Super Troopers 2: The Making of 'Meow'

  • Published on Apr 21, 2018
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  • breech123
    breech123 4 months ago

    That's eleven

  • Ed W
    Ed W 11 months ago +1


  • tecums3h
    tecums3h 11 months ago +4

    Mother of God.

  • Derek B
    Derek B 11 months ago

    This movie sucked balls, it didn't have the campy, original, unique humor that you had to rewatch a few times to really get like the original super troopers. Instead it had stock comedy movie comedy, or what every you would call it. Unoriginal jokes like outhouses falling over, and all the dumb Canadian jokes you've heard a million times. Only funny part is when they are fucking with two american tourists, pretending to be mounties, that was like the original movie. And the Mounties were funny too, a couple laughs that's it. Sorry but that's the truth, it's a cash grab on the originals success, I for some reason had high hopes and was excited all week before seeing it, ah well. The original super troopers was genius though, it made me question Roger Ebert when I read his negative review on it, as opposed to questioning the movie. Dude obviously never smoked up, did acid, been a stoner. Maybe he was a drunk but I bet he wasn't the kind of drunk you'd go do crazy shit with. Super Troopers gives you real people in a real situation, as opposed to fake baloney Mel Gibson, Clint Eastwood style cops, driving around in muscle cars shooting hippies. From what you hear about American cops in all forms of media, from documentaries and satires, the Super Troopers are actually quite super in their jobs. None of the members of their force were killing people, tasing detained prisoners, beating detained prisoners, going to kkk rallys in their free time. So super troopers makes for a good movie because it's easy to escape into because in a world of hollywood bullshit, and millions of cop movies, it's a cop movie that actually somewhat resembles reality.

  • Job
    Job 11 months ago +6

    get out of the background rook!

  • 51516
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