Why You Should NEVER EVER Buy 3 Cheap Exotic Cars For Less Than A C8 Corvette

  • Published on Sep 29, 2020
  • Why you should NEVER EVER buy a Cheap 360 Spider ► www.youtube.com/watch?v=IK0OK.. .
    Why you should NEVER EVER buy a Flooded Lamborghini, which is FOR SALE STILL, obviously... www.autotempest.com/details/a... ► www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cjzI.. .
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    Thanks to AutoTempest.com for sponsoring this series!
    Introducing the Hoovie cut feature length film of Car Trek! We bought a pimped-out Ferrari 360, Aston Martin V12 Vantage S, and a gated manual Lamborghini Gallardo that may have been underwater at some point in its life. Then we found out what's wrong with them, and then they broke some more, oh boy...
    Car Trek Episode 1 ► thexvid.com/video/Dom6bmnd_Dc/video.html
    Car Trek Episode 2 ► thexvid.com/video/wPi1BJw-zsc/video.html
    Car Trek Episode 3 ► thexvid.com/video/SJGWk9nX49U/video.html
    Car Trek Episode 4 ► thexvid.com/video/9Woe-PnI9qg/video.html
    Car Trek Episode 5 ► thexvid.com/video/Ug_GRlGQ0_A/video.html
    Car Trek Episode 6 ► thexvid.com/video/7me9z2Xt90U/video.html
    Car Trek Episode 7 (FINALE)► thexvid.com/video/LbpHcd1pa8I/video.html
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  • VINwiki
    VINwiki Year ago +1687

    Car Trek 2 premieres Monday at Noon Eastern on Tavarish's channel. We think you'll love it.

    • Time to feed The fish
      Time to feed The fish 3 months ago

      The filming cinematography is awesome all the work the Editor ✍️ did for sound and video is amazing really impressed on this video amazing work

    • Mrs Potato
      Mrs Potato 5 months ago

      I have not has this much fun since they shut down transphobe Jeremy Clarkson.

    • Mo Fakah
      Mo Fakah 6 months ago

      @Hisham Shariff ii

    • Glenn Ritchie
      Glenn Ritchie 7 months ago

      @TheBrokenBolt s

    • gary ba ba booey
      gary ba ba booey 8 months ago

      I hope you guys never stop making these videos 📹

  • Ed Bolian
    Ed Bolian Year ago +966

    I can't believe no one has bought this Gallardo yet. Oh well.

    • Omega Riddler
      Omega Riddler 4 months ago

      I think that was the goal

    • Andrew Sadach
      Andrew Sadach 7 months ago

      I'll give you 1 chicken McNugget from McDonald's for it.

    • p3nf9ld
      p3nf9ld Year ago

      Time for some 'shrewd' negotiation!

    • John Farris
      John Farris Year ago

      Hey Ed you forgot the heat works great.

    • Alex Ratchford
      Alex Ratchford Year ago +1

      😂😂 I saw him driving around in it a couple months ago

  • Brett Bilger
    Brett Bilger Year ago +264

    This series was the only good thing to come out of 2020

    • No Trucks Given
      No Trucks Given 4 months ago

      I guess you haven't heard about all the people trolling Zoom meetings

    • Michael P
      Michael P Year ago

      I mean the music coming out is carrying this year too

    • craigpests channel
      craigpests channel Year ago

      Vinwiki guy

    • Carter Heavy Industries
      Carter Heavy Industries Year ago

      I made lots on moderna (MRNA)
      Edit: do NOT take their mRNA-1273 vaccine. Or at least, don’t be first in line

  • Kenneth Wehrs
    Kenneth Wehrs Year ago +592

    Actually the closest to Clarkson, Hammond and May anyone has ever come.

    • Vince Dibona
      Vince Dibona 4 months ago

      What use was the word “actually” in that sentence?

    • Mark Sutton
      Mark Sutton 6 months ago

      @Jorge Tapia yup, you got me on that one. No offence intended 😉

    • Jorge Tapia
      Jorge Tapia 6 months ago

      @Mark Sutton I must be, my big man Mark, I must be. I am also TOO sensitive when it comes to spelling. Sensitive man I am 😏.

