i cooked breakfast VS. a PROFESSIONAL CHEF

  • Published on Jan 29, 2018
  • so i had the incredibly stupid idea of cooking breakfast food vs. an actual professional chef. RIP me but i really hope you enjoy the video. don't forget to subscribe for more
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  • wig snatched
    wig snatched Year ago +5607

    Rapha: I will eat what you cook and you will eat what I cook
    Liam:Oh God save me

  • nathan nagasaki
    nathan nagasaki 10 hours ago

    It doesn’t even look good. The cheese looks dry and hard

  • The Great Papyrus
    The Great Papyrus 3 days ago +1

    Usually when I am bored i make pizza(for me),rotisserie chicken (for me) and French toast with eggs butter and syrup and some fruits (for my brother)

  • Ariana Banuelos Briseno
    Ariana Banuelos Briseno 17 days ago +7

    A grilled cheese and ham with an egg on top is what I made my siblings for breakfast when I'm lazy. It not that special

  • Charlotte Harlow
    Charlotte Harlow 17 days ago +3

    It's a damn cheese toastie no need to call a croque madame

  • wild fire chick
    wild fire chick Month ago +2

    What's that i smell a ship🚢 (don't @ me im joking

  • zoom zoom edits
    zoom zoom edits 2 months ago +6

    Im just saying the thing that the chef made looked nasty but appearances are not everything so it might have been good

    • xielian
      xielian Month ago

      Hhh im wheezing hahahahahaha

  • zoom zoom edits
    zoom zoom edits 2 months ago +3

    You did so good rapha!!

    GHAYASTIG GAMING 2 months ago +6

    Next video raphael vs the greatest cheff in the world gordon ramsay

  • Wild Nature
    Wild Nature 2 months ago +6

    He's not a professional chef he's just a chef

    • Fouren
      Fouren 21 day ago +1

      @Wild Nature Hmmm actually, If you look at the cooking condition you would know he is good, also not everyone would be ok with filming because some people are camera shy as well and I could see him a little nervous.

    • xielian
      xielian Month ago

      Why not

    • Wild Nature
      Wild Nature 2 months ago

      I know but he's not a professional chef

    • iiroses
      iiroses 2 months ago

      I bet you can’t cook like him

  • Beautiful Disaster
    Beautiful Disaster 2 months ago +1

    Literally cracked up and your guest was so sweet :)

  • Olamide Adesina
    Olamide Adesina 2 months ago +1

    He’s Soo Stupid And Mean

    • xielian
      xielian Month ago

      Tf bro

    • Coolkid 790
      Coolkid 790 2 months ago +1

      Dude he is a pro he is judging so don’t blame him

    • Olamide Adesina
      Olamide Adesina 2 months ago

      Gege Rose The Chef

    • Olamide Adesina
      Olamide Adesina 2 months ago

      iiroses I’m Meant the One Talking About Raphael So Stop Calling People Stupid

    • Gege Rose
      Gege Rose 2 months ago +1


  • RonaldKSC
    RonaldKSC 2 months ago +4

    7:15 whe you dont want to say someones trash but you cant hold it in

  • Eddie C-J
    Eddie C-J 3 months ago +11

    Annoyed how the guy couldn’t pick the raspberry onto his fork 13:42

  • Miss Ramen
    Miss Ramen 3 months ago +7

    But you do cut bread like that...I cut bread like that..everybody cuts bread like that.. Apart from Liam.. *TRIGGERED*

    • ElvisTheCat
      ElvisTheCat 14 days ago

      Here lies a boomer fitting in with millenials

    • Jh0001471
      Jh0001471 3 months ago

      I think he meant with the knife how he was going from the bottom to the top not top to bottom

    • Blazingboy77 Gaming
      Blazingboy77 Gaming 3 months ago +1

      mmmm no.

  • Mmøòđë_ Ëđitś
    Mmøòđë_ Ëđitś 3 months ago +3

    Wow i my life is a LIE i made French Toast the WRONG way

    TINA LY 3 months ago +1


  • Nhikay Concina
    Nhikay Concina 4 months ago +7

    Uhhmm. U sure he's professional?

    • DiversHD
      DiversHD 2 months ago

      @woosh if u gay I'm really sorry too but it is no fights...
      There can be multiple fights about this comment

    • iiroses
      iiroses 2 months ago

      He looks like it from his cooking ways

    • woosh if u gay
      woosh if u gay 3 months ago

      @Zight Night im realy sorry but "correct you" no fight

    • Zight Night
      Zight Night 3 months ago

      Nhikay Concina i think he is..im pretty sure thats just hes appetizers OR hes Most EASIEST dish ever..we dont know..
      Im not here to correction you..just here to tell you..no fights 😄😄

  • Beckkrazy
    Beckkrazy 4 months ago +3

    professional chef ..... you sure about that...

