String Theory and the End of Space and Time with Robbert Dijkgraaf

  • Published on Aug 25, 2019
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    In the framework of the largest string theory conference in the world, Strings 2019, Science and Cocktails organized a special event at Flagey in Brussels. We were sipping cocktails in the art-deco building with string theorist and science superstar Robbert Dijkgraaf as he told us all about the fundamental laws of Nature. Afterwards, cellist and composer Benjamin Glorieux performed a musical piece together with invited guests especially commissioned for the occasion, while live-video artist Klaas Verpoest accompanied them with his visual magic.
    What is string theory? What happens to stuff that falls inside a black hole? What are the fundamental building blocks of space and time? Did Nature have any choice in picking the fundamental laws of physics? What is the role of mathematics in physics?
    This talk by professor Robbert Dijkgraaf was recorded on 13 July 2019 at Flagey in Brussels. For more science lectures with dry ice cocktails and live music, visit:
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  • Aprender Idiomas y Cultura General con Rodrigo

    It's by far the best presentation on physics that I've seen lately!

    • Bob Heller
      Bob Heller Month ago

      @Imi Translator g f

    • David Dahl
      David Dahl 2 months ago

      There are some inaccurate assumptions and flawed reasoning but it is a ok video.

    • Mads Boyd-Madsen
      Mads Boyd-Madsen 2 months ago

      I don't know - it's not that good a presentation, in my view. Too many pretty pictures here. I prefer something a little closer to how physicists actually work. Presentations by Fyneman or Susskind or such like.

    • The Truth is Power
      The Truth is Power 3 months ago

      I usually like to listen to people that understand what they are talking about. Not people that believe theories are absolute facts

  • Robin DJW
    Robin DJW 4 months ago +125

    A wonderful presentation. I wish my dad had lived to see the internet and the wealth of knowledge that it can disseminate. He was an early nuclear physicist who revered Einstein, Feynman and Hawking (and I am sure many others in the field). He would have loved this. Thank you.

    • Terry Wyatt
      Terry Wyatt 3 months ago +1

      @Robin DJW I see. Well just wondering cause I knew of a guy that was a nuclear physicist and this was in the mid forties, in his retirement he went on to record Lynyrd Skynyrd one more for the road album and Allman brothers band.

    • Robin DJW
      Robin DJW 3 months ago

      @Jeffrey Nolan My dad embodied those philosophies, and certainly walked the talk. He was a lovely man who liked people. He would also have been horrified at many behaviors we see today. He was born in '25, and I was born in '52, but same generations, certainly. My daughter teaches college math, and I believe (hope) I have passed some hint of all those qualities to her.

    • Robin DJW
      Robin DJW 3 months ago +1

      @Terry Wyatt He loved music, certainly, especially jazz. But he did not have anything to do with band recording. He was a very low key, laid back, friendly sort of guy.

    • Terry Wyatt
      Terry Wyatt 3 months ago

      Did your dad have a passion for music? There was a fellow in the development of nuclear tech early on that went on to record a lot of bands who were iconic legends after he left the project.

  • N
    N 7 months ago +108

    I have never taken a physics class nor any higher math. However, I found this talk fascinating and it gave me an understanding of many terms I’ve heard but had no clue as to what they meant.

    • Aki's Best Rain Sounds
      Aki's Best Rain Sounds Month ago

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    • Ed Brackeen
      Ed Brackeen 2 months ago

      people you missed the point he was making.

    • Robert Zaborowski
      Robert Zaborowski 2 months ago

      It's on the cerial box......

    • Ed Brackeen
      Ed Brackeen 4 months ago

      @I like to offend people as I said it is normal to be filled with hate. I hope I am never normal.

    • Peter Pankert
      Peter Pankert 4 months ago

      Interesting that you understand without any clue. Remarkable 😆

  • The Kaiyō Mission
    The Kaiyō Mission 8 months ago +39

    Thank you for this excellent presentation, Robbert! Very thought provoking, without losing the audience in equations... your visualisations are so helpful and the way you link the various scales is superb. Amazing!