    • Jorge Tapia
      Jorge Tapia 6 months ago

      @- ManillaZilla Thank you. I dont know if I could deal with being "excepted" 😆

    • Mark Sutton
      Mark Sutton 6 months ago +1

      @Jorge Tapia oh please??? REALLY!!!!! You must be way to sensitive to life in general!!

  • David Kraft
    David Kraft Year ago +92

    Your chemistry and different personalities work really well together.
    Maybe a budget that is a bit less that Top Gear or The Grand Tour but you managed to do a really good job of this!

    • Paul Lee
      Paul Lee Year ago

      It was as much of a waste of time as Top Gear and The Grand Tour but closely resembled old Three Stooges episodes.

  • Anon Nymous
    Anon Nymous Year ago +214

    The three guys that SHOULD have presented Top Gear US.

    • Jeffery Williams
      Jeffery Williams 11 months ago

      @Pedrosa Resarces but if. Not damn what a show.

    • Jeffery Williams
      Jeffery Williams 11 months ago

      Omg no kidding.

    • Pedrosa Resarces
      Pedrosa Resarces Year ago +4

      Too many corporate restrictions for them to be themselves.

    • Adib Rahman
      Adib Rahman Year ago +4

      Jezza would have had a good impression about America

    • Nathan Lane
      Nathan Lane Year ago +2

      Waaaay better than those who actually did it.

  • kjparlay
    kjparlay Year ago +158

    This reminded me how funny Ed's listing for the Lambo was.
    "Hasn't been parked underwater in at least a year."

    • D. Eddy
      D. Eddy Year ago +8

      Will finance, 0 per month 0 interest with only a 100% down payment, what a nice guy deal!

  • rrrandommman
    rrrandommman Year ago +38

    You made my whole week with this. I miss Top Gear with the boys. Please do more of these, I'm begging you.

  • Aleksi Joensuu
    Aleksi Joensuu Year ago +3

    Also, this video has been amazing so far. You guys work really well together. And I mean, they tried to make a top gear copy in how many countries and never got the chemistry right. They never realized chemistry is individual, and it has to be authentic. You guys work great together!

  • Taylor Bott
    Taylor Bott Month ago

    It's so awesome what these guys get to do together and memories made. Love watching these car treks. So well done. Almost like I experienced it as well

  • Rem B
    Rem B Year ago +4

    It’s so funny to see these amazing unattainable cars of my childhood but now they’re just old, undesirable, and broken. I still get so excited to see one of these cars because they will always be the poster cars I grew up with.

  • james harris
    james harris Year ago +2

    Thoroughly enjoyed this show. What an experience. Thank you for taking us on such an amazing journey!

  • Kevin Sims
    Kevin Sims Year ago +7

    Best automotive trio since Clarkson, May and Hammond. Loved the first one and am looking forward to the second.

  • Just Jay
    Just Jay 6 months ago +1

    Love these three guys .. seems like genuinely 3 good guys !! And the car knowledge Chemistry and jokes with all three is perfect 👍

  • Jay Bruno
    Jay Bruno Year ago +2

    Please keep making these! You guys are fantastically entertaining. Do excited for #2!

  • Michelle Bellringer
    Michelle Bellringer Year ago +1

    hey guys, congrats on a great film, been watching each of you individualy along with mcm and top gear/grand tour and others for a long time now. i have had fun with you from my chair in front of the tv, a standing ovation... keep it up and apreciate it, thank you each for all you effort and passions

  • George Adams
    George Adams Year ago +2

    I remember watching this when it was first released week by week. I remember thinking the same as I do now. Is basically Top Gear but in it's infancy. Although when I watched Top Gear and even Grand Tour... it wasn't for their crap banter and how contrived "we just made an error!!". This could've been great if they just went for their own thing.

  • Richard Sierra
    Richard Sierra Year ago +1

    This was great on so many levels! Thanks guys for all the laughs! Yall are a great trio of friends!

