Gordon Stays in a Haunted, Disgusting Hotel | Hotel Hell

  • Published on May 13, 2017
  • No bookings, credit card details easily available to anyone, a haunted room. What could possibly go wrong?
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  • Owen Chau
    Owen Chau 13 hours ago

    hold up the camera crew filmed gordon being locked inside, but didn't open it for him? lol

  • Pristine Stays
    Pristine Stays 14 hours ago

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  • AndreasH900
    AndreasH900 2 days ago

    runs away with book credit card details XD

  • Daniel Ao
    Daniel Ao 2 days ago

    Is nobody going to say anything about his parking job

  • Reinis Richs
    Reinis Richs 3 days ago

    Gordon parks like a girl 0:46

  • Garrh Official
    Garrh Official 3 days ago

    0:48 that parking job

  • Bob Muskego
    Bob Muskego 4 days ago

    *years later at Gordons exorcism*
    Old priest: "I will now read from the holy manuscript." *drops the bible into a fire and pulls out a cook book*
    Gordon: "The soul is FUCKING RAW!"

  • Inziswap 097
    Inziswap 097 5 days ago +1

    Gordon making her piss off

  • Inziswap 097
    Inziswap 097 5 days ago +1

    Mother’s Day

  • dazzaburger
    dazzaburger 5 days ago

    2:36 imagine if she called 911

  • Brock
    Brock 7 days ago


    PHUONGLINH CHU 7 days ago

    I can't think that they can stay in this hotel
    it disgusting

  • Sovereign Potato
    Sovereign Potato 7 days ago +1

    This was filmed 2 years ago in Mother's day, and now I watched it in Mother's Day 2 years later.

  • Soulless
    Soulless 8 days ago

    Gordon's my man.

  • Laughing Jack
    Laughing Jack 8 days ago

    "I just wanna get some lunch!"

    Don't we all?

  • Molina Bitalica
    Molina Bitalica 10 days ago +1

    running with the book... 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • David E
    David E 10 days ago

    Babe locked him in the room for being a bell-end.

  • Lewis
    Lewis 10 days ago

    This episode was a gem

  • ghostminer 21
    ghostminer 21 11 days ago

    It is very random but this video was posted on my mums birthday

  • Patrick Demers
    Patrick Demers 15 days ago

    I am shocked 😵😵😬😬 and not shocked 😁😁😂😂😄😄

  • Paul Phillips
    Paul Phillips 15 days ago

    What a DICK HEAD

  • The Corrupted Guest
    The Corrupted Guest 16 days ago

    gordan : *touches bed*
    bed : you dare oppose me mortal *falls*

  • Lillian Dybing
    Lillian Dybing 18 days ago

    0:53 nice parking job Gordon

  • BloomingOnion
    BloomingOnion 19 days ago

    I've eaten at the Curtis House several times as I used to live just a few miles away. The food was never bad actually. There are better, more trendy restaurants in Woodbury, CT, but none have the class and old-style sophistication of the Curtis House. As for the rooms, this is a small inn - while dirty pillows and dead bugs are not acceptable - some of the other quirky charms are what makes this place different. It's not like staying at a chain hotel, if you want that there are those in the area too. The poor credit card security is easily remedied; let's hope by 2019 they have more modern ways of storing private information.

  • Baby Face
    Baby Face 22 days ago +1

    Gordon was clearly hyper in this lmao

  • NextGeneration 9501
    NextGeneration 9501 23 days ago

    time for gordon to unhaunt the hotel with the SWEARING POWER!!!

  • Carlo Lim
    Carlo Lim 24 days ago +1

    Legend says that the ghost stole the lamb sauce...