  • David Blake
    David Blake 9 months ago +164

    That is a most brilliant and illuminating video. The graphics, words and humour lift the spirit in these dark times. Physics rocks!

    • victor101
      victor101 2 months ago

      Don't you mean geology.

    • Billy Willy
      Billy Willy 3 months ago

      @TheNamelessYeti don't feed into that crap.

    • Billy Willy
      Billy Willy 4 months ago +1

      Dark times? What's happening to you?

      THE JACK RABBIT HOLE - 🇺🇸 5 months ago +2

      Yes, outstanding with much needed levity in our time. Many thanks to the Professor! 👏🏻

  • Jaja Catolico
    Jaja Catolico 6 months ago +33

    this has blown my mind literally it broke my brain but fascinated me at the same time. my knowledge about physics isnt that advance and had to hit pause a few times to try to understand but this is one of the best presentations ive seen about physics.

  • madelief47
    madelief47 6 months ago +33

    This was a great lecture! With a tribute to Hawking. I am not a a scientist but I do recognize some of the theory's mentioned here. As a child of 10, I was walking on the pavement of a street, to school. I did wonder then, if I cross the street now, and go walk on the other side of the street, will it have concequences later in my life? So, imagination is really a part of science. Without it, we go nowhere.

    • William Layden
      William Layden 22 days ago +1

      @Bronte Hauptmann I think Einstein used his imagination and a few puffs on his pipe to work things out dohhh

    • Bronte Hauptmann
      Bronte Hauptmann 4 months ago +1

      imagination is not science. Learn to tell the difference

  • Monique van Oosterhout
    Monique van Oosterhout 4 months ago +8

    Totally enjoyed your presentation Prof!
    And especially your Dutch humor! Totally get that!
    Found your Einstein quotes fascinating, including him being able to observe and know this from his own direct experience, as a five year old that something other than what he's been told about. Brilliant and moving! X

  • Yogi McCaw
    Yogi McCaw 5 months ago +16

    Just when I was thinking I have seen too many of these videos that explain the history of cosmology, this one puts its all together in an absolutely ingenious and comprehensible way. I found myself screenshotting his gorgeous graphics that put so many of the concepts into immediately graspable form.
    But then I see he's an artist as well as a scientist, and understands the basics of music as well.
    I think that's really what it takes to be able to put this stuff together.
    Fabulous presentations, Dr Dijkgraaf!

    • Simon Schaffer
      Simon Schaffer 4 months ago +2

      Lol!! I’ve just watched this presentation and was also screenshotting his brilliant graphics! What an artfully constructed presentation. Respect!

  • irene hynes
    irene hynes 2 months ago +6

    This was a wonderful presentation. You have explained many things so clearly, here, that I could not understand previously. Thank you so much!

  • Ajay Kumar
    Ajay Kumar 4 months ago

    Each presentation is so extraordinarily and clearly able to explain complex thought to describe the most difficult area of physics. Wow !

  • Shpetim Zogaj
    Shpetim Zogaj 8 months ago +2

    Very simple, very understandable, trully amazing. Loved this scientist. The ending was epic.
    "Imagination is better than knowledge"

  • I. D
    I. D 4 months ago +13

    Mind-blowing piece of lecture. Created so many aha! moments - although I got lost in the last 25% of the presentation (string theory). I do have a silly question though - if the Universe is expanding, what is it expanding into? There must be space outside the universe that is not filled by the universe today. But if there's space outside the universe, that would also be part of the universe, since it is 'everything'. Or is the 'expanding universe' just creating 'space' out of "nothing"? This kinda relates to "what existed before the Big Bang". Will appreciate any answers.

