Big Chungus, Bigger Trouble - Gmod: TTT | Let's Play

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • It's more TTT! In this Gmod gameplay, the glitch gets the better of us.
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    Hello fellow Gamer. This you should watch me. I play game. Good. Thank you, thank you. If you watch me, I'm hot. Videos, they'll be better... The Let's Play view is the right thing to do TheXvid, so do.
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Comments • 1 530

  • JohnRSoviet
    JohnRSoviet Day ago

    "Fiona why'd you blow my head off?"
    "Cuz you were looking at me!"

    Fiona logic is best logic.

  • Rooster Floyd
    Rooster Floyd 3 days ago

    I think Fionas next name should be Wang Chungas, it would make at least tens of people laugh.

  • TheFormalMooshroom
    TheFormalMooshroom 4 days ago

    I don't like the way the zombies use guns they should only use knives

  • Jack F
    Jack F 6 days ago

    40:42 Fiona gets a lot of shit but even Jeremy sees a hypnotist take a body and doesn’t shoot Fiona though is smart enough to shoot

  • Redfire085
    Redfire085 6 days ago

    Trevor: "How are you not- You're a KILLER!"
    Ryan (dies): "You're an idiot."
    That exchange was pure gold

  • Cartoon Critique
    Cartoon Critique 7 days ago

    Oh My Gawd, Bugs! You really let yourself go! :O

  • Kay Sabb
    Kay Sabb 9 days ago

    *Fiona sees nothing.*
    *Followed by Fiona walking into other people's bullets*
    Women gamers amiright 😜

  • Freddy Krueger
    Freddy Krueger 9 days ago

    "I died by the world" dio quietly wryyyys in the background

  • The Best Bresette
    The Best Bresette 11 days ago

    Perfect harmony!

  • The Best Bresette
    The Best Bresette 11 days ago

    Matt: *Grabs a barrel*
    Gavin: "Matt, Matt! You jesting? You jesting?"
    Also Gavin: *Blows up*

    End of round: Matt is the jester

  • Spidrei
    Spidrei 12 days ago

    It would have been so great if Fiona didn't say anything when everyone was a zombie. Then they would have all turned on each other.

  • NytemareQueen
    NytemareQueen 13 days ago +1

    I love the in unison, "Oh my god!" at 16:39 =D

  • Solomon Oswago
    Solomon Oswago 15 days ago

    I swear Matt has like 3 IQ

  • Jeff Mclearen
    Jeff Mclearen 16 days ago

    Omg Chungus is dead!! Now in all fairness, it could have very well have been diabetes. She was one m&m away from this already😂😂😂😂

  • RainbowPee AnnMarie
    RainbowPee AnnMarie 17 days ago

    Aw, darn it. I was hoping Jack would survive the zombie apocalypse.

  • Daniel Miller
    Daniel Miller 21 day ago

    Fiona needs to not RDM people like Gavin in the first round

  • Jalen Monday
    Jalen Monday 21 day ago

    44:23 roflmao, chungus just sliding next to him all casual like and end "what're you doing?" XD

  • Lancaster Responding
    Lancaster Responding 21 day ago +1

    Michael “Gavin boi, wanna play some more Untitled Goose Game later?”
    Trevor as Gavin “WOOOOHOOOOO!!!”

  • Mr. Momus
    Mr. Momus 23 days ago

    Jack: "Why do you always associate me with Ryan?"
    Me: *looks at the show, 'Jack Ryan'.*

  • MaulMachine
    MaulMachine 24 days ago

    Fiona's panicked air-filling is kind of grating. Good video overall, though.

  • Fernando Leamshake
    Fernando Leamshake 26 days ago

    Gavin is the definition of failing upward

  • Jordan Loy
    Jordan Loy 26 days ago

    Am I the only one who finds Fiona annoying?

  • Paul Seifert
    Paul Seifert 27 days ago

    8:34 is straight out of Loony Tunes, taking a bead with a gun on a frantic pair of bunny ears behind cover.......

  • Norah Vargo
    Norah Vargo 28 days ago

    you guys have made a million of these and they just get funnier every fucking time

  • Evan Kurasu
    Evan Kurasu 28 days ago

    could somebody list all the roles (besides Innocent and Terrorist, ofc) and give a brief explanation as to what they are/what their roles/objectives are? i'm so confused

  • Nathan Jasper
    Nathan Jasper 28 days ago

    I could hear Jack internally screaming “GAVIN YOU FUCKING MORON!”

