How I Met My Cute Wife

  • Published on Dec 7, 2018
  • First name wife. Last name cutie.
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  • It's Alex Clark
    It's Alex Clark  11 months ago +23363

    Everyone that clicks like on this video may attend the honey moon 😂

  • Aaron Chu
    Aaron Chu 17 hours ago

    this is one of the best animations I have ever seen :D

  • glazed wolf
    glazed wolf 22 hours ago

    wife face reaveal?

  • Amy Odom
    Amy Odom Day ago

    Alex I’m going to hell
    Me see you there

  • Francisco Gandarilla

    Why are do you sometimes make your thumbnails look a little 😐😖😣

  • Ariana L
    Ariana L 2 days ago

    02:19 I did come on to a guy - twice even. And twice I was rejected.

  • The Gaming Gangstas
    The Gaming Gangstas 3 days ago

    Every Girl With Red Hair and Blue Eyes be like:


  • The Pandamator
    The Pandamator 3 days ago

    A new Huion Tablet?

    A NEW HUION TABLET??!!!!!?!!!!


  • The Pandamator
    The Pandamator 3 days ago


  • Sam_ Universe
    Sam_ Universe 3 days ago

    Alex:how i met my cute wife
    me:ya goin to hell

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer 3 days ago

    Before this video, uses no face cam ever

  • Paddy Waddles
    Paddy Waddles 4 days ago +2

    "why can't girls just come onto guys"
    me, a shy introvert:

    *how tho*

  • veti pat
    veti pat 4 days ago

    5,566,708 views on November 12th 2019

  • Lexi Wolf
    Lexi Wolf 4 days ago

    Omg he is the first TheXvidr I’ve ever seen that has a show in St. Louis, Missouri

  • Elma Cahyadi
    Elma Cahyadi 4 days ago

    The kiss animation is gross alexandra clark

  • Braxton Griffith
    Braxton Griffith 5 days ago

    My best friend is a girl

  • Ryan Osea
    Ryan Osea 5 days ago +1

    6: 40 that’s how i dance

  • cire3509
    cire3509 6 days ago

    You mean Lewis and Clark

  • Brylee Lamont
    Brylee Lamont 7 days ago

    I am very really sorry but I hate your videos because real videos look like toys and stuff so yeah sorry bye.

  • Jennessa Collins
    Jennessa Collins 8 days ago

    My bff is a boy who’s cares

  • Ashley Withey
    Ashley Withey 8 days ago

    you’re baby sister is hot

  • 1Kakini
    1Kakini 9 days ago

    I love Alex and Pam in videos together

  • K.T
    K.T 11 days ago


  • Corbin Persson
    Corbin Persson 12 days ago

    make a video wen you have ol your videos in order

  • Peyton Chasten
    Peyton Chasten 12 days ago

    reply with I if your a ginger watching this because I

  • Aso200_6
    Aso200_6 12 days ago

    To be contuniend bruhhh

  • Χάρης Γερογιαννης

    Can You Get Me A GirlFriend?

  • Fernando Hevia
    Fernando Hevia 12 days ago

    Her voice is so sweet 😁

  • GamerZexty
    GamerZexty 12 days ago

    man i wish i can make animations like that i cant really afford to get a good drawing tablet but ive been trying to make animations on my phone but it aint going well i been watching your videos for a long time and keep up the good work

  • Erin Lea
    Erin Lea 13 days ago


  • Tina Parsons
    Tina Parsons 14 days ago


  • Aaron Gunner
    Aaron Gunner 14 days ago

    That was funny 🤣

  • Goku Midoriya
    Goku Midoriya 14 days ago

    Pan: SUPER SEXY!
    Me: Say what?
    A guy who likes cakes and pizzas you call 'sexy'? Nani?

  • Pamper.Playz
    Pamper.Playz 14 days ago

    I'm subbing cause i have red hair and blue eye's :)

  • emanuel sorret
    emanuel sorret 15 days ago

    I fell from my bed when you said that if she wanted to get married

  • Gabriel Tobing
    Gabriel Tobing 16 days ago +2

    Red hair, blue eyes...
    *Every single early 2000 cartoon has entered the chat*

  • Gabriel Tobing
    Gabriel Tobing 16 days ago

    1:50 Red hair, blue eyes.

    So this is why redheads are popular in cartoons XD

  • wolfiegamepro
    wolfiegamepro 16 days ago

    i weas liek OH NU because i knew u loved pizza but i was eating cheetos flavourd pizza (no joke) when u said its acctualty cake i was liek PHEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  • Ilse Bothma
    Ilse Bothma 16 days ago

    donny af

  • Shakin Bakin
    Shakin Bakin 17 days ago

    I thought the castle was at Disney world

    EMORY SMITH 18 days ago


  • Littleladybug 14
    Littleladybug 14 18 days ago

    I have red hair and blue eyes 💙👩‍🦰

  • rodney norman
    rodney norman 19 days ago

    1:10 😂😂😂 true

  • Michael Tran
    Michael Tran 19 days ago

    Make about Adriana please?

  • Nina Watkinson
    Nina Watkinson 19 days ago


  • Nathaniel Matthews
    Nathaniel Matthews 19 days ago

    Not inp

  • Nick the Z71 Dude
    Nick the Z71 Dude 20 days ago

    I had a mug cake today how does that sound

  • Gamer_ God
    Gamer_ God 20 days ago +2

    “I’m going to hell”
    Best line of life right there

  • SanLLL
    SanLLL 20 days ago

    @It's Alex Clark why did you say the f-word?

  • David J. Wallace
    David J. Wallace 20 days ago

    I'm unsubscribing.


  • Pit Icarus
    Pit Icarus 21 day ago

    In which country is the castle ?

  • TheDark Gamer
    TheDark Gamer 22 days ago

    I am so fucked

  • Carter Chavez
    Carter Chavez 23 days ago

    Alex you are weird

  • Gabe Schader
    Gabe Schader 23 days ago +1

    I m s u p e r s e x y

  • norwin Cajina 17
    norwin Cajina 17 23 days ago


  • Jim Galvan
    Jim Galvan 23 days ago +1

    Meh sis has red hair and blue eyes

  • Masorwxzccc.n Ste1234wueysfhdhvens

    I heard the music when I was pooping and I stood up and started dancing

  • Hayden Ruis
    Hayden Ruis 24 days ago

    You treat her badly you’re deadbolt it

  • Avocado Stranger
    Avocado Stranger 24 days ago

    Rip the red hair and blue eyes girls here

  • Thomas Biery
    Thomas Biery 24 days ago

    Bro stop with these cliffhangers. Srsly.