    • 😳
      😳 18 days ago

      here's what I think. I think if you where to zoom out of the universe and see everything there is , you're seeing the 4th dimension . so maybe it's not expanding into anything but simply exaggerating the boundary between the 3rd and 4th dimension... or I'm completely wrong about this 🙃

    • John Doe
      John Doe 3 months ago

      At the smallest point it is At its biggest point

    • Bandit The Dog
      Bandit The Dog 3 months ago

      My understanding is that the "space" between uni else's is not spacetime, which is only in our universe, but is inflation, which allowed our universe and others to form. M8ght also be that I'm pissin in the wind here too

  • Derek Deac
    Derek Deac 8 months ago +19

    I really enjoy that this is explained in such a way that is intriguing if you have it don't have a background in physics. He goes really well and you can tell the amount of time and effort put into this presentation was not lacking in the least

  • Anil P
    Anil P 9 months ago

    Wonderful lecture.. hats off. causing goosebumps because its wonderfully presented in a comprehensible way..

  • Wendy Weger
    Wendy Weger 6 months ago +12

    Oh I just loved this..I just approached it with an open and relaxed mind and allowed the information to flow into my brain. The presentation is fantastic along with the visuals for extra understanding. I am in the early stages of discovery and I absolutely 'second' the comment below by Stuart Greene, one month ago. I will watch and listen many times to this and allow my mind to expand to understand more with each re-view..Thank you so much for this presentation, Science and Cocktails and a very Happy Thanksgiving 2021 (in 2 days) to all whom celebrate.

    • David Tuer
      David Tuer 4 months ago

      Ah but are you sure your mind is expanding? Perhaps it's just being distorted by the imput of all these novel thoughts? and the distortion is not dimensional but requires the time it's taking to absorb that information to vary so that your understanding of the information belongs in a different dimension. Personally I think Hans Christian Anderson saw this whole conumdrum in the correct perspective.

    • Peter Pankert
      Peter Pankert 4 months ago

      Maybe you should first study quantum theory, quantum field theory, general relativity, etc. to scratch the surface of string theory. Sorry, I'm a bit annoyed by this talk and similar talks for lay people.

  • Alan Sheehan
    Alan Sheehan 8 months ago +8

    Simply put: " Wow! " Masterfully portrayed igniting a firestorm in your mind with multiple explosions of thoughts and ideas of imagination and a want/need for more. Thanks for waking me up, I look forward to learning a lot more from you in the future, past or present depending on your perspective.

  • Italjute
    Italjute 10 months ago +675

    Don't you just love physics and physicists? Professor Dijkgraaf masterfully explains string theory, and yet he struggles with Powerpoint.

    • Bronte Hauptmann
      Bronte Hauptmann 21 day ago

      I cant wait for his astrology lecture. I heard he was working on Cinderellas biography too, what a scholar!

    • William Layden
      William Layden 22 days ago

      Haven't you heard of the absent minded professor , his mind is on more important things.

    • marcel
      marcel 2 months ago

      @Daniel Mobley you'd think with all that money they make they can get an electrician In for some more power points.. it's not that expensive .. I had some more put in and I am glad I did .

    • اسلام علي
      اسلام علي 3 months ago

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  • Pastor Bill S
    Pastor Bill S 3 months ago

    I love science. I do have a different explanation for the beginning of all things from a much smaller space than now exists, but I do think it’s odd that the speeding acceleration explains what I believe to be final singularity.
    Assuming that it is a decrescendo of the original crescendo, that is.

  • A L
    A L 5 months ago +2

    Thank you for making it easy to comprehend for dummies ))! Amazing presentation!

  • Lovepink Roses
    Lovepink Roses 9 months ago +6

    Captivating! Brilliant lecture. Thank you.

  • Tony Mullins
    Tony Mullins 6 months ago +1

    I've read books on string theory and complexity, and by far I learned more from this video than any book; masterful explanation!

  • Rasmus Fuhse
    Rasmus Fuhse 4 months ago +4

    I love how he is making a lot of jokes, but noone is laughing. They must have been brilliant.