  • Dennis Smith
    Dennis Smith 29 days ago

    The editors should play the Yoda death scream when Trevor gets killed from now on 😂

  • HazelReys
    HazelReys 29 days ago

    Fiona leggin it up the ramp after Gavin shot her killed me. 41:38

  • POMax
    POMax Month ago

    what's that? did my previous comment get the boot? oh well, same old song and dance

    Fiona contributes nothing but earbleeds. Good to know a favorite is dying because of her presence.

  • patgrt83
    patgrt83 Month ago


  • David Anderson
    David Anderson Month ago

    39:03 Matt's question followed by the most Gavin answer of all time.

  • ScaRy Darkour
    ScaRy Darkour Month ago

    I was rooting for jack so much during that zombies round.

  • Austin Rankin
    Austin Rankin Month ago

    Please fire Matt. He’s unbelievably annoying

  • Ahmed Hasan
    Ahmed Hasan Month ago +5

    29:20 The beginning of Fiona's masterful Jest. XD
    Ryan: "He is deceiving you. The man is full of deception...." XD

  • Zuzka S
    Zuzka S Month ago +1

    Fiona sniffing out Ryan as vampire and never stopping the shouting that he's the bad one was so amazing

  • Ernesto Galarza
    Ernesto Galarza Month ago

    Why is fiona in every video

  • Beliasta
    Beliasta Month ago +2

    Jack's comedic lying is so good:
    "They saw us go through and-" KILLS FIONA MID SENTENCE "-and tried to kill us both!"

  • Ahmed Hasan
    Ahmed Hasan Month ago

    12:05 Myatt: "Hang on. Fiona. Hold up. Hold up."
    Myatt: "You're holding the gun backwards."
    Fiona: "Yes, we've already established this."

  • Ahmed Hasan
    Ahmed Hasan Month ago

    10:05 Jack: "ALL RIGHT! Trevor, you're my deputy. Seek out...."
    Trevor: "All right!"
    Jack: "Well, you just threw your gun...."
    Trevor: "Oh, I got so excited...."

  • Kaleb Rojas
    Kaleb Rojas Month ago +1

    18:50 chungus scare

  • Asif Khan
    Asif Khan Month ago

    Seeing Michael turn around to a bunny right in his face was freaking hilarious

  • Gleanex Spray'n'Wipe

    I loved this

  • J B
    J B Month ago

    18:50 🐰

  • Seth Julian
    Seth Julian Month ago

    is it wierd that even gavin wasnt aware of what his lies where on about but i understood it perfectly?

  • Smells_like_meme_spirit_

    19:10 Fionna's lifeless rabbit body stays up right and slowly falls forward just like when someone dies in one of those movies

  • biobiobio7777
    biobiobio7777 Month ago

    19:31 Jack's scream of sheer terror always gets me

  • Psycho Pomp
    Psycho Pomp Month ago +1

    for being someone who plays games constantly, matt is bloody awful at it to the point that its cringe to watch

  • RadialSkid
    RadialSkid Month ago

    It's kinda weird how well Fiona's voice fits Chungus.

  • Fluttershys_tree m
    Fluttershys_tree m Month ago +2

    ew fiona

  • WeaponX3521
    WeaponX3521 Month ago +2

    Fiona stealth killing Gavin in front of everyone in the beginning is the best!!🤣

  • Kevin H
    Kevin H Month ago

    Did Ryan quote Letterkenny by saying "To be fair" all fancy like after someone else said it? 😮

  • Danny Spicuzza
    Danny Spicuzza Month ago

    More GMod!

  • Stein Polse
    Stein Polse Month ago

    from 15:30 fiona sounds like a fucking wraith... her voice is so bad

  • D6vilsD6mis6
    D6vilsD6mis6 Month ago


  • December Boy
    December Boy Month ago

    Pretending to be the jester doesn’t really do anything beneficial because the Traitors could see who the Jester is, so they know if you’re the Jester or not

  • Joshua Bernier
    Joshua Bernier Month ago

    I miss prop hunt, I love all these videos but I want to see those again 😄

  • Nate Hoag
    Nate Hoag Month ago

    18:50 best moment in this whole series, laughed so hard I cried

  • spitefulwinter
    spitefulwinter Month ago

    Is anyone else kind of annoyed that Ryan was using a gun as a zombie... no one... just me? okay

  • Seitaro
    Seitaro Month ago +1

    I'm definitely skipping this video. I've had enough of the shit that is Chungus when it still was a meme (a trash meme). And now some normie like Fiona is bringing it back again months after it died.