  • Allen Weed
    Allen Weed Year ago +2

    That was the most epic video I have watched since the Grand Tour. Thanks guys and what an amazing time me and my family had. You have put the dream in my mind as well, maybe my friends and I will do a Hoopt.... er um, a junkers and clunkers thing like this. Thanks again!

  • The.Otis.Burger
    The.Otis.Burger Year ago +1

    I’ve said this on Tavarish’s channel when this series originally aired before, and I’ll say it again: THIS is what American “Top Gear” should have been! Tyler has said that he was influenced by Clarkson and The Boys, and it shows in this series.
    Let’s go, Season 2! 💪🏾

  • Darius Ward
    Darius Ward Year ago +117


    • John Z
      John Z Year ago +1

      Agree an LOL is most appropriate on that one :)

  • Erik Johnson
    Erik Johnson Year ago

    That was really enjoyable, fellas. It's good to see some real sincerity and joy in this crazy world. Bravo!

  • Kailen Fitzgerald
    Kailen Fitzgerald 22 days ago

    This was one of the best car videos ive seen on TheXvid. Would love to see more like this with you guys, this was great.

  • Gerald De Giovanni
    Gerald De Giovanni Year ago +2

    So a multi million production with the "Holy Trio" of automotive entertainment were not able to produce 1 episode this year, blaming it on the Covid situation. What a "Grand Flop". You guys, not only manage Car Trek 1 but manage to pull off Car Trek 2, both within the pandemic!!! You guys are awesome. please keep going. You are set to be the future of Car TV and automotive comedy. Pitch to Netflix... You three are TV Series worthy all day long!!!!!!

  • Statue Collecting

    I feel like I've already seen this, not sure where but I'm almost positive I have. Lucky for me this was very well made and I enjoyed the three of them doing this Car Trek so I could watch it again. Keep them going, because they are well made and you guys have some good chemistry together.

  • mike mac
    mike mac Year ago

    This is pretty much a top gear challenge. Great format, fun to watch. Can't say how much I've missed watching a new one

  • Brian French
    Brian French Year ago

    Such a joy not to own these cars and watch you guys suffer.... you made me feel great about my paint peeling Hyundia Elantra. Thanks for the epic vid !

  • Gary Pamela Bradford

    Some say "imitation is the greatest form of flattery"...
    Well done you guys, you nearly nailed it, not a too bad effort. J.C.

  • Chris Horne
    Chris Horne Year ago +1

    Keep episodes coming. Loved it. Thanks guys!!

  • Jason Harmon
    Jason Harmon Year ago +5

    Gentlemen (used loosely) , This was outstanding. Honestly, your first episode is better than the last season of Top Gear (but none of your can out-drive Chris Harris). Kudos. Bravo. etc.

  • Todd Thompson
    Todd Thompson 8 months ago

    this was a fun show to watch. I hope yall had a blast making it. Seemed like yall had good chemistry .. then again how could you not with your own super car to drive in.

  • Jody Sales
    Jody Sales Year ago

    I hope for many more of these. Y'all work together good.

  • GlassVial
    GlassVial Year ago

    It was fun to watch this again with a slightly different twist, looking forward to series 2!

  • robert slaughter
    robert slaughter Year ago

    The reason that TG was so good wasn't as much about the content (which was great too), but the chemistry between the blokes. TG started rocky and somewhat forced. You guys seem to have catapulted beyond that and may well be on your way to an (FINALLY) US version that is at least palatable, at most brilliant! Keep it up and going. We await.

  • Chris B
    Chris B Year ago

    I loved this series Tavarish posted on his channel and watched them all immediately. I just started this one and I'm excited. It's *DEFINITELY SOOO MUCH* better than the newer version of Top Gear with Chris Harris and all. But, however, I'm not able to figure out who is *Captain Slow, Jezza and Mr Crashes Everything* between *Ed, Hoovie & Tavarish.*

  • ChrisCarGuy -
    ChrisCarGuy - Year ago +47

    *50:36** “It’s not the size of the numbers that matter, as I tell my wife”*
    -Tyler Hover 2020

  • William Gonzalez
    William Gonzalez Year ago

    If you guys were the presenters of Top Gear USA, that show would been so great!!
    Thank you for making this very special show. Hope to se another one with you three.