  • Big D
    Big D 6 months ago +9

    This is why I love physics and the universe. Amazing, mind blowing pres.

  • David Reis
    David Reis 8 months ago +2

    So many thanks for this wonderfully clear explanation of Universe and behond! 🙏 Excellent

  • Asia Butticè
    Asia Butticè 5 months ago +2

    This was fascinating to watch and so interesting beyond words. The presentation was very well done! We are so lucky to have access to such brilliant explanations of our reality!

  • Sincerely Sepita
    Sincerely Sepita 4 months ago +32

    All respects for this man, excellent presentation making the most complex ideas clear in the simplest way. That is art.

    • Huib Piguillet
      Huib Piguillet 4 months ago +1

      I don't have much trust in our new cabinet, but I do like Robbert Dijkgraaf is part of it as the minister of Education, Culture and Science in the Netherlands :)

    • David Tuer
      David Tuer 4 months ago +1

      I'm glad you thought it was simple.

  • Tony deKaro
    Tony deKaro 8 months ago +2

    Just wow! Big THANKS to professor Robbert Dijkgraaf!

  • Joseph George
    Joseph George 5 months ago +1

    He explains as simply as one could on physics

  • Mental- und Bodycoach
    Mental- und Bodycoach 4 months ago +2

    "We have now a full understanding how from these initial conditions the universe was formed." Given the fact that we can only see so much of all existing frequencies with our human eyes (and brain) this is a very bold statement to me. We humans didn't even start to study - left alone understand fully - the "I" that is making such a statement or doing the studies. So not having a clue about who is looking through the lense of the makroscope while studying anything "out there" how can anyone make a statement about fully understanding xyz, if not even the "I" is a fix parameter? I know that I don't understand the miracle of life and I assume it can't be fully understood in our current state with the 3D-human-mind. A wise man once said: That which the scientist is looking for when looking through a microscope is behind the lense looking. Or as Mooji puts it to the spiritual seekers referring to "the higher Self": The place you are looking for is the place you are looking from.

  • william grunow
    william grunow 7 months ago

    Quite interesting and well explained.

  • Andrea Giannetto
    Andrea Giannetto 4 months ago +1

    Thank your for this new video.You are one of the few physicists on youtube to talk about these new studies

  • The Aquarian Medium
    The Aquarian Medium 9 months ago +5

    Love ❤️ this presentation! Thank you!

  • bernadette nicholas
    bernadette nicholas 8 months ago

    Wonderfully explained physics. Excellent presentation

  • Aymen Sekhri
    Aymen Sekhri 6 months ago +7

    Oh my god, this is unbelievable presentation, you took me far away from my bed. That's absolutely true as Albert said imagination is more powerful than knowledge. Just imagine these theories without seeing the equations but I travelled far away deeply in the universe.

    KINDLE Month ago

    I love the Universe so much. It just overwhelms me and makes me cry. Literally breathless & humbled being able to possess this much about the nature of what we are deprived of.. the absolute truth.

  • CaCh Attacks
    CaCh Attacks 2 months ago

    Thank you, Prof. Dijkgraaf... great talk!

  • OliveTree
    OliveTree 5 months ago +16

    ..and to think he delivered this amazing speech in his second language! Wow!

  • Curt Thomas
    Curt Thomas 4 months ago +1

    I’m a Marine, so I have a grasp of exactly what it takes to destroy something. I love science & physics and am intrigued by the possibilities of time travel-which leads to my minor point. If YOU travel back in time, what you do now/then/whenever will not eliminate or alter my path now and up to this point. Oh, hold your arguments, as time will eventually prove who’s correct. I do not believe a person’s presence manipulating the past, can make my present right now change because for me, my history is sealed and has already happened. The best one can do to convince me is that another time path in another dimension would be created. Maybe my future can be changed by you going into “my” past, but you cannot change my past nor destroy me now, as you don’t have the “power” required to effect me today by visiting my past and screwing with it. E.g. killing my mother as a baby, will not cause me to “poof” disappear the moment you perform that act. Killing Hitler as a child would not reverse everything I’ve experienced up and to this point. Now, what it would do to my future? 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Adrian Olsson
    Adrian Olsson 4 months ago +1

