Tense Standoff In Portland Between Far Right And Anti-Fascist Groups | NBC Nightly News

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
  • The conflict in Portland started with rally of far-right groups that was met by a large counter-demonstration. More than a thousand police officers were activated to keep the protests between the groups. There were multiple flare ups between the two sides.» Subscribe to NBC News: nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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    Tense Standoff In Portland Between Far Right And Anti-Fascist Groups | NBC Nightly News

Comments • 202

  • Richard Winter
    Richard Winter 27 days ago

    Freedom. America. Speech. When you are a citizen you can travel to where you want within America, protected by the first Amendment. Yet, Antifa still thinks their rights are above those who they disagree with? Absolutely despicable.

  • ChalensKy
    ChalensKy 27 days ago


  • Timelessmusic Familymusic

    Both sides think they're the good guys & the other side are the bad guys. When it comes to peace, both sides stand together as one of the same.

  • Joao
    Joao 29 days ago +1

    This is what underemployment looks like 🤪

  • 刘雲
    刘雲 29 days ago

    Is that freedom of speech? Meddling in Hong Kong when you can't manage your own business?

  • 刘雲
    刘雲 29 days ago

    Support the people of Portland, USA police abuse violence

  • Broken Spokes
    Broken Spokes 29 days ago +1

    Another example of inaccurate coverage of the news - What will it take for NBC and the other left media channels to report the real truth... For the record, the so called Right Wingers left early for a BBQ. The trouble started when Antifa group stared to acting up and beating up ordinary people on the street. Woops there it is...

  • j t
    j t 29 days ago

    WARNING!! After Real Americans Re-elect President Trump The Angry Mob
    Democrats and their hench women klantifa will be Rioting,Looting and
    Destroying Property AGAIN !! America Stand Your Ground!!

  • Barbara H
    Barbara H Month ago

    Fox has covered very little of this. Trump has spent millions on media content control with fox, but now has sued them for cancelling his credit line.

  • Josh F
    Josh F Month ago +1

    "There's not two sides. There's Nazi, and there's not Nazi".......ummm

  • TheGiantworm
    TheGiantworm Month ago +1

    How can you say it was a non-permitted rally when the first amendment gives people the right to peaceably assemble.

  • robert shuman
    robert shuman Month ago

    Bull,American people againt white nationalists

  • Bright Rose
    Bright Rose Month ago

    This is funny news reporting. I know who to watch if I want a laugh.

  • zeropoint
    zeropoint Month ago +1

    "Tense standoff in Portland between innocent bystanders and the far left fascist terrorist group known as pantifa"

  • Samuel Foster
    Samuel Foster Month ago

    Antifa got arres...cut nothing to see here

  • Puffmaster General
    Puffmaster General Month ago +2

    The violence was antifa! The disturbance was antifa! The attackers were antifa! The instigators and aggressors were antifa! And those arrested were antifa! There wasn't any far right clashes! Just biased media to lie about the truth.

  • Zoe V
    Zoe V Month ago +1

    Great job at one sided reporting once again, nbc. smh. The trump supporters were trying to hold a non-violent rally which got diverted by very violent antifa members as per usual.. And of course msm sidles up the support to the true fascists (antifa) as expected.

  • Bruce Edwards
    Bruce Edwards Month ago +1


  • JB Kim
    JB Kim Month ago +1

    But you got people in Hong Kong fighting for their freedom, while here in the USA we have Antifa fighting to get rid of our freedoms! Crazy huh? Seems like Antifa was created to silence us and get rid of our freedoms?

  • Glenda robertson
    Glenda robertson Month ago

    Thank you Mr President for having the police do their job. Thank you for backing them so that they did not get hurt. Very good job Sir

  • Kevin Morrison
    Kevin Morrison Month ago

    the real story thexvid.com/video/yK-uM0CSiVA/video.html

  • elisa orozco
    elisa orozco Month ago

    NBC is on the same level as CNN; irrelevant, LYING non-reporters. No wonder Trump calls them, "Fake News"!
    It's absolutely TRUE!!

  • vsboy 25
    vsboy 25 Month ago

    Antifa must be classed as terrorists

  • Gary Collins
    Gary Collins Month ago

    The reporter sounds like Ron Wyden Suffrerin succotash

  • Loraine Jones
    Loraine Jones Month ago

    Wake up antifa is undercover cops real leftists are the banana blok. 😆 fooled ya

  • jeff bishop
    jeff bishop Month ago

    Antifa is the modern day Brownshirts. They hide there faces like cowards. And do the bidding of communist and anarchists. Well brainwashed by colleges, media and Hollywood.

  • 300 blAKout
    300 blAKout Month ago

    ANTIFA: there is no place for nazi's or hate speech
    RIGHT: we defend all views but condemn nazi's
    ANTIFA : any view that differs from ours is hate speech and makes you a racist nazi

  • itchy uk
    itchy uk Month ago

    No far groups attended?

  • E.V. Gaming
    E.V. Gaming Month ago +12

    *Proud Boys vs RADICAL Alt Far Left Wing TERRORISTS FASCIST HATE Group Antifa.*
    Boom, I made a better title for your Video NBCunts.

  • steven nagy
    steven nagy Month ago

    Wow .NBC actually did some fare reporting . They did some bipartisan reporting. Shocking.