  • xKaotic
    xKaotic 4 months ago +7

    Who cuts bread like that.
    I cook bread like that
    And I oop-

  • Joey Lu
    Joey Lu 4 months ago +2

    I’ve never screamed meeeee! This loud

  • Mariana Pérez
    Mariana Pérez 4 months ago +5

    Love the video! The professional chef is so cool!
    (Watching the video a little bit late)

  • Jack Coates
    Jack Coates 4 months ago +9

    id rather have raphaels one

  • je suis pink
    je suis pink 4 months ago +8

    Isn't it scary to see so much oil in a pan if you're frying an egg ... sorry that bothered me 😔

    • Sylvia A
      Sylvia A 4 months ago

      je suis pink sameeeee

  • Shona Fairbairn
    Shona Fairbairn 4 months ago +4

    I would've done pancakes.🍮

  • Zenetta Durley
    Zenetta Durley 4 months ago +8

    Im 11 and i can cook better than him

    How embarissing
    Ps he spelled cheif wrong lol its cheif not chef

    • ElvisTheCat
      ElvisTheCat 14 days ago

      I'm 8 and I can spell better than you

    • xielian
      xielian Month ago

      Lol k emribising u is embirising urself you iz a cheif so proh u is so gud at engrish

    • iiroses
      iiroses 2 months ago

      Zenetta Durley u know that chief means like a police thing

    • iiroses
      iiroses 2 months ago

      BAHHAHAHA what kind of English you learn at at school

    • iiroses
      iiroses 2 months ago

      I bet you skipped spelling class? Have you ever went to a school?

  • Amery Nicole
    Amery Nicole 4 months ago +11

    Why is the chef over reacting raphael has a yummy dish too
    Ang galing mo raphael paborito parin kita try your best next time kaya mo yan

    • •Bxbblegum slut•
      •Bxbblegum slut• 4 months ago

      @Shameful Stevey thanks ^^

    • Shameful Stevey
      Shameful Stevey 4 months ago

      @•Bxbblegum slut• Raphael you're still my favorite try your best next time you can do it. (I'm filipino)

    • Amery Nicole
      Amery Nicole 4 months ago

      @Nhikay Concina hello😊😊😊 thank you for saying hi you make my day😞

    • Nhikay Concina
      Nhikay Concina 4 months ago +1

      Finally. Someone who's also from the philippines. Hello. 😊❤

    • Hello I am Paul
      Hello I am Paul 4 months ago +1

      You’re a Filipino aren’t you.

  • Untamable Gaming
    Untamable Gaming 5 months ago +14

    i just love the chef's reaction to raphael's cooking

  • Nichollas Simon
    Nichollas Simon 5 months ago +12

    Bring gordon ramsay

    • Sylvia A
      Sylvia A 4 months ago

      some guy on the internet he’d have suffered

  • B O S S G A M I N G YT
    B O S S G A M I N G YT 5 months ago +2

    bobo ka putang ina mo mamatay kana sana

    • Kyla Blaire
      Kyla Blaire 2 months ago

      Okay that's rude.

    • Nhikay Concina
      Nhikay Concina 4 months ago

      Mas bobo ka tanginamo una ka mamatay HAHAHAHAHA

    • Hello I am Paul
      Hello I am Paul 4 months ago

      That is kinda rude.

    • Clear_Ice9204
      Clear_Ice9204 4 months ago

      Ha kailangan pa talaga magmura

    • Dale A
      Dale A 4 months ago

      Jemuel Añonuevo yp you are right.... this youtuber is completely stupid and idiot

  • Fefo
    Fefo 5 months ago +7

    That's a hot chef! bring him back!

  • Kevin Wei
    Kevin Wei 5 months ago +4

    What about the hot pot soup

  • That One Farlan x Levi shipper

    That chef had the moment of disappointment 😂😂

  • Ζαχαριας Πολιτης

    The '' professional'' is overreacting

  • vampera82
    vampera82 5 months ago +11

    7:31 I would eat that and I love syrup

  • Just Kaja
    Just Kaja 5 months ago +7

    Sorry, but the egg in the puddle of oil just doesnt look tasty

  • X Glove dus
    X Glove dus 6 months ago +4

    Fake cook

  • خالد - Khalid
    خالد - Khalid 6 months ago +11

    What's so special in that croque mama ? Even the french toast look better

  • Deagle Blaze
    Deagle Blaze 6 months ago +10

    Where do you just find a professional chef?

    • Michelle
      Michelle 3 months ago

      He is rich. He knows people.

  • Ripped Turtle11
    Ripped Turtle11 6 months ago +4

    Me when I cook where is the lamb SAUCE also me when I cook 🍞🍦🍫🍬🍭🌮🍔🍕🍱🍔🍞

  • Aurora
    Aurora 6 months ago +3

    Not to be rude but where’s the spatula

  • idk bread
    idk bread 6 months ago +11

    Raphael Gnome: I will do this FRENCH toast BRITISH style
    Also Gnome: yes, this is japanese style

    P.S: i dont even know wtf is a french toast XD

    • Kim Minguri
      Kim Minguri 5 months ago

      I eat french toast with sugar 😂

    • Deagle Blaze
      Deagle Blaze 6 months ago +1

      хлеб // kenyér French toast is bread covered in egg and then fried in a pan. It’s really good with syrup!

