3 Game Jams At The Same Time! (Game Jam Devlog)

  • Published on Apr 22, 2021
  • Play the game - vimlark.itch.io/pick-up-prison
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    Kindred Community Jam # 6 - itch.io/jam/kindred-community...
    All music in this video was made by Drewpy
    Drewpy - biglink.to/drewpy
    Game made with the Construct 3 game engine.
    Construct theme: PROCSS
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Comments • 143

  • Banana
    Banana Year ago +199

    Imagine if in one of the jams the theme was 4 items and the restriction in one of the different jams is 3 items

    • Weeping Walnut
      Weeping Walnut Year ago +4

      Here’s a potential solution, the game has 3 base items, each of which has 4 forms depending on the situation.

    • Someoneyeeted
      Someoneyeeted Year ago +6

      Schrödinger's game, the game has only 3 and 4 items at the same time

    • Skywayz Zarthic
      Skywayz Zarthic Year ago +5

      He would probably make a slightly different version with 3 and 4 items.

    • random
      random Year ago +35

      He actually had 4 jams in mind in the first place, but the theme of the 4th jam was "off the grid" and his game was literally on a grid, so he dropped it to 3 jams.

    • N9it
      N9it Year ago +9

      0.5 item babyyyyyy

  • Shiedz
    Shiedz Year ago +120

    Vimlark: I really like Game Jams but it very hard and difficult
    Also Vimlark: Do 3 at the same time

  • Cole Christian
    Cole Christian Year ago +53

    This would be dope as a mobile game, I know you don't typically revisit game jam games, but man I would play the crap out of that!

    • Cole Christian
      Cole Christian Year ago +1

      @Thomas S no doubt about that

    • Thomas S
      Thomas S Year ago +4

      A lot of his games would be good for mobile.

  • Bmidd 24
    Bmidd 24 Year ago +42

    I’m just starting to get the feeling this guy might like game jams

  • Coding in Flow
    Coding in Flow 11 months ago +6

    Where did you learn how to draw these graphics? Did you teach that yourself?

  • Immortal Hamster
    Immortal Hamster Year ago +141

    I keep forgetting that mustache and it’s like I’m seeing it for the first time everytime. Best mustache ever

    • plinko stevens
      plinko stevens 9 months ago

      i'm trying to think of a better word to use but i'm struggling, so i'll just say it even though i don't want to: it's cringe. it's a cringe mustache. le epic steam punk mustache. he should be embarrassed for having that on his face.

    • Stephen Rose
      Stephen Rose Year ago +2

      Is nice, yeah! He's apparently very well practiced at protecting the rest of his face when he applies hairspray :D

  • Greyman2022
    Greyman2022 Year ago +32

    Guys it has happened. He said he might have a problem. That's like Mumbo Jumbo saying the redstone is not simple. This is a global threat.

  • IceMetalPunk
    IceMetalPunk Year ago +33

    I heard those three themes, and my immediate idea was "The big bang!" At the beginning, there was nothing; then a strange influence began to embiggen the universe...

  • Chazzwazzler
    Chazzwazzler Year ago +35

    Bruh Vimlark can do 3 games jams at the same time, and I can't even handle doing one jam. I need to get better at this whole gamedev stuff

    • StrawberryBlueFox
      StrawberryBlueFox Year ago +2

      I can't even seem to learn how to program so don't worry about it xD

    • Chazzwazzler
      Chazzwazzler Year ago +2

      @ReneDrawsTV Yeah, that is true. I tried using construct once though and I didn't like it, so I think I'll just stick to unity and just try to get better at coding fast.

    • ReneDrawsTV
      ReneDrawsTV Year ago +2

      Well his games Are fun, But he uses construct3 sooooo of course he can do 3 in a smaller timeframe. You could do that to. You just have to Start.

