My friend Randy…

  • Published on Jan 13, 2022
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Horchata Soto
    Horchata Soto  4 months ago +13966

    Hey guys so I noticed a lot of my older storytimes (2020 tiktoks) have been blowing up here on TheXvid. So I’ll be sharing a bunch of my personal favorites throughout the week that TheXvid has never seen before! Hopefully you guys enjoy (trust me I’m still working on new ones) and don’t mind my hair 😂😂

  • ᴸᶦᵃ ✿
    ᴸᶦᵃ ✿ 4 months ago +3439

    The way he put Randy on the spotlight was hilarious imagine if he sees this

    • Spongyboi 897
      Spongyboi 897 18 days ago

      @Lufffyy you don't even deserve those 7 thousand subscribers

    • Randy
      Randy 3 months ago

      I dont think it's very funny

    • Jinx
      Jinx 3 months ago

      imagine if you were randy and just didn't want him to know that you saw his video so you don't need to give his 8 dollars back

    • Granny Gon Shoot You
      Granny Gon Shoot You 3 months ago +2

      @Lufffyy "Lufffyy" lowkey sounds aesthetic. 🤡🤡

    • why
      why 3 months ago

      @Lufffyy beat me to it

  • • Miss-Intelligence •
    • Miss-Intelligence •  3 months ago +296

    "Randy, it's been years. You still owe me 8 dollars."
    "Fuck off"

    • Roudha
      Roudha Hour ago

      Dont curse its bad because something bad it will happen to you.

    • New Yorxer
      New Yorxer 3 days ago +1

      I was looking for if someone made this joke. Found it almost instantly

    • Spongyboi 897
      Spongyboi 897 18 days ago +2

      "Oh!, I'll show you my 8 dollars!"
      **punch in the gut**

    • Griddy_ Central99
      Griddy_ Central99 27 days ago +1


  • #ᴊᴀᴍɪʟᴀ ˳⁺⁎

    Randy: “OH SH*T OH SH!T”
    Randy: **Moves to Antartica**

    • M0ssified
      M0ssified 23 minutes ago

      @Wendyzzz moves to anime world

    • priscilla sotelo
      priscilla sotelo 12 hours ago

      I QUIIT
      glitches out of reality and goes to the Backrooms with no signal

    • Adam Elbehisy
      Adam Elbehisy 17 hours ago

      @nayladoes_randomstuff OH MY FRICKING GOD BRO IM DONE
      *moves into 123 Sesame Street*

    • nayladoes_randomstuff
      nayladoes_randomstuff Day ago

      @Adam Elbehisy DANG THEY FOUND ME AGAIN .
      *teleports into the ground

    • Adam Elbehisy
      Adam Elbehisy 2 days ago

      @Micheal afton randy: BRO HOW DO THEY KEEP FINDING ME??? *moves in with Quandale Dingle*

  • I am sus
    I am sus 11 days ago +44

    "You can forget someone if they try to kill u"
    "But money is everything I don't give a dam give my $8"

  • M. Hashir Bin Asif
    M. Hashir Bin Asif 23 minutes ago

    I can feel this guy's pain when he said "I couldn't buy Takis that day"

  • Panda Legacy
    Panda Legacy 4 months ago +2575

    I like how normally he doesn’t say people’s real names but randy gets no mercy

  • Mr. Movie Nerd
    Mr. Movie Nerd Month ago +14

    Randy it’s been five years you still owe me $8

  • Serbian V1nce
    Serbian V1nce 2 months ago +2

    Randy: watching this
    Also Randy: oh I forgot to pay him back oh well

  • Tee glow
    Tee glow Month ago

    These stories keep getting better and better each day

  • sarushiki
    sarushiki Day ago

    I literally just finished sixth grade and u explained my whole sixth grade experience basically but one of my teachers used to allow us to make our own loom bracelets

  • Kittycat Kylee
    Kittycat Kylee 4 months ago +5074

    Let’s put up missing papers to look for randy lol😂

  • Switch Lord Playz
    Switch Lord Playz 2 months ago +2

    I had this friend named "Randy"
    Me : instantly die laughing 💀

  • LilSavage
    LilSavage 2 months ago

    Dude I think I know this guy. I'm in Kansas right now and he qualifies in certain qualities.

