Pogba Wants Out And Should Arsenal Focus On The Youth | Biased Premier League Show ft Troopz

  • Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • Pogba Wants Out And Should Arsenal Focus On The Youth | Biased Premier League Show ft Troopz

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Comments • 1 860

  • Josiah Ferguson
    Josiah Ferguson 2 months ago

    Just to say troopz does not know how to play football u gassed about Pepe but 4 games no goals plus James better than Pepe, troopz to fat to play football.

  • Jordan Boss
    Jordan Boss 4 months ago +1

    Pogba is so Overated is he is not a quality player, he is just a good player

  • Why me ?
    Why me ? 4 months ago

    Dear Robbie, on the point of Messi taking Argentina to WC, let me tell you, Cr7 single handedly took Portugal to WC 14 by scoring a hat-trick against Zlatan's Sweden.

  • Koolz q
    Koolz q 4 months ago

    Troopz is watching too much Rantz. He don't speak for us bro

  • Sergio Danvers
    Sergio Danvers 4 months ago

    Messi has 4 chances in the next 5 years to win the Copa at least once....

  • Perryson Juuko M
    Perryson Juuko M 4 months ago


  • wu Jmt
    wu Jmt 4 months ago

    Why so much attention on Utd players? Hey some of them are pretty poor that’s for sure.But people in glass houses or what? Gunners will be lucky to get top six next season.They have a shite squad and as we all know they don’t put money into buying players.Why would they? Dearest tickets around and you fkers continue to pay to watch 😂😂 Owners must love you guys lol

  • Auto Culture
    Auto Culture 4 months ago

    The new Claude and Ty

  • Ibby Robins
    Ibby Robins 4 months ago

    Troopz..we can't sell anyone because we give them high wages.

  • Ebony Kingston
    Ebony Kingston 4 months ago

    What happened at the end?

  • Sunny Singh
    Sunny Singh 4 months ago +1

    Robbie’s football knowledge is shocking 🤕😂

  • Victor Sichalwe
    Victor Sichalwe 4 months ago

    Troopz! your frustration is same as mine. we can't sell players because we have mugs playing for the club.

  • AFCforlife Santi
    AFCforlife Santi 4 months ago

    A bit harsh towards Man United Troopz!

  • Hayden Bailey
    Hayden Bailey 4 months ago

    Luke Shaw a very decent LB.
    Other than Robertson, you'd say Shaw is the no.2 LB in the league. He just needs to improve his crossing and assist tally

  • Hayden Bailey
    Hayden Bailey 4 months ago

    "Young and hungry" players won't do a whole lot in a mid table team with ZERO leadership lol

  • Umar Muktar
    Umar Muktar 4 months ago +1

    10:25 Robbie why dont you say thesame about Ozil? If we play to his strengths he is world class but we didnt get him runners and we kept asking him to defend.

  • DJ 11
    DJ 11 4 months ago

    Pogba is class and Utd’s best player, however, Troopz said Pogba only scored 4-5 pens, but in reality if you exclude penalties and rebounds from penalties, he only would’ve scored 2 goals...

  • pat waddington
    pat waddington 4 months ago

    Troopz is bang on. Lingard is shit

  • tamjid islam
    tamjid islam 4 months ago

    We have to thank arsene for the early transfer closing!

  • Stephen Lynch
    Stephen Lynch 4 months ago

    Arsenal fans googling nobodies and pretending they know who these players are

  • Jason Levy
    Jason Levy 4 months ago

    Robbie is so delusional

  • D C
    D C 4 months ago

    Focus on your own club you clowns

  • Tyiler Hanks
    Tyiler Hanks 4 months ago

    Lingard just uses the Emirates for his Friday Night Out

  • JR
    JR 4 months ago

    It's sad all you guys are talking about is United.

  • It’s Nethers
    It’s Nethers 4 months ago

    I agree with troopz, rashford is a pile is shit. Notice all the players Robbie said is good is a race thing.

  • Be Nice Be Nice.
    Be Nice Be Nice. 4 months ago

    Troops is on point !

  • Be Nice Be Nice.
    Be Nice Be Nice. 4 months ago

    Robbie should stop smoking !

  • Legit Walrus
    Legit Walrus 4 months ago

    Sell Pogba for £120-£150m to one of the Spanish giants this year or £100-£120m next summer. Use this money to invest in entire squad like Liverpool did with Coutinho

  • Jack Shea
    Jack Shea 4 months ago

    The one thing I hate about Robbie is that he thing everyone is a good player. He calls every team a good team as well. Like rennes. They are pure shite. We lost against them because we are shit away not because they were good. He needs to be a bit less positive. He even called lukaku good. Calm down man

  • Foro Loca
    Foro Loca 4 months ago

    Ziyech born and raised in The Netherlands, played for youth teams of The Netherlands and chose Morocco at the end... Great player.