  • Hayfever Studios
    Hayfever Studios Year ago +204

    "I'm not addicted, I swear"

  • Daniel David
    Daniel David Year ago +17

    "At least the win screen functions"
    *Flashbacks to Ultimate Game Jam*

  • Xanderwood
    Xanderwood Year ago +6

    This was a great game. Reminds me of the lost Vikings somewhat. Also... man do you love restrictions and limitations 😅👍

  • TheCommunistGamer
    TheCommunistGamer Year ago +3

    The locksmith character reminds me of the Keymaker from The Matrix, so it fits quite nicely

  • Brad Lance
    Brad Lance Year ago +1

    This is an excellent game idea that I've never seen before. I think you have something really special here! You really should turn this into a full mobile game.

  • YAN ♪
    YAN ♪ Year ago +2

    I can picture Pick Up Prison to be challenging game to speedrun. Great work man!

  • Enrico Bertelli
    Enrico Bertelli Year ago

    Great job man, truly inspirational, as always!!

  • Mikeohc
    Mikeohc Year ago

    Very cool concept! I can't imagine the stress of that, wow

  • Skeffles
    Skeffles Year ago

    Super neat game idea and I absolutely love how cartoony the graphics are!

  • Josh J
    Josh J Year ago

    Truly my fave youtube dev. Thanks for all the awesome work you do!

  • WolfPuppy
    WolfPuppy Year ago

    Saw some of this on the streams, they’re always so fun to watch!

  • Hussein Dhooma
    Hussein Dhooma 11 months ago

    I just couldn't stop watching this damn video, it was that awesome, made me want to start creating my own game.
    You make this look so simple.
    Thanks for the awesome content.

  • J1y25
    J1y25 Year ago

    you improved very much :D I love watching your videos and how you create games!

  • Michael Jensen
    Michael Jensen 11 months ago +1

    This brings back memories of the early 2000s game jam scene; we used to do yearly jams with like two to three themes, and several categories of restrictions (each with two to three rules). The first time I did a Ludum Dare, I was like, "uhhhh, where are the rest of the rules and restrictions?" -- Nice work, Vim!

  • DrCrazyEvil
    DrCrazyEvil Year ago

    Honestly this game seems really fun would love to see more levels added to it

  • GoldenPuppy Gaming
    GoldenPuppy Gaming Year ago +1

    Imagine being on a time crunch on a 2 week jam

  • Cedric Quilal-lan

    that was cool, it would be awesome it'll have a full game tho.

  • Pediatrician Pepper

    Just watched Shawshank Redemption and saw this it’s...it’s...beautiful
    Love your channel keep up thy great work!

  • Sam Tudor
    Sam Tudor Year ago

    Love the content Vimlark!

  • Teklectic
    Teklectic 11 months ago

    That's pretty cool, it kind of makes me think of the The Lost Vikings in how each character has a speciality.

  • Pause Lock
    Pause Lock Year ago

    I love your vids please continue making them :D

  • Agathe Mametz
    Agathe Mametz Year ago

    Love the game, maybe one of your best.

  • Boothby. aw
    Boothby. aw Year ago +2

    This could make a fanastic full game. Add in a little more story, refine and expand the concept.

  • Grace Lee
    Grace Lee Year ago

    This was a great game. Reminds me of the lost Vikings somewhat. Would like to know more about game rules. Thanks.

  • D_The_Crafter
    D_The_Crafter Year ago

    the game turned out great!


    I use Construct 3 as well and I wanted to know what Interface Theme you used it looks so cool!

  • Time for TNT
    Time for TNT Year ago

    I hope you make a sequel to this game with more goblin skills and one thing I would love is if instead of the scrolling killing your spike wall was following you so right click would give you some spare time

  • SlavTurtle
    SlavTurtle Year ago

    I wish I had 1/10 of my old motivation to make games again

  • Jonathan Moothart

    With some flushing out this would totally be releasable! But that goes for almost all of your jams so..

  • Dip Universal
    Dip Universal Year ago

    Damn... I kinda want to do my own game jam...

