Thirty Days "Social Billy" Day Four - w/Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins


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  • David Field
    David Field 5 days ago

    It's interesting to see Billy exploring new directions outside his traditional "Smashing Pumpkins" sound. I'd love to see him produce a folk record.

  • sneezepal
    sneezepal Month ago

    Mr. Corgan, congratulations on becoming a father for the second time. Best to you and your family. And thank you, for all the wonderful music---past, present and future.

  • Johnny Guitar
    Johnny Guitar Month ago

    Oh my God, I am from Jasper, Alabama and Billy Corgan was in town? Unbelievable!

  • Null257
    Null257 3 months ago

    Grimace forgot his purple paint!

  • Roger Wilco
    Roger Wilco 4 months ago

    Ah, Snail is such a nice melody

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer 5 months ago

    Billy corgan is such a huge musical inspiration to me

  • 82 Pythons
    82 Pythons 5 months ago

    Billy Corgan is one cool dude man, very smart and extremely talented.

  • Gordon 2000
    Gordon 2000 5 months ago +1

    Jesus's child? I see you believed the vulgar lies of Da Vinci Code.
    You are smarter than that Billy.

  • mike dothan
    mike dothan 6 months ago

    how much does yamaha pay him for this bs?

  • todayisthegreatest
    todayisthegreatest 7 months ago

    should do this again someday

  • Luke Pate
    Luke Pate 8 months ago

    Only Love for this !!!! Happy Easter 2018 !!!!

  • It will be ok, I hope
    It will be ok, I hope 9 months ago

    Smashing pumpkins!! The soundtrack to the first 20 years of my life!! And still in heavy rotation. Thank you! The RCA dog is awesome!!

  • Hangfire-13
    Hangfire-13 11 months ago

    WOW! That little Yamaha guitar sounds great!

  • stella m
    stella m Year ago

    It is hard to recapture that which harvested can resurface it but it is never the same...

  • Stella Kara M.
    Stella Kara M. Year ago

    it's hard to find that mojo magic....can't resurface--it's never the same

  • Bry S
    Bry S Year ago +1

    hey Billy.'re such an intelligent and interesting person. It would be so great to meet you. The things that I bet you have witnessed and know....that regular people don't necessarily think about. ...from beverly, Chicago.

  • Arron Chapman
    Arron Chapman Year ago

    Followed your ThirtyDays so closely at the time and just can't ever get enough of this episode.. Snail breaks me every damn time. Thank you as always, Billy.

  • alana murphy
    alana murphy Year ago

    Loved this series. The night at the bar would have been great fun, but I'd have been there to see Robert. ;-)

  • Zerø
    Zerø Year ago

    Man William, you've really touched me on this. You're an amazing man and an inspiration to me. Glad to see you well, love everything you do! Xoxo

  • Minor Gray Music
    Minor Gray Music Year ago

    so fuckin cool. love old recording studios! RCA looks amazing and full of soul.
    your voice sounds great too.

  • Optamyst
    Optamyst Year ago

    go vegan billy

  • pineapple lover
    pineapple lover Year ago

    OMG amazing

  • Tony Magno
    Tony Magno Year ago

    it has a woody Guthrie vibe

  • Tony Magno
    Tony Magno Year ago

    the old antique store was great

  • Tony Magno
    Tony Magno Year ago

    great stuff billy . come and play in nyc :)

  • quanah
    quanah Year ago


  • Reise Reise
    Reise Reise Year ago

    It was great to hear you play "Snail," thanks Billy! This series that you're doing is interesting

  • Tyler Piltz
    Tyler Piltz Year ago

    How many were trying to close the stupid tweet window @ 7:04, trying to see the chords he was playing before realizing it was PART OF THE VIDEO!?!? He was playing Snail which is the 5th of my top 5 of my all time favorite songs to play. I had taught myself years ago how to play it, I always wondered how he played it? Only got to see the first chord before it was getting blocked...

  • Julia Schole
    Julia Schole Year ago

    Thank you Billy Corgan

  • Ferooze Ali
    Ferooze Ali Year ago

    Unseen Guy: How do you know he was here ?
    Some Fan: Facebook.

  • Dan Rodriguez
    Dan Rodriguez Year ago +2

    Billy, you're a genius.

