Binging with Babish: Grey Stuff from Beauty and the Beast


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  • Matthew Dykes
    Matthew Dykes 21 hour ago

    I would have preferred a side by side near the end to compare reality and the movie

  • Grady LeBrun
    Grady LeBrun Day ago

    Make the dish from Monster Hunter that the cats always serve!

  • Tom Bernardi
    Tom Bernardi 2 days ago

    I really had a problem with the grey stuff being a dessert at Disney when I found out about it because I had the same thought. I'm glad others agree.

  • Scorpion Suebma
    Scorpion Suebma 2 days ago

    Awesome Delicious Video I Can Only Make Roasted Garlic Aioli Sandwich Hehe

  • Adam Nelson
    Adam Nelson 3 days ago

    Blade up knives on the. -10 points to hufflebabish.

  • Tentacles XOX
    Tentacles XOX 3 days ago +4

    Babish could you please make Sea Salt Ice Cream from Kingdom Hearts?

  • Unknown Knight
    Unknown Knight 3 days ago

    This reminds me of a professional YouSuckAtCooking

  • rocking watermelon
    rocking watermelon 3 days ago

    "I thought this might be have food under it"

  • TheTyissaExperiment
    TheTyissaExperiment 4 days ago

    The way you spit out that salmon roe 😂😂😂

  • Austins
    Austins 5 days ago


  • Neel Singh
    Neel Singh 5 days ago

    2:47 bitch that's Tubby Custard

  • Brandon1629ESUHSD
    Brandon1629ESUHSD 5 days ago

    A tray full of appetizers
    that will tickle your taste buds
    but the grey stuff that is about to join with the blood
    is the one for the people's rank that go way higher
    Just the way the Babish makes a gourmet plate a stabilizer
    for all the fancy men and women love the most.

  • Pablo Huneeus
    Pablo Huneeus 5 days ago

    Pretty sure grey stuff is caviar based but....

  • malek Bazzy
    malek Bazzy 5 days ago

    Did anyone see the liver move by itself

  • uilsoum
    uilsoum 6 days ago

    I think the “i have no idea what this is” is a hot dog wrapped in dough

  • Sheila Ramirez
    Sheila Ramirez 6 days ago

    Yo that liver bounced on its own 😂

  • Noostic
    Noostic 8 days ago

    Am I the only one who felt the music was really loud? Otherwise real nice video!

  • Jader Bielen
    Jader Bielen 9 days ago

    How have you not been called to do a guest cooking?

  • Grease
    Grease 9 days ago

    dont forget the white stuff too

  • NASHA Travel
    NASHA Travel 9 days ago

    i always thought it was like Pate, which makes sense being france, but then disney of course turned it into a desert because no one would probably eat it else

  • Juli Pantoja
    Juli Pantoja 10 days ago

    Damn mortadella never looked so fancy

  • Minty
    Minty 10 days ago

    Honestly, I don't believe you about the grey stuff, so I'm gonna go ask the dishes.

  • Aukeila
    Aukeila 10 days ago

    Man you’re the greatest

  • Rosa Gray
    Rosa Gray 11 days ago

    We need some Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire recipes

  • Patrick Walker
    Patrick Walker 11 days ago

    The attention to detail is amazing, babbish you're a legend

  • shroomhead1213
    shroomhead1213 12 days ago

    Growing up in HI we all thought it was poi! 😂🤙🏼🍠

  • Amy Petrie
    Amy Petrie 13 days ago +5

    The rolling pin twirl. NSFW

  • Grïmm Nətwörk
    Grïmm Nətwörk 14 days ago

    The eat me cakes from Alice In Wonderland would be amazing to see you do.

  • Lauren Michelle
    Lauren Michelle 14 days ago

    Oh.. Babish. Not sure how this one slipped by my notifications, but you covering all these Disney recipes is a surefire way to my heart. And stomach. 🍽

  • Jalissa Archuleta
    Jalissa Archuleta 14 days ago

    How the heck would he know how to Mke that ??!??!?!!

  • l3lueSKULL The L taker

    I think the most healthy grey thing you can eat is seal meat

  • Pam Lourenco
    Pam Lourenco 15 days ago

    Love your videos! Very cool!

  • BullaBalloBaby
    BullaBalloBaby 15 days ago

    Babish can you make mochi icecream?

