Joe Wilkinson's Weirdest Jokes on The Last Leg


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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  2 months ago +25

    Would Joe make a good ghost?!
    Watch the FULL episode here:

    • pixel girl
      pixel girl 2 months ago

      Sebastian, you can upload a video to your channel privately, set everything up, leave a comment, and then make it public later, and I believe the uploaded date only actually reflects when it was publicly published. Not sure why they'd leave it for four days after commenting, but I don't exactly work there so I really don't know how exactly they organise their workflow.

    • Sebastian
      Sebastian 2 months ago +1

      Why does this comment say 5 days ago yt it was only uploaded today

  • Handsome Jack
    Handsome Jack 4 days ago

    Give Joe a show!

  • martin fitzpatrick
    martin fitzpatrick 11 days ago

    Wasnt Austerity a clever way/system of the government saying to the country that they want a load of money and need a lie to dupe us all. So they say they have to begin Austerity because the country is in so much debt but never prove it. But in reality want to destroy everything in the country by cutting funding and support and take more money from the poor making them worse off, then take this money and put it into an offshore account.

  • ilkhgs
    ilkhgs 16 days ago

    Funny funny funny, also, it was really funny. HA!

  • Phil Pointer
    Phil Pointer Month ago

    Who's starts a laugh like they have no breath left??

  • Harold Newman
    Harold Newman Month ago

    I didn’t get $

  • New Message
    New Message Month ago +2

    Both a National Treasure, and a poster child for why lead needs to be kept out of paint.

  • Frank Hinstein
    Frank Hinstein Month ago +2

    What a great life,one panel show after another,just laugh inanely at other peoples unfunny jokes and interject with one of your own every ten minutes,i think even I could do that,it's being a smug liberal twat part I'd find difficult to pull off..

    • howsjames1
      howsjames1 19 days ago

      Well you definitely have the twat part down but you don't seem smart enough to pull off smug.

    • Carl Badawi
      Carl Badawi Month ago +1

      Watch this comment get more likes than the video. Not hating joe but that presenter is truly a twat.

    • Jonny Sevent
      Jonny Sevent Month ago +4

      +Frank Hinstein Well perhaps to twats, everyone comes across as a bit smug.

    • Frank Hinstein
      Frank Hinstein Month ago

      +Jonny Sevent ..and you the smug liberal part..

    • Jonny Sevent
      Jonny Sevent Month ago +6

      Well you've nailed the twat part.

  • The Don
    The Don Month ago +4

    Swear brooker just laughs at anything. Thats why he shouldnt be on tele and he thinks hes a comedian

  • Henrik Høyrup
    Henrik Høyrup Month ago

    "Well, I'll be honest with ya..."
    hilarious random shit coming up

  • Mick Hack
    Mick Hack Month ago

    i cant look at that dude's hands, they freak me out too much

    • Mick Hack
      Mick Hack Month ago

      you're making it worse..

    • skeemer01
      skeemer01 Month ago

      Get it right! They're claws mate not hands

  • james smith
    james smith Month ago

    is Joe stoned

  • Ron Buddenujjo
    Ron Buddenujjo Month ago


  • Destroy TheHuman
    Destroy TheHuman Month ago

    That last joke was very Noel Fielding like

  • Shadow Heart
    Shadow Heart Month ago

    Vegas killing it on the show:

  • Jaek Burn
    Jaek Burn Month ago

    This is gold.

  • Joe Mengler
    Joe Mengler Month ago

    Joe Wilkinson would make such a great pedophile... waste of talent.

  • Monte Grainger
    Monte Grainger 2 months ago +3

    the last leg sucks

  • Cvaceltic
    Cvaceltic 2 months ago

    You all just lost ‘The Game’

  • Earl Francart
    Earl Francart 2 months ago

    how does he keep a straight face,

  • rob ashworth
    rob ashworth 2 months ago

    Hunslet,leeds is a shithole

  • piccherroll
    piccherroll 2 months ago +1

    This man is legendary.

