SNAPCHAT Q&A: Are We Getting Married, Friendship & MORE!


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  • Carla Boggs
    Carla Boggs 11 days ago

    Ruby hi
    I love your

  • Pranto Saha 6
    Pranto Saha 6 14 days ago

    so are you seriously are getting married

  • Kiyara Gause
    Kiyara Gause 17 days ago

    I. See. You

  • Kiyara Gause
    Kiyara Gause 17 days ago


  • Roxy cute
    Roxy cute 28 days ago

    r u together

  • Girly Girl_14
    Girly Girl_14 29 days ago

    Are you guys married

  • Abbie Mulhearn
    Abbie Mulhearn Month ago

    I’m Scottish as well

  • Shay M
    Shay M Month ago

    Omg I was in this video lol jk I wish

  • Esmeralda Lopez
    Esmeralda Lopez Month ago

    Does dan have girlfriend because he is so so cute

  • Student Chemi Hanley

    Are they a couple

  • Watermelon For life
    Watermelon For life 2 months ago

    So are you dating or not?
    And I live I Bristol (England)

  • Watermelon For life
    Watermelon For life 2 months ago +1

    ‘Uh you’re like suck a fricking VAGINA!’😂😂😂😂She got me cracking up

  • Brenlen Road
    Brenlen Road 2 months ago +2

    2018 anyone???

  • jasmine bruce
    jasmine bruce 2 months ago

    I didn't hear the are u dating question can someone tell me the time it showed up or what they said

  • Flipthe Hero
    Flipthe Hero 2 months ago

    Are u dating

  • Adrianna Beauty corner 101

    Are you two dating

  • SR Thebeastgamer!
    SR Thebeastgamer! 2 months ago

    When will you guys have a kid?🤱🏽

  • Marlee Zanahuac
    Marlee Zanahuac 2 months ago

    Wait so r u guys dateiing

  • blackpink.errorr 101
    blackpink.errorr 101 3 months ago +1

    1:05 dan is like *ok im hungry*

  • Richard Leo
    Richard Leo 3 months ago

    I. Did. Not. No. U. Guys. Finish. High. School

  • Fayha Rehman
    Fayha Rehman 3 months ago

    Dan wats wid da girl clothes?! (NO OFFENSE!!!) ♥_♥

  • jewel francis
    jewel francis 3 months ago

    is dan your boyfriend

  • Jayla Moore
    Jayla Moore 3 months ago

    Are you guys boyfriend and girlfriend

  • Cherteria Morgan
    Cherteria Morgan 4 months ago

    I love Riga.l love Dan.

  • Maitreyi Mandagere
    Maitreyi Mandagere 4 months ago +1

    Yass, Superwoman!!

  • Juliana Caserta
    Juliana Caserta 4 months ago +3

    Is dan gay? He sounds it and looks it?]

  • Angelica Montoya
    Angelica Montoya 5 months ago

    OMG ruby rube

  • Gacha isabella
    Gacha isabella 5 months ago


  • Sofia Masone
    Sofia Masone 6 months ago

    can u please add me on snapchat username:amzinggirl_2008 or just accept my request

    MIRACULOUS LOVER 6 months ago +2

    19 dislikes=19 losers

  • gacha chloe xoxo
    gacha chloe xoxo 6 months ago

    There's only 3m in Scotland where as there's 53.1m in England that's probs since 2010 and our flag is only white with a red cross

    MIRACULOUS LOVER 7 months ago

    YOU NEED 1 000 000 AND MORE SUBS

  • Holly and Amber Gaming
    Holly and Amber Gaming 7 months ago

    You are my fav 3

  • yacqueline beserra jimenez

    Same Lilly Singh is my idol

  • Nepal crew L & B
    Nepal crew L & B 7 months ago

    Can you make reaction to lele pons plz

  • Nepal crew L & B
    Nepal crew L & B 7 months ago

    What is your Bollywood favorite movie

  • Diditime 4
    Diditime 4 7 months ago

    Dan did u go get tend ( sorry can't spell really well cause I'm from Haiti)

  • Sarah Treadaway
    Sarah Treadaway 8 months ago

    8:08 Hawaii is a part of America... Sorry to burst your bubble Riya but you have to choose a different location...

  • aston Reddick
    aston Reddick 8 months ago

    Are you guys are friends or couple.

  • Mitika Singh
    Mitika Singh 8 months ago +2

    5:43 Riya's laugh... Wait. Is that a Laugh?

  • Camille Blum-Smith
    Camille Blum-Smith 8 months ago

    Just getting your cool 😎

  • Camille Blum-Smith
    Camille Blum-Smith 8 months ago

    So are you guys dateing or not and I love your video and Riya you are really pretty and dan you are ok 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Melanie Oppong- Kyekyeku
    Melanie Oppong- Kyekyeku 8 months ago +2

    You guys did not answer the question ''Are you guys MARRIED

  • Sareena Howarth
    Sareena Howarth 8 months ago +1

    Dan England is freezing my biological mother won’t let me move country even though we hate each other

  • Darelis Crispin
    Darelis Crispin 8 months ago +1

    Are you dateing

  • Edith - Lol
    Edith - Lol 8 months ago

    What is your favorite type of dog

  • Elvira Lopez
    Elvira Lopez 8 months ago

    Im new to this channel and are you guys a couple or just friends? By the way love you guys❤❤❤

  • Necola Samuel
    Necola Samuel 9 months ago

    I like dan

  • ana martinez
    ana martinez 9 months ago

    I love you

  • Lucy Kelly
    Lucy Kelly 9 months ago +1

    Love you Riya and dan

  • steven mccracken
    steven mccracken 9 months ago

    Love 💘

  • Lina Uchida
    Lina Uchida 9 months ago

    My question is: when are u gonna react to Lele pon video?😭

  • scarlett dodd
    scarlett dodd 10 months ago

    I live in the uk

  • Jai Sexton
    Jai Sexton 10 months ago

    You are gross pigs

  • Alen Aradi
    Alen Aradi 10 months ago

    Vear you meat ?

