Binging with Babish: Grey Stuff from Beauty and the Beast

  • Published on Jan 1, 2019
  • The 'grey stuff' from Beauty and the Beast has been falsely advertised as some sort of cookies-n-cream abomination, and it's about time we set the record straight. Yes I know that children at Disney World probably don't want to eat chicken liver mousse. Yes I know that it's taking whimsical license with a childhood classic to make it marketable and enjoyable for kids of a new generation. Shush, I'm cooking.
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Comments • 3 596

  • AisleRegretThis
    AisleRegretThis 2 days ago

    Babish, it aint got nothing to do with you dude I swear... but at 5:31, was anyone else, really stoned and thought it changed into a woman with huge breasts?. And i mean for a split second.

  • Darion Akins
    Darion Akins 2 days ago

    Should've done grey stuff from the Eric Andre Show

  • Diana Perez
    Diana Perez 3 days ago

    dude i thought my headphones was having a seizure lol

  • norwegian m8
    norwegian m8 4 days ago

    5:15 motivation takes many forms and today it’s pancake

  • Delia Delgado
    Delia Delgado 7 days ago

    There’s probably a really simple answer, but how do you make chicken liver mousse without a blender?

    • Kyndal Mullins
      Kyndal Mullins 7 days ago

      I'd imagine a food processor, or hand/stand mixer might work

  • Spoiler [purged]
    Spoiler [purged] 7 days ago

    You know what they say if it’s grey it’s good for you

  • lampshade
    lampshade 8 days ago

    I thought it would be the gray food from Eric Andre

  • Elle R
    Elle R 8 days ago

    Was anyone else upset that it didn’t even end up being grey

  • The Creeper King
    The Creeper King 8 days ago

    Did this episode sound weird or muffled? Or is it just me

  • RachelLovesBirds
    RachelLovesBirds 9 days ago

    I guess you learn something new everyday! I never would have expected you could make mousse out of liver and salmon!! Keep it up :D

  • Gunz Blasing
    Gunz Blasing 9 days ago

    Is anyone else audio scuffed?

  • fan of every thing
    fan of every thing 12 days ago

    why did you make this im so confused who can enjoy liver

    • fan of every thing
      fan of every thing 11 days ago

      +Dawn Llama yeah people get confused all the time

    • Dawn Llama
      Dawn Llama 11 days ago +2

      fan of every thing for someone called fan of everything...

  • unga bunga
    unga bunga 12 days ago

    Sound quality wasnt the best

    • Faded Mind
      Faded Mind Day ago

      It was cause of copyright that TheXvid does because they're not fun

  • ImperialSkoom
    ImperialSkoom 13 days ago

    The start was fucking demonic ahahahahahah

  • Tanner Spellman
    Tanner Spellman 13 days ago

    Do Silence of the Lambs.

  • iCrowd FN
    iCrowd FN 13 days ago

    why was the audio so bad

  • Esmeé Xavier
    Esmeé Xavier 14 days ago +1

    Thank you for revealing the universal truth about making pancakes: THE FIRST BATCH ALWAYS COMES OUT WEIRD. I thought it was just me and my amateur cooking hahaha.

  • Post from Everywhere
    Post from Everywhere 14 days ago

    Looks like Babish got Disney’d

  • Sardrellas
    Sardrellas 15 days ago

    Grey stuff is just cookies and cream mouse: they have it at Disney world lol

  • Jordan Hann
    Jordan Hann 16 days ago

    A quick glance at the thumbnail got me thinking you were gonna recreate the grey stuff from the Eric Andre show.

  • Roan Blower
    Roan Blower 16 days ago

    Do americans bot have sausage rolls??? You made saisage rolls nor pigs in blankets

  • Amédèe
    Amédèe 17 days ago +1

    just because of the clip at the beginning, it fucked the audio for the ENTIRE video.

    Great methods from benevolent god TheXvid.