  • Mark Thomas
    Mark Thomas 2 months ago

    Shame this show is so bias.

    • howsjames1
      howsjames1 19 days ago

      Reality has a strong liberal bias.

  • AWG
    AWG 2 months ago +1

    one funny Wilkinson and 3 cunts

  • Slow Cheetah
    Slow Cheetah 2 months ago


  • willisverynice
    willisverynice 2 months ago

    5:11 Has no one else ever heard of "the game"?

  • Hazel McKenzie
    Hazel McKenzie 2 months ago

    How is this man meant to be funny this is so confusing

  • Gary S
    Gary S 2 months ago

    Sorry,but how is this man considered to be funny, I fail to see any humour in him at all ...not trolling ,just baffled.

  • manupkp
    manupkp 2 months ago +29

    This man is a national pleasure.

    • Zoe K
      Zoe K Month ago +1

      Don't you mean treasure ?

  • stephen Harrington
    stephen Harrington 2 months ago +5

    I'm going to rub my nibbles on coins from now on

  • Ted Allavena
    Ted Allavena 2 months ago

    Can wet a picture of Rachel's breasts?????

  • j west
    j west 2 months ago +1

    Someone did his homework on twix...

  • Ryan
    Ryan 2 months ago +18

    0:48 Josh's laugh sounds like someone trying to start a shite car.

  • blindwillie99
    blindwillie99 2 months ago +4

    It's a bit different when someone funny comes on this show.

  • Jimmy Gillard
    Jimmy Gillard 2 months ago +56

    Really underrated comedian. He's great.

  • canonballsimp
    canonballsimp 2 months ago +2

    "you can't just move out... You have to give a month's notice..."

  • sarah
    sarah 2 months ago +3

    Oh God I love Joe Wilkinson so much

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler 2 months ago +6

    Whos that hot chick next to Joe. Anybody know?

    • Dirk Diggler
      Dirk Diggler 2 months ago +1

      +Harvey Britland Thanks.

    • Harvey Britland
      Harvey Britland 2 months ago +3

      Dirk Diggler Paralympian currently on strictly come dancing

  • eil Smile
    eil Smile 2 months ago +1

    Oh I soooooo love Joe, he makes me LOL all the time, omg the crop circle joke actually made my ribs sore

  • Wiktor Majta
    Wiktor Majta 2 months ago +16

    Joe Wilkinson made me lose “the game” by mentioning the penguin game

    • Joe Lagrue
      Joe Lagrue Month ago +1

      U liking my comment made me loose the game :(

    • Joe Lagrue
      Joe Lagrue 2 months ago +3

      Wiktor Majta fuck well now i lost

  • Dunny2k
    Dunny2k 2 months ago +2


    • Dunny2k
      Dunny2k Month ago

      +NASA 1 Don't care what show it is, needs more Jimmy.

    • NASA 1
      NASA 1 Month ago +1

      Dunny2k. I think you should read the title again. It might explain Jimmy carr’s absence.

  • αвѕolυтe αвѕυrd :3

    Too bad joe isnt good at stand up xP hes really good at stuff like this tho

    • The88shrimp
      The88shrimp 29 days ago

      His character isn't really made for stand up though, It's more for giving opinions on things and interjecting in others comedy to amplify it, which he does really well.

  • CUMBICA1970
    CUMBICA1970 2 months ago +3

    3:18 Funny thing Japanese government did the same thing around the same time. But it was just 10,000 yens (about 100 bucks) so it didn't make any impact at all on the economy. BTW I still didn't spend my 100 bucks haha (I mean I had to open a new account because those that I had didn't exactly match my whole registered name. See things are surprisingly sloppy around here. The account is still there with the 100 bucks.)