  • Tony Cuccia
    Tony Cuccia Year ago

    I remember watching Car Trek when I was stuck at home and out of work for a month and it gave me something to look forward to so I just love that it's back for round 2

  • Nick's Random views
    Nick's Random views 5 months ago

    Amazing video guys I almost felt like I was with you in some kind of weird way and makes me wish I had friendships like what you have.

  • Mike Harris
    Mike Harris Year ago +9

    Now my 3 fav TheXvidrs need to do a show with Jeremy/James/Richard!!! That would be amazing... I could die a happy man if that happened...

  • Art of Dying
    Art of Dying Year ago

    What a dream. Amazing video and happy you guys enjoyed the weekend while making an great video in the process.

  • Randy Bourdon
    Randy Bourdon Year ago +1

    What a great video guys, I thoroughly enjoyed this! Well done!

  • John Zilm
    John Zilm 11 months ago

    Loved it, boys! Nice work! I also dream of a similar adventure someday!

  • Eric ERTO
    Eric ERTO Year ago

    One of my dreams is to drive a sport car with a gated shifter I wonder what it feels like . Every manual I have owned is American standard shift

  • Mas TeX
    Mas TeX Year ago

    Thank you very much for the supercut!
    I loved the first series and watched them as soon as i saw a new episode and that's EXACTLY what i intend to do on monday at 6PM (i live in germany)

  • Glenn Fazzino
    Glenn Fazzino Year ago

    Love all your videos mate. Yon 3 guys should be the new Top Gear host. It reminded me of the original series when real people did the show.

  • Avery Holder
    Avery Holder Year ago +1

    I appreciate the "Old Top Gear" style of this. Please do more of these!

  • Bruce George
    Bruce George Year ago

    Loved this. You guys should do some adventures like they do on top gear.

  • Aaron Hauver
    Aaron Hauver Year ago

    Love the show. Keep up the good work!

  • Aleksi Joensuu
    Aleksi Joensuu Year ago

    The drag strip seems like a silly place for cars like these. Just spend a few thousand on a bike - a stock GSX-R 1000 would be faster, cheaper, and go all day with the same clutch.
    Save the supercars for cruising downtown or something 😁 They look and sound amazing for that!
    They look pretty fun on the track too!

  • Kerry Lewis
    Kerry Lewis Year ago

    Laughed and smiled from start to finish. Great job guys!

  • Ali Shan
    Ali Shan Year ago

    I loved Car trek, I watched it over and over again. Can't wait to see part 2

  • Pip
    Pip Year ago +1

    This has got to rank as one of the most entertaining vlogs you've posted.... CarTrek Rules !!! Nice one Tyler.... :)

  • My Leaning Garage
    My Leaning Garage Year ago +22

    Who here noticed the torque wrench being used to take stuff off.

  • Ralph Burrows
    Ralph Burrows Year ago

    This was AWESOME. It was like a long version of top gear almost. You should make more like this.

  • ariel54cv
    ariel54cv Year ago +3

    That was a good Top Gear impression.
    Horrifying watching the Vantage get cleaned with quick detailer rubbing back and forth with a dirty towel.

    • Daniel
      Daniel Year ago

      That was cringy. The dirt will scratch the paint!!!!

  • Domingo D
    Domingo D Year ago

    Definitely a journey... A fun mad-capped, crazy-cool car adventure berry, reminiscent of Top Gear classics with Hammond ,Clarkson and May!! Very much enjoyed you all and the Hoovties!!!

  • Tim
    Tim Year ago +47

    "These amazing cars kept going!"
    *One of the cars is literally 5 years old.*

    • BigBaron D
      BigBaron D Year ago +13

      it's British. Brand new British cars are just as unreliable as 20 year-old ones, so being 5 years old is irrelevant. lol

  • ChosenSupra
    ChosenSupra Year ago +9

    Hoovie is the type of guy to sort by "price low to high" on Autotempest and buy the first car he sees.

  • James White
    James White Year ago +2

    I still love how Ed and Tavarish still just bought their favorite cars again.

  • Mike Jovi
    Mike Jovi Year ago

    Great chemistry guys, very enjoyable. Keep it up!

