I almost COMPLETELY DESTROY my kid cousin at arm wrestling

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
  • You should have seen the fear in his eyes.
    At my mother's request I am posting this here.
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  • Markiplier
    Markiplier  Month ago +43686

    At my mother's request I am posting this video here. According to her, "The whole world needs to see!"
    Bold of her to assume that my channel covers the entire world but here it is nonetheless.

  • IkMan
    IkMan 6 hours ago

    mark shouldn't have let him win, establish dominance.

  • Aibi Takahashi
    Aibi Takahashi Day ago

    Imagine being Markipliers cousin

  • ZeLu-재루 TV
    ZeLu-재루 TV Day ago

    When Korean’s your native tongue and you can hear Mark’s mom say ‘oh he’s gonna poop’ and you just gotta laugh at it

  • The Theorist
    The Theorist 2 days ago

    The moms like “his going to poo, his going to poo” in Korean. Lol

  • Glory Flarea
    Glory Flarea 2 days ago

    YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Mark has Airpods! He be Flexin!

  • 02ellimacaira
    02ellimacaira 2 days ago

    0:35 "Poop probably came out. Poop has come out"
    I'm glad I studied Korean just so I can understand moments like this.. Such refined commentary from momiplier.

  • Kingdom Of The Netherlands

    That's Charles Leclerc(F1 Driver) IRL

  • Kamiqake
    Kamiqake 3 days ago

    That’s cute. I like that. 😂

  • Ahmed Engro
    Ahmed Engro 3 days ago

    This kid is over 9000 really quick

  • kattitude130
    kattitude130 4 days ago


  • 笑面貓
    笑面貓 4 days ago

    funny kid XD yeah mark I'm talking about you

  • ImagiTrax
    ImagiTrax 4 days ago

    He lost cause he had his airpods im

  • javier carter
    javier carter 5 days ago +1

    Wow poor mark is getting bullied

  • Secr3t Ninja15
    Secr3t Ninja15 5 days ago

    it's so wholesome

  • ZOMBIEMAN 5142
    ZOMBIEMAN 5142 6 days ago

    The struggle is real

  • RedstoneGodLike
    RedstoneGodLike 7 days ago

    Mark... did you know
    You cousin is saitama?

  • Reptile Gamer
    Reptile Gamer 7 days ago

    Hey guys welcome back, today im going to show u how to get r/woooshed. Its simple just say: "Mark was going easy on his cousin" also *Im free to r/woosh*

  • mr manII THE FOX
    mr manII THE FOX 8 days ago

    No way

  • Đeathly Løtus
    Đeathly Løtus 9 days ago


  • Phoebe Sharp
    Phoebe Sharp 9 days ago

    The look on marks face after he lost to a little kid and is called a loser by is mom is priceless and funny

  • Dragonias
    Dragonias 9 days ago

    Mark is one of the biggest sweethearts istg

  • Reese Harris
    Reese Harris 9 days ago

    "L O S E R"

  • Actzore
    Actzore 9 days ago +1

    The kid was using his *0.00001%* power only

  • Korean Prodigy
    Korean Prodigy 10 days ago

    Mark took the L

  • Eugene_the Airsoft
    Eugene_the Airsoft 10 days ago +1

    I like how the mom said markiplier is going to shit himself.

    LONE ASSASSIN 11 days ago

    Yay mark

  • Sexy__Furniture
    Sexy__Furniture 11 days ago

    i love everyone looking at mark in the end LOSERRR

  • Shin Minsoo
    Shin Minsoo 11 days ago

    Plot twist : Mark did do his best yet the kid creamed him nonetheless. LOSER😂

  • EnderGuardian AC
    EnderGuardian AC 12 days ago

    This is still the cutest thing ever 💜😂

  • Marsenula
    Marsenula 12 days ago +1

    Mark thinks that he was the one acting

  • Blehh Bleh
    Blehh Bleh 14 days ago +2

    Mark: "I'M A BIG STRONG BOI!!!!!"
    Also Mark: *loses an arm wrestle to a small child* 😂

  • Anxious Erin
    Anxious Erin 14 days ago

    Ok but mark actually looked like he was struggling. How did he get his face that red lmao.

  • Autistic Apple
    Autistic Apple 15 days ago +1

    He got motivation when he saw them air pods my g

  • Dinoboy
    Dinoboy 15 days ago +1

    mark: *loosess*
    mumilpier: loooooser

  • Ainsleee M
    Ainsleee M 15 days ago

    That was just bout one of the cutest things I've seen

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 15 days ago

    So did he really lost or it was just all acting

  • Matt R.
    Matt R. 15 days ago

    *Everyone liked that*

  • Father Mother
    Father Mother 16 days ago

    Mark.. where you even breathing? Cause you were destroyed

  • Hayden Quihuis
    Hayden Quihuis 16 days ago

    I genuinely can't tell if Mark let him win or not.

  • HERO
    HERO 16 days ago

    okay but that's actually some quality acting

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson 16 days ago

    Is he Bruce Banner? LOL

  • Shy Guy
    Shy Guy 17 days ago

    Comment "Me" if you love puppys

  • paul draganigos
    paul draganigos 17 days ago

    That was one of the most adorable things I've seen in a while

  • Mandon Things
    Mandon Things 17 days ago +1

    Mark : i fear no man Mark Cousin : i only used 1 percent of my power

  • RinsaVuIIer
    RinsaVuIIer 17 days ago

    This is peak Markiplier.

  • Skylet Jason Dean
    Skylet Jason Dean 18 days ago

    Wow. His so young but his so strong.

  • TheKillerWolfie666
    TheKillerWolfie666 18 days ago

    I just keep hearing "like a looser" over and over and over again.

  • Joi Rice-ball
    Joi Rice-ball 18 days ago

    Aww this is genuinelyest the mostest cutest thing I've ever seen🥺😂

  • stuart bray
    stuart bray 18 days ago

    Eather Mark is weak or his cousin is incredibly strong

  • Na Sarah Anweiler blame Dinkleberg

    Momalier at the end killed me

  • Land of madness
    Land of madness 18 days ago

    time to start working out a little there mark, i have faith in you and in all that you. you ever need anyone to talk to im here

  • Gamer Raichu
    Gamer Raichu 19 days ago

    The comment section is honestly so wholesome, I love it.

    QUEENDOM 19 days ago +1


  • link boy
    link boy 19 days ago +23

    Everyone else: loooserrr
    Me: he can’t hear you, he has airpods

  • Maddie UwU
    Maddie UwU 19 days ago

    Marks face went 🔴🔴🔴

  • let’s play Bradley
    let’s play Bradley 19 days ago

    HIS POWER IS OVER 9,000!!!!

  • Pringles Can
    Pringles Can 19 days ago

    *flexes airpods*

  • Joe Fork
    Joe Fork 19 days ago

    Mark's cousin almost decided to let mark win

  • Luna Walker
    Luna Walker 19 days ago

    Mark tried to hard