  • Bd Db
    Bd Db 2 months ago +1

    My god this show and its' host is such trash its almost funny

    • Bd Db
      Bd Db 19 days ago

      +howsjames1 "Snowflake" and "triggered" in the same comment? you're a walking 2016 meme lol. I clicked the clip because i'm a fan of Joe Wilkinson (who was certainly his usual funny self in this clip). You can't really moan about people "needing to whine about a show on youtube" when you yourself here are whining about people who dislike shows you like on youtube..
      The irony is probably lost on you

    • howsjames1
      howsjames1 19 days ago

      +Bd Db Yes, to describe the triggered snowflakes who feel the need to whine about it on youtube. I've seen a few and you're all unintentionally hilarious. Most adults just ignore shows we don't like, I can't imagine being so triggered by a show that I need to whine about it on youtube.

    • Bd Db
      Bd Db 19 days ago

      +howsjames1 Did you just use the term "triggering" unironically

    • howsjames1
      howsjames1 19 days ago

      It seems really good at triggering stupid people, so they must be doing something right.

  • Sarah Kinsey
    Sarah Kinsey 2 months ago +387

    "Joe Wilkinson's Weirdest Jokes" aka every single thing that comes out of his mouth

    DEMMERY11 2 months ago +128

    Why does joe not have a show yet?

    • Epileptic Duk
      Epileptic Duk Month ago +1

      Cos he looks Russian.
      Don't question that.
      Well, how's your day been?
      Bit shit, the usual.
      Good... good.
      Naaah it ain't.
      I feel bad for laughing at a man in a wheelchair.
      Well why the fuck'd you do that?
      Cos he were of his head on spice.
      Who isn't?
      Yeah I know, I done about 3lb of it this morning.
      Yeah it's great innit.
      Yeah it is.
      Stop saying 'yeah' ya twat.
      Right, fuck off.
      I can see I am not WANTED.

    • Tali Zorah
      Tali Zorah 2 months ago +21

      Because he is at his best in small doses.

  • mrwhippy101
    mrwhippy101 2 months ago +9

    I cant stand chicken fingers
    He's so awful

  • Serge van der Meijs
    Serge van der Meijs 2 months ago +77

    Joe wilkinson looks like grigori rasputin in the thumbnail

    • Aidan Wilson
      Aidan Wilson 2 months ago +1

      You mean Joe Wilkinson looks like Grigori Rasputin all of the time

  • Shakes First
    Shakes First 2 months ago +3

    Not every person got the stimulus. I was a single father for 5 years until about 3 weeks before and my ex got $1600 and told me to go swim and she had 3 weekend benders.

    • Chris Martin
      Chris Martin 2 months ago +2

      Well I've been single all my life and mine went towards bills, so shelve it ya fucking sook!

    • bren106
      bren106 2 months ago +1

      +Shakes First Unless she had a shipment flown in from a cartel directly then her dealer was "local". And lighten the fuck up, what do you expect if you comment on a comedy video, a thesis on the declining morality of Western societies?

    • Shakes First
      Shakes First 2 months ago +1

      +bren106 The money was intended to be spent on goods for the home, not drugs for the boyfriend.

    • bren106
      bren106 2 months ago

      That's fine if she had them in local bars.

  • Daniel Bunton
    Daniel Bunton 2 months ago +81

    About time there is a comedian on the show

  • Noah Addison
    Noah Addison 2 months ago +12

    Joe is far too entertaining

  • J S
    J S 2 months ago +25

    Joe = God

    • J S
      J S 2 months ago

      +Outland one in the same

    • Outland
      Outland 2 months ago

      Looks more like Jesus to me 🤔

  • Jackson Brown
    Jackson Brown 2 months ago +16

    The host is insufferable. Everyone else is spot on.

    • Jackson Brown
      Jackson Brown 19 days ago

      +howsjames1 you not being British is irrelevant.
      I wish his comedy went over my head, it's just insufferable.

    • howsjames1
      howsjames1 19 days ago

      I'm not even British and I still watch him, seems to know what he's talking about. Maybe his comedy just goes over your head.

  • Da Stig
    Da Stig 2 months ago +8

    This show is the worst show ever.
    Josh is as funny as, well josh.