  • Its a Rome Thing Everyday

    This reminds me of Top Gear, This was Great Really enjoyed it from start to finish, hope y'all do more stuff like this in the future

  • TheDrunken FOX
    TheDrunken FOX Year ago +66

    Tyler: Richard: makes bad decisions!
    Edd: Clarckson: tall and opinionated!
    Tavarish: James: cuz he cheats!

    • Five Two Investments
      Five Two Investments 4 months ago

      Agreed. Tyler and Richard even looks alike. Tavarish is just as innocent as May and you feel sorry for him. Ed is so good with his words, just like Clarkson. They should really continue this show.

    • Rex
      Rex Year ago +4

      Ed is definitely Clarkson. Has the charisma and funny quotes. But Tyler is more like may because may likes to driver slower and comfortable landyachts.

    • Evan Graiff
      Evan Graiff Year ago +9

      Tyler = Clarkson. Everything he does is rubbish. Golf Bats and spanners are beyond his ability, hammer fixes everything (i.e. revving cold engines)
      Bolian = May. Stat nerd, font of useless information about the vehicles, meticulous and proper.
      Tavarish = Hamster. Only one who gets dirty 'wrenching' (aside from his buddy doing all the complex work), overzealous and trying to prove something.

  • Jaishwanth Arun
    Jaishwanth Arun Year ago +4

    love when ppl go do something out their comfort zones

  • John Baldock
    John Baldock Year ago

    This is a wonderful refreshing take. Thank you for all your hard work.

  • Kevin Hibbard
    Kevin Hibbard Year ago

    This last weekend I checked out a 355F1 and it has the same little tiny t handle for reverse. It's comically small. And it just clicks when you pull it, it doesn't go into place.

  • Griffin Adelmann
    Griffin Adelmann Year ago +1


  • Birdo The Bird
    Birdo The Bird Year ago

    I rarely watch a 1 hour 49 minute video on TheXvid but this was very entertaining. It's a shame there was such low post-production quality when it came to the color grading. Looked with different cameras were used and no effort was made to make them look even close. Very distracting. Other than that, enjoyed every minute of it.

  • SGT Tom Bailes
    SGT Tom Bailes Year ago

    This is a great Video!! I love you guys. And to Ed. I was one of the first Road Atlanta Employees dating back to 1989 getting ready for the 1970 opening. Worked many years as traffic control and Security. Also, known as the ICE MAN.. As I was the Ice man that provided ice for all Road Atlanta venues, the Tower, the paddock eatery and the infield stations. I think you and I have met back when the Whittington Bros took over. I would love to meet up again and talk about the old Road Atlanta Days.

  • Harv72b
    Harv72b Year ago

    How on Earth did you manage to release a full motoring special in 2020, complete with editing and everything? I have it on Prime authority that it's _literally_ impossible to do such a thing!

  • austin campbell
    austin campbell Year ago

    Love the old Top Gear vibes, please keep doing these!!

  • Michael’s Motors and Meats

    Great trio of some of my favorite presenters. Keep it up.

  • Lettuce Carrots
    Lettuce Carrots Year ago

    These videos convinced me that I will never, ever buy or own an exotic car out of warranty. Also, I’ll never buy a automobile lift for midgets like the one Tavarish has. Does it really cost that much more to lift a car one additional foot?

  • Daratracer1994
    Daratracer1994 Year ago +1

    So this is basically all of Car Trek Season 1 in one entire video 😊. I sure enjoyed this trip down memory lane.

  • Oli Douze
    Oli Douze 10 months ago

    Nice content!
    I'm so glad it's almost 2hrs instead of 10mins!

  • swiper1818
    swiper1818 Year ago

    Superb job guys - excellent video and great quality cinematography!

  • Alexander D.
    Alexander D. Year ago

    Such an enjoyable wholesome tribute to Top Gear and fulfilling your dreams. Thank you so much for it!

  • Victor Lindvall
    Victor Lindvall Year ago

    It's scary how good Ed was at the TV presenter challenge. It's like he had Jeremy Clarkson inside of him.