  • Sasoriscarecrow
    Sasoriscarecrow 17 days ago

    I love this, because I always assumed that the grey stuff was savory, not sweet.

  • Vee Lightweight
    Vee Lightweight 19 days ago +2

    I legit thought my laptop was broken from Lumier's singing at the beginning.

  • Ali Eng
    Ali Eng 21 day ago

    Please do the imaginary food from Hook!

  • Beaster565
    Beaster565 22 days ago

    Tale as old as thyme

  • Ho Ge
    Ho Ge 24 days ago


  • Stay Frosty
    Stay Frosty 24 days ago +1

    If you're watching this video now, I'm sorry that the audio had to be copyright striked and you didn't get to watch this video when it wasn't.

  • Mason Jones
    Mason Jones 25 days ago +1

    The fact that he can take all of that and make it real and that precise shows how much skill he has as a cook, thumbs up babish

  • Lieutenant Dude
    Lieutenant Dude 27 days ago

    grey? i thought purple

  • Wa luigi
    Wa luigi 27 days ago +1

    Is it me or is the audio bad?

    • eggs_box
      eggs_box 27 days ago

      that's youtube's automatic copyrighted music removal! nobody running this site understands what "fair use" is, apparently

  • Mehumursu
    Mehumursu 29 days ago

    1:02 isnt that a olive?

  • Micaela Castro
    Micaela Castro 29 days ago

    You should make the food from teletubbies!

  • charronfilms
    charronfilms Month ago

    How about the fishheads from the live action remake?

  • WizardsOf12
    WizardsOf12 Month ago

    Sounds like disney just butchered your audio.

  • Kiydoesminecraft
    Kiydoesminecraft Month ago

    Why’s the audio so shotty?

  • Ducky Boi
    Ducky Boi Month ago +198

    Anyone hear weird audio problem? :/

    • 2D
      2D 9 days ago +3

      +WizardsOf12 I thought it was for 30s aesthetic

    • WizardsOf12
      WizardsOf12 Month ago +40

      "Smart" muting that youtube will do to cancel out copyrighted music that has been ordered to be removed. Basically like audacity's noise reduction where it takes a sample of "noise", or in this case the copyrighted audio, and setting it reverse phase, adjusting the cancelling source until it no longer matches. The leftovers are what you hear, and since this is a fraction of the whole audio, you will hear a lot more compression artifacts. Not necessarily echo, but kinda underwater sounding

  • Evan Taylor
    Evan Taylor Month ago

    *whats with you and salt ;/*

  • Toby Flenderson
    Toby Flenderson Month ago

    666 dislikes

  • Savannah Nason
    Savannah Nason Month ago +2

    I mean they do have the grey stuff at the parks and it's just a lump of cinnamon frosting.

  • Kevin Roberts
    Kevin Roberts Month ago +2

    Is it just me or is the audio messed up

  • Jennelie Korbes
    Jennelie Korbes Month ago

    Sizzling shrimp from Chuck!

  • Kit
    Kit Month ago

    disney evil for fucking with your audio like this

  • Ida
    Ida Month ago

    FYI!!!! if people wanted to know why he said that people would get angry if he used foie gras(yes I googled how to write that) it’s because geese forced feed to make it and a lot of people sees it as torture for the geese

  • LittleVidds
    LittleVidds Month ago

    This video sounds muffled.

  • GamerBoy202
    GamerBoy202 Month ago

    Not to be a video critique but you audio kinda sounds a bit crappier that usual

    • Augusto Vasconcellos
      Augusto Vasconcellos Month ago

      It wasn't like this before. They probably potatoed up the audio after getting a copyright strike from *The Mouse.*

  • Wraith Of Write
    Wraith Of Write Month ago

    I thought foie gras was fatty duck liver

  • Kate Lamb
    Kate Lamb Month ago

    I am a new viewer and this was so cool!! I enjoyed your Portal cake creation as well.... You’ve earned a *new subscriber* 👍🏻👍🏻💕😄

  • Not CommodoreNarwal64

    Bitching with babish?

