b
    greeshma b 14 hours ago

    My god... Ur face got slimmed.... Its like my goal......... Nd one more thing... Love uu.. u encourage me a lot

  • kashish
    kashish Month ago


  • kashish
    kashish Month ago


  • S. Ranjitha
    S. Ranjitha Month ago

    Hi... Can a 50yr old woman have this drink?...

  • Mamta Mehta
    Mamta Mehta Month ago

    Oziva should be taken before gym or after gym. Kindly advice

  • aastha's channel
    aastha's channel 2 months ago

    Please didi can you tell me which company's weighing machine you are using

  • Meranam Ramya
    Meranam Ramya 2 months ago

    can you please make a video for to increase strength

  • AK Creations
    AK Creations 2 months ago +4

    These days it’s hard believe any TheXvidr on any product whether they do genuine review or its just sponsored video ! 🧐.

  • Anmol Sharma
    Anmol Sharma 2 months ago

    Can 21 year old girl take oziva ?

  • Ritika Kothiyal
    Ritika Kothiyal 3 months ago

    Hey prachi can it(oziva) be taken by diabetic patients??.. Please reply dear

  • Titas Roy
    Titas Roy 3 months ago

    Thank you. lovely! True!

  • Titas Roy
    Titas Roy 3 months ago

    Yes pls do workout video for weight loss

  • M Shalini
    M Shalini 3 months ago

    Thanks dear

  • Divya Roy
    Divya Roy 4 months ago

    Di is oziva herbs and protein good for diabetic people?

  • Meranam Ramya
    Meranam Ramya 4 months ago

    I bought this product oziva and I got 100 off by this code;thank u prachi di

  • Ranjitha bm
    Ranjitha bm 4 months ago

    Hi Prachi, can you please give your dietician address? I need some recommendations.

  • Ayushmita
    Ayushmita 5 months ago

    Hello prachi Di.. Keto weight loss tablets are so on trend, please give us a review whether it really works or not.. Thankyou♥

  • tanya 1391
    tanya 1391 5 months ago

    Didi i m in 12th and usually these days i m feeling tired and depressed
    could that be i hv vitamin b12 and vitamin d deficiency?
    pls reply

    • Insiya
      Insiya 5 months ago

      i think so, dear. are u veg or non-veg? non veg have meat which contains vitamin b12 and vitamin d

  • Mayank Lakdawala
    Mayank Lakdawala 5 months ago

    Hey Di what can be done for Vitamin B12 deficiency??

    • Insiya
      Insiya 5 months ago

      non veg have meat which contains vitamin b12 so have some healthy protein and some pills if u cant eat meat

  • Preeti Singh
    Preeti Singh 5 months ago

    Please workout home video s

  • Varsha Devnani
    Varsha Devnani 6 months ago


  • thenmozhi ravikumar
    thenmozhi ravikumar 6 months ago

    Awesome one...can u please make a video regarding stretch marks removal

  • Pragati sheokand
    Pragati sheokand 6 months ago

    Plz help me to reducing breast size

  • good day
    good day 6 months ago

    Why have you cutted ur hair too short! This too looks good on you

  • priya gupta
    priya gupta 6 months ago

    Di please review goodvibes products.....

  • Avani Joshi
    Avani Joshi 6 months ago

    Please post more related to it because it is very effective

  • eesha Achakala
    eesha Achakala 6 months ago

    Can u please do a video on how to remove pimple holes or pimple scars from face video!?

  • julie singh
    julie singh 6 months ago +1

    Time to drink oziva protein​???

  • smiley muskaan
    smiley muskaan 6 months ago

    I m 18 yrs old girl can I use this protien pwder

  • Heena Luthra
    Heena Luthra 6 months ago +2

    Please a video on your work out routine 😍

  • trupti nanda
    trupti nanda 6 months ago +3

    Yes trueee willpower should be very strong diii

  • afsin tasnim Khan
    afsin tasnim Khan 6 months ago

    I cant skip tea!!!! No!!!! :(

  • afsin tasnim Khan
    afsin tasnim Khan 6 months ago

    It would be awesome if you start doing a chain video where we all can start doing something.... It will be very motivational sis... And yasss u r a love...

  • kopal Tripathi
    kopal Tripathi 6 months ago

    Please give us motivation with such good videos

  • Jharnajuti Choudhury
    Jharnajuti Choudhury 6 months ago

    The only TheXvidr whom I follow 💛😊. Your hacks do work for me.

  • Swarnita Baidya
    Swarnita Baidya 6 months ago +4

    Di i m 24 yrs old... Can i take this product...?. Nd i dnt hve any health issue....... Plz reply.. Is it safe cz people told that supplement isn't good.... Specially in this age....

  • Ramani Roy
    Ramani Roy 6 months ago


  • Be Happy
    Be Happy 6 months ago +1

    I am your fan....I m from SriLanka...❤

  • Jeon jungkookie
    Jeon jungkookie 6 months ago

    can u do a review of patanjali mitani mitti i think it is a chemical but at the same time i dont thing so i am a teenager 13 years old and have pimple not much i have pimple marks which are fading but i need your help in this if i can use the patanjali mitani face mask or can u give me tips for using it or not i will follow your recommendation thanku in advance plz help me


    Di how to increase eye power

  • Suman Yadav
    Suman Yadav 6 months ago

    Hindi nhi bol skti kya

  • Jyoty Nakum
    Jyoty Nakum 6 months ago

    Please Do a review video on plum products for Oily skin... And also mention how much it lasts long...