    • Samuel Hisle
      Samuel Hisle 6 months ago

      хлеб // kenyér French toast is delicious I have it everyday for breakfast but not like his

  • KF Gaming
    KF Gaming 6 months ago +13

    Rapha: This is the best croque monsierre I’ve ever had
    Liam: Croque madame

  • Agnes K
    Agnes K 6 months ago +7

    why didnt you make the same

    • Agnes K
      Agnes K 6 months ago

      gamer g5e lmao they should have discussed about that in the beginning

    • gamer g5e
      gamer g5e 6 months ago

      He cooked before the chef so he didn't know what will he do
      *he can't see the future*

  • Ali Mazeh
    Ali Mazeh 6 months ago +4

    Omg this the best poop I have ever tasted

  • Haha :P
    Haha :P 6 months ago +7

    Rapha your breakfast seemed more professional

  • Haha :P
    Haha :P 6 months ago +4

    You should've done the challenge against me so I can eat that delicious looking French toast 😂

  • Phantom Gamer164
    Phantom Gamer164 6 months ago +6

    A croque madame is bread cheese ham cheese bread bechemel sauce broiled cheese and runny egg on top

    NOOB GAMER09 6 months ago +2

    Tangina mo kase puro kagwapuhan lang alam mong hayup ka purket mayaman kalang eh puta ka gumawa ka ng sarili mo tamad kang hayup ka

    • Kyla Blaire
      Kyla Blaire 2 months ago

      Kung kulang ka sa pansin manghingi ka sa nanay mo, amateur.

    • yooww meen
      yooww meen 6 months ago

      Nagulat ako biglang may tagalog ay hahaahahahha

    • Laua Official
      Laua Official 6 months ago

      @Joseph Cook yes

    • Joseph Cook
      Joseph Cook 6 months ago

      @Laua Official did you get lost too?

    • Yna Mae Mahor
      Yna Mae Mahor 6 months ago

      Content tawag diyan kitnam

  • Ó Ficheallaigh
    Ó Ficheallaigh 6 months ago +3

    I am sorry but you not a normal person

  • Tracy Reed
    Tracy Reed 6 months ago +2

    I would wrather eat the french toast because I dont like cheese

  • Lianna Le
    Lianna Le 6 months ago +11

    I am under 12 and I made French toast by myself 👩🏼‍🍳

    • Michelle
      Michelle 3 months ago

      @Ski 8 The french toast that most people make does not look like that.

    • Tanisha Saley
      Tanisha Saley 4 months ago

      @Ski 8 Nobody can without a pancake maker. Stop lying

    • Kim Minguri
      Kim Minguri 5 months ago

      I am 12 and i have no idea how to cook and have never done it in my life 😂

    • Gacha• Stitches
      Gacha• Stitches 5 months ago

      I am ten and I can cook noodles

    • KrystalArt
      KrystalArt 6 months ago +2

      @Great White Shark good for you. at least you're not "sKi 8"

  • Lianna Le
    Lianna Le 6 months ago +5

    With the eggs you add sugar and cinnamon in

  • Matthew Walsh
    Matthew Walsh 6 months ago +6

    How is he a pro chef and he dosent know how to use a oven

    • Hubert Louis
      Hubert Louis 6 months ago +3

      Every oven is different so he was asking how he could change the setting

    • Gabriel Panza
      Gabriel Panza 6 months ago


  • Phill
    Phill 6 months ago +6

    He just says I will gladly roast you

  • BetterThanBest X
    BetterThanBest X 7 months ago +6

    Raphael has officially been roasted

  • Beliserius1
    Beliserius1 7 months ago +10

    Using a knife as a spatula in a non-stick pan.
    Good job.

  • Asma nishad
    Asma nishad 7 months ago +7

    I'm hungry

  • KaGe -_-
    KaGe -_- 7 months ago +4

    liam was watching to his dish whole time when u were trying your dishes he was like can i have one bite from my dish and then u said i will give u half and he had that smile on his face ❤️😂

  • Marc Anderson
    Marc Anderson 7 months ago +5

    You're nowhere near to a home cook , becuz you lazy af

    • Michelle
      Michelle 3 months ago

      @Nicole Tolentino He did very well! His best is great.

    • Michelle
      Michelle 3 months ago

      @Marc Anderson Wow! You should be rich and famous!

    • Nicole Tolentino
      Nicole Tolentino 4 months ago +1

      @Top Senior Gusion YOU SHUT UP!!!!!!,🖕🖕🤬😡😠

    • Top Senior Gusion
      Top Senior Gusion 4 months ago

      @Nicole Tolentino You cant control how people feel and how people should do things just shut up.

    • Nicole Tolentino
      Nicole Tolentino 6 months ago +2

      @Jason Scott thanks! I also didn't like what marc said to rapha, and yeah he shouldn't hate on him or brag about something