  • Luke Barnes
    Luke Barnes 2 months ago

    He needs to go on Graham Norton with some A list American Hollywood actors, would just weird the shit out of them 😂

    • Wendy Raymond
      Wendy Raymond 2 months ago

      think that's a bloody brilliant idea x love joe x would love to watch that x god bless x

  • Phil Bright
    Phil Bright 2 months ago +168

    Only here for Joe just like everyone else.

    • howsjames1
      howsjames1 19 days ago

      Shows what you know, I'm here looking for baklava recipes.

    • NASA 1
      NASA 1 Month ago +1

      Good job really, as all the scenes are of joe!

    • Hazel McKenzie
      Hazel McKenzie 2 months ago +4

      Alright mate calm down

    • Michael McGrath
      Michael McGrath 2 months ago +7

      Phil Bright me too. Adam Hills is a woke NPC prick

  • Wendy Raymond
    Wendy Raymond 2 months ago +6

    joe is a legend x tears of laughter x thanku joe love u x god bless x

  • A Moron
    A Moron 2 months ago +62

    *whispers in ghostly voice* You cant just move out!! You have to give one month's notice!! Otherwise you'll lose your deposit!!

    There, I posted few lines spoken in the video, I'll now kindly take your likes! Thank you very much.

    • A Moron
      A Moron Month ago

      +SumoRabbitOfDoom I fondled them. You want yours fondled?

    • SumoRabbitOfDoom
      SumoRabbitOfDoom Month ago

      +A Moron How do you know about Ego Geo's ballsacks?

    • A Moron
      A Moron 2 months ago

      +Brandon Molloy 3 actually. Left, middle and right.

    • Brandon Molloy
      Brandon Molloy 2 months ago +2

      Ego Geo so, you have two ballsacks? A left and a right one?

    • Ego Geo
      Ego Geo 2 months ago +4

      +Mister Itchy you share name with my right ballsack

  • Michael McGrath
    Michael McGrath 2 months ago +10

    Joe Wilkinson > Aids > adam hills

  • Michael McGrath
    Michael McGrath 2 months ago +88

    Joe is too good for this woke NPC garbage

    • Phillip Temple
      Phillip Temple 8 days ago

      Yup. Last Leg went so left wing it's become a parody of itself. Worse.. unfunny. Amazing how quickly it declined. The sycophantic laugher makes the genuine comedians look bad. Tried to watch for Joe but soul-destroyingly unfunny entourage is spoiling it.

    • Meme Machine
      Meme Machine Month ago +1

      too much time on your hands buddy

    • Adam
      Adam Month ago +2

      Meme Machine Lol I remember a comment thread I was a part of from the day before? That’s not hard.

    • Meme Machine
      Meme Machine Month ago +2

      Adam, given you remember his comment I think YOU have too much time on your hands.

    • Adam
      Adam 2 months ago +5

      +Dunny2k Hi again, sorry, just to prove my point, here he is underneath a video uploaded 15 minutes ago spouting the same old stuff:
      Good old Michael.

  • Sadia Abdullah
    Sadia Abdullah 2 months ago +7

    U have Amazon Hair mashallah God bless

    • Velma
      Velma 2 months ago

      +A Moron Possibly classified ads, used once, one careful owner.

    • A Moron
      A Moron 2 months ago +3

      Nah, that's ebay hair mate.

  • Lu Know It
    Lu Know It 2 months ago +265

    Damn that's the first time I've heard a repeated joke from Joe (practice being a ghost). Makes him seem like more of a normal comedian.

    • Nathan Hopkins
      Nathan Hopkins 2 months ago

      Wouldn't put it past him actually telling the truth and pretending to be a ghost though 😂

    • Alex Lala
      Alex Lala 2 months ago

      was slightly different and still hilarious , the guy is a genius

    • Andy Merrett
      Andy Merrett 2 months ago

      +Lu Know It Fabio is still trying to not have an erection.

    • Paul Wagstaff
      Paul Wagstaff 2 months ago

      How dare he come out with a joke more than once. Shock horror.

    • Lu Know It
      Lu Know It 2 months ago

      freakaefari lol, true.

  • Blabblr
    Blabblr 2 months ago +5

    love the videos