  • Jacob Vanegas
    Jacob Vanegas 20 days ago

    Imagine Randy watching this video right now 🤣

  • Valentina Moshe
    Valentina Moshe 3 months ago

    Imagine if randy actually sees this and still dosnt pay you back

  • Handra wan
    Handra wan 4 months ago +27084

    Randy's just doing that sigma male grindset, friends are temporary, the grind is forever

  • Braiden’s world
    Braiden’s world 4 days ago

    Imagine you scammed somebody years ago and then, while you’re at a different country, and a old friend of yours who is in a different country busts down your door and says “where’s my money”

  • Blah Blahblahblah
    Blah Blahblahblah 19 days ago

    When I was in 11th grade, was first of my friends to get a for lunch my friends would all jump in my car and we'd hit the pizza joint down the road a little....the owner did the school a lunch special, like 3 bucks for a slice, couple breaks ticks, and a can of at least minimum 50 kids would show up there over the 3 different lunch periods. Each (pretty big school, plus two other high schools drove over for career prep center...separate building to earn certificates for entry level career jobs and such happened to be right across street from out school. Anyway... one friend would buy weed and shit with his lunch money, then try to bum off one of us for lunch. I didn't smoke....yet. so over course of a month had bummed this kid like $100 or so promising to pay back...he disappeared. Didn't move, but started doing same thing to friends not at career prep and vending machining lunch and essentially hiding around the football stadium for lunch...pissed me off cause I was working everyday after work, to help pay the bills for my struggling single mom..

  • Joshua Stephen
    Joshua Stephen 2 months ago

    I have a similar story. I was in first grade, and one day, I earned this little water gun. So after i put in in my backpack, he went and stole and moved to Georgia.

  • Beryl Nolan
    Beryl Nolan Month ago +1

    This person has the best stories

  • ViperXultra
    ViperXultra 4 months ago +1218

    Are all these stories 100% real? Either way I love these so much and omg you have a awesome memory

    • seven congos
      seven congos 4 months ago

      @person Davis bruh he literally said the other guy moved to a completely different state

    • person Davis
      person Davis 4 months ago

      @seven congos whats over exaggerated about someone borrowing money and not paying it back.

    • Mente Gaming
      Mente Gaming 4 months ago +1

      @CHUBBY'🐰 no

    • •Teddy- Rex•
      •Teddy- Rex• 4 months ago +1

      @Horchata Soto I feel so bad for you man rip those $8

  • ThatGuyWithThePotatoes
    ThatGuyWithThePotatoes 3 months ago +1

    I know a friend with the same story He lent $2 in first grade’s first day. The guy never came back

  • Icantspell1
    Icantspell1 10 days ago

    Randy: *moves to Jupiter*
    Horchata: he is on Jupiter i don’t know how but get em guys

  • MTG
    MTG 2 months ago

    this guy hasn't forgotten about his $8 😂

  • 09B28 Sukhpreet Singh

    Thanks to Randy how many dollar would he had earned from this video telling about Randy.

  • i am dumber than this person but

    Randy asked every kid in his school for 8 dollars that day ...

      SCIENCEIUM 3 months ago

      @Randy srsly are you the real randy

    • SpeedShinobi
      SpeedShinobi 3 months ago

      @willowaut r/wooooooooosh

    • YouJustGotBread
      YouJustGotBread 3 months ago

      @willowaut its just a joke lmao
      They just want to make some chaos
      How do you not know it

    • SpeedShinobi
      SpeedShinobi 4 months ago +2

      Lol yes

  • TwitchedChrissa
    TwitchedChrissa 16 days ago

    I am so sorry for Randy.He got his middle school’s pictures EXPOSED

  • itz_Zoey_roblox
    itz_Zoey_roblox 2 months ago

    This actually happens to me four times😭
    So my friend was asking me for a dollar and said would pay me back tomorrow and I’m like that kinda friend where if u need anything I got u so then I gave her the dollar and the next day she isn’t there and I was like yo where she at she gotta pay me and then everyone says she went to a different continent and which was true then she blocked me and now I’m never giving her money again

  • Wexican
    Wexican 2 months ago

    he really knows how to disappear… LIKE MY DA-

  • AnimeGirl 2010
    AnimeGirl 2010 7 days ago

    I really hoped Randy was going to comment on this video 🤣🤣🤣

  • Light weapons guy
    Light weapons guy 4 months ago +472

    Randy, it's been 8 years. You still owe me 8 dollars.