  • Charize
    Charize Month ago

    Whats up with the audio

  • casey FLIBBLE
    casey FLIBBLE Month ago

    Make the food from Hook that they used their imagination for!! It looked so good as a kid even though it's not real lol

  • debtu
    debtu Month ago


  • roboshuffler555
    roboshuffler555 Month ago +1

    nice sound

  • Caro L.Milo
    Caro L.Milo Month ago


  • Moke Wed
    Moke Wed Month ago +155

    Was this hit with a copyright strike as the audio has more echo than other episodes

    • fakeaccount900
      fakeaccount900 21 day ago +1

      Yep. When it first came out, it sounded fine. So they probably hit it because Disney.

    • fakeaccount900
      fakeaccount900 21 day ago +4

      Yep. When it first came out, it sounded fine. So they probably hit it because Disney.

      24 METERS IS AN INCH Month ago +2

      Its a song so probably yes

    • Meme Lord
      Meme Lord Month ago +6

      Moke Wed yea I noticed that to

  • hardrockinhere
    hardrockinhere Month ago +2

    What happened to the sound?

    • Augusto Vasconcellos
      Augusto Vasconcellos Month ago

      Probably an edit in response to a copyright strike from fuckin' Disney.

  • SaltyH2
    SaltyH2 Month ago +3

    *Sound quality*

    • SaltyH2
      SaltyH2 Month ago

      +Augusto Vasconcellos I meant babish his voice

    • Augusto Vasconcellos
      Augusto Vasconcellos Month ago

      The video has a Disney song in it, so it's probably to avoid content ID strikes.

  • amanidiotdo
    amanidiotdo Month ago +1

    i;ve watched this episode a hundred times. jst fyi that's how much i love it

  • Liam Toye
    Liam Toye Month ago

    am i the only one who doesn't see the grey stuff as in any way grey? it's pale pink

  • Jeremy Knaack
    Jeremy Knaack Month ago

    Andrew, considering that you use French culinary terms pretty frequently on your show, please, please. Practice your pronunciation a bit. Cause they only thing worse than a super pretentious accent is just halfway attempting it and butchering it.
    Love the show, just a pet peeve.

  • Charlotte Rose
    Charlotte Rose Month ago

    Make Nick’s sauce from new girl

  • lRomez
    lRomez Month ago

    The grey stuff looks like ‘Iced Gems’ (Google image it).
    My Brits know what I’m talking about.

  • P Craig
    P Craig Month ago

    Went to Disney after I watched this, they actually have a chicken liver pate at ‘be our guest’ (not unlike the chicken liver mousse) as an appetizer, they just didn’t call it “the grey stuff”

  • 517moe
    517moe Month ago +2

    Very cool! It would be cool if you showed the original picture and your final dish side by side for comparison.

  • Hime Chan
    Hime Chan Month ago

    i might be mistaken but as far as i know the grey stuff was identified as Mont blanc ?

  • NohrianScum
    NohrianScum Month ago

    Found out you can actually order the grey stuff at Disney worlds fun fact it's duck liver

  • dingo juice
    dingo juice Month ago

    If its grey its good for you

  • Kio Sangspell
    Kio Sangspell Month ago

    You probably already know this, but if you use a larger shard of eggshell, you can get the smaller eggshell bits out of your eggs pretty easily.

  • Oran Morton
    Oran Morton Month ago +3

    The unidentifiable pig in a blanket looking thing looks like a Scottish sausage roll, which incorporates puff pastry with ground pork, that is oven baked in long loaves and then cut into appetizers

  • Bailey Austin
    Bailey Austin Month ago +1

    Oh man, fish roe is so good. You're missin' out, Babish!

  • Sonicfan The Nightfury 5099

    Favorite Movie By Disney X3

  • djwaglmuffin
    djwaglmuffin Month ago

    I always figured the grey stuff to be sweet. But I'm not a creative cook...