  • vin russo
    vin russo Month ago

    After all the proud boys left, after never doing ANYTHING. ANTIFA started beating innocent people walking down the street. The Proud Boys PROTECT innocent americans from these terrorist cowards.

  • Ox Alek
    Ox Alek Month ago

    NBC leftists backing anarchists over Patriots, so what’s new?

    • Ox Alek
      Ox Alek Month ago

      Dawn Short: The only racists there are Antifa, that’s why they hide their faces.

    • Dawn Short
      Dawn Short Month ago +1

      racism is not Patriotism.

  • Thomas
    Thomas Month ago +1

    Again you forgot to mention that antifa trashed the city .

  • Glen Bard
    Glen Bard Month ago

    Antifa is about as anti-fascist as Mussolini.

  • Glen Bard
    Glen Bard Month ago

    Here's a more honest take: thexvid.com/video/_TK4OmijOOI/video.html

  • Some Person
    Some Person Month ago +4

    So you throw a non approved march, act like internet trolls, and now you're crying about getting protested against? Jesus, you right wing nuts are such cry babies....

    • Some Person
      Some Person Month ago +2

      @JB Kim that all you got? Half assed accusations that you steal from your intended victims? It's ok I stopped expecting intelligence from you losers years ago...

    • JB Kim
      JB Kim Month ago +1

      Look in the mirror buddy! Seems like you are crying here! 😂😂🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Lee Smith
    Lee Smith Month ago +1

    "Agitator's"? So if someone feels I am an agitator they have the right to attack me? They have the right to follow me around and harass me? Antifa didn't have to be there at that time. They could have chosen to walk away but they didn't. They went out of their way to irritate this group of people. It seems to me they are agitators.

  • b1untrama
    b1untrama Month ago +1

    Why do you call center right and center left americans.... far right?

  • Seoul Man
    Seoul Man Month ago

    Fake news strikes again

  • Mary Johnston
    Mary Johnston Month ago +8

    No matter your political beliefs, this is a prime example of political bias.

  • Conjurer Woman
    Conjurer Woman Month ago +1

    The RESISTANCE Lives!

  • Donny Lemons
    Donny Lemons Month ago +2

    What exactly makes them a ""far right"" group, The American Flags ? Or the MAGA hats ? There was not a single kkk or white supremacist at this thing yet NBC is still pushing the narrative that conservatives = Far right racist crazys while Antifa are some kind of counter Hero's . NBC's hatred for the president has blinded their network with such rage they can no longer even report the news without a biased political spin. SHAME ON YOU NBC. Also stop villianizing our brave men & women of ALL COLORS who serve as first responders and Law enforcement

  • W Brown
    W Brown Month ago +4

    Joe Briggs looks so high. Looks like he's having a great time instigating.

  • BEryl DragOn
    BEryl DragOn Month ago

    The war itself hasn't even begun. #2020

  • Russell Hare
    Russell Hare Month ago +1

    all you have to see; is which group is willing to talk with facts and who isn't.

    • Russell Hare
      Russell Hare Month ago

      @Humano Cosmico what facts? what interviews? please advise me of sites with this info...please

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones Month ago

    Watched videos of countless masked antifa terrorist attack a reporter with police batons lies lies lies #fakenews

  • GunClingingPalin
    GunClingingPalin Month ago

    NBC.. "Joe Briggs"? Really?.. First I was thinking you just got stupid fools reporting for you.. then after listening to that reporter he was slurring a lot of words that didn't sound right.. It's "BRIGGS" idiots.. heh Fake.. STUPID News.

  • Lily Jade
    Lily Jade Month ago +2

    Anti Fa scists = leftist good people
    Nazis = the bad people

  • Jlandification
    Jlandification Month ago +4

    antifa doesn’t stand for anti-fascist. antifa stands for anti- first amendment

  • David Bruce
    David Bruce Month ago +3

    “Entirely Scheprate. Shum schtill Protesht.”

  • NPC 123
    NPC 123 Month ago +2

    LOL "There's no two sides, there's Nazi, and not Nazi"
    So deep

  • naiLhead
    naiLhead Month ago


  • Travis Tubbs
    Travis Tubbs Month ago

    Fake news

  • hulksmash05
    hulksmash05 Month ago +1

    Antifa is a terrorist organisation.

  • Bucky Bazoo
    Bucky Bazoo Month ago +34

    "THERE'S NO TWO-SIDES! THERE'S NAZI AND NOT NAZI!" Ummm... err... that's two sides. LOL

  • tbyjb1
    tbyjb1 Month ago

    Wimp protesters on both sides. Look at Hong Kong. Those kids make you look like wimps.

  • Veryl Alduin
    Veryl Alduin Month ago +2

    So much propoganda in the comments section

  • Bellicose Pariah
    Bellicose Pariah Month ago

    Antifa is not "anti fascist".. they are fascist.

  • NO-ORWELLIAN Dystopia

    far-right extremists BLAMED Antifa!?.
    FAR-RIGHT : Antifa bad
    Antifa: we only show up when the Nazis do
    FAR Right wing groups plan to protest, that will bring out Antifa
    FAR-RIGHT : Antifa is the real problem
    FAR RIGHT-MAGA NAZIS : Antifa is the problem.
    Really! !!!?

  • sunnylilme
    sunnylilme Month ago +3

    Look at the comment section..only one side seems triggered..