  • ✨Chessy✨
    ✨Chessy✨ 4 days ago

    this reminds me of the meme "its been 16 years you still owe me 8 dollars"

  • RyanOnRedbull
    RyanOnRedbull Month ago +1


  • Doomfox
    Doomfox Month ago

    I was just thinking of an old character I’d made while scrolling through shorts, but I’d forgot his name. I knew it was R something, and it’d been bothering me for hours. Then I scrolled onto this and had a moment of enlightenment ;0; RANDY

  • Heated Red Volcano
    Heated Red Volcano Month ago +1

    You need $8 + an interest rate of how long it’s been since he got the $8

  • RaDonna Wisdom
    RaDonna Wisdom 4 months ago +1950

    This has the same energy as:
    “Bruce, it’s been 5 years, you still owe me 16 dollars”
    “Fuck off.”

  • Baby Girl
    Baby Girl 21 day ago

    Dang I miss them days lmao 🤣

  • Landry Conaway!
    Landry Conaway! 2 months ago

    We all have a randy in our lives! 🤪

  • Venti
    Venti 16 days ago +5

    "I needed it for blue takis!"

  • Not Minecraft
    Not Minecraft 4 days ago

    To include, he probably was planning on paying you back, but his parents probably had other plans.

  • Kendra_Fletcher
    Kendra_Fletcher 4 months ago +3000

    "I couldnt buy takis that day!"
    He better give him the money soon.

  • J-Force2010
    J-Force2010 3 months ago

    For me my first friend was David we were both born at the same time so we were like twins

    CHEF DINRE 14 days ago

    My friend told me a story just like this 🤣

  • Eli Jones
    Eli Jones Month ago

    thats iconic that he remembers that randy holy he finessed that

  • JellyBean
    JellyBean 14 hours ago

    Randy, Takes $8 from his friend, He lives to regret it..

  • idk anymore
    idk anymore 3 months ago +1988

    he's a genius. he probably asked everyone to do that before moving

      SANDEEP GILL 2 months ago

      That is kinda smarr

    • Justin Kjær Nielsen
      Justin Kjær Nielsen 2 months ago

      @Randy give him da 8 dollars lol

    • Ansun189
      Ansun189 2 months ago


    • cHarLie
      cHarLie 3 months ago

      The ones who didn't know he was moving

    • Garlic
      Garlic 3 months ago

      @Tanga why would he care he not even in the same state lmao

  • Ashley Kat
    Ashley Kat 2 months ago +1

    Randy be like : 👁👄👁
    "UM WRONG RANDY 😬 😅 !"

  • Leen💬
    Leen💬 27 days ago

    I know Randy watching this with a smirk on his face

  • spurp
    spurp Day ago

    Imagine one day he gets paged 8$ from randy one day XD

  • Toby Burke
    Toby Burke 2 months ago

    Randy it’s been 16 years you still owe me £8

  • Ben germin
    Ben germin 4 months ago +627

    I've heard of stories like this a lot of times and I cannot believe how they can live with the guilt.

