James Charles x Morphe Reveal

  • Published on Nov 2, 2018
  • HI SISTERS! I am so excited to show you my full Sister Collection LAUNCHING NOVEMBER 13TH AT 8AM PST ON MORPHE.COM AND AT ALL ULTA LOCATIONS ON NOVEMBER 16th. We created a BEAUTIFUL rainbow palette with insane pigmentation & the best brush set on the market, so you can #UnleashYourInnerArtist.
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    Comes with many different formulas, a mix of both eyeshadows and pressed pigments. Within the palette we have metallics, which are insanely pigmented, and beautiful mega mattes, which perform best over a primer.
    Canvas - Matte cream
    Ringlight - Shimmer pearl
    So Good - Metallic true gold
    518 - Matte neon orange
    Rusted - Matte chili orange
    Halloween - Metallic copper
    Wig - Metallic warm brass
    Tea - Matte dark taupe
    Punch me - Matte latte
    Sister - Shimmer rose gold
    Mary - Matte dusty rose
    Literally - Shimmer flamingo pink
    You're kidding - Matte RED
    Shook - Metallic cranberry
    Boutique - Matte maroon
    Benny - Matte black coffee
    Flashback - Matte true white
    Face - Shimmer champagne highlight
    Tune - Matte light peach
    Code James - Matte sunset orange
    10% Off - Matte Burnt orange
    No Beans - Matte warm brown
    Spooky - Matte true black
    Bee - Matte bright yellow
    Guac - Metallic avocado green
    Hello - Shimmer blue ice
    Playground - Matte neon blue
    Brother - Matte true blue
    Artistry - Metallic amethyst purple
    Love that - Matte magenta
    Pinkity Drinkity - Matte baby pink
    Social Blade - Matte lime green
    Daddy - Matte forest green
    Cape Cod - Metallic sea foam blue
    Cola - Matte royal blue
    A Cappella - Metallic navy blue
    Escape - Matte plum purple
    Single - Matte orchid purple
    Skip - Matte neon pink
    A HUGE brush set hand picked out for any artist. I included all of my favorite brushes for each step of your makeup routine, as well as duplicates of my favorite eye brushes. This way, you can create any look without having to clean in between, or ordering extras.
    Custom James Charles x Morphe Brush Tubby
    Highlight & Contour Beauty Sponge
    M439 Deluxe Buffer Brush
    E48 Mini Pointed Powder Brush
    M527 Deluxe Pointed Powder Brush
    M405 Contour Blush Brush
    E62 Angled Nose Contouring Brush
    E4 Angled Contour Brush
    M501 Pro Pointed Blender
    M410 Flat Concealer Brush
    M173 Mini Buffer Brush
    M224 Oval Camouflage Brush X 2
    M431 Precision Pencil Crease Brush X 2
    M158 Angle Liner/Spoolie Brush
    M441 Pro Firm Blending Crease Brush X 3
    M433 Pro Firm Blending Fluff Brush X 3
    M456 Mini Firm Blending Brush X 3
    M166 Oval Shadow Brush X 2
    M124 Firm Shadow Brush X 2
    M506 Tapered Mini Blender Brush X 2
    M152 Medium Chisel Fluff Brush X 2
    M250-1 Detail Liner Brush X 2
    My favorite kitty girl Jon Sams
    REGULAR EDITORS: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
    WRITER: Eros Gomez
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
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    I have lost all faith in humanity

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    hayleykburke 12 minutes ago

    Can you pleeaasseee make a full song starting how the commercial sounds omg in love with that alone! Cannot wait to get this palette and the brush set fml this is gonna change the game hun

  • Bubble Simmer
    Bubble Simmer 36 minutes ago

    We love an inactive sister😫😭

  • Alan Melgoza
    Alan Melgoza 39 minutes ago

    James didn't name a color after Emma, I was waiting for a name for Emma☹

  • lola
    lola 45 minutes ago

    just bought it 💘💘

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    Maria the Cosmo 49 minutes ago

    THAT INTRO!!! 😍

  • Mr Kuudere
    Mr Kuudere Hour ago

    Anybody else see the safety pin on his ear?