  • Chronas
    Chronas Year ago

    Hey Billy.... If your Reading this. Thank you for everything you've done and will do next....

  • Ishbu101
    Ishbu101 Year ago

    Wth. That's billy corgan???

  • Rush Shukla
    Rush Shukla Year ago

    I'm so glad you played Snail one of my favourite Pumpkins songs ever.

  • Adam Beitman
    Adam Beitman Year ago

    Billy, do you still play a strat -- and do you not like rosewood fretboards tonally or simply prefer the maple feel / speed?

  • James Philly
    James Philly Year ago +1

    that last clip playing an improvised acoustic version of Snail with that random background landscape was just awesome 👍

  • dAvrilthebear
    dAvrilthebear Year ago

    All these miniatures are wonderfull, like little Mike Leigh films, kudos to the director, editor and the crew, and good like to you, Billy!

  • Daniel Veeken
    Daniel Veeken Year ago

    Just heard of these on reddit Billy. Was a big fan of your writings of early life you put in the net many many years ago. So this stuff is just great.
    Smashing through all the videos this weekend.
    Thanks and hi from Australia

  • 6969Chazz
    6969Chazz Year ago

    cool cover man, u seem so vulnerable , very interesting to see you and your travel,thank you,longtime fan Charlie

  • le proboscis
    le proboscis Year ago

    That song is classic Billy Corgan. I want it.

  • sugarchip
    sugarchip Year ago +3

    These videos are so rich! I savor one every day and I'm already scared to get to the last one. I'm so moved by Billy's openness and sentimentality. What a dream. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jay and Bean
    Jay and Bean Year ago +8

    made a compilation/montage of all the EC3 jokes and references throughout the series
    check it out on my channel!

  • Benny Stanley
    Benny Stanley Year ago


  • SirToyou
    SirToyou Year ago

    Loving these. I keep watching them back. My favourite band always.

  • StarlytNite
    StarlytNite Year ago

    Country music that's interesting
    I was told, it was a while back while driving from Wny to Florida
    That country music is the most popular here in America
    There were times the only stations that come in were country music station
    Christian Rock music is big here n South Carolina and I actually like it & what I've been listening to
    After all I'm in the buckle of the Bible Belt, a church on every corner
    Not just the reason I'm here

  • Too Wun
    Too Wun Year ago

    You will see Adam the Woo soooooon! 😃

    CHELLE BELLE Year ago

    I love that you stop and talk with ppl and are open and talk like a normal person unlike so many Hollywood types who reek of arrogance and hypocrisy

  • Kevin Fernandes
    Kevin Fernandes Year ago

    second song: you sound out like a jiggle wailing bitch aye yeee a yeeea

  • Kevin Fernandes
    Kevin Fernandes Year ago

    Billy Corgans bad jawline is jks cuz he can contour it and then when he's 40 he can't do it without looking like an idiot so he decides to join the good side instead of the illuminati because he'd look like a jiggly fat fuck so he has no choice but to turn good instead of be evil

    • Christian Gasior
      Christian Gasior Year ago

      Women don't seem to mind. Have you seen some of the women he has dated? He dated that blonde talentless pop star who was nevertheless gorgeous. But yeah, you seem like a fulfilled person with no insecurity issues causing you to try to tear down other people. Trolls are pathetic.

  • Dale Adermann
    Dale Adermann Year ago

    Thanks "Social Billy" ! Having A Great Time watching !

  • p t
    p t Year ago +1

    I've always appreciated the fact that wpc has always taken risks in his musical career trying different things and telling a different story.and I don't believe the music industry and the average background listeners understand or recognize the value in that kind of artistry. lots of people don't like change and only want to hear the lightning in a bottle over and over.

    • Christian Gasior
      Christian Gasior Year ago

      Well, most stuff after the original breakup isn't very good at all and he seems to have lost his knack for lyricism we saw in songs like In the Arms of Sleep, Mayonaise, Muzzle, Disarm, Blank Page, 33, etc. As soon as I heard "I'm gonna love you 101 percent" I died a little inside. He is just too comfy is all. He conquered the world in the 90's and completed his mission. Now he isn't trying as hard since he already achieved his goals and then some, and so his music blows. It happens to most artists.