  • Kegan Onomichi
    Kegan Onomichi Year ago +1

    How it ties with "at the beggining there was nothing"? Also, as always, really good job with the game!

    • Soda-Kun
      Soda-Kun Year ago +2

      i think he said the lack of prisoners is the nothing. i worded that badly, but basically its a little bit of a stretch saying that since you start out with one prisoner then collect the rest, you are beginning with nothing:)

  • Big Con
    Big Con Year ago +1

    I hope you feel better soon Kirby!

  • TechnoRazor
    TechnoRazor Year ago

    This reminds me of a similar mouse-controlled game, Fat Cat by Nitrome! It's more of a shoot 'em up than a puzzle game, but the autoscrolling mechanic is pretty similar. It was a Flash game, so I don't know how easily you could find it, but it was certainly fun to play!

  • Thomtick
    Thomtick Year ago

    The scary maze game also uses the mouse to control the player over the level.

  • Rick
    Rick Year ago

    Dude amaaaazing job! What engine does he use?

  • Mara Konstantara
    Mara Konstantara Year ago

    Awesome game jams.

  • yourtime
    yourtime Year ago

    It feels like, a more micro managed lemming game. Quite nice idea

  • SpectifyyDev
    SpectifyyDev Year ago

    fun fact: I was desperately trying to find a way to snap something to a grid just as this video was published.

  • Joezah
    Joezah Year ago +10

    “I can stop at anytime”

  • Brennan Nunamaker
    Brennan Nunamaker Year ago +1

    Birth of a genre: "Party scroller" / "escape scroller"

  • Thebe_stone
    Thebe_stone Year ago +1

    you can go through walls and doors and arrows and enemies if your mouse goes fast enough

  • Sleepy
    Sleepy Year ago

    Hey Vimlark, you should do an isometric game! (I don tknow if construct can do it)

  • Jennifer Parke
    Jennifer Parke Year ago

    I saw the title and I was like,
    “Vimlark... what did you do this time?”

  • chantolove
    chantolove Year ago

    I’m a little sad you couldn’t go for a Big Bang theme. It’d fit so well, but idk how you’d make it blocky :(

  • Posh
    Posh Year ago

    Let me ask something. Did ur friends play any role in ur gamedev journey???

  • Dhanas kitchen
    Dhanas kitchen 11 months ago

    i din't play but your video tells me how much stress you are at the last minutes

  • DaSquyd
    DaSquyd Year ago

    I think it's about time you sign up for Game Jam Anonymous.

  • Jim Pemberton
    Jim Pemberton Year ago

    thanks to twitch you have a million mwg skins

  • Christine Guenther
    Christine Guenther 11 months ago

    the walls and art remind me of Enter the Gungeon

  • Rickypol 007
    Rickypol 007 11 months ago

    I would make a game abaut a garage sale where you only can have 3 items on sale and a strange presence oscures parts of text

  • DrSheriff
    DrSheriff Year ago

    You never learn, do you? 😅

  • L00M Animates
    L00M Animates Year ago

    I think the mouse should snap to the grid

  • Salt Boy
    Salt Boy Year ago

    You should try coding with scratch

  • Ángel Hita
    Ángel Hita Year ago

    The lost vikings has the same mechanic

  • Unity's particle system

    8:31 those sound effects XD

  • LeeAnn C.
    LeeAnn C. Year ago

    You asked what games had a similar idea of picking up characters with a scrolling camera and that reminded me a bit of the famous Danball game Stick Rangers. I would link it but I think youtube deletes comments with links in them. It's a great game, an oldie but a goodie. In it you drag your stick men around collecting items and weapons. Flinging them around the screen in order to protect them but also keep them attacking certain groups of enemies. I highly recommend it.