    • Peach
      Peach 4 months ago +1

      Maybe they don’t live with guilt. At least I do that 🤷‍♀️

    • Kay’s Warehouse
      Kay’s Warehouse 4 months ago +1

      @Aize IV it’s not that serious

    • It's Zellyk
      It's Zellyk 4 months ago +2

      @Aize IV Kids are still afterall kids they make silly mistakes and its just 8$ none to fuss about

    • MrPekka23
      MrPekka23 4 months ago +1

      @Aize IV not kids that I've known lol thats why I disagree

  • Ericka Nealy
    Ericka Nealy 2 months ago

    the way he said "takis" really hit me he said takis like he was talking about multiple tacks

  • Sidra Iftikhar
    Sidra Iftikhar Month ago

    “i still need my money”
    Lemme tell you he probably spent it-

  • Quen 6533
    Quen 6533 2 months ago

    Imagine randy just moved two miles away

  • Lizmary hernandez
    Lizmary hernandez Month ago

    Ten years later he needs 8 dollors left for taxes randy comes in with the 8 dollors

  • AOdog7447
    AOdog7447 4 months ago +400

    Just imagine Randy invested in that $8 and turned into a multi-billionaire just from stealing $8 from you🤣

    • Prod. AyTee
      Prod. AyTee 4 months ago

      @Not anyone haha thank you. Really I just hopped in a coin called Tron with my dad. My $100 went to 3k in a few years. Now I have it all and more in ethereum because it will definitely hit at least $50k in the next 5 yeats

    • Not anyone
      Not anyone 4 months ago

      @Prod. AyTee That's.. awesome. I've never seen a fourteen year old so smart. I'm sorry I underestimated kids. Can you please tell me how to invest in crypto?

    • Prod. AyTee
      Prod. AyTee 4 months ago

      @Not anyone I’m 14 and have made thousands investing in crypto, sneakers, and a local business. I started with $100 at 11. All you need it the entrepreneur mindset, doesn’t matter the age

    • blueberry_mochi
      blueberry_mochi 4 months ago

      @Not anyone 1. I did as a 12 year old (I’m 14) and 2.they said IMAGINE

    • Not anyone
      Not anyone 4 months ago

      @Splinkboink T'was sarcasm, little friend. No rudeness intended.

  • It’s Cassidy!
    It’s Cassidy! 5 days ago +1

    His school photo I can’t.😂😂😂😂

  • **** Gamez and his life

    When I was in kindergarten we had these things called coupons and we were allowed to bring what it said on the coupon so we were basically allowed to bring gum and soda to school

    ANIME_KING 2 months ago

    The fact that he kept he's old friends picture 😳

  • Dunkly sunk
    Dunkly sunk 10 days ago

    Imagine he owe Stewie Griffin 10 dollar

  • Roxy.Raccoon
    Roxy.Raccoon 4 months ago +1516

    Randy watching this be sweatin’ rn.

  • Deedra Russell
    Deedra Russell Month ago

    Imagine calling it “ta-keys” and not “talk-eez”

  • -Lrxsp-
    -Lrxsp- 25 days ago

    This dude will be the best friend

  • вεεzεя
    вεεzεя Month ago

    Randy is a smart guy.

  • Ranti Oyebode
    Ranti Oyebode 22 days ago

    Imagine the interest Randy’s racked up by now...

  • •♡rygrisx♡•
    •♡rygrisx♡• 4 months ago +90

    Let's just appreciate how Randy just was like "aight imma head out" and went to Kansas

    • MoodaYT
      MoodaYT 4 months ago +2


  • Devin Ross
    Devin Ross 18 days ago

    Same thing happened to me 🤣

  • lin
    lin Month ago

    Hahahahaha so funny that actually happened to me once

  • Emily Davis
    Emily Davis 3 days ago

    Can we talk about how you say “takis”
    regular people: “tok-ees”
    Him: “tack-ees”

  • Eli Rodriguez
    Eli Rodriguez Month ago

    I had a friend who was named Randy and he asked me for three dollars and moved to California

  • kaidence
    kaidence 4 months ago +198

    We love Randy's yearbook picture😂

  • Honey and the rabbits
    Honey and the rabbits 2 months ago

    My brother in Kansas also has a friend named Randy 😂😂😂

  • Exotic Stranger
    Exotic Stranger 6 days ago

    Now we know who's Randy and his face
    Next step is to Find Him

  • Juan Moran
    Juan Moran 5 days ago

    Legend says he still asking for 8 dollars

  • Galerie de La Cour
    Galerie de La Cour 20 days ago

    imagine Randy watching this-

  • Your-Daily'-Pinapple
    Your-Daily'-Pinapple 4 months ago +66

    Just imagine Randy is now a multi millioner watching this video on his private Jet saying NAH IM NOT PAYING YOU and he's just laughing like he'll now that would just be absolutely Hella funny😂