    In it's ease of understanding (not that I claim to :) and thread, it is reminiscent of Bill Bryson's, "A Short History of Nearly Everything". Which this lecture seems to pack into under an hour. However should one be interested, Bill fleshes these discoveries out, by introducing you to the characters and their insights, again in an equally digestible and often comical way.

  • Ashiqur Rahman
    Ashiqur Rahman 9 months ago +2

    It's really amazing lecture.

  • Santosh Devanallikar
    Santosh Devanallikar 5 months ago +1

    Awesome talk ! Thanks Prof Robbert Dijkgraaf

  • VICTORY! Military Memorabilia & Unique Antiques

    Could listen to him all day....very insightful. "At least we understand the things we don't understand"!

  • Sunnyboy4
    Sunnyboy4 6 months ago

    I loved this, it was great. I wish though, that you would have said a bit more about that Flemish tapestry that had something in the corner that suggested how timespace looks or can be visualized. Does this specific tapestry have a name? Is it famous? Can you say something more about it, or how I can find out more about it? Thank you..

  • Anna louux
    Anna louux 3 months ago

    Wow this is a great presentation making it easier for people that don't know much about physics to somehow understand what's is happening in the universe. Thank you very well explained.

  • Just A T-Rex
    Just A T-Rex 9 months ago +10

    TheXvid needs new physics/space content. So glad to see this!

    NAVEENKUMAR S 141 Year ago +10

    Wow..great lecture....iam in tamilnadu-india.....i'm pg-physics student....really impressive and nice explanations....thank you sir

  • Blair Johnson
    Blair Johnson 4 months ago

    Excellent logic in this lecture, fascinating !

  • Stuart Greene
    Stuart Greene 7 months ago +10

    This is a masterclass in how to offer a public presentation about the most esoteric reaches of modern physics. For a lecture that requires no mathematics or expert knowledge, Dijkgraaf brings extraordinary clarity to the amazing forefronts of physics. I aspire to create content with comparable power and appeal. Well done.

    • Wendy Weger
      Wendy Weger 6 months ago

      Stuart, I couldn't agree with you more. As I read your comment, I had a strong feeling that you have or will have, knowledge to share with as much clarity and simplicity as Dijkgraaf. I am just beginning to learn about quantum physics etc. string theory and although much went over my head, I KNOW it will all come together by 'Being brave, being determined and finally overcoming the odds" as referred to by Stephen Hawkins at the end. :)

  • Chaminda Wanigasooriya
    Chaminda Wanigasooriya 5 months ago +6

    The most brilliant lecture in physics I've seen so far! Thank you very much for enlightening us! ❤️❤️

  • Foxxy Gear Reviews
    Foxxy Gear Reviews 7 months ago +6

    Does the fact that single photons fired one at a time through a dual slit will produce an interference pattern not suggest that particles do not pass through the linear version of time that we experience? That’s always bothered me.

  • Kashyap Bhatt
    Kashyap Bhatt 2 years ago +4

    i really like how all the diagrams are represented with respect to time.......great lecture sir

  • george alan
    george alan 8 months ago +13

    This is incredible. Everyone should know these things! Wish everyone could be helping to figure it all out. RIP to so many brilliant minds’ we need more!

    • mystic
      mystic 7 months ago

      @Myles It seems like they are referring to everything not being real as it is impossible for something to come from nothing. We all exist in a 'stimulation' or dream-like state. This theory is much more logical than any faith or RNG 'big bang' based theories.

    • Myles
      Myles 8 months ago +1

      @Mukesh Yadav what.