  • shanath football
    shanath football 4 months ago

    This defo a Man Utd show might
    Mark and Robbie vs troopz and rants

  • samuel greenland
    samuel greenland 4 months ago

    Lingard is shit

  • Steven Gallagher
    Steven Gallagher 4 months ago

    Arsenal should bid for Pogba

  • Abdiwahid Omar Jama
    Abdiwahid Omar Jama 4 months ago +1

    dats mah guy trpz!!🙌🙌🤣🤣 man murder a whole team without playin🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪💉💉💉

  • Kosa Igweze
    Kosa Igweze 4 months ago

    Troopz is delusional

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown 4 months ago

    Come on Robbie lukaku don’t start every game same goes for mata so stop with the good players around him your remind me of the talk sport guys jokers troopz is spot on with everything on this vid hey Robbie does pogba turn up for France ? Was he on point for juve ? If he was in a good team u will see what pogba is all about and yes he does need ballers around him And HAZARD is NOT consistent your brained washed bro stop listening to media and clueless fans on twitter and TheXvid

  • david1603
    david1603 4 months ago

    Troopz is a legend in Germany 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 he’s so funny 😆 I

  • Ams Behal
    Ams Behal 4 months ago

    Why this guy moaning so much today. Very whiney - troops not himself. Very annoying watch

  • Colin Addy
    Colin Addy 4 months ago

    Don't forget Pele?

  • TPM
    TPM 4 months ago

    Robbie please for one show just let the other person speak man.

  • Ketil høyum iversen
    Ketil høyum iversen 4 months ago

    lol..... Troopz try to say that United don`t have good players except Pogba... As United supporter, i can say De Gea, Shaw, Lindelöf, McTominay, Lukaku, Martial, Rashford, Lingard and Pogba are all good players..... ok, we need something to give the team the right structure. Now, if this was a Arsenal player, Troopz would call him a snake all day long.....

  • Bob Jeffery Gunners
    Bob Jeffery Gunners 4 months ago

    Am with Robbie about P. Pogba, he's SHITE & SO OVERATED too..

  • Matthew Deane
    Matthew Deane 4 months ago

    The problem with Argentina is they have Icardi Dybala Higuain and they don’t even have them in the bench

  • Bob Jeffery Gunners
    Bob Jeffery Gunners 4 months ago

    P. Pogba is another Money Minded Twat & that's all he is..

  • Bob Jeffery Gunners
    Bob Jeffery Gunners 4 months ago

    R. Lukaku, I agree & he's WAY BETTER than P.E. Aubamayang..

  • Bob Jeffery Gunners
    Bob Jeffery Gunners 4 months ago

    Robbie, MANY OTHERS scored against us & that does not mean they are QUALITY!!!

  • Bob Jeffery Gunners
    Bob Jeffery Gunners 4 months ago

    We ain't gotta be worried BECAUSE WE AIN'T GONNA Sign NO ONE!!!

  • Matthew Deane
    Matthew Deane 4 months ago

    Lukaku hasn’t got a 1st touch but if you need just goals he’s good

  • Black Rottweiler
    Black Rottweiler 4 months ago

    Damn Robbie loves to big up shit players. Arsenal fans better hope he never becomes a manager for them or get enough money to buy them. He would be a worst owner than Kroenke.

  • Lu Is
    Lu Is 4 months ago

    Hazard consistent pogba not? My lord😂

  • Sanjeev Yadav
    Sanjeev Yadav 4 months ago

    Deluded Robbie....
    Any black players is messi to this guy.
    He want Lukaku??Seriously?

  • Iris Nation
    Iris Nation 4 months ago

    Robbie chatting shit again

  • 01zg
    01zg 4 months ago

    Troops banters are coming Kronke and Emery out

  • M K
    M K 4 months ago

    People need to stop pairing Lingard and Rashford together - Lingard is a bench player at best and is nearly 27 - Rashford is 21 give him time for god sake

  • M K
    M K 4 months ago

    I'm a United fan and Robbie is 100% right about Pogba

  • rapture x
    rapture x 4 months ago

    It's obvious there's nothing to talk about concerning Arsenal, so we just talk about other clubs.. other more serious clubs👍🏾

  • Sanjeev Yadav
    Sanjeev Yadav 4 months ago

    Lingard,Rashford is great??wtf.
    Most irritating thing is he said he will have them at arsenal.
    This Robbie is better than Van Djik when it comes to defending black players.
    By Robbie logic all BLACK PLAYERS are very good.

  • Frederick Britton
    Frederick Britton 4 months ago

    Agree with troopz, rashford is average imo

  • Hakimi ziyech
    Hakimi ziyech 4 months ago

    Lingard 26 year old prospect 🤣🤣😂

    EDTHEGOONER 4 months ago

    Robbie making sense because he’s not an unbiased idiot, top man.