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    dmartinez bush Hour ago


  • Jocelyn Gutierrez Zapata21

    I love how u called Ian 😂😂

  • Lowkey Savages
    Lowkey Savages 2 hours ago

    Do the pallet and the brushs
    come together

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    Nabrasca L. 2 hours ago

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  • Angel Pratt
    Angel Pratt 3 hours ago

    ok loving ians hair

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    Sofia Royale 3 hours ago

    The only TRUE TRUE red I’ve ever seen in Palette Royale (yes a band made a palette as merch). I’m almost out of that so I kinda need this

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    Ruby Pascoe 3 hours ago

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    your way too cringe

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    WOW. I am going to beg for Christmas. Please Santa. Lol

  • Bobbys Cooking Show
    Bobbys Cooking Show 4 hours ago

    When are there going to be more pallets in stock at my Ulta it out of stock

  • Shamema Begum
    Shamema Begum 5 hours ago +1

    I love the hand gestures 😂😂😂

  • Patricius
    Patricius 5 hours ago +1

    Look closely at the black 'swatch' - you can clearly see the black swatch is already there!!!! He is using his fingers to cover the swatch...

  • OneCrazyTbaby x3
    OneCrazyTbaby x3 5 hours ago

    I want to get this, but I probably can’t afford it, ya bitch is broke asf. I can dream though.😂

  • Why dont we Limelight
    Why dont we Limelight 5 hours ago

    This video is SISTER SATISFYING.love you James❤️

  • Ma’niya Mcghee
    Ma’niya Mcghee 5 hours ago

    I love u James keep doing what your doing your such a inspiration to me and I love u and hope to meet u some day 😘😇

  • yasmin alsolahi
    yasmin alsolahi 7 hours ago

    Omg they are so nice do you sale them. UK

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    Lara Forbes 7 hours ago

    23:00 - Lmao such a mood

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    Omg my mom got three of those and was at Ulta first

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    Those colors look really great😁 I think there is every essentiel color on this palette

  • Taylor’s funny Fails

    I love the intro

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    I the beginning i was like work it James everyone lol ves a artistic sister love u Ja,es

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    riverdale_flowers 13 hours ago

    I GOT IT !!

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    Qis Qis Unicorn 13 hours ago

    Im here just for screenshots of you 😂😂

  • Molly Burke
    Molly Burke 13 hours ago +61

    I remember you telling me about all your ideas for the palette months ago and I'm SO happy for you that it's a reality! SO proud of you, congrats, you deserve it! Killing it at life, as usual. Love you! Can't wait to play with my palette and brushes! xo

  • Anairda Osrit
    Anairda Osrit 14 hours ago

    I hate that Morphe don’t make delivery to Mexico 😢

  • sarai alvarado
    sarai alvarado 14 hours ago

    Just got it and am IN LOVE WITH IT so proud of you wish you more success in your future

  • xXPixXx
    xXPixXx 14 hours ago

    W o w wasn't expecting Ian to step in with that bomb hairdo like he's a student at Sky High holy crap.

  • Kora Kky
    Kora Kky 15 hours ago

    Honestly James I can’t say much!!!! this pallete is sister spectacular!!!! And I’ve used it so many times already! Can’t wait to but those brushes

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    Why can I relate sooo much

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    This video literally just gave me life Haha how was I ever on the fence about this palette?! The guac color looks like my dream green and well.. there is a color in my name 😂 thank you James for sister selling me on this! And now I need the brush set too.
    Dear Santa, bring me this combo. -❤

  • safalafagins
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    Omg he looks so excited. I love your enthusiasm here James. Just seeing how happy you are about this makes me wanna buy it, and I don't even wear eyeshadow :) but now I'm inspired to!

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    Where’s the link to buy it?

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    Savannah Woods 16 hours ago

    is this limited edition?

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    I watched the intro like 3x in a row. You did a Fabulous job on the intro. Love it!!!!!!

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    i know he’ll never see this but i’m so proud at how far he’s came along and ignored all the hate he’s so amazing! my idol is James💕 Live for the pallet sis and that intro is absolutely beautiful i love the honey one

  • Daania Hashmey
    Daania Hashmey 17 hours ago

    i love him so much and he deserves everything he's earned

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    kat needham 17 hours ago

    are they dating

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    Real asmr at 0:47

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    They spelled Charles wrong

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  • Sofia Hanna
    Sofia Hanna 18 hours ago

    hi sister james, I've been watching you for a long long time, and I love you, and you have come so far, and you have made your very own palette, and that's so amazing! I want it so so so so bad!! I will get it one day.. you did so good on your palette and you deserve the best sister james💓💓 we love you !!!

