Incredible Tennis Shots That Made the Opponent SMILE | Part 2

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
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    A compilation of Incredible tennis shots that made the opponent smile (2nd part)
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Comments • 26

  • Андрей Михайлов

    Батя - велИк!

  • Alex
    Alex 16 days ago

    That Tomic thing is unbelievable. I knew he could do that with a drop shot, but I had no idea he could do it with a normal forehand too.

  • Scott Lewis
    Scott Lewis 17 days ago

    Oh look. Paire not being a complete POS. good to see.

  • Michael P
    Michael P Month ago

    Killer med intro. Respect.

  • Sam Papp
    Sam Papp Month ago +20

    I don’t like how frequently you are reusing clips

  • Luca Dorsay
    Luca Dorsay Month ago +2

    Please do a compilation of Leander Paes' best volleys!!

  • ru ru
    ru ru Month ago

    please tell me ending song.

    • Jero Lopmen
      Jero Lopmen Month ago

      ru ru it’s “Birds” from scandinavianz

  • Yan Okimura
    Yan Okimura Month ago +3

    1:27 Querrey "Ohhhh bichin huh" 😂

  • Josh 12
    Josh 12 Month ago +2

    Tell me Wawrinka doesn’t look like Luka Doncic

  • Jim Parker
    Jim Parker Month ago +5

    Problem with some of these videos is that the low resolution of the older clips is so bad, you can barely see the ball, and sometimes the ball disappears in the blur of the bright colored court. Otherwise, great stuff!

    • razneK
      razneK Month ago +3

      Gotta make low quality consistent so that he can hide which videos are his and which videos are blatantly stolen

  • Joe Lim
    Joe Lim Month ago +5

    2:10 momo

  • Pavel Rozov
    Pavel Rozov Month ago +2

    Medvedev shot vs federer shanghai is missing

  • Alec Nevada
    Alec Nevada Month ago +2

    Can you please bring back the nick Kyrgios highlight video with the song zone

    • Alec Nevada
      Alec Nevada Month ago +1

      Enterfly huh?

    • Enterfly
      Enterfly Month ago

      Don't listen to this guy! He has yet to take his pills.

  • Coco
    Coco Month ago +1

    finally a thumbnail without novak 😂

  • Sergio Sarmiento
    Sergio Sarmiento Month ago +9

    5:55 doesn't qualify on the theme of the video, he's smiling because he missed the point, not because of a shot from the opponent.

    • razneK
      razneK Month ago

      channel has been known for stealing videos on community posts by many big tennis channels. This is just one of his scummy acts... not carefully picking clips and tricking people to watch for something not advertised

    • Sergio Sarmiento
      Sergio Sarmiento Month ago +3

      @m1ka I don't think so, you don't just smile because of that after making a huge unforced error.

    • m1ka
      m1ka Month ago

      Sergio Sarmiento he’s laughing at nadals speed

    • kh2freek
      kh2freek Month ago +4

      I think this channel is trying to capitalize on their current popularity by uploading as many highlight packages as possible, no matter how many points are re-used/how thin the video concept is. Easy money

  • FelineSom YT
    FelineSom YT Month ago +15

    Federers getting betterer

  • Michal Karel
    Michal Karel Month ago +2

    Please more video with Rafa❤💛❤

  • 2 minutes video
    2 minutes video Month ago +9

    Common Nadal is the best as long as Federer too