  • Erlinda Rodriguez
    Erlinda Rodriguez Month ago +1

    Honestly I thought the other thing in the puff pastry was fried chicken 😂😂

  • Vok250
    Vok250 Month ago +2

    Is Babish colour blind? That's not grey... It's very clearly a salmon colour.

  • Tala Arezoumand
    Tala Arezoumand Month ago +1

    It’s not gray though

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford Month ago

    At 6:20 you can see something fall out of his mouth

  • Casey Blackmon
    Casey Blackmon Month ago

    The main reason I enjoy... "doing a flambet"? is it's an easy visual cue for when the alcohol burns off. My eyebrows, though.

  • Jaystings
    Jaystings Month ago

    Is that the only reason you would not support force feeding a duck with a funnel? Because people would get mad? God doesn't get mad. He makes even.

  • Армен Егишян

    How about the grey stuff from the Eric Andre show?

  • Gamer Luna
    Gamer Luna Month ago

    I feel like this guy should work with Gordon Ramsey

  • sofia Micallef
    sofia Micallef Month ago

    Is none going to talk about his fabulous watch 😂

  • John O'Reilly
    John O'Reilly Month ago

    What if it actually isn't grey

  • Madeleine Raslan
    Madeleine Raslan Month ago

    But it’s not grey?

  • ignigknogt
    ignigknogt Month ago

    My pancakes as you mentioned never looked right on the first batch but I have solved that issue. I use a well-seasoned cast-iron skillet over medium heat and wait until the pan is about as hot as it's going to get at that setting. Then back it down just a click and then put the pancake batter on.. perfect pancakes .first time. everytime.

  • Patrick nnt
    Patrick nnt Month ago

    But i dont believe you, can you please ask the dishes? xD

  • Melanie Mcallister
    Melanie Mcallister Month ago

    At 1.42 one of the chicken livers ‘jumps’ it’s so funny I’ve watched it like five times already

  • Dr Do-Little
    Dr Do-Little Month ago

    No offense but the grey stuff was foie gras ... Chicken liver mousse is nice thou.

  • Something Something

    Hi I'd really like to know what kind of watch you're wearing

  • Ila Willis
    Ila Willis Month ago

    There’s grey stuff at Disney world. It’s black berry and raspberry mousse.

  • Alexander Smith
    Alexander Smith Month ago

    still would love to see the broodwich from aqua teen hunger force.

  • Tristan Beaux
    Tristan Beaux Month ago

    But... it’s not grey!

  • Lauralyn Smith
    Lauralyn Smith Month ago

    Something from izombie

  • Alex Jones Infowars

    I prefer the white stuff if you know what I mean ;)

  • Random Individual
    Random Individual Month ago

    Could you try making Brahmin Wellington from fallout?

  • Marije Hammel
    Marije Hammel Month ago +3

    Bless you for using metric measurements.

  • Bryan Hartono
    Bryan Hartono Month ago

    Bad food makes your teeth go grey

  • MadSam !
    MadSam ! Month ago

    Should have been a delicacy in IZombie S1.

  • J35h13
    J35h13 Month ago


  • Moosessurus
    Moosessurus Month ago +129

    Thank GOD you acknowledged that the grey stuff is CLEARLY 👏 not 👏 sweet 👏

    • Utter Disaster
      Utter Disaster 16 days ago

      Louis Morel if you want anyone to take you seriously, don’t use that profile pic

    • FinnaNut
      FinnaNut 17 days ago

      Louis Morel so is every other livestock they are animals not humans

    • Louis Morel
      Louis Morel Month ago +8

      +FinnaNut foie gras is not right, the documentary on the conditions on how these ducks are kept are disgusting

    • FinnaNut
      FinnaNut Month ago

      Moosessurus it’s foie gras but he used chicken instead because of peta

  • Izuku
    Izuku Month ago

    The worst part of making the video narrating it