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    so praud of you

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    Makyden Parreira 19 hours ago

    Omg! I’m so happy for you!!!💖

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    Jazmin Moreno 19 hours ago


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    I freaked out when I saw bee because that’s also my nickname, and my favorite color

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    FUN WITH NAHVAYAH 20 hours ago

    Is Ian's nails painted? 19:53

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    Vegan and CF free? Anyone know? Ive looked around a few places but I cant find the answer. Will not buy unless it is...

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    It’s so sweet how he put punch me for the Dolan twins awww

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    it's actually soo cute how excited he is lol

  • Ming's World
    Ming's World 21 hour ago

    OMG I LOVE IT!!! Your palette is GORGEOUS!!! Also, I love that you have a shade named Cape Cod, I used to live near Boston, I love Cape Cod!!!

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      Evely Martinez Vlogs omgggg hoping she did sis! You’ll love it! I just did a review/give away on it and it’s fabulous!!!

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    Honestly the section where he explains the brushes and how to use/them what they’re for is the best tutorial. I’m literally going to follow along with it when I get my brush set.

    • Seth Woodward
      Seth Woodward 21 hour ago

      Noxy Trot you’ll have to do a review of the brushes and let us know what you think! I got the pallet and reviewed/unboxed it but didn’t get the brushes because I already have a while hoarders collection of them lol

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    She is jeffree reviewing this!?!?

    • Seth Woodward
      Seth Woodward 21 hour ago

      Maria Violet I sure hope so! I did one and I didn’t really have anything bad to say! It’s an awesome pallet!

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    Ian looks so mad😂

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    Maša Fištrek 22 hours ago

    I want to buy this 💜 but I am in croatia so i can't buy in any store and it is sold :( on webshop :( so saad

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    Adyson Banton 22 hours ago +8

    aww did anyone else notice that sister Ian has a tattoo that says “sisters”? that’s so sweet and cute!

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    irem ayhan 23 hours ago

    Please please can u send me one of those beauty's :*

    • Seth Woodward
      Seth Woodward 21 hour ago

      irem ayhan aren’t they amazing! I have a give away on my channel if you were interested :)

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    Good for u James. Congratulations

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    Paula Doherty 23 hours ago

    Can someone please tell me if you can use discount codes in the morphe store too?

    • Seth Woodward
      Seth Woodward 21 hour ago

      Paula Doherty you sure can! Just tell them that you want to use code James as the discount and they’ll honor it! I just did a review on my channel and it’s totally worth buying! You’ll love it!

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    You know what this sister is getting for Christmas😂

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    22:41 lol ian, me. I thought he was gonna say inspired by gray lol

  • Mya Harrington
    Mya Harrington 23 hours ago


  • Syrena Nuñez
    Syrena Nuñez 23 hours ago +1

    Omg sister you have inspired me soo much and now i love make up.You inspire me to do your best and im pretty sure you inspire other sisters.I love looking and creating awesome outside the box looks and you inspired me in so many ways!I love you sister James😍😘
    P.S.(im crying while typing this sister James👠💄👛👝👜👗👚🎀👓👙👑👒❤💗💓💕💖💞💘💌💋

    • Seth Woodward
      Seth Woodward 21 hour ago

      Syrena Nuñez yes!! He inspires me so much as well! Love him the mosttt

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    your makeup palit it awsome

  • Janitzy Fierro
    Janitzy Fierro Day ago

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    greener girl Day ago

    I got it when it released on Tuesday lol it relised at 8 I was there 9 lol love it you need to try it

    • Seth Woodward
      Seth Woodward 21 hour ago

      greener girl yesss I love mine so much!

  • Lost In Finding You

    The #1 reason I want this palette is that red tbh

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    Leah B Day ago

    It’s out of stock!,😭😭😭

    • Leah B
      Leah B 21 hour ago

      Seth Woodward I couldn’t complete them all but I hope I get a chance!☺️

    • Seth Woodward
      Seth Woodward 21 hour ago

      Leah B some ultas May still have it! If not I’m doing a give away on my channel that you can always enter 😀!