  • Walker Worthless
    Walker Worthless 17 days ago

    I’ve had the grey stuff at the beauty and the beast castle in Disney. It was crappy mousse and tasted like pure sugar put into a cup made out of chocolate pretty disgusting actually

  • Taylor
    Taylor 17 days ago


  • jiggle mort
    jiggle mort 17 days ago

    I love your videos and cooking so watching your videos makes my passion for cooking burn brighter everyday thank you for your amazing content

  • sahkanoodo
    sahkanoodo 18 days ago

    can you try your hand at poffins from pokemon?

  • Gizmo Games
    Gizmo Games 18 days ago

    In the uk , pigs in blankets are sausages ( miniature) wrapped in bacon .
    Haha ! You Americans just get pastry !

  • callmewanderer
    callmewanderer 19 days ago

    0:55 looks like a croissant

  • Mimi Tulane
    Mimi Tulane 19 days ago

    Wonderful! I have so much fun watching you recreate these concoctions!

  • chazzzy420
    chazzzy420 20 days ago

    Are you defunctland

  • thclungz 710
    thclungz 710 20 days ago

    You should do Ed's sauce from good burger

  • Scott Farmer
    Scott Farmer 20 days ago

    I've had the grey stuff before its really good

  • Pig King56
    Pig King56 20 days ago

    Mmmm healthy

  • Moondust Manwise
    Moondust Manwise 20 days ago

    I want a sweet roll from skyrim

  • Zookie's Planet
    Zookie's Planet 21 day ago


  • GEhotpants101
    GEhotpants101 22 days ago

    I never liked that bit in _Be Our Guest._ They showed her trying it, saying "mmm!" with a pleased look on her face, and _then_ the line "don't believe me, ask the dishes" plays.
    Lumiare, she just audibly agreed with you, that's stupid and redundant to say.

  • Heidi Hoye
    Heidi Hoye 22 days ago

    Please do something from "No Reservations", like the saffron sauce or spaghetti or something!

  • MisterSpooks
    MisterSpooks 22 days ago

    *_G R E Y S T U F F_*

  • Msaddique
    Msaddique 23 days ago

    Proud snacks? From proud family or making the food from anime’s

  • Monster AsCanBe
    Monster AsCanBe 23 days ago

    Lol I'm 26 all my life I've always thought about the grey stuff 😂 that's funny.

  • Gillian Longoria
    Gillian Longoria 24 days ago

    Anything from the movie Chocolat 😍❤️

  • Conspire The Storyteller

    Could you make the liver dish from Silence of the Lambs noncannibal version?

  • Faby07aleixo
    Faby07aleixo 24 days ago

    The grey stuff was obviously fresh cement

  • Lurking Eyes
    Lurking Eyes 24 days ago

    The movie shown grey stuff as beluga caviar.
    But i always thought of it as something truffle related.

  • Patrick_Arknaese
    Patrick_Arknaese 24 days ago

    He ate a tea sandwich when making it, you can't slip by me, babish

  • Riley Renner
    Riley Renner 25 days ago

    Regular liver > foie gras anyway

  • Alexandria KING
    Alexandria KING 25 days ago

    When he brought up the big TV idk I just fucking lost my shit

  • T512X
    T512X 25 days ago

    I think I'm making pancakes wrong, because the first few loom delicious and the more I make, the less appetizing they become.

  • K N U C K L E S S Q U A D

    But you shouldn’t use a fire extinguisher directly on an oil fire

    • Liam T.W
      Liam T.W 13 days ago

      you can, and that wasn't an oil fire.

  • Oh! That Guy.
    Oh! That Guy. 26 days ago

    I love this episode.
    Two movie foods that have always stood out to me are "Puerco Pibil" (Once Upon a Time in Mexico) and "Vichyssoise" (Batman Returns). I would love to see BwB do those some day.

  • Kaytlynn Colton
    Kaytlynn Colton 26 days ago


  • Gianna Wood
    Gianna Wood 27 days ago

    me :
    babish : just so they... gEt tO kNow eAchOther
    me : get out of my house

  • Edward Henderson
    Edward Henderson 27 days ago


  • Heroine Reychelle Moya 537

    If I don't have chicken liver for the mousse
    Can I use the 2 pudding mixes and cool whip and crushed Oreo cookies in order to make the grey stuff to make it even more delicious and good?

  • mark leon
    mark leon 27 days ago

    “... because I don’t want people to get mad at me” hahaha

  • Lance Black
    Lance Black 27 days ago

    shimmering? Don't you mean simmering?

  • bempis
    bempis 27 days ago

    Thought this was gonna be grey food from the Eric andre show

  • Alexis Patoine
    Alexis Patoine 28 days ago

    Probably my favourite episode so far! That attention to detail is amazing!