  • Jack Foley
    Jack Foley Year ago

    @ the 4 people that disliked this, why.

  • schotanusser
    schotanusser Year ago


  • Rebecca Crane
    Rebecca Crane Year ago +3

    Thank you for playing Snail! My all-time favorite!

  • Chris Kirshbaum
    Chris Kirshbaum Year ago +1

    The absolute genius of our times.....Billy Corgan.

    • Christian Gasior
      Christian Gasior Year ago +1

      He was a great songwriter and I agree he is a genius, but people like Elliott Smith were equally, if not more, talented. I'm assuming you're talking about the original pre-original breakup Pumpkins, because he can't write for shit anymore.

  • aksa100
    aksa100 Year ago

    post solo vid of snail!

  • mrpelon1000
    mrpelon1000 Year ago

    Why does it say watch on TheXvid and I'm on the channel and can't find the performance?!

    • tubenshaft
      tubenshaft Year ago

      both songs uploaded 1 day ago, so...

  • The Healthy Movement

    Billy teaming up with David Lagana is an incredible match. Two creative geniuses at work!

  • Gramoul Zlu
    Gramoul Zlu Year ago

    So happy to hear Snail (I had voted for it on Instagram). Thanks for the trip, nice directing / editing job Justin, keep up the amazing work guys I'm having a blast with the whole experience

  • Shannon Lee
    Shannon Lee Year ago +2

    If this man only knew how much his music had influenced and changed my life...been a huge fan since the 5th grade. I'm now 36! Wish we had wifi and iPads back in the 90's!

    • Christian Gasior
      Christian Gasior Year ago +1

      Meh, it was better without social media. People used to watch concerts without a phone in their hand. The internet gives us free music, free movies, and tons of knowledge, but social media like Facebook/twitter is awful

  • Renee Russell
    Renee Russell Year ago

    What a great project! You're brilliant!

  • Patrick Johnson
    Patrick Johnson Year ago +2

    Keeps getting better and better.

  • sjberna3
    sjberna3 Year ago +6

    I think what Billy is doing is truly something special. When I was jamming out to Gish on tape in my Walkman, I would have never guessed this would be what he would be doing now. This is Fantastic! Best wishes on the rest of the journey.

    • Smashing Pumpkins
      Smashing Pumpkins  Year ago

      sjberna3 thank you. We are catching up on all these comments.

    MARVIN THE BOON Year ago

    dusty springfield

  • Doodleisboring
    Doodleisboring Year ago

    Aw "was anybody commenting" that's so sweet

  • Ashley Jones
    Ashley Jones Year ago +3

    really cool segments! I've been a fan since Gish & love that Billy has let us into a world we dont get to see often. Thanks for sharing your journey with us, man✌. Btw, I live in Jacksonville, Florida....birthplace of Lynyrd Skynyrd. Ronnie VanZant's daughter Melody still lives here all grown up. She used to own a bar/live music venue in the heart of Jacksonville Beach called Freebird Live. Bummer they had to close down. Come visit Jacksonville ☺🤘

    • kat marie
      kat marie Year ago

      Ashley Jones seconded, please visit Jacksonville or coastal georgia! i will be there in a heartbeat

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne Year ago

    Greetings from the Uk, enjoying the journey

  • Q StiX
    Q StiX Year ago +21

    i wonder if he still has that ice cream truck! lol

    • Null257
      Null257 3 months ago

      He ate that shit right before he ate the prom.

  • moki
    moki Year ago +3

    I've watched your every facebook live show!

    • moki
      moki Year ago +1

      The ones where you tell things about yourself, like Q&As and interviews. It's so cool that you're replying to comments now!

    • Smashing Pumpkins
      Smashing Pumpkins  Year ago +3

      Mihpu favorite one?

    ANOMONISS Year ago

    the man is insane. Pity.

  • Karina Mana
    Karina Mana Year ago +1

    Great to see Billy inspired and so into music again. Lookinf fwd to new songs!

  • legendsofevil
    legendsofevil Year ago +2

    You look really happy there. Thanks for sharing, especially with those comments at the end :)

  • Deafening Echo
    Deafening Echo Year ago

    Hey it first one he hasn't stopped to go on a tangent about freemasons in. Just joking with ya Billy. These are great so far. Can't wait for more. Love ya man.