  • Ishita Miglani
    Ishita Miglani 10 months ago +1


  • Sakura097
    Sakura097 11 months ago

    Are u guys dataing

  • Puppies Forever
    Puppies Forever Year ago

    My Instagram is pintsizedchef07

  • Neetu Chhabra
    Neetu Chhabra Year ago

    R u both really serious about eachother

  • Dima Jonblat
    Dima Jonblat Year ago +5

    Date already pleaseee❤️❤️😂

  • Sanya Juneja
    Sanya Juneja Year ago

    Riya & dan r uh really in a relationship

  • Livv Sandra
    Livv Sandra Year ago


  • Angela Ilieva
    Angela Ilieva Year ago

    They are so underrated

  • this is emilyforlife RANDOM

    Dan: will u make me a sandwich
    Riya: is mayo ok?
    Dan: extra mayo
    Lmao lol

  • It’s me Ebstar
    It’s me Ebstar Year ago


  • ariel martinez
    ariel martinez Year ago +2

    Your boyfriend so cute y to and y cool

  • nashee manilall
    nashee manilall Year ago

    You definitely deserve more subs like 2 billion

  • Charlie Schnitzer

    I went bora bora and hawai and fiji and morroco

  • Amaya Perez
    Amaya Perez Year ago


  • annie hampton
    annie hampton Year ago

    Sleep in the candy place and eat the candy

  • Sophia Rosario
    Sophia Rosario Year ago

    How old are you guys

  • Alyazya Al marri
    Alyazya Al marri Year ago

    Dan I'm from Morocco 💖💖💖

  • denisa kudrikova
    denisa kudrikova Year ago

    Who is your best friend 😀😀😀😀😀? And love you guys

  • Kathryn Rowlands
    Kathryn Rowlands Year ago

    Guys can you please do another video like this. P.S I love you guys so much riya add me on Snapchat so I can ask you something. Love you guys 💞💞💞💞

  • Tahmina Chowdhury

    Dan and riya you guys ares amazing and this is a message from England

  • kim taylor
    kim taylor Year ago +1

    Im in scotland

  • Jennifer Htoo
    Jennifer Htoo Year ago

    Are u guys dating?

  • Boy Castillo
    Boy Castillo Year ago

    They should get merried and have sex and have 100 kids.

  • Nadeem S
    Nadeem S Year ago

    Make more toutsi videos pls

  • Sophia McNamara
    Sophia McNamara Year ago +3

    Did u and iisuperwomanii know each other!???!!!Love u❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Maneesha 99
    Maneesha 99 Year ago +7

    Superwoman squadddd!!! Wen i heard her name i just jumped😂😂

  • Djiba Baldé
    Djiba Baldé Year ago +18

    What's the one thing u love about each other 😃😃😃

  • Jori Housan
    Jori Housan Year ago +4

    I actually live in England 🇬🇧

  • erika curl
    erika curl Year ago +2

    ❤️💛💚💙💜💟have a nice day

  • Pumpkin Cream and spice

    Literally I am so happy when I heard that Daniel would want to go to Morocco because I am from there and It makes me so happy to hear that my favorite youtubers want to go there

  • Son Nguyen
    Son Nguyen Year ago +3

    Your so cute together

  • stacey pettey
    stacey pettey Year ago +7

    yous seriously need your own tv show 💗💗💗💗💗💗💯

  • Wow Dang
    Wow Dang Year ago

    3:07 Riya's face tho😂

  • Pick up the photo
    Pick up the photo Year ago +12

    You guys are awesome. .............are you guys married

  • Katie is me
    Katie is me 2 years ago +19

    Why are they not at 1 million yet there the best channel ever I watch them everyday!❤

  • Phoenix Chay
    Phoenix Chay 2 years ago

    I'm From Fiji 😍😍

  • Harpreet kaur
    Harpreet kaur 2 years ago +10

    is Dan wearing makeup? like what is that beneath his eyes? white eyeliner?

  • Nayanika Dutta
    Nayanika Dutta 2 years ago +5

    dan n riya please make a romantic video..means some kisses n hugs..u look cute..i want to see that..

  • sariah ramdoo
    sariah ramdoo 2 years ago

    What is your ex boyfriend name is? ?

  • plckid18
    plckid18 2 years ago

    this is real chanel not fake.bst

  • Maiam Amine
    Maiam Amine 2 years ago

    i love youuuuu soooooooo much your fan from Morocco :-)

  • Janell Eyler
    Janell Eyler 2 years ago +9

    you guys are awesome I don't know why u guys are youtube famous yet??and girls that don't do anything on their channels have 10,000,000 followers and I can't believe it I guys are lit the best!!!

  • Suhana Maharajh
    Suhana Maharajh 2 years ago

    You Guys!!😍🔥

  • Dashira's life
    Dashira's life 2 years ago

    I love you guys so cute☺☺😊😀😁😆😇😉

  • Mama K
    Mama K 2 years ago

    are you guys boyfriend and girlfriend