  • Spamir. G spamir
    Spamir. G spamir Year ago

    Do you use construct2 or construct3

  • Kazooki
    Kazooki Year ago

    Where the hell are you getting these game jams

  • Adam Belis
    Adam Belis Year ago

    This reminds me of old game Vikings

  • mateusz maciag
    mateusz maciag Year ago

    his addiction is getting out of control

  • Jupiter Blue
    Jupiter Blue Year ago

    3 Jams at the Same Time! Fuckin-A!

  • THE(G-A-M)
    THE(G-A-M) Year ago

    Yo I'm a big fan keep it up for shor

  • Leandro Santana Malagon
    Leandro Santana Malagon 11 months ago

    Did anyone see the godot icon!? 9:06

  • lonelyPorterCH
    lonelyPorterCH Year ago

    he admited it, he has a GameJam Problem ;P

  • Marek Lenox
    Marek Lenox Year ago

    This might seem bad but are you still working on the project monkeys with guns???

  • RedStrider
    RedStrider Year ago

    Guys it's playable in your web browser he doesn't need to make a mobile port.
    (He also doesn't need to for the same reason he's not making a ps4 port. It's just a game jam game.)

  • Amit Sh
    Amit Sh Year ago

    1:06 i suggested "Downgrades" for LD48

  • Miin Studios
    Miin Studios Year ago +2

    I think I saw a Godot logo at 9:08 at the right side of the screen

  • Exutrops
    Exutrops Year ago

    what widget does he use?

  • Codename: Xelda
    Codename: Xelda 11 months ago

    That's not a world record?

  • cosmik
    cosmik Year ago +1

    *"Ok. Ok, i have a problem..."*

  • LightCat22
    LightCat22 Year ago

    neat video

  • Dark
    Dark Year ago

    Here I am making games with notepad lol

  • someman7
    someman7 Year ago

    DISCLAIMER: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God". There was no space in the beginning, but that cannot mean there was nothing. Creation out of nothing, but there was the Existence Himself (if you know His Name)

  • SamiTheAnxiousBean

    All i see is amongus crewmate and i hate it
    also wth i can barely come up with something for one theme without any restrictions meanwhile here you are taking on 3 AT ONCE? XD

  • Samuel's GamingStudio 2020 R.S.!!!

    I don't think he will see this because I was late but Crossing road uses that mechanic I might have forgotten he name because I'm not too sure but it's kinda right for a game I haven't played in 7 years

  • Germán Acosta
    Germán Acosta Year ago

    You won a suscriptor mate !

  • kyle Farrell
    kyle Farrell Year ago

    Mobile version pls

  • Deleted User
    Deleted User Year ago

    Thats hard

  • Dylan Turner
    Dylan Turner Year ago +1

    You don't have a problem.
    It's smart for you to do jams.
    1) You hone your skills
    2) You make money off of the youtube ads and off of your streams bc people like to watch that

  • AGK
    AGK Year ago

    This is your best

  • Nellowz
    Nellowz 11 months ago


    SAHIL 3 months ago

    bro i want to make games .i picked game maker engine but now i am stuck, i don't know where to start. i looked lot of video and its hard to learn language do you have any suggesition's .

    BAD JET GAMER Year ago

    Is this available on mobile?

    • RedStrider
      RedStrider Year ago

      It's playable in your web browser he doesn't need to make a mobile port.
      (He also doesn't need to for the same reason he's not making a ps4 port. It's just a game jam game.)

  • Thingy Good
    Thingy Good Year ago

    It's weird how there are only 73 connected and 1k likes after 17 hours

  • Crescent
    Crescent Year ago

    Jam man

  • RogueCompany 101
    RogueCompany 101 Year ago


  • Lurple ymg
    Lurple ymg Year ago

    Yoy my favorite time

  • koteelok
    koteelok Year ago

    Man.. again? Thats how looks running out of ideas but on the contrary xD

  • neelo
    neelo Year ago

    Hello VIMLARK sir I'm a indian game dev but I can't afford a pc can I get some help from you please

  • Max
    Max Year ago

    So early let’s go