  • Seahawks_ 12
    Seahawks_ 12 27 days ago

    R.I.P Gordon Ramsey 🙏

  • Diferent Dimensions
    Diferent Dimensions 27 days ago

    U can’t hack into credit card with the 16 digit number

  • DJ GGG
    DJ GGG 28 days ago

    There's pretty much $190 million in that book

  • Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

    Literally Hotel Hell

  • 623058
    623058 28 days ago

    If I was Gordon mother I would have been like " what the hell are you on about? your mist Mother day! USA has it on Second Sunday of May, while the UK has it on Fourth Sunday in Lent

  • RR Sings !!!!!!!!
    RR Sings !!!!!!!! 29 days ago

    Mr RaMSEy ThAt Is NoT ApPrOprIAte 😡😡😡

  • Venom
    Venom Month ago +1

    I give the cameraman salute for having the balls to go with Gordon Ramsay

  • Silent Knight
    Silent Knight Month ago

    Whenever Gordon says "excited" I laugh because, he won't be excited when he sees the hotels

  • MrDanielb99
    MrDanielb99 Month ago

    0:48 wtf that parking is dreadful

  • MrDanielb99
    MrDanielb99 Month ago

    0:48 wtf that parking is dreadful

  • Chloe Louise
    Chloe Louise Month ago

    You are the best chef in the world, you're funny, talented and even though you have a bad attitude I guess that's what makes you such a legend. I've also watched all you're shows. My favourite has to be the ITV show Gino, Fred's and Gordans road trip.

  • Raquel Khu
    Raquel Khu Month ago

    0:49 Are we just gonna ignore his horrible parking?

  • Emma Shimkin
    Emma Shimkin Month ago

    he’s so sweet to his mom ❤️

  • Narada Peiris
    Narada Peiris Month ago

    Gordon: Let me out! I just want some lunch!
    Cameraman steps out of room to video Gordon’s attempt at opening the door.

  • Full Of Boredom
    Full Of Boredom Month ago

    I swear Mother’s Day is on a different day for the Americans???? So Gordon just wished a random woman happy Mother’s Day on a random day lol

    Unless he wished his mum happy Mother’s Day on a random day for her??? Somethings not adding up, Gordon. We need explanations

  • anniebub s
    anniebub s Month ago

    “room sixTEEN”

  • Alexx Breton
    Alexx Breton Month ago +1

    I want part 2

  • Nasir Khan
    Nasir Khan Month ago

    Why was Gordon in a good mood at the beginning?

  • The gacha Gang
    The gacha Gang Month ago +1

    4:06 why did they try to kill Gordon. I know he is strict and rude but come on don’t try and kill him

  • Dick Clark
    Dick Clark Month ago

    His mom was a paid actor

  • MRMF1 ᵿ
    MRMF1 ᵿ Month ago

    Gordon Ramsay putting Dillon the Hacker to shame

  • Zainab Aksangees
    Zainab Aksangees Month ago

    What season and episode is this clip from?

  • join the fist
    join the fist Month ago

    I wonder what his mom is like in person 🤔

  • Jun July Channel
    Jun July Channel Month ago +1

    Receptionist : Should l Call 911
    Me : no Call the Ambulance 😂

  • Alif Fawwaz
    Alif Fawwaz Month ago +2

    Gordon : build before 1736, incredible
    You have no idea what happen in five minute

  • PGHobGoblin
    PGHobGoblin Month ago

    Pulling the Sheets off her all night long... Probably was the Woman's husband lol

  • aestheticc
    aestheticc Month ago

    why is Gordon Ramsay sleeping on a couch such a mood

  • AsyasTrash
    AsyasTrash Month ago

    I feel ashamed for owning a dog named Curtis now.. please, rename their hotel. ;-;

  • Helene Yesa D. Cabiad

    Whats this?
    Bed: OH NO. *Falls apart*

  • SMBXdude
    SMBXdude Month ago

    Plot twist: she actually put him in room 16 as revenge for running off with the credit card book

  • Master Jedi
    Master Jedi Month ago +2

    Clerk “room 16 is haunted. A ghost was pulling the covers off a guest all night long.”
    Spoiler alert : it was really the night shift janitor.

  • Corrupt Pastels
    Corrupt Pastels Month ago +2

    Shirley: Cause room 16 has a ghost in it.
    Gordon: •🕳•

  • Sandi Milian Guerrero

    I love how hes fucking w her Sm

  • scotch tape
    scotch tape Month ago

    who taught him how to park lol

  • Tosh
    Tosh Month ago

    Gordon greeting his mom is so cute

  • Priyansh Chandra
    Priyansh Chandra Month ago +3

    Ghost: Booo
    Gordon: why u so pale?
    Ghost: Cause I died a long ago
    Gordon: Too bad I only prefer fresh things

  • Ashlie Deliste
    Ashlie Deliste Month ago

    0:19 Eeeeyyy My House Haha

  • yang lin zhao
    yang lin zhao Month ago

    0:48 how tf did he park that car???