  • The Nintenbro
    The Nintenbro 28 days ago

    Neuchatel isn't even part of france

  • A Pothum yes
    A Pothum yes 29 days ago

    I’m Chip in our schools production of Beauty and the Beast. I say “It’s delicious” 😃

  • Miriah Helen
    Miriah Helen 29 days ago

    Sadly it doesn't look grey at all. Though it does look delicious.

  • Rabid Raccoon
    Rabid Raccoon 29 days ago

    I thought it was the grey stuff from dont hug me im scared

  • Sam Pause
    Sam Pause 29 days ago

    Alright I’ll do it, only cause no one else has yet. Shrek 2 feast where he meets Fiona’s family

  • Cesar Salad
    Cesar Salad 29 days ago

    What is he eating at 6:44

  • Candace Irwin
    Candace Irwin Month ago

    3:37 That rolling pin spin though 🤘🏻

  • Brian Hope
    Brian Hope Month ago

    *_Pret-ty Patties!_*
    *_Pret-ty Patties!_*
    *_Pret-ty Patties!_*
    *_Pret-ty Patties!_*

  • John Mostin
    John Mostin Month ago

    ...why did I think it would be sweet
    Before he made it

  • Admiral Ackbar
    Admiral Ackbar Month ago

    Did anyone else sing along?

  • Nia Morris
    Nia Morris Month ago

    Can you do Mia Wallaces meal from pulp fiction please

  • Mason Cathers
    Mason Cathers Month ago

    I love how honest you are. How you kept that bit with the egg in, when you could have easily removed it. 10/10 best cooking channel

  • Ruach
    Ruach Month ago

    I’m so happy somebody finally called out Disney for that grey stuff = weird cookie junk nonsense.

  • Alisha Gray
    Alisha Gray Month ago

    I’m sorry Babish but those are not pigs in blankets. Pigs in blankets are sausage in bacon, those are little sausage rolls. Sincerely, everyone in Britain.

  • Lauren Schechter
    Lauren Schechter Month ago

    its a castle... chances are the grey stuff was foie gras.... but i love the change to chicken liver mousse.

  • Savvy Moloi
    Savvy Moloi Month ago


  • pepperminterica
    pepperminterica Month ago

    Can you make Timmy's wish cupcake?

  • Caleb Christensen
    Caleb Christensen Month ago

    Not to nitpick but an honest question: isn’t four gras usually made with goose liver? I’m honestly curious

  • John Apperson
    John Apperson Month ago

    Would you recommend soaking the livers in milk overnight to remove any impurities?

  • TheLinnux1
    TheLinnux1 Month ago +1

    Make the sugar spaghetti from the movie “Elf”

  • Luna Oak
    Luna Oak Month ago

    chicken liver is my worst childhood memory.

  • my name thor
    my name thor Month ago

    b-blingy? do you mean blini???? or am i unaware of some kinda food that i need to eat????

  • Mister Argenr
    Mister Argenr Month ago

    Eggs never get easier to crack, eh? I spent some time as a line cook and good god those were the fiddliest things, especially since this was fast food and we were cooking to order.

  • Quagigitymire
    Quagigitymire Month ago

    Mousse from meat products just doesn't do it for me, gray stuff or otherwise

  • Magic cookie 392
    Magic cookie 392 Month ago

    “But it doesn’t really do anything it’s just for show.”

  • kyle mueller
    kyle mueller Month ago

    You should make "Healthy" grey stuff from Eric Andre.

  • Emily Conwell
    Emily Conwell Month ago

    what is the difference between kosher salt and table salt???? why do you use one over the other??? I don't understaaaaaaaaaaaaand

  • Raine Foor
    Raine Foor Month ago

    You should make the omelette from Something Rotten;))

  • Tessa T
    Tessa T Month ago

    I just might have to try that grey stuff! I'm not a big fan of chicken liver or really liver of any kind, but I did have some excellent liver pate at a restaurant in Frankenmouth, Michigan (yes, the famous fried chicken dinner place) once and liked it very much. As for the rest of it, it all sounds good, except for the salmon roe on a blini. I don't like salmon roe either. Other types of caviar would be better.

  • bunny mom
    bunny mom Month ago

    Ok no hate but in Disney world the gray stuff is sweet and not made with meator Savoy things its sweet

  • アニメが大好き

    I almost thought you said welcome back to "bitching with babish."
    I cleaned my ears.