    • Mukesh Yadav
      Mukesh Yadav 8 months ago

      Universe radius smaller just to have radius of our sun which became sun by miracle nearest north and south sun and backward allien sun this is milky way this is galaxy it is universe

  • Mihaela McRae
    Mihaela McRae Month ago

    Great presentation, brilliantly put together

  • Phantom King
    Phantom King 7 months ago +3

    Its mind blowing how far man has reached with simple curiosity and an imaginative brain

  • amedeus40k
    amedeus40k 7 months ago

    Thank you for this presentation. I won’t pretend to have a strong knowledge of physics. Not even remotely. In fact, I know very little. However, this presentation helped me understand, at least on an elementary level, a lot of what I always wondered about. Thank you so much!

  • Mark Brassey
    Mark Brassey 2 years ago +14

    What an incredible presentation! It helped clarify many theories I'd picked up along the way, but wasn't able to quite fully visualise or grasp. Everyone needs to know this stuff!

  • piyush bose
    piyush bose 8 months ago +1

    Amazing lecture on Space & Time

  • The Divine Council
    The Divine Council 6 months ago

    As above so below. If we want to know the workings of the universe we can look deeper within ourselves and the same principles apply. Thanks for the presentation!

  • Kepher Music
    Kepher Music 3 months ago

    I can actually see those bubbles. Especially in the day. It’s crazy how they move so beautifully. Almost like stop and go or bouncing into each other without morphing into each other

  • Aditya Bhardwaj
    Aditya Bhardwaj 4 months ago

    Wow this was amazing! I am from commerce background but I listened the whole lecture it was beautiful! Physics is beautiful! ❤️

  • Liz Gichora
    Liz Gichora 7 months ago +1

    Thank you, "Physics doesn't offer all the answers, but, Science does". Thus, the Power of Science is Infinite.


    This was great to listen too. Thanks for the great information and speaker.

  • cindy jones
    cindy jones 4 months ago

    Amazing how so many years and centuries what has been called science has been taken for fact. How does this fit in the idea that we did not travel to the moon and that what we know as earth is not the sphere we have been fed? Could the dark matter be the actual larger earth?

  • Margaret Baize
    Margaret Baize Month ago

    Every scientist is great in his own way. Therefore, it is worth listening to!

  • Amit Singh
    Amit Singh 4 months ago +1

    He explained everything very beautiful and simply except what he actually wanted to explain

  • Emsey
    Emsey 5 months ago +2

    I love it.... excellent. Especially the part where he says we have a complete understanding... Nearly fell off my chair laughing...

  • Ursula Painter
    Ursula Painter 4 months ago

    No wonder the other heavenly objects in the universe appeared to be moving away. They have been trying to get away from the crazies that rule on planet Earth. Thank you for the lecture. Great teacher!

    TONY VERJANS 4 months ago

    What a remarkable scientist you are ! Very inspiring...
    Congratualions mr. Hawkins from the Netherlands (Heerlen). Tony Verjans, med. drs.

    QATECH VELOS 10 months ago +140

    Seeing his interpretation of a black hole that he painted at Harvard, compared to the actual black hole, was like seeing a criminal's Forensic sketch from a witness description that turns out to be an exact match when side by side to the mugshot of the captured criminal. Nothing short of incredible.

      THE JACK RABBIT HOLE - 🇺🇸 5 months ago +1

      Outstanding analogy!

    • Paul Merritt
      Paul Merritt 8 months ago +1

      It looked nothing like the image lol. How could you possibly say it looked anything like it? Blinded by pseudoscience? You do understand time is a construct?

    • Ramen Guy
      Ramen Guy 9 months ago +3

      @Peter Parker what exactly are you calling psuedoscience?

  • David
    David 4 months ago

    This was very informal yet it touches on many of the important issues. I wonder how much the informal nature of it contributes to understanding rather than confusion. But I guess having a somewhat confused picture that gives the right idea in part is better than having nothing.