  • pixelcamp design
    pixelcamp design Month ago

    hi Gorden Ramsay!!!!!!!

  • Dark Power
    Dark Power Month ago

    Gordon gotta stop you right there buddy, before you start talking of hotel and food... Where did you learn to park? 0:48

  • Opughd Yang
    Opughd Yang Month ago

    I love how the cameraman just leaves Gordon alone locked in the room

    ANYTIMECAM Month ago +6

    Gordon Ramsay staying in that haunted room, when suddenly a creepy voice shows up


  • Danekhal Gibson
    Danekhal Gibson Month ago

    5:19 asking for help and the camera person just records the door

  • Calebisonfire
    Calebisonfire Month ago

    Betty held him hostage lol 😂

  • Junior Kelser
    Junior Kelser Month ago

    Because there will be no movie Magic with out it Hombre!

  • Junior Kelser
    Junior Kelser Month ago

    Oh long John silvers! We own it!

  • Junior Kelser
    Junior Kelser Month ago

    Yeah the shut down Mike! That was a mistake if you ask me. But Guess what Chicken but! We still got the Kernal. And Popeye, Won't let me Down!

  • Junior Kelser
    Junior Kelser Month ago

    I love the pizza from Gabe's still. If you Wanted to Know. Not much of the old Stuff, Pizzahut, and Papa John's!

  • Junior Kelser
    Junior Kelser Month ago

    We Generally agree, Cheif Rosey!

  • Fe1taN
    Fe1taN Month ago

    Is there a continuation for this one?

  • Mitchelle Cabrera
    Mitchelle Cabrera Month ago

    Did anyone not notice the parking?

  • Jacob The Weirdo96
    Jacob The Weirdo96 Month ago

    Oml when he ran away with the check in book I lost it! LMFAOOOOOO 🤣🤣🤣

  • fishfreak
    fishfreak Month ago

    Gordon fucking napping on the couch and stealing credit numbers like this is some major big dick energy just Christ

  • Chalky
    Chalky Month ago


  • moodii Gamer
    moodii Gamer Month ago

    lol it must be the bloody ghost LET ME OUR XD

  • elitekillrazor
    elitekillrazor Month ago

    ghost:scares gordon
    gordon:you fucking donkey you're dead and raw disgusting
    ghost:wait what
    gordon:you donkey did they even clean the place???
    ghost:no i did cause im NINOOOOOO

  • Duckfoot
    Duckfoot Month ago

    I love his mom sm

  • Neus Rodriguez
    Neus Rodriguez Month ago


  • KLegend 975
    KLegend 975 Month ago

    Gordon is so funny 😂😂❤️

  • EnderBox
    EnderBox Month ago +1

    She looks kinda bothered by Gordon Ramsay 2:33 and before that

  • Trevor Phillips Enterprises

    Gordon Ramsey - the guy to call his mother on Mother’s Day.

  • luis santiago
    luis santiago Month ago

    Can someone tell meh what episode is this?

  • Drunk Pewdiepie OwO

    Legends said he never got his lunch

    PORK MACHINE Month ago

    How is mothers day even close to being the busiest weekend for hotels?

  • KalsShoeReview
    KalsShoeReview Month ago +1

    Ghost: pulls all of the sheets off the bed and cracks the window

    Gordon: Are you f*cking serious what kind of room service is this?

  • Marko Petkovic
    Marko Petkovic Month ago


  • Ugly Otter
    Ugly Otter Month ago

    Is it just my audio

  • Ansh Bali
    Ansh Bali Month ago

    Bruh Gordon played way to much sleeping on the couch and grabbing the credit card numbers and running

  • Mia Søven
    Mia Søven Month ago

    Ghost: I'm gonna scare this new guy
    Ghost: fuck no...

  • Submarine Mission
    Submarine Mission Month ago

    Watching this on Mother’s Day

  • Neito Monoma
    Neito Monoma Month ago

    I'm watching this on mother's day. Not that anyone needs to know that...

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ Month ago

    *The real ghosts are the places Ramsay shut down*

  • goferfolife
    goferfolife Month ago

    If the hotel was a steak he would puke