  • Ashaki Roberts
    Ashaki Roberts 2 months ago

    Ramdy:thank you bro
    Him: you're welcome.
    Me: that is tissue

  • Jettyboi2012
    Jettyboi2012 2 months ago

    I wanna have a picture of Randy in my nightmares

  • Malory Manserman
    Malory Manserman 3 months ago

    He still needs his $8!😭😂🤣

  • LE0NA
    LE0NA 2 months ago

    only OG’S know.. “Im Randyyyy.”

  • Karma
    Karma 4 months ago +510

    I remember making loom bracelets as a kid. Those were really good times.

    • 2Jay_Coop124
      2Jay_Coop124 4 months ago +1

      I made them in 2nd grade for 50 cents and I made like 5-6 a day for people and I got 3 arizonas a day 😂

    • Nope :P
      Nope :P 4 months ago


    • apetrok81
      apetrok81 4 months ago

      They do them at my school

  • The Armands
    The Armands Month ago

    But randy is holding a tissue/blankets🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • OwlWing
    OwlWing 2 months ago

    I bought slime that cost 4$ at a student store once in second grade and one of my classmates asked if they could have it for a day so I just gave it to them because that's just how I am, the next day I come back they told me that it spilled in their backpack, so I asked them if they could pay me back so I could buy another container and then they kept making up excuses. I never got the money back- 💀

  • beautifulinred92
    beautifulinred92 29 days ago +1

    Him:I still need my eight dollars bro
    Randy:ayo do ya want me to like Venmo you or something

  • Ethan Hailey
    Ethan Hailey 2 months ago

    Imagine he actually sees it

  • CoffeeBoi BG
    CoffeeBoi BG 4 months ago +353

    "I couldn't buy takis that day"
    He sounds like he seriously needed it that day and still didn't forget about it😭

    • hottrin
      hottrin 4 months ago

      @CoffeeBoi BG are u serious

    • __________
      __________ 4 months ago +1

      As a 6th grader he might have needed it 😂

    • CoffeeBoi BG
      CoffeeBoi BG 4 months ago

      @Randy Bravo so youre in 5th?

    • CoffeeBoi BG
      CoffeeBoi BG 4 months ago

      @Randy Bravo that's my point,GIVE HIM HIS TAKIS BACK😭

    • Randy Lara
      Randy Lara 4 months ago

      @Randy Bravo what twin brother

  • dragonfishJacob
    dragonfishJacob 14 days ago

    I was laughing at the end

  • Randy
    Randy Month ago +2

    Sorry bro I forgot to pay you the $8 but I'm still going to pay you back on Monday

  • Golucky
    Golucky 3 days ago

    hes gonna see this and die laughing

  • Luis Velarde
    Luis Velarde 10 hours ago


  • DOG💙💚
    DOG💙💚 4 months ago +440

    This is the true meaning of "You still owe me my money" to the next level

  • kaelync1
    kaelync1 Month ago

    Randy from six miles away you're never getting your money back
    Me give me my money back if you ever come back you're giving me $5,000

  • Sam McDaniel
    Sam McDaniel 2 months ago

    Yeah bro, I'm sure the yearbook just has *randy* in it

    MXDDISON 2 months ago +1

    Imagine if Randy still hasn't payed U back lol

  • keatinjo
    keatinjo 3 days ago +1

    Man I love this content

  • ColaCherries
    ColaCherries 4 months ago +272


  • 00mew00
    00mew00 4 days ago

    The guy named randy sees this video “ oh shit he remembers..”

  • Someone u might know 😳

    POV: Randy’s face when he saw this:

  • lucy-alice
    lucy-alice 9 days ago

    I get robbed all the time by my friends