  • Luna Chu
    Luna Chu 8 months ago +2

    This was so well done. Best description of why we think there are extra dimensions in string theory in layman terms I’ve come across

    • Frank DiMeglio
      Frank DiMeglio 6 months ago

      String theory is nonsense. Einstein was a known weasel. It is absolutely impossible to separate gravity AND ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy.
      By Frank DiMeglio

  • Jeff D
    Jeff D 8 months ago +1

    A fascinating presentation. At 10:30 there is an elegantly simple explanation of Einstein's view of the Big Bang theory. Worth a look if you don't have time to see the entire presentation. Also at 30:08, Dijkgraaf presents his fascinating visual depiction of "empty space."

    • Lepi Doptera
      Lepi Doptera 8 months ago

      Yes, that is fascinating, but so are Superman movies. And just like Superman movies what he is showing there is a complete fantasy. That is not how empty spacetime behaves. How do you know? Just look at the nigh sky. You can see light from stars millions of lightyears away in all clarity. With the right instruments you can see through billions of light years worth of spacetime. If it was really a quantum soup, then what you would see is a soup. Indeed, you couldn't even see as far as your own toes. The virtual particle model that leads to such misunderstandings of spacetime is just an unfortunate mathematical consequence of our most often used quantization procedure (Feynman's path integrals). It's the same thing that leads to a calculation of the vacuum self-energy that is many tens of orders of magnitude wrong. If the vacuum was filled with all this noise, then that calculation would probably be halfway right, actually.

  • Dr. P
    Dr. P 3 months ago

    Great lecture. The thing that boggles my mind, is that rather there being multiverses adjacent to each other, what if there are multiverses within the same space. Physics we comprehend is unique to our universe. What if there are different laws of physics in an equally shared space. I think that this could be the case but there is no way to prove it to my knowledge. It seems like there are a lot of things that they are discovering these days in physics and cosmology that would support such findings --for example dark matter, space and quantum physics...

  • Gordon F. Woodbine
    Gordon F. Woodbine 4 months ago

    A very good expose on the nature of things that we know (science) and of things yet to be known (imagination).
    The nature of string theory however and it’s potential application was barely covered.

  • lili pagura
    lili pagura 6 months ago

    Amazing Professor!!

  • vinay bhatt
    vinay bhatt 4 months ago

    A great presentation in which a few things were making sense!

  •  ☆ LOVE consciousness TRIBE ☆

    respect brother! Thank you! Amazing presentation :)

  • Daniel Juno
    Daniel Juno 4 months ago

    Came here just for a string theory explanation and stayed for the entire video. Good presentation.

  • Jordan Lum
    Jordan Lum 3 months ago

    I dont think I've ever been glued into a lecture quite like this one

  • Linux Student
    Linux Student 3 months ago

    a cohesive view for may of us who never get to look at the smallest particles or the largest. Thank you.

  • DropInTheOcean
    DropInTheOcean 8 months ago +1

    professeur de félicitations!!! Merci.

  • S L
    S L Year ago +8

    You explained some most important questions about the universe, time and us. Thank you very much

  • Behrouz Yarkhani
    Behrouz Yarkhani 3 months ago

    I am amazed by this theory beyond my imagination

  • H J
    H J 9 months ago

    My cat has it's own version of 'string theory' and it is likely more provable . Nice video , entertaining in a surrealistic way .

  • Suhail Hakeem
    Suhail Hakeem 4 months ago

    This deserves all the applause it is Getting!

  • Page Rhoads
    Page Rhoads Month ago

    When light travels far enough it decays into particles known as string and these particles will start to collect and depending on the amount of energy left in them at the point of collection is what determines the form the collection will assume either biological form non biological form or energetic form the light regenerates itself

  • David Holmes
    David Holmes 7 months ago +1

    Yes I agree. Wonderful presentation!!!

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    Jacques Hubert 4 months ago

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