  • Akshata Ranade
    Akshata Ranade 6 months ago

    I have seen some videos of having detox water does that really work??

  • LifestyleTUBER !
    LifestyleTUBER ! 6 months ago

    Very helpful video prachi.. Luvd it!

  • Nitika Devi
    Nitika Devi 6 months ago +1

    I always ♥♥♥watching your video s
    But y did u cut your beautiful hair

  • mounika mouni
    mounika mouni 6 months ago

    Didi do you have children

  • Janani Dhayalan
    Janani Dhayalan 6 months ago +1

    Can a women trying for pergnency can have Apple cider vinegar
    Will there be any side effects?

  • Amrin A
    Amrin A 6 months ago

    Hi dear. Can u plz try and review nutralyre Garcinia cambogia plz for me

    • Amrin A
      Amrin A 6 months ago

      I want to know if it has a side effects and does it really works please let me know. I want to try but i sure so help me

  • Avantika Mathur
    Avantika Mathur 6 months ago +2

    Really happy with your decision 💓 vegan curds are available in delhi and banglore might have it too 😁you can make it too if you have time and veganism is a not just a diet it's a social justice movement please research more about it and talk about it would love to hear from you about 💓 but thank you for this decision all animals thank you 🐮🐵🐷🐶🐰🐥🐣

  • Pramaja d Nair
    Pramaja d Nair 6 months ago +1

    Di pls do a video on normal skin care routine for teenagers

  • Apoorva Ch.
    Apoorva Ch. 6 months ago

    Seems really effective Prachi ;
    will try to follow ur tips 👍
    although I can't follow all at the same time, but will start with a few

    NEHA CHOUDHARY 6 months ago

    Black coffee is very good to increase metabolism before hitting the gym

  • Diva food channel
    Diva food channel 6 months ago

    Nice video.... Prachi I have mailed u yesterday Plz reply as soon as possible.

  • Pranali Naik
    Pranali Naik 6 months ago

    Prachi I know this is very random but could you please try madishstylebar jeans? I didnt find anybody whom I can trust reviewing it! Please do it if you can!

  • chris hartz
    chris hartz 6 months ago

    Please do "what I eat in a day" video

  • Ishita Biswas
    Ishita Biswas 6 months ago +2

    Hey everyone let me clear the term Vegan 🍀
    Its a lifestyle where you have empathy towards animal .
    Its not a diet ,its a lifestyle.
    And if you are using cruelty products that has animal products in it ..you aint vegan .
    Love yourself ,love animals, love mama Earth.🌺

  • Ishika Basu
    Ishika Basu 6 months ago

    Yay please making videos about health and fitness.. 😊I also want to watch this videos on ur channel prachi dii.

  • incredible places
    incredible places 6 months ago +1

    Congrats for 1M subscribers

  • Srishti Negi
    Srishti Negi 6 months ago

    Plezz mke fitness videos we can do at home n yes tooo alll the diet plans u show

  • Sarathchandra Mounika
    Sarathchandra Mounika 6 months ago +4

    Ur only one youtuber i love,belive and follow🤗

  • Moumita Basu
    Moumita Basu 6 months ago

    If we don't excercise on regular still we can take this Oziva protein powder? Please do reply...💝

    • Insiya
      Insiya 5 months ago +1

      yes u can

  • Uzma Madha
    Uzma Madha 6 months ago

    aap dietician ho??

  • monika ray
    monika ray 6 months ago

    Maam plz plz do a video on how to control hair fall n which products to use for controlling hair fall.. I am having tremendous hair fall..

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    Sibdas Garai 6 months ago

    Congratulations for 1m

  • Priyanka Singh
    Priyanka Singh 6 months ago

    Please make more such videos!

  • Luq Ti
    Luq Ti 6 months ago

    Hello mam i am actually just have questions from that video that your to Increase height but the comments of that video are much higher so if I just write the questions there I don’t think anyone see that but I have to ask that Is that matter really works if it works most people must be know it and if the bones are already fused how will this increase your height till 35 Please everyone just hit the like button I never write any comment ever but really wanna know about help me to take it top so she can see it and please answer

  • hahaha huhuhu
    hahaha huhuhu 6 months ago

    Plz do video on ur hair n thickness awesome!!

  • priyanka ramesh
    priyanka ramesh 6 months ago

    Hi prachi ,is oziva a really good drink ,without side effects ?? Like it dosent give any side effects right if i wanna get pregnant ?

  • nikki Salunkhe
    nikki Salunkhe 6 months ago

    What if you have reduced the weight to a desired number and you want to stop having apple cider vinegar , would that increase your weight again ?

  • Anugya Ojha
    Anugya Ojha 6 months ago

    Ooh..🙄u look like Radhika Apte 💛

  • Sayali Pawar
    Sayali Pawar 6 months ago

    Hey Prachi
    Please do a video on how to reduce belly fat ❤️

  • Rani Sharma
    Rani Sharma 6 months ago +1

    Very informative... Thanks alot for this video

  • Hitali Mungekar
    Hitali Mungekar 6 months ago

    Would love to see more such videos. Thank you so much for this video

  • sonika ramakrishna
    sonika ramakrishna 6 months ago +1

    Hey Prachi!😊 I recently found you on TheXvid(I'm so sorry to say this though i wasn't much into TheXvid)and I'm just loving all your videos. It was like ages since I opened TheXvid, but after i started watching your videos I'm so into your channel and videos. ❤ Literally my day starts and ends with watching your videos. The way you review products, explain stuffs, motivate for healthy diets n weight loss is amazing. I really feel you're genuine. keep motivating and much love to you!❤❤