  • Jerry Martines
    Jerry Martines Year ago

    Freddy is right at the beginning. My dad ordered a C8 3LT with Z-51 pack and museum delivery and that topped out at 95k. No it's not a convertible.

  • Bilpleier Atle Berven

    Love it :-) You guys fit perfect together. Great video.

  • Kevin R.
    Kevin R. Year ago

    That was really great guys. Enjoyed every second of it. :)

  • Pedro Mata Jr
    Pedro Mata Jr Year ago

    Who ever is editing this video and the sound quality is doing a great job!! They should do a follow up video!

  • Chris Sutton
    Chris Sutton Year ago

    Absolute perfection. If they were to revamp Top Gear YOU GUYS should be the new presenters. Kudos

  • Tom Bittikoffer
    Tom Bittikoffer Year ago +191

    This feels like the parts bin special of TheXvid videos.

    • ꧁Northern Chev꧂
      ꧁Northern Chev꧂ Year ago +1

      @• ...because I wasn't clear enough in my statement?

    • Terry Hesticles
      Terry Hesticles Year ago

      @muffin EV-ER-Y-THING.

    • •
       Year ago +9

      @꧁Northern Chev꧂ You make it sound like you will be forced to watch lmao.

    • Sam M.
      Sam M. Year ago


    • ꧁Northern Chev꧂
      ꧁Northern Chev꧂ Year ago +3

      Yeah, I don’t need a “Season 2” of this...

  • Taylor
    Taylor Year ago

    My 1999 Nautique does the same thing with fuel - first boat with ballast tanks, so they re-engineered a fuel tank under the stern seat; the backflow gets the pump attendants every time, even though I warn and explain it to them!

  • Jaybeem Hardscrote

    This reminds me so much of the best Top Gear specials! Two thumbs up my guys, love the concept.

  • Andy Thompson
    Andy Thompson Year ago

    I still love that of all dealerships to judge supercar depreciation on these cars they went to McLaren

  • Volkher Götz
    Volkher Götz Year ago +1

    This is so professional! You should take money for watching this.
    The video is amazing!

  • fajar eraim
    fajar eraim Year ago +19

    when this is actually even better than TOP GEAR US or even TOP GEAR UK now...

  • rydplrs
    rydplrs Year ago

    Great video. It’s hard to be the worst channel on TheXvid with videos like this.
    Like Ed I had a Toyota that the check engine light would go away when I really beat it towing.

  • Vikum Kodituwakku

    This is as good if not better than top gear. The production was awesome and you guys worked really well together. This needs to be a show

  • Serban Gardina
    Serban Gardina Year ago

    This needs to become a standalone series, I swear

  • Izaak Hagy
    Izaak Hagy Year ago +2

    When they're on the scenic route Ed really got in his feels like damn

  • S/RConcepts
    S/RConcepts Year ago +35

    "Have you been here long enough to become addicted to crystal meth?"
    **Hoovie visibly drooling while looking at his Ferrari** "This... this can be red..."

    • ThePatUltra
      ThePatUltra Year ago

      Maybelline President- "This can be red."
      Tyler- "This can be Ed."

  • Blah Diblah
    Blah Diblah 5 days ago

    This should be on Discovery channel or something. Love these guys together.

  • Alex Limpkin
    Alex Limpkin Year ago

    Reminds me of old UK top gear with clarkson, May and the Hamster. It's great guys, you could be on to something big here. Make more!

  • Florida Man Reviews
    Florida Man Reviews Year ago +4

    This is a fantastic edit and I don't feel like I'm watching the vids again at all! Love it 😎

  • smokinC5
    smokinC5 Year ago

    Awesome! You guys are the closest to top gear, the real one, not the knock off there is now. Please do another one of these!! Do a $5k challenge. Freddy, you didnt cheat lol.

  • Trey W.
    Trey W. Year ago

    Love this! Looking forward to the next one!

  • Florian Prinz
    Florian Prinz Year ago

    Love it! It's like the good old times of Top Gear UK! More like this!

    • Andrew Owens
      Andrew Owens Year ago +1

      LIKE Top Gear??? They just straight up took a whole script. Dang