  • Deafening Echo
    Deafening Echo Year ago +6

    Hey it's the first one he hasn't stopped to go on a tangent about freemasons in. Just joking with ya Billy. These are great so far. Can't wait for more. Love ya man.

    • Deafening Echo
      Deafening Echo Year ago +1

      Also don't forget to come through Georgia. We got some great small town down here too.

    DANIEL SENABRE Year ago +1

    Billy. Thanks for being yourself and for helping others through your music. You helped me grow up and stay connected to my inner feelings, good or bad. And I know you did that for a whole generation. So we will always be grateful and follow you wherever you go.

  • seekah1
    seekah1 Year ago +23

    I doubt you will get to read this but just wanna thank you for all that you're still putting out on here. Been with you since SD days, that's all. Peace.

  • Lono Gonzo
    Lono Gonzo Year ago

    Friends are often found in the furthest and closest of places...

  • Nintendo Veteran
    Nintendo Veteran Year ago +9

    hey billy make a Rolling Stones - Wild Horses Cover =)

  • Your mom
    Your mom Year ago

    Hey Billy once again thanks for it all

  • pumpkinhead1977
    pumpkinhead1977 Year ago +3

    Just look at those beautiful tweets at the end! So touching! Billy must be so blessed! ❤

  • pumpkinhead1977
    pumpkinhead1977 Year ago

    I am speechless! Just how good are these videos! And Billy's amazing road trip!! Love love love!! ❤

  • Adam Walsh Work
    Adam Walsh Work Year ago +2

    Excellent and inspiring :)

  • Mel Stewart
    Mel Stewart Year ago

    Love this

  • starlodear
    starlodear Year ago +3

    Love this tour! Very soothing

  • Johnny Lucas
    Johnny Lucas Year ago


  • heath ceccato
    heath ceccato Year ago

    Beautiful piano melody

  • supervandy
    supervandy Year ago

    These are pretty cool so far. If you come up to MN you'd enjoy Fort Snelling, but ask for the "real tour" as they have a nice version for kids/families and a true version for those who ask.

  • bobzimuta
    bobzimuta Year ago

    looking forward to this week's videos, keep them coming

  • SaraSmile
    SaraSmile Year ago +3


  • Puff Puff Bass Fishing


  • Bonnie Thomas
    Bonnie Thomas Year ago +15

    Beautiful, watching him is so inspiring

  • rchawk
    rchawk Year ago +6

    the series so far has been really awesome billy and im glad that you've come back to social media

  • riley dalisa
    riley dalisa Year ago

    hasn't changed cloths in 4 days

    • Guitarists Suck
      Guitarists Suck Year ago +1

      jack dalisa That's part of the travel and it's a measure against eventual aggressione... when you're on the road you're on the road, not at a glamorous party...

  • Ling-Ling
    Ling-Ling Year ago +7

    Glad you're getting social interactions, Billy! :D

    • Null257
      Null257 3 months ago

      Son of a thousands maniacs!
      Son of a thousands maniacs!
      Son of a thousands maniacs!
      Son of a thousands maniacs!
      Son of a thousands maniacs!
      Son of a thousands maniacs!
      Son of a thousands maniacs!
      Son of a thousands maniacs!
      Son of a thousands maniacs!

    • Ling-Ling
      Ling-Ling Year ago

      Thank you for responding! :D

    • Smashing Pumpkins
      Smashing Pumpkins  Year ago +4

      The Everlasting Gaze it's an every day process

  • ShogunZIlla
    ShogunZIlla Year ago +37

    Loving this series!!!! Billy I'm glad you are re-embracing various social media. It's not perfect but it's still good for connecting with people especially abroad!

    • Smashing Pumpkins
      Smashing Pumpkins  Year ago +4

      ShogunZIlla we are using it for just that. Connecting people.

    • crush41gb
      crush41gb Year ago +2

      The Everlasting Gaze Lovjng the series and the stories, songs and insight. Found out about this from Adam the Woo. :) Thank you so much for doing this, kind Sir!

    • Ling-Ling
      Ling-Ling Year ago +3

      I agree!